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community news

community news


Pies on target

“They wrote back!”

Local business Target Bakehouse and Cafe run by Savancham Nap Ly and his wife Nary, were the recipients of the Gold Award for their Vegetarian pie.

MUd glorious mud

This was the cry of delight shared between Rhonda Gillbanks and her granddaughter Mila, as the young girl held the letter bearing the royal crest in her trembling little hands.

Crazy. Stupid. Nuts. Just some of the words commonly used when referring to the mad trail runners who take to the Waiuku Forest at this time each year.

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Story by Kylie Hall -


At around 7.15pm on Monday 30 July, in a complete state of despair, Waiuku mum Sharlene Timbers reached out to her community. “Our nine year old son Scott has gone missing... The Police are searching for him... He has a very rare brain condition,” read her Facebook post. What happened next is a beacon of brightness in a world where “community” often no longer exists. Scott was recently diagnosed with a rare condition known as Hashimoto’s encephalopathy, or HE. Even rarer still, is for the syndrome to present in someone as young as Scott. The condition is thought to be connected with autoimmunity, where the immune system malfunctions and starts attacking the body’s own cells. Understanding HE is still in the early stages, but symptoms may include drowsiness, imbalance, episodes which look like strokes, psychiatric disturbances, jerky movements (some of which may be seizures) and sometimes even coma. “We have to watch Scott 24/7 and someone has to be with him at all times,” explained Mum Sharlene. Last Monday night Sharlene was at home with Scott enjoying a game of cards together. At 5.30pm, after grabbing a quick toilet stop, and leaving the room for mere minutes, she returned to find Scott missing. Gone. “I searched the whole house from top to bottom, searched outside, and went out in my car up and down the road. I asked people walking their dogs if they had seen him. I checked at all of his friends houses to no avail. Scott had never ever wandered off before. I came home and dialed 111. I was so frightened I was shaking and scary thoughts kept going through my mind, as we live so close to the water,” remembers Sharlene. Wracking her brains as to what else she could do, and growing more concerned by the second, Sharlene desperately tapped out a message on a local community Facebook page. Sharlene adds, “I put a message on the Waiuku Grapevine in the hope that someone

out there would be able to help.” Meanwhile, the Police and the Police helicopter were out in full force doing their darnedest to find young Scott. Right across town, the clack, clack, clack of the chopper blades could be heard. When Sharlene clicked “Post” on her message, she had no idea that her missing boy would be the cause for a community to galvanize. Complete strangers took to the streets and immediately started searching for Scott. Friends tagged friends across social media, and the search team grew bigger and bigger. Messages of hope poured in to Scott’s family as mums and dads right across Waiuku all shared the same silent thought—that could be our kid out there.

“As soon as I saw them I burst into tears and gave them a hug saying thank you, thank you for finding my son!” Shannon King from Waiuku has a nine yearold daughter. When the post flew through the internet she was enjoying a hot shower. Her sister Grace Payne saw the post and came in to say that a young boy was missing. A quick exit from the shower and Shannon, Grace, and their Mum Toni Payne, grabbed the car keys and hit the streets. “I just kept thinking, that could be my daughter alone out there in the dark,” said Shannon. A short while later as they drove along, they noticed a set of young legs poking out of a pair of shorts, as a young boy huddled under an overhanging tree. “We stopped and asked him what his name was. He couldn’t answer us. He was in a trance like

Phil and Sharlene Timbers with son Scott who suffers from the rare syndrome, Hashimoto’s encephalopathy. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

state, very cold, and seemed really disorientated. We asked him if his name was Scott and he cried and said yes. It was so sad, but we were so happy we had found him. We called the Police and they took Scott back home to his Mum. My Mum accompanied Scott in the Police car to comfort him and let him know he was safe,” said Shannon. As Scott’s Dad, Phil Timbers, opened the Police car door, he lifted Scott out and held him tight as tears flowed. The next day, Shannon and family popped around to Scott’s home to see how we was doing. “As soon as I saw them I burst into tears and gave them a hug saying thank you, thank you for finding my son!” exclaims Sharlene. “Scott would like to say thank you to the Waiuku community. The response from the com-

munity was phenomenal and we are so thankful to each and every one of you. We are so grateful to live in such a wonderful community,” adds Sharlene. Those words were repeated by many, as news spread of the immediate mobilisation of so many, in the search for one young boy. Soon to be one of Waiuku’s newest residents, Jason Parris-Oswald posted, “I’m just reading this, I’m due to move out to Waiuku shortly and this just proves to me that I have made the right decision. What a wonderful and caring community. In an age when people shut themselves away and don’t even talk to their neighbours, countless people have been prepared to drop what they are doing and go searching for this little soul. Amazing!” Yes it is.


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pukekohe service centre to be sold p3

congratulations to Jim snedden from Waiuku on receiving his EVEnTS Qsm insignia for services to fire fRANKliN ScHoolS and emergency neW Zealand. this Was presented to cAREER him at EXPo 21 JuNE an investiture ceremony at PiA EvENTS cENTRE government house in Wellington by dame patsy reddy PuKEKoHE 5:30-8.00Pm

man falls out of kayak on manukau harbour p 3 Tuesday 22 May 2018

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To get in contact please email Paula on or Kasey m “We’re just mums, doing what we can,” Paula said.

mosaic torsos prompt cancer research

MuMs Make a “We’re just doing our bit. The people on the streets are still humans. They need to be looked after. Think of it if it were you.”


L-R: Kasey and Pauka are two mums making a difference.

Above: Sue’s Faith torso. Below L-R: Sandra Holmes in her studio with Donna Bowden of Harcourts working on a torso.

