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$200 for $50 petrol? Local family caught out by new pay at the pump technology and a slow banking system. PAGE


A very special wedding Castaways Resort played host to the wedding of a Pukekohe couple which broke all the records at the luxury facility. PAGE


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Police believe there are links between an attempted ram-raid on the Rust Dog outdoors store in Pukekohe, and a smash and grab attack on a Waiuku business around half an hour later. Waiuku Police are asking anyone who was in town in the early hours of yesterday (Monday) morning to recall whether they noticed a dark metallic blue sedan on the corner of Bowen Street and Queen Street. It is believed four men were involved in the ram raid after 4am in Pukekohe, with the offenders leaving behind a vehicle which was stolen from Epsom. Police then believe the four men drove away in a dark blue vehicle. Shortly before 5am yesterday morning, two men were seen on security video walking past the premises of Sunset Surf and Turf in Waiuku, then a few minutes later they attempted to smash through the toughened glass of the business. They left the scene for a few minutes, then returned and violently attacked the window again, kicking in a hole, and entering the premises to grab armfuls of clothing. Security footage showed the hooded men making their way

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A somewhat tongue-in-cheek look at new ways for the Auckland Council to raise revenue after news of proposed charges.

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Pukekohe, Waiuku ram raid and smash and grab linked?

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Sonny Bill signs for Steelers International sports star Sonny Bill Williams has signed to play his ITM Cup with the Counties Manukau Steelers; although he is still yet to sign with a local club. Steelers staff said they are still working through which club will sign the drawcard player, saying they still had some time up their sleeves. Williams has signed a two year deal with the current Ranfurly Shield holders for the 2015 and 2016 seasons. Steelers Coach Tana Umaga is rapt to be reunited with Williams. “Sonny is an outstanding man, whose work ethic, ability and motivation are exceptional. He will be a great role model to our younger players and an inspiration to the young people of South Auckland.” The powerful midfielder is looking forward to joining Counties Manukau. “I like what is happening at Counties. I know a few boys in the side and enjoyed working with Tana. “I have enjoyed my time in Australia and at the end of the season I will be ready for

next chapter of my career back in New Zealand.” Counties Manukau Rugby CEO Andrew Maddock said “It is great that a sportsman of Sonny’s caliber has chosen to join us and will open another exciting phase for Counties Manukau rugby.” Williams is expected to return to New Zealand once he has finished his commitments with his NRL team, the Sydney Roosters and will play his Investec Super Rugby for the Chiefs for the next two seasons. Sonny Bill Williams was part of the 2011 World Cup winning All Blacks, the 2011 Investec Super Rugby Champion Chiefs side, the 2011 ITM Cup winning Canterbury side and a 2013 NRL Grand Final winner. The Counties Manukau Steelers season officially starts with two Ranfurly Shield matches against Thames Valley on Wednesday 2 July and Mid Canterbury the following week on Wednesday 9 July. Both matches will be played at ECOLight Stadium at 6pm.

This Saturday afternoon is set to be a massive day for Waiuku rugby, as a number of events have come together to make the afternoon one of the biggest occasions in club history for several years. Outstanding servant of Waiuku Rugby Sosefo Kata is set to play his 250th match for the club, and, if he takes the field as expected, it will be on Sponsor’s Day, in front of a bumper crowd, and in a match against perennial rivals Pukekohe. On top of this, the match will go a long way towards determining a top-four spot for both sides, and the game also sees the Counties Power Cup on the line, which Waiuku retained with their strong win over Ardmore-Marist on Saturday. Waiuku also have the services of Maka Tatafu, who looks in terrific form after he returned from Spain just in time to be signed for the season, and the club are unbeaten in round two. It all adds up to what should be a phenomenal day at Rugby Park.


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Red letter day for Waiuku rugby



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along Bowen Street, before returning again, but this time being disturbed by the business owner, who saw the men. The offenders then ran away, and drove from the scene. One of the men removed his hoodie shortly before the attack, and appears to be a male Maori, with a short haircut and what appears to be a mohawk-style cut. Police say the vehicle was parked on Queen Street near the pedestrian crossing, and a number of vehicles drove past at the time, the men turning away and walking away from the area as the vehicles approached. Police forensic staff were at the site a few hours later, taking fingerprints from the smashed glass areas, and examining security footage from the store cameras as well as from the town’s CCTV cameras. Anyone with any information, or who believes they have seen the vehicle or other vehicles at either the Pukekohe ram raid or the Waiuku burglary, are asked to contact their local police station as soon as possible. Left: Fingerprinting staff examine the scene of the break in at Bowen Street yesterday.

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Franklin residents should be rightly concerned about the approach apparently being taken by council staff to businesses using footpath areas for cafe-style dining in our main centres. Staff last week were taking photographs of some premises, and suggesting to business owners that they would need to apply for the areas they wished to use for tables and chairs. The approach is one which suggests ‘the area does not belong to the business, it belongs to the Council.’ There’s a couple of issues here. One; council is yet to decide (supposedly) whether there is going to be a charge at all. However, there are clear indications that the staff, at least, believe the decision is done and dusted. Two: in all honesty, the land does not belong to ‘Auckland Council’. It belongs to ratepayers, and is administered by the Council. Those same businesses who are being told they will have to pay to use the footpath are the same ones who are paying a targeted rate to develop the township. Three: Streetside dining enhances our rural communities, and provides rare employment opportunities in small towns. And finally; council will likely suggest the monitoring is to prevent congestion. This is rubbish. Congestion can be dealt with by fining those who overstep the mark, if it truly is cluttering up our footpaths. If businesses can pay to use an area then it has nothing to do with congestion. This is an out and out money grab by a council which is increasingly desperate to find alternative funding to hide the true costs to ratepayers of a burgeoning bureaucracy. Of even more concern is that these costs have been flagged even before the consultation process has started.

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The introduction of ‘pay at the pump’ services at the Waiuku Z Station recently caught one Waiuku family on the hop, as their bank took several days to remove a credit card ‘hold’ on their account of $200, after they purchased $50 in petrol from the station. The family bought $50 in petrol using a GE Money Visa card, and the following day noticed a pending charge of $200 on their account. Concerned that someone may have hacked their card, they contacted their bank, which (without telling them), put a hold on their card. When they tried to use the card later to buy groceries, they found they were unable to use the card, and were concerned that the Z Station were holding funds from their petrol transaction. The end result was that the family had to reset their credit card, and install new pin numbers after discussing it with their bank, something which they feel could have been avoided if the information about the holds had been clearer. However, as a Z spokesperson explained on Friday; the new service automatically conducts a check on the credit card account to ensure $200 is available; (the maximum purchase of fuel available). When the transaction is completed, for whatever amount, the pump at the station transmits a message to the card-issuing bank to release the hold. The Z spokesperson said that in 99% of cases, that hold is released almost immediately, however some banks can take longer, possibly up to two to three working days. This means the $200 amount would show up as a pending transaction on the card, reducing the amount of available credit for the cardholder. If the customer does not have $200 of available credit, the account check done by the pump will advise how much the customer can purchase at that stage.


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The problem for customers who have a delay with their banking system is that the holds on the account could result in later transactions being declined if the holds have not been lifted, despite there being enough credit for the actual purchases themselves. The Post Newspaper contacted the BNZ to ask how they handled their transactions, and a spokesperson explained: “We are aware that Z utilises a feature where a hold is placed on a predetermined amount (in this case $200). Whether the hold is applied, and the amount held is decided by the retailer. Retailers such as petrol stations and hotels utilise this feature to manage the risk of nonpayment. “We understand that each bank handles this process differently depending on their system, card type and risk appetite. “If a BNZ debit or credit card is used at a Z Fuel Pay @ the pump, $200 is held until the petrol is poured and payment is processed. Once payment is processed, the hold is lifted. (ie the hold is lifted by the time the customer leaves the service station). “No money actually changes hands until settlement (ie when the customer pays for the petrol they have used), no charge is applied and there is no cost to the customer in interest or otherwise of the $200 hold. “Cardholders should contact their bank in the first instance to seek clarification for how their transactions are treated.” While the Waiuku family acknowledge this information is at the pump, it is not prominent, and they feel better notification would have avoided the issue. The Z Energy spokesman said the service is intended to offer a quick option for clients, and although they do not believe there are any issues with their system, they are keen to hear if any other customers have experienced similar problems.

Over 9,000 plan submissions online

More than 9,400 submissions on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan received during the five-month formal consultation peContact Mark Davie: 29 Awaroa Stream Drive, Waiuku How to solve VERY riod are now online. Ph: 09 238 5188 / 021 343 335 E: EASY Sudoku! No.1347 Along with the original submissions, a summary report that captures each of the 7 3 6 1 93,600 requests is now available. Fill the so that Thegrid report is the largest of its kind since 5 2 6 1 4 every and every the row Resource Management Act came into ef3x3 square contains fect in 1991. 8 5 9 2 theThe digits 1 to frequently 9 most addressed topics in the submissions included rezoning, residen5 4 8 6 tial rules, urban growth, and business rules. No.1346 Unitary Plan Committee Chair Councillor 4 3 4Solution 3 6 1 9 8 7 5 6 2 Alf Filipaina says official notification of the 2 6 8 1 5 3 9 7 4 report is one more step com1 2 8 3 5 7submission 9 2 6 4 3 8 1 pleted in the process. 7 9 6 8 2 5 4 1 3 milestone for the Pro7 2 9 5 8 5 3“Today 2 9 7 4 1 is6 another 2 6 3Auckland 4 1posed 9 7 5 8 Unitary Plan. We now have

9 3 2 5 1 4

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Business and Commercial Risks Domestic Risks Liabilities Marine Motor

$200 ‘charge’ for $50 petrol surprises Waiuku family

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New Birth – His Word

Is it important? Matthew 18:3, John 3:3, John 3:5. What happens next? 2 Corinthians 5:17, Acts 9:1-22, Acts 22:1-21, Acts 26:1-23. Who is the Creator? Psalm 33:6. How is conversion wrought? 1 Peter 1:23, 1 John 5:1. Results of conversion? Ephesians 2:5, Romans 8:1. Evidence of conversion; 1 John 3:14, 1 John 2:29, 1 John 4:7. Conversion saves you from? James 5:20, Acts 26:14-18. Gracious Promises; Hosea 14:4. How is this healing accomplished? Isaiah 53:5, 1 John 3:9, 1 John

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all the input from our communities available on council’s website and have officially kicked off the further submission phase,” he said. The submissions can be searched by submitter details, or by themes such as air quality, business, residential, earthworks, natural hazards, flooding and transport. People now have 30 working days to make a further submission if they are a person with an interest greater than the general public or represent a matter of public interest. Hard copies of the summary of decisions requested report will be available at selected Auckland libraries, service centres and local board offices. To view the submissions and for information on the further submission phase visit


5:4, Genesis 39:9. When truth becomes an abiding principle in the life, the soul is “born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth forever.” This new birth is the result of receiving Christ as the Word of God. When by the Holy Spirit divine truths are impressed upon the heart, new conceptions are awakened, and the energies hitherto dormant are aroused to co-operate with God. {AA 520} for more info



Council denies charges planned, but that’s not the message from staff

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Waiuku cafe owner Jaz Lahman says if Auckland Council decide to start charging for kerbside dining he will remove the option for customers, which will lessen the atmosphere in the township. Auckland Council communications staff say there is no fee structure included in plans for new draft public places bylaw - but that’s not the message local cafe owners were left with after visits from council staff last week. Auckland Council staff were photographing local businesses last week, and cafe owners were left with the understanding that a fee structure is planned by council to charge businesses for having cafe tables on the footpath; costs which have been mentioned as being up to $70 per square metre. Local business people and residents spoken to by the Post last week say the charge is just another grab for funding from the central council, and question whether Waiuku will see any benefit from a charge. Jaz Lahman, one of the owners of the popular Cafe Karma in Waiuku, says he has no intention of paying Council anymore. Like all central Waiuku businesses, he already pays a targeted rate for the town centre development, and says despite increased costs, Council can’t even keep the pavements clean or repair ares damaged by vandals. He points out that foot traffic in Waiuku and Pukekohe is substantially less than that in central Auckland, and says further costs to his business could have an impact on staff levels and employment opportunities in the town. Town manager Sharlene Druyven says she is really concerned at the introduction of the new bylaw which she says will affect all businesses with tables and chairs outside their place of business.

Sharlene was advised by the an Auckland Council compliance officer on June 12 that businesses would be required to register how many square metres they wish to allocate to outside seating, allowing for the 1.8 meters wide path needed for pedestrian traffic. “Although businesses at this stage will not incur a charge for this footpath space we know that the cost currently charged in the CBD of 70m2 will soon be charged here.” Sharlene stated that the Auckland Council’s ‘one size fits all’ approach in many cases disadvantages smaller town centres. “Our businesses do not have anywhere near the foot traffic Auckland businesses get to help offset all these extra costs forced on them by Auckland Council. I would be interested if any of the collected revenue would be allocated to the cleaning contracts for these areas,” she said. The Post contacted Auckland Council on Friday for further information, but a spokesperson said “while we are drafting a trading and events in public places bylaw which will go out for consultation next month it does not include a fee structure. “Any changes to fees will be proposed through our budgeting process so either the Long-term Plan or annual plan and too early to say what those will be,” the spokesperson said. While that may be the official line, local businesses are raising their eyebrows, and believe the real story is that the current investigative work is just a set-up for a fee structure in the future.

Power staff flat out with repairs If your radio alarm clock didn’t go off on Thursday morning, it was probably all due to the storm which took out power to about 2500 people in the Tuakau, Glen Murray and Awhitu areas. Counties Power staff worked through the night to repair faults and restore before people in the Tuakau and Glen Murray areas woke on Thursday morning. The Awhitu area proved more challenging, with power restored to the Manukau Heads later in the day. The storm also caused several more localised power outages. These kept the faults team busy right through until Friday morning. Counties Power Customer Relations Manager, Moira Moroney, says faults were reported by both phone and internet. “Mobile internet means internet fault reports are growing. This takes pressure off phone lines so that those without internet access can get through quicker,” she says.

“We treat the online fault reports as urgently as the telephone reports and resolve all faults as quickly possible, taking into account the health and safety of staff and local people.” Many of Wednesday night’s faults were caused by falling and swaying branches, with whole tree’s falling across lines in some areas. Ms Moroney says local people can help prevent faults by keeping trees trimmed and well clear of power lines. “You can call us on 0800 100 202 to find out about the safe distance between trees and power lines, and see a list of the tree contractors approved to work near power lines in this area,” she says. “For those with service lines on their own property it’s also a good idea to also ask about the free service line check. Getting trees trimmed and service line maintenance done ahead of time helps prevent you, and possibly your neighbours being caught out in a storm.” Licensed Agent REAA 2008

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Coastal Dairy Support and Wintering Land for large dairy enterprise. Two titles 98 hectares and 132 hectares respectively. Could sell separately. Building sites with views across Franklin, the Manukau and Auckland. Yards and facilities set up to handle hundreds of cattle. Well fenced into 26 paddocks and watered by two pumps. Has other potential uses such as recreation, tourism and lifestyle. Commutable distance to airport and CBD.

Tender closes: 4.30pm 30 July 2014 in rooms at: 24 Seddon Street, Pukekohe Kevin Seymour P: 09 238 4244 M: 0274 345 563 A/H : 0800 345 563 E:

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Local veterans wanted for historic project The Week Ahead Thurs 19th – Wed 25th june WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS (R13)

Thur, Sun, Wed - 5pm. Fri, Mon – 7pm. Sat, Tue – 3pm. Daily – 9pm.

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Local ex-servicemen and women who fought in World war Two are being asked to get in touch with two local award-winning photographers as part of a visual record for New Zealand. NZIPP (New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers) have undertaken a task of compelling pictorial record of NZ returned servicemen and women, especially our rapidly diminishing ranks of WWII servicemen and women, for the purpose of national archives. NZIPP hopes to produce a comprehensive body of work, pro bono by its members that can be gifted and exhibited around the nation in 2015 as part of the W100 celebration. This project has the endorsement of the Royal New Zealand Returned Services Association, the umbrella group for all RSAs throughout New Zealand. Two local award winning NZIPP professional photographers, Harry Janssen and Aliah Jan hope to photograph every veteran living here in Franklin and have organised a special photographic session on Friday, 20 June 2014 from 10am - 4pm at 20, Greig Place, Pukekohe. “This project is our way to contribute back to our community, as our way of saying thank you to every veteran

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who had served in the war for the peace we now enjoy. We do hope family members of our veterans will encourage them have their photographs taken because it will be a very important documentation for our country” says Aliah Jan. “So far, Harry have managed to photograph a very few numbers with the help of the Pukekohe RSA but a lot of members seems not to have received the news when the previous shoots organised were. We really feel all our veterans or their family members should be informed so that we honour our RSA veterans from Franklin by getting them photographed.” The portraits will be of our veterans in their full uniform and with their medals displayed. Each veteran who participates will receive a free photograph of their own contribution to the project, and organisers hope family and friends will draw attention to the project for their older relatives. For more information, on this photographic session, please call Aliah Jan 021 766028 or Harry Janssen at 09 238 7896.

Trade winds provide a boost forStudio O Friday, 20Pacific June 2014row from 10am Tara’s monumental Waiuku adventurer Tara Remington, with in-law was offering her home-cooked cheese rowing companion, American Paralympian scones, and hearing the ‘ping’ when the oven Angela Madsen, says the duo have finally timer went off; unfortunately, that ‘ping’ was caught a break with tail winds and sunshine actually the alarm notifying her that it was for the first time since they began their epic her turn to take a spell on the oars! row three weeks ago. Tara expects to be rowing for another six The University of Auckland academic is to eight weeks, weather dependent, and says rowing across the Pacific Ocean from Long she has instructed her support staff to be Beach Los Angeles to Waikiki ready at Hawaii with a cold drink in Hawaii, and at noon yesterand pizza! day she said the pair were now She is also hoping that local …imagining her around 1900 nautical miles from schools will be able to put tomother-in-law was their goal. gether a fund raising day or two offering her homeSpeaking by satellite phone to support the row, perhaps with to staff at Auckland University, cooked cheese scones, a nautical theme, as the chaland hearing the ‘ping’ lenge is raising funds for New where Tara lectures, she said when the oven timer they were about a quarter of Zealand girl Charlotte Cleverleythe way through their journey, Bisman who lost her arms and went off; unfortubut expected to make better nately, that ‘ping’ was legs to meningitis as a baby in time now they have hit the trade 2004. actually the alarm winds. Now a 10-year-old, she needs notifying her that it Until now, the weather has on-going assistance with proswas her turn to take a thetic limbs as she grows. Tara been so bad, they haven’t seen spell on the oars! a sunset, but clearing weather hopes to raise enough money meant the sun came out for the for Charlotte to attend Camp No first time. “I looked up in the sky Limits, a special camp for amand said ‘what’s that big orange thing?’”, Tara putees and their families held in the United laughed. States each year. She says the pair have been visited by a Tara first got involved with Charlotte’s pod of around 100 dolphins, which put on a charity through the Meningitis Trust in the great show, dancing backwards on their tails. 2007 Atlantic Rowing Race, and now her The pod returned in the night, causing a daughter Jade is Charlotte’s pen-pal. few anxious moments for Tara and Angela: Tara and Angela set off in their vessel, the “when wildlife arrives at night you don’t Spirit of Orlando, around 6pm LA time on know whether it’s friend or foe,” she said. Wednesday 21 May. The journey was origiThe change in weather also meant the nally expected to take between 45 and 60 crew could do some washing for the first days. The boat is named in honour of Lieutime on the trip - washing their clothes in tenant Orlando Rogers, a British marine and salt water and then using a tiny bit of fresh fellow competitor in the Trans–Atlantic Rowwater to rinse the soap out. ing Race in 2007 who was killed in a Tiger Unfortunately, a gear breakage on the boat Moth crash in England in May 2011. has meant the rowing seats no longer slide Angela, a former US marine, is also using backwards and forwards, making rowing the row to raise money for wounded Amerieven more difficult, and the high costs of sat- can war veterans. Visit www.tararemington. ellite transmission means they can’t afford to for more information on Tara send any images of the trip. and her Pacific Row 2014. Make a donation Tara also says she’s been dreaming of to Charlotte at: home-cooked food; imagining her mother- RowingforCharlotte

For more information, on please call Aliah Jan 021 766028

If the Veteran is unable to travel, we can m You can email harry@redzebrastu



Very special wedding as couple break all records at Castaways Last month, Alex Rae and Adele Athy broke all of the records at Castaways Resort. Spritely Alex, aged 79 and elegant Adele, aged 81, became the most “mature” couple to celebrate their wedding at Castaways Resort. “Alex and Adele are such a special couple and their celebration of “love at any age” really touched us all at Castaways Resort. It’s always a privilege to assist couples to enjoy such a momentous occasion, but this one literally took the cake.” said Kylie Hall, Sales & Marketing Manager at Castaways Resort. The couple were joined by many family and friends at St Anthony’s Catholic Church in Waiuku where Father Brian officiated over the wedding ceremony. After time spent with guests at the church, the wedding party and reception guests headed to Castaways Resort for a high tea style afternoon wedding reception which was tailored specifically to match Alex and Adele’s wishes. The happy couple took dance lessons leading up to the big day and took to the dance floor with gusto!

Thompson for ACT ACT Leader Jamie Whyte has announced John Thompson as ACT’s candidate for Papakura. “John Thompson is an exporter who is heavily involved in the kiwifruit, apple, and horticulture industries. Previously, John helped market the fishing industry offshore. He specialises in establishing New Zealand’s presence in new export markets throughout Asia,” said Dr Whyte. John says he is looking forward to introducing Papakura to ACT’s plans for lower and flatter taxes and a three strike policy for burglary. “National needs a reliable coalition partner so New Zealand can retain a stable government that values freedom, choice, and personal responsibility. The best way to achieve this is by giving your party vote to ACT,” he said.

Alex noted, “When I first told people that Adele and I were marrying, some said why go to all of that hassle, why not just live together? Well that was never an option for us. We were going to do things the good old fashioned way and make a commitment with our wedding vows.” Both have lived locally for many many years and Adele has been a part of many Franklin families with her past profession as a District Health Nurse and Doctors nurse. Initially Adele said she didn’t want any “fussing” and wanted to keep things very low key, but one thing Alex was sure about was that his lovely bride was going to have a special day to remember. Once agreed upon, the couple worked with family to plan out their celebration with everyone taking great care with the details to ensure everything ran smoothly – and it did. “They displayed such care and respect for each other throughout the entire planning process and Adele was given final say over key areas, as should be the case for all brides,” mentioned Hall. Alex’s grandson David did the honours of Best Man whilst his son Kenneth kept everyone in line doing a sterling job as MC. Adele was attended to by her sisters Janet and Helen. Other friends and family provided their skills and services with photography, singing and wedding transport. Alex was keen for a big American wedding car but Adele suggested “perhaps not” and instead the couple enjoyed being transported in stunning 1926 Austins. “My lasting memory will be of the joy we witnessed on the faces of our many family and friends who attended. So many mentioned how uniquely special the whole event was and it was a wonderful occasion to bring everyone together for. I am very fortunate to have Adele as my wife and she may now be referred to as Mrs Adele Rae.” The age defying record breaking couple now reside together in Pukekohe.

Strathallan dedicates a whole month to the dramatic arts

For the first time ACG Strathallan has created a month dedicated to the celebration of the dramatic arts, including music, dance and theatre. With events happening throughout the month of June both on and off campus, this is an opportunity for the whole school to get involved and the community to enjoy the events. The Hawkins Theatre will be the home of the combined preschool and primary school production Cry Baby Moon and Eddie the Penguin Saves the World. This lively production is open to the public and will be enjoyed by several local primary schools. Hot on the heels of jazz success at the Manawatu Jazz Festival the ACG Strathallan Jazz Band will be having their local debut performing live at the Karaka Sports Club. Bring your dancing shoes along as it’s impossible to

sit still with these toe-tapping tunes. It was the first time the ACG Strathallan Jazz Band had been to the Manawatu festival and band player, Jacob Fraser, received Best Trombone Award in the competition. With hot tips from kiwi Jazz legend Roger Fox during a two hour workshop the band is excited to play to their locals. Alison Baxter, Arts Alive organiser and ACG Strathallan parent says, “We send our children to school to learn. We also send them to grow. But educating the mind is not enough, we need to educate the soul too, and for the month of June you will have the chance to see just how this is working at ACG Strathallan.” ACG Strathallan principal, Robin Kirkham, says, “The Arts Alive concept is fantastic. It’s wonderful to see the involvement and enrichment to students this initiative is bringing from the

preschoolers right through to the senior secondary students. There’s something for everyone. My personal favourite is the talent quest.

There’s always a student who takes you by surprise in this event!” The Hawkins Theatre production Cry Baby Moon and

Eddie the Penguin Saves the World, will run from 17 June – 18 June and the College Variety Show will run from 19 June to 21 June.

Take some time to visit our school

The Jazz Band Karaka Sports Club debut is on June 25. Tickets can be purchased from primary or college reception.

(about 3 minutes will do!)

Hi! My name is Delaney, and I am one of the student guides for the ACG Strathallan Open Day.

Then visit our school on Saturday 28 June from 10.30am to 2.30pm.

To give you an idea of what you’ll see at an Open Day, we have put together a short video. To view it, just go to or scan the QR code below with your smart phone.

We’ll give you a tour and show you why Strathallan is such an amazing school. See you soon! SCAN THE CODE TO WATCH THE VIDEO



Seven Cities of Refuge

Back at the beginning, Noah and his family stepped out of the Ark, and God had some advice as to how to protect the world, the concept of Capital Punishment or an Eye for an Eye and a Tooth for a Tooth Genesis 9:5-6.