Above: Queen of Hearts and Hope torso.

ing collection of donated pieces. Often the pieces would arrive with a small card or note about the reason they were contributing—sharing their own stories of a family member or friend with cancer, or who had passed away from cancer. Now 16 torsos have been created and assembled by a range of artists including Patsy Parkinson, Sue WyYana O’Gorman Paula Gee-Wanhill att Batchelor Conman, Jacqueline and Kasey Skinner are two Lakin, Frances Woltman and Ross mums from Waiuku who are making ll Sandra Holmes is a cancer survi- Murphy. a difference. “I merely started the ball rolling vor. She took up mosaics when her After taking and without all the amazing do contribcancer returned and found therapy a trip something. It shouldn’t to Auckland with her family, utingPaula artistscouldn’t it simply wouldn’t havein New Zealand,” be hapin the art form. pening she said. but notice happened,” Sandra “I decided I would make help a piece The women contacted the number ofsaid. Auckland homeless people Donna from Harcourts to donate to cancer research. Torsos City Mission and Women’s onBowden, the streets Refuge ofthe Auckland’s Pukekohe local branch is beare a signature item for me, and to see CBD.says how they could play a part Herthe kids in were also helping where it was needed. shocked, hind the showcasing human form seemed appropriate,” but theirof the one-of-aNow empathy shone number kind mosaics which will bea sold for of organisations she said. through. including Countdown and the research. Sandra, who is largely self-taught Yanacancer Salvation O’Gorman have come on to provide “I had the privilege ofArmy meeting in the art of mosaics, asked for kits of food, clothing and water for and tions of small pieces of hearts, flow- Sandra first through her sister the homeless. her parents choose us to marers, insects or other cancer themed llthen “One of my sons “We’re ketup and their home. From therejust doing our bit. The peopieces constructed on mesh. The went to sell a man and pleSandra on the streets are still humans. wehim built a friendship and idea was that she would use donated gave hisup chips from Theysome need to be looked after. invited me to help her raise pieces to assemble the torsos. Burger Think King,” she said. it if it were money for this fabulousof cause. As you,” Kasey said. “I thought we may end up with “He chowed them down, They have also received donamy had passed away from another one or two torsos to do- and mymother son said, ‘can we tionsat ofthe water, Countdown have this horrible disease I jumped nate— I never in my wildest dreams give him more?’” provided reusable bags chance,” shehome said. expected to receive so many amaz- After for them to returning to store things in, and Otaua Four of the released ing mesh pieces - largely from NewWaiuku, School Paula puttorsos out a will be are holding duringpost the month of May and will be a mufti day in exchange Zealand artists both experiencedFacebook suggestfor a can of food. on display, available at and beginners but also including do-ing creating care packag-for purchase The women are thanking Franklin Harcourts Pukekohe. nated items from Australia, Americaes for the people doing it for their support so far and encourrough, and TheKasey torsos have carefully been and the UK,” she said. Skinner aging them jumped on board. designed by the volunteers so thereto keep supporting. “If She said it was humbling that so everyone helps we don’t go, are different styles to a a little, it makes a many artists were willing to be in-“When we to appeal real difference,” Paula said. don’t see it,” Kasey broad range said. of people. volved, and the result was an amaz“I “It’s a great example for wanted to help. You don’t our kids. We’ve got kids, we want see a lot of homelessness them to acin knowledge it and see that Waiuku, so we knew we they can had to do something about it,” Paula said. A personal experience with cancer prompted one local woman to start an idea for cancer research. Now other local and international artists have come on board to help, and share their experiences of cancer, in order to promote the mosaic torsos.

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say! have your

ll I don’t always get invited to awards, but when I do it’s for the NZ Pie Awards. Last year, I ate my fair share of pies, and I became a connoisseur in my own right. However, this year I was invited to attend the Bakel NZ Supreme Pie Awards held at SkyCity. (I wasn’t invited because of my pie-eating abilities mind you). The Bakel Awards are the top food awards in the country. It just goes to show that pies are a staple in kiwi cuisine. Celebrity chef and judge Ben Bayly said, “Pies are New Zealand’s national dish.” He may be right. It was an amazing evening, we stepped back into the 1950s, and got to take away a collectable 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood as a souvenir from the night. Dai Henwood was the MC and the entertainment was great. Yes, there was entertainment! Roller blades, hula hoops, it was very 1950s, and as we sat as part of the ‘live audience’ I felt like it was something straight out of the Hairspray movie. NZ Bakels put on an incredible night and provide a platform for these bakers who probably wouldn’t get the opportunity any other way. Contrary to what you might think, we didn’t eat pies for dinner. However, there were some to take away at the end of the night if you really wanted. It also goes to show there’s so much more than meat in a pie. Some of the ingredients I couldn’t imagine putting in a pie, but then again, that’s why they have the awards, and I just write. We have some great bakeries in Franklin, many have received awards in the past, and once again Target Bakehouse and Cafe were awarded a gold, so make sure you visit and give it a taste! You can read more on page 5.

Yana |

Tuesday 7 August 2018

Your platform to share your news, views and ideas. Email: or post to: P.O. Box 374 Waiuku, 2123

Want to get something off your chest? We want to hear from you, and so do our readers! We always welcome readers’ letters for inclusion in The Post. Your views and opinions matter. Please include your name and contact details when sending a letter for publication.