Psalms 46:1-11. Remember principally a city of refuge was a place where God was (Levites) and Jerusalem was the ultimate of that, God dwelt there. Also Jerusalem means City of Peace. Now Jerusalem is called the city of lights.

So the avenger of death, the one who was to carry out the administration of death was the closest of kin. The closest of kin became the avenger of death, his other role could also be in other circumstances as a “kinsman Redeemer” and in both roles it is looking out for family. Now why would God institute a law like this? Very clearly, the words of God say because man’s life should be kept at a high value, because man was created in the image of God, so the value of this life needs to remain high, and someone who takes another life needs to know that their life will be required.

It sits on the top of a mountain ridge 3200 feet above sea level and as the Jordan is below sea level it is even higher from there so if you look up you will see the lights and as you journey up towards it the lights get brighter and brighter the closer you get to it. David uses symbols here in Psalms of; Water, Light and Sanctuary. How many of Jesus’ parables had people bound and tossed outside to weeping and gnashing of teeth, they are really in trouble with the Avenger of Blood now, and Satan wears that title very well, our accuser.

Now down to Exodus 21:12-14 where the

rules are laid out. These six cities are actually the home of the Levites, or in today’s terms, where all the ministers/preachers live. Further expansion of Israel meant that there were to be eventually fourty eight cities of refuge. Experts on roading tell us that the best roads/highways in Israel today are actually built upon the ruins of the ancient roads joining the Cities of Refuge. Deuteronomy goes on in Chapter 19:4-13 giving the rules. The man slayer ran into the city, reported to the Levites, his case was heard, if found guilty he was thrown out of the city to the avenger of blood, who killed him and thus avenges the wrongful death, and harmony and justice was restored. If it was an accident then a home was allocated to the man slayer and there he stayed inside the city until the death of the High Priest, at which time he was released from his punishment and was a free man to return home safe from the avenger of blood. Here are the six cities of refuge; Kedesh, Shechem, Hebron, Bezer, Ramoth, Golan. Now Hebrew names have meanings, Kedesh - our sanctuary, Shechem - our strength, Hebron known as friend, sometimes called the city of Abraham who was the friend of God, Bezer our fortress, Ramoth (Ramoth Gilead) literally means our home, Golan -enclosed or embraced.

I think you can begin to understand if you had accidentally killed someone, and you of course, wanting to preserve your life, and you headed as fast as you could travel to one of these cities, you would appreciate these names wouldn’t you? Embraced, a home, like a home away from home, a friend, a place of strength to protect you from the avenger of death, our sanctuary, to be set apart, to be made fresh, given a new lease on life if you will. The meaning of the names of the cities of refuge so much parallels the character of Christ and God, but that is another whole different study. A quick study of these characteristics and

you discover a City left out of the list, that has all these characteristics in an over abundance, Jerusalem. Guess what, that is the home of the Redeemed throughout eternity, “Home.” Read

Bombay’s Princess Lili Speedy win for gets her playhouse Christian School


“He who fled to the city of refuge could make no delay. Family and employment were left behind. There was no time to say farewell to loved ones. His life was at stake, and every other interest must be sacrificed to the one purpose--to reach the place of safety. Weariness was forgotten, difficulties were unheeded. The fugitive dared not for one moment slacken his pace until he was within the wall of the city. The sinner is exposed to eternal death, until he finds a hiding place in Christ; and as loitering and carelessness might rob the fugitive of his only chance for life, so delays and indifference may prove the ruin of the soul. Satan, the great adversary, is on the track of every transgressor of God’s holy law, and he who is not sensible of his danger, and does not earnestly seek shelter in the eternal refuge, will fall a prey to the destroyer. The prisoner who at any time went outside the city of refuge was abandoned to the avenger of blood. Thus the people were taught to adhere to the methods which infinite wisdom appointed for their security. Even so, it is not enough that the sinner believe in Christ for the pardon of sin; he must, by faith and obedience, abide in Him. “For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins, but a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries.” Hebrews 10:26, 27.” {PP 517}

Earlier this year, the Make-A-Wish Foundation received an application from the parents of Bombay schoolgirl Lili Reynolds. Lili, aged eight, has had some big battles with a brain tumour but that hasn’t stopped her imagination running wild. Lili wished for castle playhouse where she could become a princess. She also told the Foundation’s wish volunteers that she would love to meet a real princess one day. “That started everyone thinking,” a spokesperson for the Foundation said, “and thanks to the support of Emirates Team NZ, Lili was able

to personally meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their recent royal tour of NZ. “Lili – having practised her curtsies, presented Katherine with a lovely flower posy.” This photo went around the globe and Lili was a little super star for the next few days – she was also interviewed on the radio. On the weekend, Lili was to finally get her Princess Playhouse. The builders were hard at work over the past week and the ribbon cutting ceremony was at 4pm on Sunday. Make-A-Wish is all about granting the wishes for kiwi kids with life threatening medical conditions.

A team of students from Pukekohe Christian School recorded the overall fastest time for a Model Car Speed Competition at the University of Waikato’s 28th annual Osborne Physics and Engineering (OsPEn) Days. The lunchtime competition was part of the overall programme aimed at Year 12 and 13 students who are high achievers in science. Participating schools were sent a 3-volt electric motor and a set of nylon gears for students to work on in teams. Their aim was to design and build a small battery-powered model car that could travel a distance of five metres up a 4° inclined plane. St John’s College of Hamilton were the winners on day one of the competition, as their winning vehicle travelled the full distance up the ramp in the fastest time of 3.48 seconds, beating competitors, including the School of Engineering’s staff entry. On day two of the event Pukekohe Christian School took things one step further, with a time of 2.98 seconds. The Pukekohe team comprised Phoebe Hill, Nathan Faleatua, Sagar Patel, Hamesh Heer and Luke Feldman. “We bring students to this event every year because we can see the value of showing them how the physics they are learning at school can be used in the wider world,” says St John’s College physics teacher Ms Fiona Wolff.

with DAVEY HUGHES The quintessential Kiwi Outdoorsman.

International Hunter, Traveller and Storyteller DAVEY HUGHES is coming to town to help in a spectacular evening, raising funds for Waipipi School Library.

Join us for an evening jam packed with Great Stories, a night of Hilarity and High Adventure, with Furs, Spurs and exotic bones...

Davey’s BEST SELLING book,

So let us today re-dedicate and commit fully to serving God, be true, and to forever abide in Jesus our ultimate City of Refuge, and eternal Hope and Destiny. Thanks to David Register for his input.

We find strength and truth in His Word, His Word Alone...

Visit -

THE POST NEWSPAPER, JUNE 17, 2014 for more info

s out! Don’t mis re Tickets a Limited

UNTAMED will be available for sale and autographing on the night.


ALL FUNDS RAISED GO TO Waipipi School Library. For more information WHEN: Thursday 3rd July at 7pm

WHERE: Waiuku Rugby Club

WHAT: An evening with DAVEY, finger food supplied and cash bar available TICKETS $20 $FROM: School 09 235 8007 or from or RD1 Pukekohe & Waiuku 09 236 5088 FROM: Waipipi School 09 2358007 from RD1 Waiuku 09 2365088 TICKETS 20.00 Waipipi



Council delighted with new footpath charging regime As local business owners prepare for an anticipated footpath usage charge from Auckland Council for display of goods or cafe-style seating, Post Editor Nigel Ward takes a tongue-in-cheek look at where council may be going next in its quest for new avenues of income from ratepayers... Better management of pedestrian out- ly are rewarded for their efforts. flows and a fairer approach to cost-sharing “There are also discounts for people with among walkers have been hailed as just one leg, and for those on a budget we have some of the benefits of the Footpath Use extended Auckland Transport’s Hop card Permits launched by Auckland Council yes- people who intend to hop while using our terday. footpaths can have half their fees waived.” The new permit process is one of a raft of Council says the electronic cards have measures following the release of Mayor Len been future-proofed to enable them to link Brown’s comprehensive review of funding with new technology in the future. options for the city. “Our research showed that heavier people That report, titled ‘2014 and Beyond; not only cause more damage to footpaths, Auckland, the World’s but obesity causes Most Chargeable more congestion on City’, was hailed as a our streets, as well as 2014 breakthrough in urbeing a serious health 2015 ban ratepayer looting. issue. A spokesperson said “We have conductFOOTPATH USE PERMIT the Mayor’s ability to ed trials with indicome up with new vidual weigh stations VALID FOR NON-COMMERCIAL innovations for colso footpath users can WALKING ON AUCKLAND lecting more money swipe their cards beBASIC FOOTPATHS. NOT VALID while still increasing fore accessing the FOR PREMIUM FOOTPATHS rates was ‘incredible’. footpath, and we will The Footpath be able to charge by Use Permit enables ratepayers to walk at the kilogram for pedestrians.” any time, day or night, anywhere on the Mayor Len Brown said the cards were ex64,000km of Auckland Council Basic Foot- pected to generate around $100 billion anpaths. nually, and said after his public relations “This is a win for our communities, and a team, consultants, lawyers and environwin for Council,” the spokesperson said. “It mental planners had been paid, there would means, almost anywhere in Auckland, our be a net surplus of around $3.72 to benefit people can walk at any time they choose, ratepayers. and the $140 annual licence fee means it’s “That’s $3.72 that we can put straight back actually less than a cent per kilometre to use into developing our roads, collecting our our Basic Footpaths. rubbish, and supporting local business,” the “Walkers who wish to use our Premium Mayor enthused. Footpaths, in Herne Bay, Mission Bay, and The Footpath Use Permits can be applied some other areas, can get their Basic Licence for at any council office, and there is a group upgraded for just a $45 annual surcharge.” discount if people sign up for the forthcomCouncil said it originally looked at sepa- ing ‘Playground Activity Permit’ or the anrate cards for each Council Ward area, but nual ‘Picnic and Beach Visitation Charge’ at felt it raised some administrative issues. the same time. “While we realise a lot of people in the Other councils around the world are praissouth probably want to come to Auckland, ing Auckland’s approach in innovative ways we couldn’t see any benefit in creating a to strip ratepayers’ wallets; one overseas specific Franklin card. It’s not as if any of us mayor describing Len Brown as ‘breathtakactually go there; I mean once you’ve seen ing’. a cow and an onion then you don’t need to A council spokesperson said the comment go down there again, do you?” the council was particularly apt, as Mayor Brown had spokesperson laughed. already discussed a Breath Taking Charge The Footpath Permits have a one-off ap- to more adequately apportion the costs of plication fee of $190, and require a passport breathing air throughout the Auckland rephotograph. Ratepayers can choose various gion. levels of benefits, which come with differing “This Council is all about being new and levels of surcharges. There are optional up- different. We are leading the world with our grades for those intending to push a stroller Footpath Permits, and we are creating a bet($55), use a cane ($33), carry a suitcase up to ter Auckland. We will not stop, we must not 20kg ($44), or who wish to walk slowly ($66). stop, if we are to truly make Auckland the “To ease congestion, we offer a QuickWalk world’s most chargeable city,” Mayor Brown discount, so permit holders who walk quick- concluded.

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Coastguard celebrates volunteers Coastguard will celebrate its extensive network of volunteers during National Volunteer Week 2014 which started on Sunday, 15 June. The week recognises the invaluable contribution made by volunteers and acknowledges the dedication of those New Zealanders who donate their time to the community. This year alone, over 2,400 volunteers will give more than 307,000 hours of their time and rescue more than 7,000 people on behalf of Coastguard, the charity that provides New Zealand’s primary maritime search and rescue service. Coastguard New Zealand CEO Patrick Holmes comments, “Coastguard simply would not be what it is today without the passion, hard work and skills of these amazing men and women. They give up their time, sometimes needing to put themselves at risk, to keep us all safe on New Zealand’s waters. “Many people are often surprised to hear

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Plus! Ask about our great range of men’s robes to delight the man in your life! that Coastguard is a charity and we rely heavily on the many hours that our dedicated volunteers give,” says Patrick. National Volunteer Week follows Coastguard’s MayDay appeal month raising much-needed funds to provide these volunteers with ongoing training to save lives at sea. Inset: Waiuku Coastguard volunteer Nigel Griffiths with students at Waipipi School during a recent MayDay fund raising event.


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Booming economy sees rates up again The Reserve Bank of New Zealand lifted its cash rate by another 25 basis points to 3.25% last week, as expected, says HSBC bank, while warning of expected further rises in the future. The economy is booming, the Bank says, and despite a high New Zealand dollar, the central bank needs to continue to shift its rate setting back towards normal. ‘Notwithstanding some recent signs of slowing in the housing market and lower dairy prices they noted that the economic expansion has ‘considerable momentum’. ‘Their forward projections for the 90 day bank bill imply that they expect at least another 50bp of hikes this year and a total of 125bp cash rate hikes before end-2015,’ HSBC said. ‘This path is only slightly lower than that published in the previous quarterly statement. We remain of the view that the cash rate could rise by another 125bp by end 2015.’ As the country’s economy continues to grow at a rapid pace, the RBNZ is responding by continuing an aggressive tightening in monetary policy. Last week’s rise was the third tightening this year so far. The Reserve Bank is also forecasting that growth will continue at high levels in the remainder of the year. In response to these strong economic conditions the RBNZ also continued to project a path for the 90 day bank bill rate that implies further significant cash rate hikes from here. The path shows the 90 day bank bill rate at 4.0% by the end of this year and 4.7% by end-2015. On the NZD, the RBNZ noted that they do not believe it is sustainable at these still high levels and that they expect it to move lower, in line with the recent fall in dairy prices. However, in a world of very low interest rates and ongoing unconventional monetary policy actions, an economy that is booming and needing to lift rates as a result is a beacon for international capital. “Our view remains that the NZD will continue to be well supported, despite the recent fall in dairy prices,” HSBC says. “Indeed, the message from the RBNZ is beginning to seem a little inconsistent. “They acknowledge that the economy is booming, that domestic inflationary pressures are building and they are lifting rates aggressively as a result. Surely the high NZD is helping them to hold down inflation, so a continued high NZD should be welcomed from a central bank whose mandate is to contain inflation? “We continue to expect that the RBNZ will lift rates further. We were hesitant about the RBNZ’s willingness to deliver another hike before the 20 September election, although today’s official statement suggests it may be less of a factor in their consideration. “We expect at least another hike this year, with the risk that the RBNZ lifts rates by another 50-75bp this year as their own forward track suggests,” HSBC concluded.


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From Patumahoe to Wellington, from Cairns, Sydney and Darwin, possible connections to Te Kuiti, and a myriad of places in between, last week the Post Newspaper attempted to solve the mystery of how an engraved peg ended up on a Darwin beach...

Who can solve the great peg mystery? Mystery surrounds the question as to how a peg, engraved in the memory of a man named Frank Roderick Duncanson, and with the addition of a note stating ‘at Patumahoe’ came to be found on a Darwin Beach 18 months ago. Cairns resident Ian Jamieson posted a message about the peg on an internet site, saying his daughter found the peg on Casuarina beach, Darwin, Australia about 18 months ago. “It appears to be a family memento which has been dropped in the sand rather than washed up as there are no signs it has spent time in salt water. It is in very good condition. It has been inscribed in cursive script with the following text: In loving memory of Frank Roderick Duncanson ,?, aged 87 years, who Departed this Life in Tragic Circumstances this 11th day of December 1945 (Job 3: 6..9).” he says. The peg is signed with what appears to be F.S. Duncanson, and ‘at Patumahoe’ has been added, possibly at a later date. Intrigued, the Post Newspaper team started investigating, and found a link between a Mrs Gillanders of Auckland, who passed away leaving behind, among others, a son, Roderick, in Patumahoe, and a daughter, a Mrs Duncanson, in Wellington. Further investigations in old newspapers and other records, discovered a F.S. Duncanson who was awarded a medical degree in Wellington. Tracing his relatives took us to a Sydney University, where we found his niece, Mavis, who was also intrigued by the mystery, and followed up with cousins in Darwin. Mavis Duncanson, originally from Wellington, didn’t know anything about the mysterious peg, and wasn’t aware of any Patumahoe connections, but adding to the coincidences told us that her husband actually hails from Waiuku. After further research, she wrote to us: “I have passed on your details to my cousins in Darwin who

may be in touch. Their father was Frank Roderick Duncanson who died in 1997. He apparently had pegs like the one you describe. The Biblical reference on the peg is of course also interesting as it refers to the day of his birth never existing. This could be one massive practical joke! Good luck with the sleuthing.” So, that’s about as far as we got last week - although it was an entertaining research project. Our team at the Post is hoping our readers may be able to shed further light on the mystery. If you know something about the peg, or those involved, please email us at

Local student finds it’s chilly in Chile! Waiuku College prefect and head With Chile beating Australia in of the cultural and arts portfolio Nick the World Cup just the day before, Whittaker says it’s ‘hectic’ being in there’s been plenty of ribbing about Santiago, Chile, compared to Waiuku, especially as the city revels in the atmosphere of the World Cup. Nick was chosen as one of seven New Zealand Spanish students to travel to Chile on a NZ-government funded trip, staying with a host family, and attending school in Santiago under a programme called Flying Kiwis. Yesterday, Nick celebrated his 17th birthday with his host family, and told the Post Newspaper he is enjoying the experience. “School’s really different; it seems a lot more relaxed here and a lot more fun or that could be just because I have no exams!” he laughed. “My host family is really nice and last night (Saturday night in Chile) they threw me a birthday party.” One of the biggest differences has been the temperature at his school with a snowfall in his first week being Nick Whittaker and fellow Flying Kiwi something a Franklin resident is not Ata Gardiner, (Otumoetai College), in the used to. snow at their Chilean High School.

the South Pacific versus South America football skills, and the host family bought Nick a Chilean football shirt as a birthday present. “I have four siblings here and it’s hectic. Definitely louder in Santiago then in little old Waiuku,” he says. “One of the biggest differences is how warm and open everyone is here - it’s like hey I’ve never met you before, oh hi, kiss on the cheek!” He also says everything is so accessible. “I walk two minutes down the road and there’s a supermarket with absolutely everything you could think of; televisions, toys, food, everything. “I absolutely love it over here and in just a few days I’ll be back in peaceful Waiuku!” He says the only downside from the trip has been that he is missing the Waiuku College cultural week, which he was involved in planning, but says he wishes all those participating all the best for this week. Nick and the rest of the Flying Kiwis return to New Zealand after three weeks in Chile on June 26.

New app aims to save lives with CPR Every day more than nine New Zealanders suffer a cardiac arrest but only 10% of these people will survive. CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, pumps oxygen-rich blood from the lungs to the rest of the body and brain, and can be the difference between life and death. St John wants everyone to have immediate access to these fundamental lifesaving skills with their new CPR app which is available for iPhone, Android and Windows

Phone handsets. “CPR is simple to do but in the heat of the moment it’s easy for your mind to go blank and that’s where this app will be a vital prompt and guide,” says St John Medical Director, Tony Smith. The simple, user-friendly instructions make the app easy to follow with innovative features such as beeping and vibrating ‘CPR Timing Assist’ to help with consistent chest compressions and instructions can be spoken

aloud from your phone, providing it is a Windows phone.. Other options include Adult, Child and Infant CPR tutorials and the ability to set up your own emergency services phone number (useful when travelling overseas). St John is the leading provider of first aid training in New Zealand and provides ambulance services to 90% of the population. “Who better to provide a life-saving app that can be

accessed from the palm of your hand?” they ask. This innovative and lifesaving app is available FREE from the iTunes store, Google Play or WindowsPhone. com. Note: The St John CPR app is compatible with any iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 6 and above, devices running Android 4 and above, and Window Phone 8 handsets. It can also be installed on iPads but not all features are supported.



Free train Shooters win after washout for MIT

Manukau Institute of Technology and Auckland Transport are opening the doors for the community to experience the new Manukau Transport & Tertiary Hub on Saturday, June 28. Everyone is welcome to come and see MIT’s soaring six storey ‘smart’ Campus that sits on top of the new Manukau Train Station. Auckland Transport is providing free tickets for anyone wanting to travel by train to the Open Day Festivities. MIT’s seven faculties have curated Interactive Zones so you can experience how technology has transformed learning from lectures into modern, collaborative environments that replicate real workplaces. Guided tours of the 14,000 m² building allow the first public viewing of the 250-seat Digital Theatre, rugby-field sized Atrium and a view of all seven floors including the transport terminal. Food stalls, performance art, music, entertainment, train & bus schedules, Hop Cards and information on vocational training, studying and course selection at MIT will also be on site.

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Get Top Results from a Top Performer! Above; successful Waiuku College clay target shooters; Nelson Akast, Ellen Ballintine, Matty Collins, Dean Sands and Niko Manning. Atrocious weather last Thursday, and a re-jigged shooting event at the last minute, resulted in a win for the Waiuku College clay target shooting team in Pukekohe. The squad was originally planning to shoot at an event in Matamata as a lead-up to th forthcoming North Island championships in early July, but when they were halfway to the venue the call was made that the weather had seen the event called off. The Matamata venue was beset by thunder and lightning, as well as five inches of rain, so there was no option but to cancel the shoot. However, Kings College coach, and local shooter, Gavin Paton managed to arrange a spur-of-the-moment event between Kings College, Strathallan, Pukekohe High School and Waiuku College, to be shot at the Auckland Met grounds in Pukekohe. It turned in to a beautiful winters day in

Pukekohe, with sunshine and a light breeze for the eight squads, (40 shooters), who competed. Waiuku College claimed the teams event, nine points clear of Kings College 1, with the high overall score going to young Waiuku shooter Matty Collins. Matty shot a great series of scores; 19/20, 60/60 and 9/10 to take the title, with two other Waiuku shooters, Nelson Akast and Dean Sands also shooting well to claim fifth and sixth respectively. In the girls event, it was former Waiuku College shooter Zoe Groot, now competing for Strathallan, who took out first place, with Waiuku’s Ellen Ballintine third and Pukekohe’s Hannah Childs third. It was a highly successful day, and one which the young shooters were very pleased to have been able to compete in, as they look ahead to the North Island event on July 5 in Hamilton.

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3 Bedroom low maintenance home and section. Located down ROW on cross lease section. Off street parking and single internal access garaging.

View online: ID: osbh782 Contact: Julie Quilty a/h 09 235 9324, 0272 292 243

EASY LIVING $369,000 A contemporary double glazed Latitude home consisting of large open plan living with elevated ceiling space. 3 double bedrooms (master with ensuite). Double basement garage on a compact easy care site. Phone Marleen to arrange a viewing. View online: ID: osbh703 Contact: Marleen a/h 09 235 0070, 0274 483 528




Loads of character in this 3 bedroom plastered brick home with views to Karioitahi hills. Loads of outdoor entertaining areas and sunny decks. 3 kinds of heating options for a cosy winter. Be quick for this one. View online: ID: osbh784 Contact: Leonie a/h 09 235 9961, 0274 985 722




FAMILY FUN - $439,000

NEAT AS A PIN - $479,000

View online: ID: osbh753 Contact: Ph: Ray a/h 09 235 8599, 021 951 082

View online: ID: osbh776 Contact: Ph: Ray a/h 09 235 8599, 021 951 082

Check out this 3 bedroom home. An open plan kitchen / dining area with a hall leading to a separate sunny lounge. The morning sun streams in the kitchen and dining, then through the bedrooms and into the lounge. The 24hr boat ramp is nearby and with a secluded sandy beach at the rear of the property, this property is priced right and is extremely desirable.

Be the first in! New carpet, curtains & paint. 3 Bedrooms + office/4th bedroom. Large section with not much to mow set on the outskirts of town. Move in and enjoy.


Over 1/4 acre section with 4 double brms, open plan lounge/dining with sep kitchen. Fully fenced, kid & pet friendly. May have potential to subdivide. Why delay when you can act today. Phone Marleen to arrange a viewing. View online: ID: osbh764 Contact: Marleen a/h 09 235 0070, 0274 483 528

OCUS F Y T R E PROP n District Frankli

11 Bowen Street, Waiuku

Ph 235 7139

Osborne Realty Ltd - licensed real estate agent (REAA2008)

Open Home: Sun 1.00 – 1.30pm 32 Kathleen Reece Place price reduction



BRICK BEAUTY - $429,000


View online: ID: osbh779 Contact: Marleen a/h 09 235 0070, 0274 483 528

View online: ID: osbh786 Contact: Julie Quilty a/h 09 235 9324, 0272 292 243

Set down a private ROW is this 4 bedroom home with ensuite. Open plan living with heat pump & smart vent. Slider to outdoor decking. Fully fenced backyard. Phone Marleen to arrange a viewing.

4 bedroom + ensuite brick & tile home in an elevated position to reward the owners with spectacular views. The gardens have been lovingly landscaped with raised garden boxes for the keen gardener. Set in a popular street. Call Julie Q to view.

LIFESTYLE IN TOWN $505,000 Tucked down a tree lined drive is this 4 bedroom well maintained home. Double separate garaging plus barn.Private and secluded set on 9870m2. Plenty of room for the kids and the animals.