Intimidation It sounds like some people are too scared to report people doing donuts around seals on Karioitahi beach and hitting and killing one. On the ‘You know you’re from Waiuku’ Facebook page you can find in the comments (from Claire Kendall (“update 5:55 pm”)) that “this has been reported but the witness did not want to make a statement.” Are we letting the baddies get away with this? A concerned villager

HNZ Houses some very very good neighbours some not so good. Some thoughts about your column re: HNZ houses. My husband and I are very aware of HNZ houses in a street. YES, you can get very, very good neighbours in HNZ homes, but there are always the ones who never mow their lawns, wreck the HNZ house they are in, and have no consideration for anyone else. They use their garages as a “party central”, not used to ever house their vehicles. Noisy parties, children playing unsupervised on the road, I could go on and on. Unfortunately, those ones give all HNZ tenants a bad name. Yes they do lower the property value to properties owned by hard working New Zealanders who have mortgages to pay. Some of them also have fallen on hard times, but they have got themselves back up. They look after their properties, and consider others around them. Name supplied.

FOUND PROPERTY Pukekohe Police station are holding the following items: A male’s wedding ring, A gold link bracelet (as per photo), 1 x Gold Ring lost in Farmers store (as per photo), A faded red Mini Quad Bike, An Adult Bike, white, Speedster, 1 x Vodafone Cellphone found on Wellington Street, has 3 children in a bath on screen, 1 x Casio Watch, 1 x Apple Laptop found on Batty Road Kingseat, A set of keys, left in the Kentish, Waiuku, has a red lanyard and photos. Property belonging to: Regina Seve, Philip Brian Pound .

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Thank you to all our staff, customers and businesses who helped us achieve our best in business ‘community recognition award’ for 2018

Tuesday 7 August 2018 |

NEWS Franklin police officers were among those receiving commendations and long-service medals at Friday’s Counties Manukau Police District medal and awards ceremony. Among them were Sergeant Tod Kirker who received an area commander’s certificate in recognition of his commitment to organising an annual police committee event; Inspector Rod Honan, who was awarded his 21-year police clasp for service; Sergeant Wayne Paxton who received the district prevention manager’s commendation for his commitment to the commu-


Your insight into the major news that took place within our community

Local officers honoured

81 King Street Pukekohe From left, Sergeant Tod Kirker, Inspector Rod Honan, MP Andrew Bayly, Sergeant Wayne Paxton, Sergeant Andy Heath and Senior Constable Glen Carlyle. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

nity and youth; and Sergeant Andy Heath and Senior Constable Glen Carlyle who were both given their 14-year good conduct and longservice medals. Hunua MP Andrew Bayly was among around 150 people who attended the awards ceremony at Papatoetoe SDA Community Church in Manukau. He says he enjoys the

Pipes stolen from Marae Whanau and iwi were disappointed to find the copper piping from their men’s and women’s bathroom had been allegedly stolen last week. On Wednesday 1 August it was discovered that the pipes at Nga Hau E Wha Marae on Beatty Road, Pukekohe, had been taken. The marae have had to close their doors until they are able to restore the pipes and fix the flood damage as a result of the thefts. Detective Senior Sergeant Karen Bright of Counties Manukau Police said the matter had been reported to police and they were investigating. “In the meantime we’d like to hear from anyone who has information that could help our investigation,” she said. Please contact Senior Sergeant Karen Bright at Pukekohe Police on (09) 237 1700. Alternatively, information can also be provided anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

POLICE APPEAL FOR WITNESSES TO CRASH Police are appealing for witnesses after a fatal crash on the evening of Friday 3 August, on State Highway 2, Maramarua. A 49-year-old man was hit by a truck around 7:20pm and died at the scene. Police have spoken to the truck driver however they are appealing to the public for more information to assist with the investigation into the crash. Anyone who was in the area and saw a pedestrian or cyclist on the side of State Highway 2, Maramarua, Friday evening around 7pm should contact Hamilton Police on (07) 858 6200.

awards ceremony because it celebrates not only the exemplary service of officers but also recognises members of the public for their outstanding contribution and sometimes extraordinary acts of bravery.

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Car Fire


Alarm activation, Motor vehicle accident, House fire.


Private Fire Alarm


Shed Fire

SAFETY MESSAGE: The fatal house fire at Blake Rd, Pukekohe was attended by a number of brigades in our area. This fire highlights a number of lessons people need to remember to prevent such a tragedy happening in the future. If you use candles please remember that they need to be kept away from other combustible materials and like all fires, no matter how small, they must be supervised at all times. A message from Chief Fire Officer John Robinson, Pukekohe Volunteer Fire Brigade: Following the recent fire fatality in Pukekohe we would like to remind all readers of some basic fire facts: • Have working smoke alarms. You can not smell smoke when you are asleep so smoke alarms are your only voice. • Get out and stay out, don’t go back inside once you are out. • Practice escape plans and have a safe meeting place so that you know when everyone is out. Our thoughts are with the families and friends of the deceased and to the firefighters who attended.

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Fill the grid so that every row and every 3x3 square contains the digits 1 to 9

8 4 6 7 9 3 2 1 5

Solution No.1555 9 2 5 3 4 1 7 1 3 6 9 7 2 5 5 7 2 1 8 4 3 8 5 4 2 9 6 1 6 1 8 7 3 5 4 2 4 1 5 6 9 8 7 9 3 4 1 8 6 3 8 9 6 5 7 2 4 6 7 8 2 3 9

Tuesday 7 August 2018

6 8 9 3 2 7 5 4 1

Pukekohe magician Mick Peck received a once in a lifetime opportunity on Sunday 29 July 2018, when he met superstar of magic Dynamo backstage after his last New Zealand performance. Both are members of The Magic Circle of London, the world’s most exclusive magic society. Mick says that meeting Dynamo was a brilliant experience and he was able to chat magic with him and swap a few secrets. “What Dynamo has done for magic internationally is just fantastic,” he said. “Magic is an art form and Dynamo has modernised it and made it accessible for a whole new generation”. Mick Peck got his start in magic at school and now makes his living performing sleight of hand magic at corporate events throughout the country. He was admitted to The Magic Circle of London in 2015 and named New Zealand Variety Entertainer of the Year in 2016. PHOTO SUPPLIED

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Concert entertains the locals


It’s a community initiative that recently celebrated their sixth birthday. On the second Monday of every month, volunteers from Pukekohe Performing Arts put on a show for local people to enjoy. Under the leadership of Anne Doddrell, and with pianist Rosemary Hood, a happy band of volunteer performers sing, tell jokes, dance and read poems in an impromptu concert. As well as the entertainment, there is a half time cuppa and biscuit, all for only $5. The show goes on in all weather and the volunteers show up never knowing how many people will turn up each time to see them perform. Photo: Supplied.

celebrating 24 years 7. 8. 9. 10. 12. 15. 16. 18. 20. 22.

ACROSS Fear (12) Plod (6) Difficult (6) Thug (7) Dense (5) Planet (5) Chatter (7) Trade (6) Deadly (6) Vacillate (6-6)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 11. 13. 14. 17. 19. 21.

DOWN Vent (8) Dry (4) Animal (7) Reptile (5) Rebound (8) One (4) Spring (8) At fault (8) Natural (7) Amusing (5) Too (4) Duck (4)

Judging and Criticizing Matthew 7:1, Revelation 12:10, Galatians 5:15, Romans 2:1, James 4:11, Matthew 7:2, 1 Samuel 16:7, Luke 16:15, John 7:24, Matthew 7:3-5, John 12:47, John 3:17, Galatians 6:1, Romans 14:13, Romans 14:12, 1 Peter 2:23, 1 Corinthians 4:5. “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” Do not think yourself better than other men, and set yourself up as their judge. Since you cannot discern motive, you are incapable of judging another. In criticizing him, you are passing sentence upon yourself; for you show that you are a participant with Satan, the accuser of the brethren. The Lord says, “Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves.” This is our work. “If we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged.” 2 Corinthians 13:5; 1 Corinthians 11:31. {DA 314} Do not spend in judging and condemning, time that might be spent in encouraging one another. /

Pohutukawa stands proud in Waiuku Visitors to Tamakae Reserve may have noticed the proud Pohutukawa tree standing tall. The Maori Princess Pohutukawa was blessed last week and placed in its new home on the reserve as part of the Tamakae Wharf upgrade. Members of local iwi, the Franklin Local Board, Waiuku Business and Districts Association, and members of the community attended the small ceremony. PHOTO: SUPPLIED


Andrew Bayly holds regular constituency clinics. To make an appointment please contact the Hunua Electorate office.

HUNUA ELECTORATE OFFICE A | 7 Wesley Street, Pukekohe. P | 09 238 5977 during office hours.

Funded by the Parliamentary Service and authorised by Andrew Bayly MP, 7 Wesley Street, Pukekohe.

Bombay Autobahn celebrated their 24th birthday on Friday 3 August, not long after celebrity chef Chelsea Winter visited them on 28 July. (Pictured: Celebrity chef Chelsea Winter with Suzanne Braks from Bombay Autobahn). Erich and Margaret Dornauer started the first Autobahn Cafe in August 1994. Five years later in 1999, BP Oil built its second motorway service centre at Papakura which the Autobahn is also part of. They based their cafes on the motorway service centres in Europe and that’s how they got their name; the word Autobahn in German means Motorway. An impressive $3000 worth of pyjamas and blankets have been donated to Kidz First Children’s Hospital by Melanie and Wayne Kennerley, owners of seventeen Z Energy branches across East and South Auckland, including Pukekohe and Waiuku branches. Nine out of the seventeen branches achieved their targets for the Good in the Hood initiative and received a bonus. The bonus was encouraged to be used in a way that would give back to their local community. Melanie said, “Jammies in June was the perfect opportunity to give back.” The 171 pairs of pyjamas covered a range of ages from 0 to 18 years, and


the 47 blankets ranged from single to queen. Z Energy are long-time supporters of Middlemore Foundation, donating $8000 to a room in Kidz First Emergency Department upgrade as well as volunteering to wrap Christmas presents. Play Specialist Team Leader Robyn Maria said “We are very grateful for the support and generosity we receive from Mr and Mrs Kennerley and all their staff. Thank you,”

Tuesday 7 August 2018 |


NEWS Your insight into the major news that took place within our community. Email: Pies on target


By Yana O’Gorman -

“We are all thankful to Bakels. It’s a very special event, they give us a great platform and we can compete against the whole na-

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Savancham Nap Ly with his award winning vegetarian pie.



tion,” he said. Srieng Chou from Tuakau's Fresh Bun Bakery was in the top 10 for the Mince and Gravy, Steak and Gravy and Vegetarian at this year’s awards.

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Peter Pan



a major. At hotels they have bike storage but when visiting a cafe or church they sit outside or one of them stays with the bikes. "Cycling's actually a cheaper option on the scale of overseas travel," said Patricia. "Everything you take you have to physically carry the whole time, so you obviously can't buy anything but it's not expensive to do and you feel you're really part of the country and get a good feel for the people too! Waiuku Theatre Group presents There's something very special about a long, continuous journey! All the cycle trails in Europe are excellent and Germany Directed by Shane Hartley especially!" Ken's crazy about “Faith, dreams and pixie beans” old tractors and Saturday 18th August likes to track them 4pm & 7pm down along the way. Patricia on the other Child $5, Adult $10, hand makes sure Family (2 adults, max 3 children) $25 she has lots of cofCash only, some door sales available. fee stops along the Tickets available from way! Their family Sunset Surf & Turf, Waiuku think it's great and For enquiries call: 020 4148 9219 are very supportive.