View online: ID: osbf675 Contact: Leonie a/h 09 235 9961, 0274 985 722


Low maintenance 3 bedroom + ensuite home with sleepout on a generous 881m2 section. There is a double internal garage plus extra parking. Good location within easy walking distance to town. View online: ID: osbh794 Contact: Marleen a/h 09 235 0070, 0274 483 528 Contact: Julie Quilty a/h 09 235 9324, 0272 292 243



new listing

Beautiful country views of the land out to Manukau Harbour. This property has beautiful gardens around the home & loads of shedding. Sleepout has own bathroom & kitchenette. Home has 3 double bedrooms, open plan living with a sun drenched deck set on 2.72 Ha (6 Acres). Phone Marleen to arrange a viewing. View online: ID: osbf703 Contact: Marleen a/h 09 235 0070, 0274 483 528 WAIUKU


Set on 2 acres, this property is ideal for sheep, chickens or even calf club. Heated saltwater swimming pool for the warmer days. Lovely indoor/outdoor flow, open plan living with 3 double bedrooms, master has ensuite. Double garage + office space plus extra shedding. Ph Marleen to arrange a viewing. View online: ID: osbf713 Contact: Marleen a/h 09 235 0070, 0274 483 528


WAIUKU RUNOFF OR LIFESTYLE - $650,000 + gst, if any

View online: ID: osbb010 Contact: Marleen a/h 09 235 0070, 0274 483 528

View online: ID: osbf680 Contact: Ray a/h 09 235 8599, 021 951 082


1 Building which currently has 3 tenants. Situated right in the heart of Waiuku Town Centre and close to the Manukau Inlet. Motivated vendors would like to move on to other ventures. Phone Marleen to discuss further.

This 16.2 hectares of desirable north facing property is located 6.5km from Waiuku main centre. This property has road frontage on two sides. Allowing access to a number of building sites. To view please phone Ray




s e m i T n e e T G

STICKS & STONES By Megan Van Lieshout

LEADERSHIP ! What is a Good Leader …and how do you become one?

the e t a g i nav u o aily y d g e c n i a f p Hel N Y E G d l e i mind f

THE KEY TO SUCCESSFUL LEADERSHIP TODAY IS INFLUENCE, NOT AUTHORITY. NEED HELP? ... Life as a teenager has changed considerably since your parents were teenagers.

Free Care for 13 - 18 year olds Modern Techniques Goodbye Black fillings... Hello white fillings


has p i h s r e d a Le out b a n e e b r neve ... popularity

* Leadership has never been about popularity. * Make decisions you can stand by, and stand by your decisions. *Never let success go to your head , nor failure go to your heart. *Do not take advantage of your position to intimidate others. *If you are going to do anything, you must expect criticism. *Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them. *Watch the steps you take today. They may become footprints for another. *Reputation is for time; character is for eternity.

Enjoy only get one!


Lakewood Lodge is just 30 minutes south of Pukekohe. Here you can build your confidence with horse trekking, kayaking, climbing wall, archery, flying foxes and other adventure activities with experienced instructors. Team building activities develop your leadership skills in a safe, caring environment. Lakewood Lodge helps you learn while you have fun! • For more information Call 07-8263344 •

If you want your tween or teen learning great leadership then book them on ‘Confident Leaders’

$160 PER PERSON - (12 Spaces Only)

MONDAY 14TH JULY 8am - 5pm Program...learn to build confidence and leadership through pushing yourself to new heights...flying foxes/climbing walls/climbing walls etc...a day of adventure plus!!

TUESDAY 15TH JULY 8am - 5pm ...with Inspiration speakers and leaders you will develop positive tools and skills for a lifetime!


190 King Street Pukekohe • 09 238 6490

33 West St, Pukekohe | 239 0404 | |



College Careers Expo a great success

Start your career in Childhood Education

16 - 19YR OLDS


Around 45 exhibitors made for a busy careers Expo at Waiuku College last night. Above left: Caleb Baker, hoping to sign up for a navy career, meets Staff Sergeant Stacey Lock. Above right; former College student Gina Rattrie, returned to offer advice on a accountancy career. Below right; looking for advice were Year 12 students Hamish Rossiter and Anaru Thomson.

Do you enjoy looking after young children? If you’re 16 - 19 years old, this could be for you. Study fulltime in our Early Childhood Education course for FREE with Youth Guarantee. You can gain the National Certificate in Early Childhood Education & Care (Level 3) and be equipped for further study or employment. This course will equip you with strong foundations for working with children and can also prepare you for our level 5 course. Students must be 16 - 19 years old. Vision College, 52 Franklin Road, Pukekohe.

Information Evening: Thursday 19th June 7pm Vision College, 52 Franklin Road, Pukekohe. RSVP Essential! RSVP to or phone 09 238 0548

Request an info pack:

0800 834 834

txt ECE to 027 557 8839

A division of ATC New Zealand. (Est 1984). NZQA Accredited.



Groovitt has announced a new Elite Crew that it have just re-auditioned for, and a brand new (elite)crew A-SAP performing. “A-SAP is instructed and Choreographed by Josh Faleatua from the world hip hop silver medallist crew Identity and Jitterbugs is instructed and choreographed by Shenal August also from the Identity Dance Co. “Both Josh and Shenal are going to Las Vegas in August to compete in the World Hip Hop Championships,” Groovit says. “They have put together some awesome routines and all the classes have been practicing very hard to put on a great show. A demonstration of some of the Open Class routines will also be performed by some of the instructors. Lots of fantastic lighting and sound from fabulous Oceania event technical experts (fight for life events), and the very funny Willie Iosia (Steels and Wheels) will be MC. The show is a great way to get rid of the winter blues and have some fun!



Lets get ridiculous

Study for the National Certificate in Retail (Level 2)

e c W n O a D SH

INFO EVENING 19th June, 7:00pm 52 Franklin Road, Pukekohe


Pukekohe High School Hall | Harris Street Pukekohe

SATURDAY 5TH JULY TWO SHOWS! 1.30 pm & 6.30 pm Tickets available at the studio between 3.30 - 7pm Monday - Thursday (Friday 6pm) or at the door

$10 Adults | $8 Child $32 Familly (Under 5 free if you can sit them on your knee!)

Doors open 15mins before show starts | Show duration approx 2 hours including a 15 minute intermission | Food and refreshments for sale

Groovit Studio 6a Crosbie Road, Pukekohe | 027 206 9897 |

for More Info Phone or txt:

0800 872 466

Txt RETAIL to 027 557 8839 Free for NZ citizens and permanent residents.

A division of ATC New Zealand. (Est 1984). NZQA Accredited.



Waiuku labelled an ‘Anglican ghetto’ as church to close Some parishioners of the Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Waiuku have been left upset and angry over a decision by the Diocese of Auckland to close the church, dissolve the Mission District, and end the ministry and worship life associated with the building. The announcement, made on Sunday, was accompanied by a document from a commission appointed by the Diocese, which, in part, described the Waiuku ministry as an ‘Anglican ghetto’, stating that the unit lacked leadership in administration, finances and governance, and suggests divisions stemming back over 10 years have resulted in a split between parishioners in Mauku and Waiuku. The diocese says a number of efforts have been made to revitalise the church in Waiuku in recent years, but without success. It is expected the last worship service at the Holy Trinity church will be on July 13, with current parishioners recommended to join the Mauku church or the St Andrews Centre in Waiuku. As for the church itself and its assets, the Diocese says it is proposed that, after deconsecration, that a long-term lease is sought for the building, while the church will retain items set aside for sacred purposes until such time as final decision is made on the future of the site.

Elder abuse rife in NZ Sunday kick-started Elder Abuse Awareness Week and Age Concern, the organisation representing the rights of older people, is urging New Zealanders not to turn a blind eye if they suspect an older person is being abused or neglected. Age Concern’s Elder Abuse Awareness Week runs from June 15-22 and the purple ribbon campaign aims to inform people that elder abuse - including financial, psychological, physical abuse and neglect - is a widespread issue in New Zealand. Robyn Scott, Chief Executive of Age Concern New Zealand, says people need to pay more attention to the signs and realise that elder abuse is happening in their communities. “You might think that elder abuse doesn’t happen in New Zealand, but it does. Age Concern receives eight referrals of elder abuse every working day.” Mrs Scott says that nationwide, Age Concern’s Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention (EANP) services receive more than 2,000 referrals each year. In New Zealand the most commonly reported types are financial and psychological abuse. Mrs Scott said three quarters of elder abuse and neglect in New Zealand occurs at the hands of family members. About half of abusers are adult children and about half of the abused elders are over 80-years-old.

Hearings to resume Waikato District Council’s Proposed Psychoactive Substances Policy hearing will reconvene from 9am this morning, (Tuesday), following previous hearings which took place on 5, 6, 7, 15 May and 3 June. During the first three hearings Council’s Policy and Regulatory Committee heard submissions on the proposed policy. On 15 May the Committee reconvened to deliberate on the matters raised by submitters and clarify the content of the draft policy. During these deliberations the Committee suggested amendments to the definition of a sensitive site, reviewed the setback distances between sensitive sites and potential retail locations, and discussed the way the distance between sensitive sites and potential retail locations is measured. As a result of these discussions, which continued on 3 June, the Committee directed Council staff to draft up a revised version of the policy based on the changes requested.

CLM pools correction Last week, the Post Newspaper carried an article detailing Auckland Council contracts for management of aquatic facilities in the greater Auckland area. CLM was referred to in the release, along with the fact that the organisation manages pools in Pukekohe and Waiuku. The article did not intend to suggest that the contracts for those pools have been allocated at this stage, as the article referred to contracts for a number of other pools in the greater Auckland area. The contracts for the Franklin pools are not yet due for renewal. The Post regrets any confusion which may have arisen from the article.

Subsidised booster seats now available ACC and Plunket have joined forces to subsidise over 10,000 new car booster seats for community service cardholders. The seats can be purchased from Plunket’s Car Seat Service for just $50 each. Waiuku Plunket Committee president Emma Jane says, following a recent law change, all children under seven years of age must use an approved child restraint appropriate for their age and size when travelling in a motor vehicle.” Community service cardholders wishing to buy a subsidised seat should contact their local Plunket Car Seat Service; Pukekohe Car Seat Service, Mondays and Thursday 9am - 12pm or contact 09 238 9458. The Pukekohe Plunket Rooms are on the corner of Wesley and Edinburgh Street. ACC’s General Manager of Injury Prevention, Dr Megan McKenna, said ACC is proud to partner with Plunket on this initiative, as both organisations have a long history of helping New Zealanders. “One of ACC’s core roles is to prevent injuries, and we’re happy to work with Plunket and use their presence in the community to help us do this.”

Plunket National Child Safety Advisor Sue Campbell said Plunket is committed to keeping Kiwi kids safe. “We are very happy to be part of this scheme, and we urge eligible families to take up this offer.” “It’s recommended that any child less than 148 centimetres tall continues to use a booster seat to keep them safe, regardless of their age,” said Sue Campbell. “So this initiative will help families comply with the law, and help them keep their children safer until they’re ready to move out of a booster seat.” Each year, ACC receives around 30,000 claims for injuries resulting from motor vehicle crashes. Around 1000 claims involve children aged seven years and under. “The road is where the greatest number of serious injuries happen in New Zealand,” said Dr McKenna. “If we can help prevent just one child from being killed or seriously injured on the road through this initiative, then that will be a great outcome.” Community service cardholders wishing to buy a subsidised seat should contact their local Plunket or visit to find out more.

Above: Waiuku Plunket’s Emma Jane, with daughter Marissa and one of the new booster seats.

Plenty of positives for Hunua, says candidate The strength of the New Zealand economy and the increasing surplus under the National-led government is being reinforced locally by a positive message from Hunua’s national party candidate Andrew Bayly, as the region prepares for the biggest population boom in its history. ‘Growing Hunua – responsibly’ is the theme behind Andrew’s campaign to ensure his electorate takes full advantage of the benefits of responsible government, and to ensure the region can achieve to its full potential in coming years. “As Hunua’s next MP, it’s important to me that we make the most of the massive population growth and the boost to our region’s economy that we expect in the next few years,” Andrew says. “We know our region is going to grow, but we must manage that growth to ensure it is sustainable, and that it is growth that local families are comfortable with. “We have some of the best agricultural soils in the world, and our dairy farmers and equine industry are world-leaders. We must protect these elite soils and valuable arable lands, and tailor our growth to areas which are well-supported with vital infrastructure such as water, roads, and

train services,” Andrew explains. As a banker, farmer and adventurer, Andrew is passionate about ensuring Hunua can cater for not only the coming growth, but also provide a future for generations to come. “My wife Tina and I, with our three boys, live in Karaka, and as Hunua MP I will champion the four key elements that our region needs to sustain economic, social and community growth for our residents. “It’s an ambitious vision, but one which is more than achievable, providing we have the will and the leadership to deliver these elements. “We must have the infrastructure we deserve. “We must support our growers, farmers, and the equine industry. “We must have access to high quality, accessible health services, provided locally. “And, we must continue to create communities where our independent small business owners, the heart of our rural lifestyle, can grow and flourish. “Not only can we achieve this, quite simply we must achieve it. As your future MP, I am going to draw on my experience and senior level contacts that I have built up over 25 years to get this result for Hunua. At a local

Middle-aged men wanted Middle-aged men are needed to take part in a study of the potential positive effects of dairy products on muscle health. The study needs male participants aged between 45-60, lean or overweight, sedentary or active and in good health. During the study, carried out jointly by the University of Auckland’s Human Nutrition Unit and Liggins Institute, participants will need to have several different types of body scans, including a DeXa scan - that measures muscle, bone and fat content compared to the normal population. People taking part will also need to have a muscle CT scan, and an ultrasound scan that can detect fat infiltration into muscle. Participants will also complete a muscle function test normally done by professional athletes to assess muscle strength.