Ken and Patricia Graham from Pokeno, standing by a map showing the more than 30000 km they've cycled around Europe. PHOTO: Jess Paton



116 King Street, Pukekohe. Phone: 09 238 6352


"We love it and we'll keep doing this until we no longer can!" said Patricia. "And then maybe we'll do it on mobility scooters!" The couple start on August 21 in Hamburg and have to be finished by October 15, which is when their flight home is booked for. "We just know we have to get to the airport by then! We never do less then 50 km a day, normally around 60 or 70 km. Occasionally we do 100 km a day which kills me!" said Patricia. They like to leave early in the morning and be finished the days riding by just after lunch. Patricia has had two knee replacements, two hip replacements, two back fusions and a plated ankle and still loves her cycling. "Originally we did long distance walking but then got in to cycling because that got too hard! It's an easy way to see the country and travel, you just have to have the confidence!" The couple have been cycling a loop around their home in Pokeno, where they've lived for the 15 years, to train for the trip. "Cycling around Europe makes you realise how kind people are. They have so much kindness and generosity. We've never had any

2.4Kg RRP $519.99


By Jess Paton -

hard times!" This cycle trip will be their tenth one in a row and all of them have been 3000 to 3500 km long. Cycling map books are sourced from overseas, countries are picked and the couple plan a brief outline of their trip before they go. They fly over and assemble their bikes at the airport and begin their adventure. This year they won't be taking their own bikes over, because Patricia's riding an electric bike which can't be taken through airports. Patricia started using an electric bike last year, and only so she can keep up with Ken. "I have no pain when riding. I'm lucky to live in this modern age where technology like electric bikes is available!" "There's three reasons we can do it," said Patricia. "Our health is good, we have the funds to do it and we have each other to do it with. If one of those things fall over well, it won't be so practical!" Their advice to other elderly couples is to just do it. "It's not that difficult. I'm not super fit like Ken and I can do it! It sounds much more dramatic than it is!" This time they're going a lot along the border between Germany and Poland. In the past they've cycled through the centre of Paris, Rome, Frankfurt, Hamburg and many other cities, however they generally prefer the countryside. "Language isn't really an issue, except for places like Hungary, Slovenia and Czech Republic, we don't stand a chance there!" Security of their bikes is


1.8Kg RRP $379.99

Pokeno couple cycling 3000km across Europe for tenth time One couple from Pokeno. Two bicycles. 3000 kilometres across Europe. This is reality for Patricia and Ken Graham, a 78 and 81 year old who have done this for the last ten years.



Local business Target Bakehouse and Cafe run by Savancham Nap Ly and his wife Nary, were the recipients of the Gold Award for their Vegetarian pie. This year, their pie boasted not only a beautiful tasting, but a beautiful looking pumpkin, white sauce, spinach, mushroom, corn and feta vegetarian pie. Their latest gold is one of many gold awards that line the walls of their cafe on Manukau Road, Pukekohe. The lead up to the awards was a busy time of preparation. “We didn’t sleep," Nap said. But the hard work paid off. “We’re still happy that we’re at this level. The locals are happy, we want to bring them good pies.” It wasn't enough to win the elusive Supreme Award, which this year went to now six-time winner Patrick Lam of Tauranga. But the dream for Nap is to still see the Supreme Award come to Pukekohe. It has been a few years since the Supreme award

was won by an Aucklander. "You shouldn’t have to drive all the way to get a supreme pie, just have it here,” Nap said. Following their success from this award, and ones in the past, Nap and Nary have seen people come from Christchurch and Wellington to taste their gold pies. "I think they do a little tour of all the gold winners." They first entered the awards in 2011 and have achieved every year, with either a place or in the top ten. "Now we want to improve the classics like mince and cheese and steak and cheese," he said. The judges are different every year, and there is no feedback so it can be difficult to actually decide what improvements need to be made. Nap said he has been able to learn from his family, who are also in the bakery business. "I learn from my big brothers and sisters and my Dad. I'm the youngest, so I get to learn from all of them," he said. They also appreciate their feedback from customers. "You can't grow without feedback. Good or bad, you learn from it," he said.


The Bakels New Zealand Supreme Pie awards were held at Sky City on Tuesday 31 July 2018 and saw the winners from all over New Zealand attend. |


Train the Mind Quote; “God requires the training of the mental faculties. He designs that His servants shall possess more intelligence and clearer discernment than the worldling, and He is displeased with those who are too careless or too indolent to become efficient, wellinformed workers. The Lord bids us love Him with all the heart, and with all the soul, and with all the strength, and with all the mind. This lays upon us the obligation of developing the intellect to its fullest capacity; that with all the mind we may know and love our Creator.

If placed under the control of His Spirit, the more thoroughly the intellect is cultivated, the more effectively it can be used in the service of God. The Lord desires us to obtain all the education possible, with the object in view of imparting our knowledge to others. None can know where or how they may be called to labour or to speak for God. Our heavenly Father alone sees what He can make of men. There are before us possibilities which our feeble faith does not discern. Our minds should be so trained that if necessary we can present the truths of His word before the highest earthly authorities in such a way as to glorify His name. We should not let slip even one opportunity of qualifying ourselves intellectually to work for God.

Far more might be accomplished in the work of self-education if we were awake to our own opportunities and privileges, there is a higher training to be obtained through a vital connection with God. Let every student take his Bible and place himself in communion with the great Teacher. Let the mind be trained and disciplined to wrestle with hard problems in the search for divine truth. Those who hunger for knowledge that they may bless their fellow men will themselves receive blessing from God. Through the study of His word their mental powers will be aroused to earnest activity. There will be an expansion and development of the faculties, and the mind will acquire power and efficiency.

The power of speech is a talent that should be diligently cultivated. Of all the gifts we have received from God, none is capable of being a greater blessing than this. With the voice we convince and persuade, with it we offer prayer and praise to God, and with it we tell others of the Redeemer’s love. How important, then, that it be so trained as to be most effective for good. The culture and right use of the voice are greatly neglected, even by persons of intelligence and Christian activity. “They read in the book in the law of God distinctly, and gave the sense, and caused them to understand the reading.” Nehemiah 8:8. By diligent effort all may acquire the power to read intelligibly, and to speak in a full, clear, round tone, in a distinct and impressive manner. By doing this we may greatly increase our efficiency

as workers for Christ. Every Christian is called to make known to others the unsearchable riches of Christ; therefore he should seek for perfection in speech. He should present the word of God in a way that will commend it to the hearers. God does not design that His human channels shall be uncouth. It is not His will that man shall belittle or degrade the heavenly current that flows through him to the world. We should look to Jesus, the perfect pattern; we should pray for the aid of the Holy Spirit, and in His strength we should seek to train every organ for perfect work. The Scripture says of Christ that grace was poured into His lips that He might “know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary.” Psalm 45:2; Isaiah 50:4. And the Lord bids us, “Let your speech be alway with grace” (Colossians 4:6) “that it may minister grace unto the hearers” (Ephesians 4:29).

In seeking to correct or reform others we should be careful of our words. Not one word is to be spoken unadvisedly. No evil speaking, no frivolous talk, no fretful repining or impure suggestion, will escape the lips of him who is following Christ. The apostle Paul, writing by the Holy Spirit, says, “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth.” Ephesians 4:29. A corrupt communication does not mean only words that are vile. It means any expression contrary to holy principles and pure and undefiled religion. It includes impure hints and covert insinuations of evil. Unless instantly resisted, these lead to great sin. Upon every family, upon every individual Christian, is laid the duty of barring the way against corrupt speech. It is the work of parents to train their children to proper habits of speech. They should be taught that only words of gentleness, truth, and purity must pass their lips. Then by precept and example they can teach their children the use of “sound speech, that cannot be condemned.” Titus 2:8.

As followers of Christ we should make our words such as to be a help and an encouragement to one another in the Christian life. We should speak of the mercy and loving-kindness of God, of the matchless depths of the Saviour’s love. Our words should be words of praise and thanksgiving. If the mind and heart are full of the love of God, this will be revealed in the conversation. When Christ is thus revealed in our speech, it will have power in winning souls to Him. We should speak of Christ to those who know Him not. We should do as Christ did. Wherever He was, He spoke to men of the things pertaining to the higher life. The things of nature, the events of daily life, were bound up by Him with the words of truth. The hearts of His hearers were drawn to Him; their attention was riveted upon Him, and every word was to some soul a savour of life unto life. So it should be with us. Wherever we are, we should watch for opportunities of speaking to others of the Saviour. If we follow Christ’s example in doing good, hearts will open to us as they did to Him. {COL 333-339}

We find strength and truth in His Word, His Word Alone...


Tuesday 7 August 2018

Your insight into our local Community

Port Waikato Beachcare win restoration award Port Waikato Beachcare have recently come away with a restoration award for their work on the shorelines in their area. By Yana O’Gorman The ‘Best Coastal Restoration project award’ recognises the ‘on the ground’ achievements of a coastal restoration project, and the substantial efforts of individuals and community groups. Karen Opie said the award is a wonderful acknowledgement. “There are lots of fantastic groups and projects around the country, so to win and be acknowledged by our peers was awesome,” she said. “Our small committee is proud of what we have achieved and are feeling pretty pleased with ourselves!” The group have a number of projects that they do, including dune restoration by planting native trees, shrubs and grasses and protecting NZ dotterel and banded dotterel breeding sites. They look after six sites along the coast, from Port Waikato to Waikorea Beach, where they trap predators, fence nesting sites and monitor the breeding success and population changes. The original Beachcare group formed in

1997, and planted up to 2007. Karen started protecting the New Zealand dotterel at Port Waikato in 2011 and then restarted the Beachcare group in 2013. They have been providing a safer shore line for wildlife ever since. They are able to work on their projects thanks to help from a number of organisations, like Waikato Regional Council and the Department of Conservation. The group received an Environment Initiatives fund from WRC in 2013 which funds most of their projects. The dune restoration planting is funded through WRC’s Beachcare programme. “DOC

Public pressure saves seal A malnourished seal was the topic of discussion on social media last week. It was found close by to another seal that was dead, after believed to have been hit by a vehicle. Multiple calls were made to DOC and Auckland Zoo, putting the pressure on to help the seal following a Facebook post from Claire Kendall. She said an Auckland Zoo representative came to the beach, and a DOC worker arrived shortly after. The Zoo representative took the seal to be examined by a vet. The Department of Conservation (DOC) say that from July to September each year there is an influx in adolescent seals appearing on the