During the final part of the study, an IV infusion of metabolic tracer will be administrated to participants for several hours. They will be given one of five different dairy products to consume. Muscle and blood samples will be taken afterwards to detect positive changes in blood amino acid levels and muscle metabolism. Participants will need to visit the study team on three separate occasions at the Liggins Institute in Grafton and the Millenium Institute in Mairangi Bay to complete the study. This study was designed by research staff at the Human Nutrition Unit and the Liggins Institute. To find out more information visit or email the research team at or phone Niamh Brennan on 022-3234775.

and regional level I will redefine the relationship we have with Auckland Council, and nationally I will ensure Hunua’s voice is heard loud and clear in a John Key National Government. “We have the potential to be among the most vibrant, strong and successful region in New Zealand. I look forward to leading that vision and, with our local residents, making it happen.”

Yachties progress Under the control of members Marty Ramsey and John Duff the Waiuku Yacht Club floor replacement is well under way. A good turnout of senior and junior members has seen the job progress very smoothly and the club says it hopes to have the painting done and new carpet down by the end of June. “Many thanks to the Waiuku ASB Community Trust for helping with the financial requirements,” a club spokesperson said,”It is awesome to see them supporting local clubs in need.” The club spokesperson also paid tribute to the many people that have given their time to help the current committee keep the Yacht Club up to a high standard. The club is looking for fresh faces on the committee, and asks members to consider taking their time to serve the club as the AGM approaches. Below: work is progressing well on the new floor.



All creatures Great and small

Are cat owners as curious as their cats?

Ask th e Vet Send your question to:

‘Vet’s Voice’

c/o- The Post Newspaper, PO Box 374 Waiuku or email to:

PUPPY PRESCHOOL Puppies just like children need socializing and an education. Puppy Preschool is a great place for pups to socialize in a safe and supervised environment. Puppy preschools target pups from 7 to 14 weeks of age. This is not only a chaotic time for owners but also a very important developmental period for your dog. Classes are run by qualified and experienced vet nurses who are happy to discuss any challenges you are facing with your pup. At the class they will learn how to behave with other dogs and people as well as basic commands such as sit, stay and come all using positive reinforcement. This means giving pup a little treat

when they do the right thing to help them understand what we want them to do. Other topics covered include toilet training, mouthing and biting, and barking, as well as separation anxiety, education about common health issues, nutrition, and much more. If you have a new pup and would like to come along, classes are held at the Waiuku Veterinary Centre on Tuesdays nights from 5:30pm-6:30pm or at the Pukekohe Veterinary Centre on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm-7:30pm. For more information please ask for Iona at the Waiuku Veterinary Centre on 09) 2359217 or Fiona at the Pukekohe Veterinary Centre on 09)2386897.

Proudly brought to you by:


17 KITCHENER RD, WAIUKU • PH: 235 9217 11 Edinburgh St, Pukekohe • Ph: 238 6897

With more than 1.4 million cats in New Zealand, they are an important part of many New Zealand families. However, a recent national survey reveals the majority of us are perhaps unaware of the truth behind the curious lives of our cats. To find out just how much we, as cat owners really, know about their pets, petfood supplier Royal Canin, conducted a nationwide survey asking owners to help shed light on the relationship they have with their cats. The survey uncovered some commonly held myths, as well as revealing interesting insights into the eating, sleeping and other daily habits of our feline companions. Royal Canin Veterinary Technical Consultant Mark Edwards said that while New Zealanders really do care a lot for their cats, with almost half of owners thinking about their cats’ level of happiness on a weekly basis, there were some common misconceptions around cats, especially when it comes to what to feed them. Some key survey findings included: • 69% of New Zealand cat owners surveyed consider flavour to be the most important factor when buying food for cats • 90% of cat owners don’t consider their cat’s lifestyle when selecting food • 94% of Kiwi cat owners surveyed said breed isn’t an important factor when choosing a diet Mark Edwards commented that it is not surprising that we go for flavour when thinking about food for our pets, but said that what our cats are really looking for in an ‘appealing’ meal is smell and texture. “While cat owners’ hearts are in the right place, cats have less than 500 taste buds, as opposed to 10,000 in humans, so while the taste of food is important to humans, it’s just not the case for cats,” Edwards said. The survey results also revealed that 49% of New Zealand’s multiple cat owners fed their cats the same food because it’s easier, however, Edwards warned that this approach could be detrimental to the health of our pets. “Pet food companies

like ours have been producing tailor-made products for pets for decades, as it is a well-researched fact that the lifestyle, breed, age, neutering status and health of cats should determine what they are fed.” • 58% of New Zealand cat owners surveyed don’t measure the portion of food they serve their cat for each meal • Over half of owners believe a cat tends to be overweight due to not being fed the right type of food • 23% of cat owners surveyed said they make sure their cat gets exercise on a daily basis When it comes to thinking about the behaviours of our cats, interestingly 76% of Kiwi cat owners think their cats spend most of their time eating. While some cats can sleep for 15-18 hours a day other cats have a natural tendency to be more so-

cial and spend a great deal of their time playing - and if they get the chance, socialising either with their owners or other cats. Other insights uncovered in the survey around people’s perception of cat be-

haviour include: • On a daily basis, 88% of Kiwi cat owners are most likely to pet their cats • On average, New Zealand cat owners believe their cats are sleeping 14.51 hours in a typical 24-hour period.


Veterinary Recommended

• For a stress free holiday • Individual care for all cat types Luxury Boarding Cattery — Waiuku Ph 09 235 7024 Mob 027 511 3579

Cataway Waiuku   Relax and purr on...

10 Jenny Lane Waiuku Mobile: 021 492 280 Toll Free 0800 492 280

Cataway Waiuku Boutique Cattery is Veterinary recommended

Full grooming service for all breeds - Experienced vet nurse

Adele van der Star 46 Victoria Avenue, Waiuku | Ph: 09 235 7754 Mob: 021 272 4015

PET TAGS NEW ZEALAND Visit Proud to be New Zealand owned and operated.




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Perfection from every angle!

340 Harbourside Drive, Karaka: Mon-Fri 10am-4pm Sat & Sun 11am-4pm Ph 09 296 0177 • Email: 67 Ina Ville Drive, Pukekohe: Mon-Fri 10am-4pm Sat & Sun 11am-4pm Ph 09 238 7777 • Email:

Thinking of Building? Build with G.J. Gardner Homes you will receive: > A fixed price contract (no hidden costs) > A pre-agreed build time > A 10 Year Independent Certified Builders Guarantee To find out more call in and have a chat with us today.

Papakura: Broadway PaPakura 56 56 Broadway Phone: 2961695 1695 Phone: (09) (09) 296 Pukekohe: 8 Massey Avenue Pukekohe 41 Seddon Lane Phone: (09) 237 1213 Phone: (09) 237 1213 KARAKA SHOWHOME: OPEN272 MonHarbourside to Fri 8.30am-5.00pm Drive Open everyday 12pm to 4pm Showhome POKENO SHOWHOME: 272 Harbourside Karaka 2 CanmoreDrive, Street OpenEveryday Everyday 11am 12pm -- 4.00pm Open 3pm daily 0800 42 45 46


n a pe 4pm arak o k e om 12pm Dr, h e ow y id Sh ryda ours e ev h arb 2 27


Property Law Specialists Rural, Residential and Commercial Property Matters Financing and Refinancing Friendly and Affordable Service Plain Language Explanations FOR A FIXED PRICE QUOTE ON YOUR NEXT PROPERTY TRANSACTION OR FOR FUTHER INFORMATION

Phone Bobbie-jo on 09) 236 5016 or 0220 503403

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POKENO: 4 Mark Ball Drive KARAKA: 23 Capriana Drive Phone: 0800 828 822


Signature Homes combine pride and exceptional craftsmanship At a glance... When it comes to choosing a quality builder to build your home, the devil really is in the detail, so Murray, Debbie and the Signature Homes team invite their clients to have a close look at their workmanship and they welcome any comparisons. They also like to advise their clients about what to look out for in this regard, as poor workmanship is not always immediately apparent to an untrained eye. Signature Homes believe they deliver the best service, the best designers and the best contract builders - from Papakura through to Franklin and beyond, and their team has built literally hundreds of beautiful homes for Kiwi families. “Combining our pride and passion for exceptional craftsmanship with the renowned quality, and proven systems and support of Signature Homes has given us the opportunity to be better at everything that we do”, says Managing Director Mur-

ray Garland. “The result has been an even more rewarding experience for our clients, and renewed variation and opportunity for our local team to grow. Not only is it important to be innovative and proactive in the market place, we feel it’s also important to provide team members a pathway to personal growth and development.” “When we joined Signature Homes, it opened up a huge array of resources for us, and a great deal of business support. We have a range of homes and house & land package options to suit most clients, and if one of the Signature designs does not suit your requirements, then we’ll design a home for you that does.” That means clients can choose from the simplicity of a house & land package, a complete knock down and rebuild, subdivision or a new dream home from scratch. Signature Homes Papakura/

Franklin believe in building exceptional homes, but they also understand the importance of building solid client relationships. As a result of their success, many of their clients have been the result of referrals from satisfied customers. Signature Homes delivers the best service, the best designers and builders - Franklin through to Papakura and all the way to the Bombays, the team has built hundreds of beautiful homes for Kiwi families.

Murray & Debbie Garland of Signature Homes Papakura/Franklin have been creating exceptional homes for satisfied clients in the South Auckland area and beyond for close to 30 years, with Licensed Building Practitioner Murray commencing a building apprenticeship way back in 1978. Papakura/Franklin’s Signature Homes team has a long track record of excellence and customer satisfaction all over the South Auckland region.

Signature Homes believe they deliver the best service, the best designers and the best contract builders from Papakura through to Franklin and beyond,

For more information on Signature Homes or to see what plans are available, visit:


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Mur ray & Debbie Gar land | Owners Signature Homes Pap akura/Franklin

Office/Showroom: 13 Massey Ave, Pukekohe Open Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm

LOT 87 553m2


LOT 89 635m2


LOT 90 576m2

#11 SOLD LOT 88 621m

LOT 92 552m2


LOT 91 538m2


LOT 93 497m2


LOT 94 599m2


LOT 96 475m2


LOT 95 545m2






LOT 111 SOLD 700m

LOT 110 450m2


LOT 109 407m2


LOT 108 457m2


LOT 107 500m2


LOT 106 500m2


LOT 105 510m2



#22 UNDER LOT 104 CONTRACT 501m2

#24 LOT 103 SOLD 587m 2

PHONE: 0508 639496


LOT 102 SOLD 730m



#28 SOLD LOT 101 641m

UNDER #30 LOT 100 CONTRACT 620m2

Call Jitske Harris on 027 703 7248 email






f or m


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238 5055 0800 10 35 35 Windscreen Repairs & Replacement

auto glass

TAXIS UNITED 0800 66 00 44

Epic match-ups in Netball counts down to finals premier club rugby In the Counties Power Club Rugby round, there were some great matches for the spectators. It was an epic match for the ‘Battle of the hill’ in the Premier grade, with a gallant effort from both sides with Onewhero Carters taking the title after beating Bombay Gough CAT 19-15. Onewhero’s halfback Harvey Flipp, a 300 match veteran took the field in the close encounter. Onewhero’s Filimone Tufui scored the first try from a forward effort. Nathan Langsford slotted a penalty and Bombay’s Tofa-

ga lese replied with his own. Langsford slotted a drop goal just before half time to give the hosts a 11-3 lead. It was busy second half with both sides receiving yellow cards. Bombay scored the first try of the half, with their try scorers for the day Kalolo Tuiloma and Aaron Smith. Nathan Sunde scored Onewhero’s second try which was followed on the scoreboard by another penalty by Langsford. Bombay then scored a converted try and were highly committed to scoring another through their hard attack for the last



Men - Women - Children - All Ages Excellent Self Defence, Fitness, Discipline Opportunity for international training & competition (Traditional Okinawan Weapons, Sai Bo, Tonfa)

Phone Ray Irving: 021 115 9380 or Denise Walker: 021 354 208 for more information Pukekohe Dojo: 09 239 0272 Dojos in: Pukekohe - Waiuku - Hokitika - Westport New Dojos in: Drury - Maraetai Beach - Whakatane - Rotorua - Sri Lanka and Germany

Waiuku Netball Supporter of the Week If this is you, collect your prize in person from the Waiuku Netball Office on the next playing Saturday or phone the office on 235 8813. Kindly donated by Enchanted Florist, Leonard Street, Waiuku

Waiuku Netball proudly supported by

licensed real estate agent (REAA2008)

11 Bowen Street, Waiuku Ph 235 7139

ten minutes of the match but the Onewhero defence held strong to seal the win. Bombay are still in top four contention sitting third on the table. Waiuku remain unbeaten in round two after defeating Ardmore Marist 48-15 and get to hang onto the Counties Power Cup for another week. For the second week in a row Waiuku’s Ronald Raaymakers scored two tries as did Daniel Hyatt and Jamie Baker. Luke Graham who got Waiuku out of jail for the past three matches with his boot was not required to do so this week but slotted three conversions and four penalties. For Ardmore Marist they will be looking forward to getting their Samoan U20’s back who played such a huge and impressive match against the South Africans. Their score came courtesy of tries by Karl Ropati and Sione Hifo with AJ Alatimu slotting a conversion and a penalty. In was the great battle that everyone expected in the Counties Power Game of the Week, resulting in Patumahoe Hotel beating Pukekohe Mitre 10 Mega 23-18 to sit in second place on the table with three from three wins in round two. The win came in the dying minutes of the game with an impressive try out of nothing by Patumahoe’s Joshua Van Lieshout which he scored right on full time to win the tight match. Karaka are in top spot on the table, nine points clear at the top of the Premier table after their 63-24 victory over Manurewa. Karaka’s nine tries were scored by Seremaia Tagicakibau, Tenina Saiulegoe, Joshua Rowland, Kieron Rollinson, Antonio Lavemai, Tavite Gadeisuva, Sione Anga’aelangi and Siulongoua Fotofili who crossed the chalk for two. Karaka are in top spot in the Premier Reserve grade after their 53-16 victory over Manurewa. Patumahoe made it two from two when they beat Pukekohe 16-8, as did Waiuku who beat Ardmore Marist 22-7 and Bombay Pokeno Bacon beat Onewhero 24-7. Papakura beat Te Kauwhata EnviroWaste 39-14 in the Sid Marshall Shield Premier grade and Drury racked up 28 unanswered points against Weymouth. Next week the match between Drury and Papakura will be the Counties Power Game of the Week.