Monday to Friday from 3pm • Saturday and Sunday from 11am


staff support us with technical advice and support on the ground at many of our events, as well as funding a dotterel ranger over summer,” Karen added. The District Council also sponsor a skip bin for their annual clean up. The committee are small but mighty, with seven members, but more than 100 volunteers. Karen said she enjoys Port Waikato. “We have a great community and whether it is a stunning day or a wild storm, Port Waikato is always spectacular,” she said. To get involved or find out more, find them on Facebook: Port Waikato Beachcare

shores and further inland. This is because seal pups begin to wean as their mothers prepare for new pups. DOC takes a ‘hands off’ approach to seals. They are capable and resilient and given time and space, they usually find their way home. They encourage people not to feed the seals as they can become reliant on humans for food. However, DOC will intervene if a seal is in immediate danger, being harassed, causing disruption or tangled in debris. DOC safety guidelines when watching seals You should: Stay at least 20 m away, Don’t disturb seals by making loud noises or throwing things, Keep dogs and children away, Don’t feed the seals and never attempt to touch a seal. What’s normal? The following are all natural behaviours and you don’t need to intervene. You may see seals: Looking distressed and scrawny, Sneezing, coughing and with weepy eyes, Drifting in the waves, Flapping flippers as if stranded, Immobile, Fighting, Pups spending time away from their mothers. The seal found at Karioitahi Beach. PHOTO: Claire Kendall

Come in and try our Thai Laksa Mussels with focaccia bread

New: Owner, Management, Chef, Menu Show this advert when you dine in and receive a *free fresh bread loaf *Dine-in only. No cash value. Not valid with any other special offer or coupon. Limit one offer per advert per table. Offer expires on 31st Aug 2018.

Ph 09 239 3908 • Email: 85 Edinburgh Street, Pukekohe (under the Pukekohe Cinema)

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The Goodness Grocer fair on all fronts The Goodness Grocer won the ‘Fair on All Fronts’ award at the first ever Auckland Community Zero Waste Awards 2018. Jess Paton -

ll This award is for an innovative community or social enterprise that is converting waste into a resource and improving social, environmental and local economic outcomes. Steph Martin, owner of Goodness Grocer, said, “Someone nominated us and we have no idea who! “It was a huge surprise when we got an email saying we were getting an award,” she said. “We’ve never sent any rubbish to landfill! We recycle and reuse whenever we can. “Our polystyrene even goes to a pet store to be reused. It creates a real circular motion in the community.” Now they are really trying to reduce the plastic that leaves the store. “We want to have bulk bins and let people bring in jars and containers to use. But, we want to do it once and do it right!” The Waiuku store has been open for five years and the Pukekohe store three years.

Winners of the ‘Fair on all Fronts’ award at the 2018 Auckland Community Zero Waste Awards. Photo supplied

“Plastic free July has just finished and it went so well. “We did more this year than the last five years combined! Everyone can make a difference and do something. If everyone in Franklin does one thing it’ll make a huge difference!” The Goodness Grocer is on the lookout for someone local to handmake some kete for them. “We put out a Facebook post about it and had a great response but we need someone to actually make them! They don’t have to be perfect or beautiful.” People can get in touch by calling 09 238 8868.

Tuakau’s very own WOW Award finalist David Kirkpatrick from Tuakau, with his 3D printer setup and mannequin. Photo: supplied





$ David Kirkpatrick, a 34 year old from Tuakau, is a finalist for the 2018 World of Wearable Art (WOW) Awards Show. Jess Paton -

ll He is among finalists from 17 countries selected for the show which will be returning for its thirtieth year from 27 September to 14 October in Wellington. David said, “This means a lot to me after all the hard work and late nights. I hope that my story and design inspires others.” David’s piece is an aviation inspired bra that was created over a six month period. The construction is mainly 3D printed plastic with a fibreglass reinforcement skin and lots of paint. “For me as an engineer the highlight is turning a concept you have designed into reality,” said David. “Taking an image from your head and turning it into reality to share it with others is a special thing. I can’t give away too much detail but I do enjoy the moving elements of the bra!” The piece was made at David’s home in the spare room where his 3D printer is. It later expanded to take up the whole garage. This

is David’s first piece and he didn’t originally set out to enter. “I was inspired two years ago when my wife, Kristy Kirkpatrick, got her piece into the final show. “At the time of starting I was actually in a rather depressive stage of my life. We had our second newborn who had an allergy and that had taken a toll on us. Generally I didn’t know what to do with myself and was down in the dumps. I started designing and experimenting and this lead to me creating a bra and entering. This really helped me out of a dark place and gave me a purpose and something to look forward to. I hope my story of design and achievement helps others that are struggling to realise there is light at the end of the tunnel.” David now has a few repairs to complete as suggested by the WOW team, to make the bra more robust before the two further stages of judging. “Probably still a few more late nights before it’s back down for the show!” The 2018 WOW Design Competition offers over $170,000 in prize money but David said the money is not the reason he entered. “If I did win anything I’d probably spend it on my beautiful family.”

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Tuesday 7 August 2018

Tuesday 7 August 2018 |


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A royal exchange

Tuesday 7 August 2018

Education News

“They wrote back!” This was the cry of delight shared between Rhonda Gillbanks and her granddaughter Mila, as the young girl held the letter bearing the royal crest in her trembling little hands.

Your monthly guide to Childcare and Education in Franklin Send your school news to:

Jump Jam creator visits Glenbrook School

Kylie Hall -

llThe six year-old Waiuku Primary School student had taken it upon herself to write the Queen a wee letter in the lead up to Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle, back in May. Mila wished the Queen a wonderful time at the wedding, and hoped she was well. It took two months to receive a reply from Buckingham Palace, but all good things take time, and the letter which notes the Queen’s appreciation for Mila’s kind thoughts, is now a prized treasure. Grandma Rhonda was looking after Mila while Mila’s parents were away, when the royal letter arrived. “She was so very excited opening the letter,” said Rhonda. They captured the momentous occasion on film, so Mila’s Mum and Dad will be able to view the fantabulous event when they return back home. So why does Mila admire the Queen so much? “Because she has beautiful jewels in her crowns, especially her Coronation Crown. And she is very important!” exclaims young Mila. For now, it’s back to everyday life for Mila

Mila Gillbanks with her royal letter of appreciation. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

after her fleeting brush with royalty, but if she was Queen, even just for one day, what would she do? “I would wear the crown and a beautiful dress all day. I would help people that aren’t as lucky as me. And I would have chocolate cake with a unicorn picture on it, and a big party.” Mmm chocolate cake - Mila for Queen!