Saturday saw highly competitive netball as teams fought out positions ahead of next week’s finals day at Waiuku Netball. Above: the match between first and second in A-grade, between Loyal and Brian James Contracting was a great battle.

Counties side named for next week The Counties Manukau Cavaliers beat North Harbour 20-19 at Mahurangi on Wednesday night and the Steelers coaches have named their squad to play the Waikato Harlequins on the 24 June at Beetham Park in Hamilton with the time to be confirmed. Forwards: Sam Aiono (Bombay), Sione Anga’aelangi (Karaka), Onosai’i Auva’a (Ardmore Marist), Sean Bagshaw (Onewhero), George Crichton (Pukekohe), Vance Elliott (Onewhero), Jarrod Firth (Ardmore Marist), Sam Henwood (Pukekohe), Dan Hyatt (Waiuku), Louis Kapatini (Ardmore Marist),

Johnny Kawau (Bombay), Michael Lea (Manurewa), Sikeli Nabou (Ardmore Marist), Ronald Raaymakers (Waiuku), Savelio Ropati (Ardmore Marist), John Tu’ugafasi (Pukekohe), Maama Vaipulu (Pukekohe). Backs: Kane Hancy (Patumahoe), Joe Ikenasio (Ardmore Marist), John Luteru (Karaka), Andy Muirhead (Waiuku) Jared Paige (Pukekohe), Toni Pulu (Bombay), Karl Ropati (Ardmore Marist), Josh Rowlands (Karaka), Michael Stanley (Pukekohe), Mark Talaese (Manurewa), Ahsee Tuala (Manurewa) and Sam Vaka (Bombay).

All hands on deck for Waiuku

As your rugby team approaches the finals of its major competition, and the defining point of the season, you want to have everyone possible available. For Waiuku rugby last week, that meant a very quick shuffling of some paperwork to have the jet-setting Maka Tatafu available after his return from playing professional rugby in Spain. As manager Bruce Thomson says, getting an inbound clearance for an overseas player means relying on a lot of people to do their job accurately. “Firstly the current club that the player is with must complete their paper work, they then send that off to their own union,” Bruce explained yesterday. “Their union check and forward that paper work to their national body (in Maka’s case the Spanish Rugby Union). The Spanish Rugby Union then send paperwork to NZ Rugby union who process the inbound request and clear that player. The NZRU then notify Counties Manukau of the inbound clearance, and then Counties Manukau notify the Waiuku Club and myself that every-

thing is in hand,” Bruce said. “If left to do it all from this end it can be a long, drawn out process especially with the language barriers, but we had contacted Maka and his wife Jennie to get the paper trail going prior to their departure back to NZ and it practically arrived at the time they were getting off the plane,” he said. Luckily, it all came together; New Zealand Rugby processing the paperwork, and Bruce received a call from Counties confirming the process was completed just a couple of hours before the Friday 4pm deadline. It meant the international player was then clear to play again for Waiuku, and those in the know suggest he is in great form. If picked for the side on Saturday, he has the chance to perform in front of his home crowd for the first time this season, and on a major occasion for the club. This Saturday sees Sponsors Day at Waiuku Rugby, and is also expected to mark the 250th game in the red and greens for club stalwart Sosefo Kata, who will be looking for a great way to celebrate against Pukekohe.



BEDSPl u s

ET STORE OUTLFurniture & mattress





• ReinfoRced 5 zone pocket spRing system • LuxuRious piLLow top • BamBoo knit faBRic • natuRaL LuxuRy foam • minimized paRtneR distuRBance & RoLL togetheR

“Tempo” Queen Mattress and Base

our RRP $1499, Only $1289 • Single Mattress and Base $849 • King Single Mattress and Base $1029 • Double Size Mattress and Base $1139 • Queen size Mattress and Base $1289 • King Size Mattress and Base $1529 Add $200 to Mattress and Base price and upgrade to Deluxe Sprung Base. Mattress only available also – contact us today.



ACCOUNTING & Taxation Services - Call Rise Chartered Accountants on Ph: 09 235 7455.

COCKY’S CORNER - For fencing & roofing iron, timber, hardware, plywood, pavers, gates, garden sheds & more. 123 Queen St, Waiuku. Ph: 235 9880 or 235 2386.

GST Payroll Accounting EOM & EOY Financial services. Can we assist? Call Petemarg Enterprises Ltd. 09 2350461 or E-mail: for a free consultation.

• ReinfoRced 5 zone pocket spRing system • LuxuRious euRo top • poLyesteR fiBRe • natuRaL & convoLuted foam • minimized paRtneR distuRBance & RoLL togetheR

“Cloud Plush”

Queen Mattress and Base


our RRP $1699, Only $1489 • Queen Mattress $959 • King Mattress $1020 • King Mattress and Base $1739 Add $200 to Mattress and Base price and upgrade to Deluxe Sprung Base. Mattress only available also – contact us today.


ADULT ACCESSORIES Adult toys, massage oil, lubes, Women’s Health & Sexuality Books & lots more available online:



Year Warranty


REPAIRS - Dinghy or trailerboats; fibreglass or wooden. All jobs considered. Ph Tony on: 235 3545 or 021 598 662.

CARAVANS LONG TERM - Free local delivery from $60 per week plus bond. Ph: 09 232 1814.

• ReinfoRced 5 zone pocket spRing system • LuxuRious euRo top • natuRaL Latex, memoRy foam & cashmeRe • minimized paRtneR distuRBance & RoLL togetheR

“Mayfair” Queen Mattress and Base our RRP $1999, Only $1699

“Olympus” Pop Up Trundler Bed our RRP $999, Only $879

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• King Single over Single

Vacant houses, windows, offices, carpet shampooing & exterior waterblasting. Plus maintenance. FREE quotes. Ph Allan or Lynette: 09 235 9333 or 027 272 6249.

• Medium Feel • Bonnell Spring System • Lofted Knit Fabric Soft Feel






your pc guy


*Mattress Only Available also – Contact us today Add $200 to Mattress and Base price and upgrade to Deluxe Sprung Base. Mattress only available also – contact us today.


Virus Removal, Repairs, Internet, Broadband, PC Sales, Data backup, Tuition

“Picadilly” Queen Mattress & Base our RRP $3799, Only $2779

“Oxford” Queen Mattress & Base our RRP $3999, Only $3079

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ContaCt us today, mention this Post newsPaPer ad & we will have your new bed delivered to you anywhere in the north island – For Free!

44 Queen Street, Waiuku right next door to asb bank Ph: 0800 BEDSPLUS (0800 23377587)

Cot - Good Condition but some varnish eaten off. Drop down side. Unmarked innersprung mattress. Some bedding. $85 o.n.o. Ph: 235 0387.

Turn Clutter

Cash into

Advertise all your unwanted goods with us from as little as: $17.25 for 1 insertion, $28.75 for 2 insertions or $46 for 3 insertions and get some extra


Ph: 238 7835

FREE REMOVAL - Any old scrap metal incl. old batteries, expired gas bottles, old cars, lawn mowers, etc. Ph Martin: 021 128 5953 or 238 3005. Free drop off depot for all your unwanted computers, whiteware, etc. Recycle All Your Stuff Ltd. Unit 1 Waiuku Business Park, 23 Kitchener Road, Waiuku. Free pick up in Waiuku. Ph: 235 5769.

Great ‘In Your Home’ service . . .


Mob 021 111 4122

Saturday 21st June. 9am to 1pm. Combined by Badmington ladies. Opposite skateboard park. 124 Queen St, Waiuku.

Jon 235 5300


FIREWOOD for sale. Dry Mac & Gum mix. $80/ metre with free local delivery. Ph 235 9668 or 021 412 452. Shed stored guaranteed. Dry pine $75 or old man pine $80 per meter. Free delivery. Ph: 235 8847 or 021 362 687. 2m3 - $160. Local Delivery. No charge. Ph. 235 9439 evenings. FIREWOOD - Bargain. Mac/pine. 4 Metres: $300 Delivered. 2 Metres $170. Ph/txt: 021 744 970 or 235 0065.


FIREWOOD splitter. Phone: 235 7733 or 021 305 111.

GARDENING ROSEMARY and Bay leaf- I will prune your Rosemary Bush or Bay Tree for you, in return for the produce. Ph. Jeanette 09 235 2884.

HAIR DRESSING THE Cutting Room Hair Salon. 33 Breaker Grove, Waiuku. Ladies cuts from $30, Mens cuts from $25, Colours from $70. Hours: Tues 11-3pm, Wed 9-5pm, Fri 9-til late, Mon & Sat by pre-arranged appts only. Phone Steff: 235 7149.

LAUNDROMAT Open 7 days. Drop off & self service. Detergents incl. Sports clothing, commercial, wash, dry & fold. Laundry 4 U. Betw Video Ezy & Pizza Hut, across parking lot from ED St Rest. Ph: 09 239 2964.




TOPCUT LAWNMOWING - reliable, clean, tidy job experienced operator. Ph Fred 09 235 5280, 021 902 552.

OFFICE SPACE - Waiuku Business Park, 23 Kitchener Rd. Downstairs from $90 + gst p/wk. Ph Sam: 021 671 960.

GREEN ACRES - Clarks Beach. Covering Franklin area. Lawn mowing, gardening, garden clearance, hedges. clean, tidy and reliable. Ph. Brett 021 0211 7777 / 09 232 1276.

OFFICE SPACE - Waiuku Business Park, 23 Kitchener Rd. Upstairs from $110 + gst p/wk. Ph Sam: 021 671 960.

LAWNMOWING / Garden maintenance. Jim’s mowing for quality work from reliable, fully insured and police checked operators call 0800 4 546 546 for a free quote.

Massage Massage & sugar paste hair removal - brow shape/ lash & brow tint. Ph: Moka (Natural Treatment) 235 0464 or 021 166 9674. Fluffy Ducks Pampering. Relaxation Massage, Reflexology, Reiki (Registered Practitioner) Sue Vlug. Ph: 09 235 2256. Email:


WAREHOUSE SPACE Waiuku Business Park, 23 Kitchener Rd. Small, Med & Lge. Easy access. Ph Sam: 021 671 960. WORKSHOP SPACE Waiuku Business Park, 23 Kitchener Rd. Easy access. Ph Sam: 021 671 960.

Drumming Lessons Full set up in Waiuku, no need to have a kit. Beginners to intermediate, theory, rhythm and grooves. Ph: Paul on 021 145 4478.

Ph: 235 2662

if you want to take me home.

Cash Buyer wanting house on large section any condition. Call or txt details to John 021 746 451. Good quality used furniture, collectibles, bric a brac, also house lots. Ph. 027 277 5026 for free quote. Waiuku Magpies 2nd Hand Dealers.

Window Cleaning

POOCHIE PARK – Holiday home for dogs. Inspection welcome by arrangement. Phone: 09 235 0052 (Evenings) or 021 856 555. Email: for further information.

Residential and commercial. Professional Service. Competitive prices, free quotes. Ph: Colin 027 965 2094.



The Framing Shed. Quality custom picture framing. 31 Victoria Ave, Waiuku. Tues - Fri 9 - 5 or by appointment. Ph Allie: 235 0939 / 027 253 4577.

College Student, 15 years old, looking for work in the School holidays beginning 30th June. Hard-working, honest and reliable, willing to try his hand at anything. Please contact Michael on 235 2214.

REUNION The Te Kuiti Rod and Custom Club celebrates their 40th anniversary. All previous members are invited to help celebrate on 9th August 2014. Contact Brett Randell on 021 02366311 or Grahame Howell on 021 2537227 or email karen.fitzwater@

SERVICES FREEVIEW - Digital Set Up UHF & Satellite. Ph Dave 236 3519 or Ph/Txt: 021 2777006. Patumahoe. Deceased Estate House clearances and cleaning. Ph. 027 277 5026 for free quote. Waiuku Magpies 2nd Hand Dealers.


GARLANDS Flowers & Gifts Beautiful Flowers lovingly made to your personal requirements.

Advertise your situations vacant in The Post. Contact us on

09 235 7835

or Email:


This Saturday June 21st, 9am - 1pm Pukekohe Town Hall


2/31 Bowen St, Waiuku

Phone 235 0643 or 021 998897



Large selection of huge new mats and rugs to keep those winter colds out. Great prices, great modern colours. Large size F&P Stainless Steel fridge/freezer - $595 * Extension Table & 8 chairs - $250 * Lounge suites, 5 ranging from $90 all good order * Lazyboys 5 - $45 * Two new Lazyboys - $450 * New bookcases all sizes from $195 - Lots of furniture available


Table Hire $12 Ph Clem 09 238 7336 • 027 272 2983

Want more from your lifestyle or small block? Then come to the


2014 Farmlands’

5 7 4 3 6 *NEW 2ND HAND SHOP* 8 7 9 5 •WAIUKU MAGPIES• 4 2 1 3/10 Martyn St, Waiuku, Ph: 09 235 5509 Furniture, Whiteware, Mowers, Antiques, Collectibles 8 7 TUES–FRI:10-4pm * 5SAT:10 –3pm

7 3

1 4 IN MEMORIAM 2 1 9 3 6 7

McKay, Rachel Anne

In memory of a treasured daughter and sister, taken too soon. The years fly by but you are in our hearts forever. Love you always Sweetheart, from Mum, Dad & Christopher.

Our Dearest Leanna There are no more tomorrows for us to share, but yesterday’s memories are always there. You leave behind an echo whispering softly down the ways, of happy times and laughing times, and bright sunny days.You are so missed at every family occasion, but we can hear your laughter and we know that you there.

We miss you and love you always, Mum, Irvine, Craig, Mayette, Zoe and Christi

Phone : 09 235 9307 Fax : 09 237 0054 Email :

smallBlock Sunday Seminar presented by the

Franklin Branch NZ Treecrops Assoc at the Puni School Hall on Sunday22 22nd July 2014 Sunday June 2014 12 noon 1:00 pm 1:30 pm 2:00 pm 2:30 pm 4:00 pm

- doors open for product displays - What Power Crisis? - Lynda Hallinan “Trees for your block” - Financing your development - Organic and biological systems - doors close

How to solve Sudoku!

31/3 BOWEN ST, WAIUKU NEXT DOOR EASY TO MITRE 10, Ph: 235 7715 No.1348


40 Queen Street, Waiuku Open Monday to Friday • 8.30am - 5.30pm Sat • 9am - 2pm and Sun • 10am - 2pm

Call in & see us!

27 June 1967 - 18 June 2011




Franklin Pakeke Lions


Leanna Joy Cave

Looking for


WAIUKU BOWLING CLUB New date for Postponed AGM SUNDAY 29th JUNE 2014 Club rooms 10 am

WANTED TREES WANTED - Gum & Macrocarpa. Also tree felling & shelter belt removal. Ph/txt Chris: 027 212 4590 or 235 0065.

public notices




Hi, my name is Digit and I’m a cute 12 week old male looking for a good home. I have been de-flea’d, de-wormed, de-sexed and have had my 1st vaccination. $60 donation requested to assist in covering costs.



$5 cover charge for non-Treecrops members $5 cover charge for non members


A position is to become available for a general freight and flat top despatcher based in Waiuku, South Auckland. Auckland and local area knowledge will be an advantage. Proven organisational skills and computer literacy are a requirement for this position. This role is 5 days per week, but could involve overtime. Please reply in writing in the first instance to: Graham Dickey, C/O Knight & Dickey Ltd PO Box 49, Waiuku, 2341


Fill the register grid soatthat please or let Keith know are coming on 09 235 2453 every row andyou every 3x3 square contains the digits 1 to 9

puzzle RESULTS

8 7 2 5 3 9 6 1 4

Solution No.1347 5 9 6 2 7 3 4 1 4 9 3 5 2 6 3 6 4 8 1 5 9 4 7 8 1 3 6 2 2 8 7 6 9 1 5 6 1 5 4 2 7 8 7 2 3 9 4 8 1 9 3 2 5 8 4 7 8 5 1 7 6 9 3

1 8 7 9 4 3 5 6 2

? Answers!

QUICK PUZZLE NO. 7356 - SOLUTIONS Across - 6, Corroborate. 7, Grit. 8, Barbaric. 9, Pierce. 10, Damsel. 12, Always. 15, Obtain. 17, Turmeric. 19, Read. 20, Certificate. Down - 1, Criteria. 2, Rouble. 3, Torrid. 4, Saga. 5, Device. 6, Corgi. 11, Maternal. 13, Launch. 14, Sordid. 15, Orchid. 16. Irate. 18, Mare.

THANK YOU FROM WAIUKU LAUNDRY We would like to thank all of our customers for their patronage over the years. Since we have been in business, we have met many wonderful people and appreciate your loyalty. We welcome new owners Charleen and Ian and can assure our customers that Waiuku Laundry will continue to offer the same professional and friendly service including the popular loyalty card discount system.



Waiuku Colony Cat Rescue

A registered FDANZ Practice

Why not plan and record your funeral wishes The My Life, My Funeral Kit will make it easy for you. Phone for your copy now 235 8380 Anytime

In desperate need of donations of catfood - tins & biscuits wanted. Please drop @ Franklin Vets Any Enquiries ph: 235 2662

Thank you for your support


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Your A-Z of Trades & Services

Counties Caravan Rentals Caravan Hire

• Accommodation needs • Portable ensuites • Ideal extra bedroom

Phone Lynette & Jeff Millen

235 3500

Mobile 021 533 585


Home & Office Cleaning • FREE QUOTES • •Regular & One off cleans •Spring cleans •Windows & Ceilings •Commercial & Domestic•Fully Insured, Owner/Operator

238 7701


ACTUAL CONCRETE For all your concrete requirements Phone John 021 501 438



F luffyD ucks Pampering

All Sizes


• Relaxation Massage • Reflexology • Reiki


Ph: 09 235 2256 or 0274 682227 email: PO Box 74, Waiuku 2341





Supply and Installation of Woodburners

REPAIRS: Kent, Yunca, Metro, Natures Flame, Osburn, Masport, Firenzo, Logaire - plus other brands. SUPPLIERS OF: Fire Bricks, Fire parts, Pellets Hearths, Flues.

Buckingham Industries | Ph: 235 3900 441 Glenbrook - Waiuku Rd, Glenbrook Laundry

Emergency Services 24/7

We’re #1 in the No.2 Business Servicing all aspects of Plumbing and Gas Fitting

09 2352553 021762553

Call Paul 027 435 5333 FLOOR SANDING

FLOOR SANDING SERVICES New & Old Floors Phone Roger 0274 986 798

09 235 8364


all about Your local company for all glass repairs and supplies

6 COURT STREET WAIUKU (Opposite Police Station)

Mobile free 0800 226 884 235 2572


auto glass * Mobile Service, Franklin wide * 103 Manukau Road, Pukekohe (Right next to Bunnings Warehouse)

PH 238 5055 0800 10 35 35

LAND SURVEYORS 14 Hall Street, Pukekohe Ph 09 Fax 09 238 2448

238 6369

Email For free consultation contact David Lawrie or Dan Madsen

TV & VIDEO REPAIRS Wa i u k u



• TVs & Antennas• Video and Hi Fi Stereo • Registered & Licensed Servicemen




For all your water requirements call and see Kevin & Jo Gubb ph 09 235 8268 14 Constable Road, Waiuku


•Gutter clearing •Pruning/trimming •Weeding/spraying •Rubbish removal •All property maintenance•Fully Insured, Owner/Operator

238 7701



Motors Ltd•

WOF Safety Inspections

Repairs & Servicing to all Vehicles including Farm Machinery Petrol & Diesel • Light Engineering ~ Welding

Classic Cars} - All repairs, tuning & servicing For friendly service phone Merv 235 2835




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Hedges, Tree Work, Rubbish Removal, Rotary Slashing, Schools, Industrial sites & section clean ups RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL * Free Quotes * WINZ Quotes

Do you really want a contractor who can’t afford to advertise working at YOUR place?

Kris Butcher M: 027 247 0084 • A/H: 235 0666


PAINTING ROOFS & EXTERIOR Textured Ceilings - SPECIALISED COATINGS Hard wearing coatings for most surfaces. Terraces, Garage floors, Block walls etc. Epoxy coatings - Airless Spraying, Roofs Painted

Phone Bruce Cameron 0274 988 412 PAINTing

Windscreen Repairs & Replacement

Madsen Lawrie Consultants

Authorised Panasonic Service

FENCING CONTRACTING • 7 & 8 Wire Rural Fencing • Post & Rail Fencing • Stock Yards and Loading Ramps

021 293 6250

Hosking Place, Waiuku

- Registered Practitioner


Specialists in





Contact us: 09 235 7835

Len Gore

Painter Decorator Residential & Commercial

Value for money guaranteed For a free quote, call Len 021 - 682 028




0800 482 532 027 476 1306


Contact us: 09 235 7835 If you don’t advertise!



Trial Periods Require Attention to Detail The Employment Relations Act 2000 was revised several years ago to extend the right of trial periods to all business and not just those with fewer than 20 employees. The basic principle of the trial period was to enable the employer to establish suitability for employment without risking a personal grievance for unjustified dismissal. Since this was revised, the Employment Relations Authority has had innumerable cases where the employer has believed they have the right to dismiss without risk only to find the opposite is true and they face an indefensible claim against Considering a restructure which could result in the them.

redundancy of one or more positions within your The sole reason for this, is that the provision for the trial period has not been properly arranged prior to the commencement organisation? of employment.

Don’t be trapped by a flaw in the process which While the requirements for this may seem quite straightforward, many agreements fail for a number of reasons. In some could result in the lodgement of an expensive cases there is a complete absence of an employment agreement. With a legal requirement that the trial period be in personal grievance against you. writing contained in an employment agreement, this is an indefensible argument. Seek advice before you commence any redundancy In other cases the reference to the trial period is incorrectly worded or the agreement is not signed prior to the commencement processes. of employment. These are just some of the pitfalls in enforcing what should be a straightforward process.

We can advise on all aspects of your restructure The cost of this mistake, especially if termination of employment arises during the trial period, can be expensive. A and the processes needed to complete it. completely random selection of just a handful of cases over the years can show how expensive they are. Examples are: Phone now for a no obligation quote.


Parkes v Squires manufacturing Ltd ............................................................... $11,500.00 plus costs


Cook v Allied Investments Ltd ......... No award due to 100% contribution on the employee’s part


Contact us now for expert, cost effective, employment advice 09 238 3025 or email

Stirling v City Towing (NZ) (2010) Ltd..............................................................$16,050.00 plus costs


Kagadiy v Prestige Pacific (NZ) Ltd ...................................................................$3,640.00 plus costs


Puleiku v SPK Industries Ltd ....................................................$11,950.00 plus $571.56 legal costs


Hogeboom v Quality Firewood Ltd ..................................................................$10,130.00 plus costs

In every case brought before the Employment Relations Authority, the employer was sure they had complied with the legal requirements only to find they had fallen short. The cost of having Employment Relations Consultants draw up an agreement for your company is minimal compared to the risk you are taking without the proper advice.

next month / Arnet Law - Prepping your Business for sale part 1 of 4

FREE WILL with Conveyancing


Have us take care of your sale or purchase during the month of March and we will draw up a Will for you at no extra charge.

WE OFFER HR SERVICES TO SMALL AND MEDIUM SIZED BUSINESSES: Individual employment contracts tailored to your business and your employee Advice and assistance with disciplinary processes Advice and assistance with training and performance management Assistance with restructuring and dealing with possible redundancies Advice on payroll and other issues Legal representation in personal grievances, mediation, ERA, Employment Court

Phone us for a no obligation chat to see how we might help...Employment Law Specialists

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20/02/14 11:47 am

Post Newspaper 17 June 2014  

Weekly Community Newspaper - The Post Newspaper, 21 200 copies distributed Franklin wide into Waiuku, Pukekohe, Karaka, Tuakau, Drury, Ramar...

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