Glenbrook School students enjoying a Jump Jam routine with Brett Fairweather, creator of Jump Jam. Photo’s by Jess paton:


VISITORS DAYS: TERM 3 – 2018 Monday 13th August:

4.00pm – 7.00pm

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4.00pm – 7.00pm

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1.00pm – 3.00pm

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10.30am – 1.00pm

Saturday 22nd September:

10.30am – 1.00pm

Eden Christian Academy is a place of excellence where you can be yourself, where working together comes naturally, where you can be strategic, where the outdoor is as much part of the learning as the classroom, where we embrace technology and explore the sciences while striving for sporting excellence.

Book your visit at: Phone: (09) 237 8228 • Email:

LaValla Estate, 131 Dominion Road, Tuakau | Phone: (09) 237 8228

Glenbrook School were the lucky hosts of Brett Fairweather, creator of Jump Jam and Jiggle Jam programs and director of Kidz Aerobix, on Wednesday 1 August. Jess Paton -

ll The children enjoyed doing some Jump Jam routines with Brett and then asked him some questions. Lysandra Stuart, principal of Glenbrook School, said “the kids just love jump jam! We do jump jam two to three times a week as a whole school. We have a sort of ‘mind, body, soul’ theme going on! Brett offered to come visit and we said yes we’d love to have him

come!” Brett travelled around schools in the Franklin area for two days promoting a new Jump Jam competition for South Auckland called ‘Strictly Jump Jam.’ There’s already competitions like this around the country and we want one for South Auckland to give kids a fitness goal and team environment!” Brett said he makes up 80 per cent of the Jump Jam routines and then uses talent around him to complete them. “It’s been 17 years now and I just love working with children and seeing them keep fit and fitness motivated.” In November Brett intends to come back to the school again.

Primary principals and teachers to strike for a day The New Zealand Educational Institute (NZEI) Te Riu Roa announced that primary teachers and principals will strike for the day on August 15. The decision follows an online ballot. It’s the first strike in 24 years for educators, a statement from NZEI lead principal negotiator Louise Green said.


Happy Birthday Lillyrose and Katherine who both turned five in July.

Join the fun at First Steps Waiuku Come and join the fun at First Steps Waiuku! Our team is committed to providing the highest quality care and education for your child in a warm nurturing environment. Fun, learning and excitement for children Open Monday to Friday from 6.30am Flexible Session times

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First Steps Waiuku

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Bridge completed at Pukekohe Station Public transport users can enjoy the brand new facilities in all their glory with the opening of the over bridge last week. A small opening was held with members of the public the first to try the new lift and walk the stairs on Tuesday 31 July. The bridge links the station with the park and ride, and bus interchange. Franklin Local Board Deputy Chair and transport lead, Andy Baker says it is essential to provide modern public transport facilities which cater to the needs of everyone. “The new overbridge will enhance bus services and create significantly better access to the station platform, particularly for those who find using stairs difficult. We have put considerable effort into improving our stations and this is another positive step.” Auckland Transport Delivery Manager South East, Clem Reeve is pleased with the way the different parts of the upgrade have come together. “The new overbridge is a key to us providing a fully integrated public transport hub for Pukekohe and the surrounding area. A station like this is critical to ensuring we are offering a service which makes it as easy as possible for all people to use public transport.” The bridge and lifts are open 24 hours a day.

LIVE ENTERTAINMENT 10 August - Beth and Taine 11 August - Gary Harvey

We are hiring experienced duty managers. Apply at the Bar.

Tuesday Nights: Members night Above Eric Muir, Brien Golding, Franklin Local Board deputy chair Andy Baker and Howard Upfold by the lift. PHOTO: Yana O’Gorman

Wastewater Treatment Plant to double capacity You might think it all ends with a flush, but for the wastewater, it is only the beginning. Jess and I went to the Pukekohe Wastewater Treatment Plant on Parker Lane where earthworks have begun to prepare for the new upgrade which will see the plant double its capacity. By Yana O’Gorman and Jess Paton

ll We got to go on a tour of the plant, that treats wastewater from Pukekohe, Buckland, Tuakau, Pokeno and Patumahoe. With the expected growth for all of these areas, upgrades have to get moving. Already diggers and trucks are on site, putting in new roads, laying major foundation ‘rafts’ and building a long retaining wall. We had a tour of the wastewater treatment plant and got to see how the water is treated. Watercare project manager, Sven Harlos says the work will mark a new chapter in the plant’s history. “Back in the 1960’s and up to as recently as 2009, Pukekohe’s wastewater was treated via oxidation ponds—a basic form of treatment,” he said. “Since amalgamation in 2010, Watercare has spent considerable effort in investing in wastewater infrastructure in Franklin. The current plant upgrades will mean the introduction of some sophisticated technology, including new

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membrane filtration and UV disinfection units. This will mean Pukekohe will have one of the most advanced wastewater treatment systems in New Zealand.” The contractor has yet to be selected, but once this takes place, work will begin in the spring. The work will see the introduction of new inlet works, an activated sludge reactor, membrane reactors and a new UV disinfection system. Stage two will involve the reconfiguration of the remaining reactors, whereby existing sequencing batch reactors will be converted to activated sludge reactors, thereby allowing the plant to double its current capacity. The treatment plant upgrades coincide with a major upgrade to the Buckland trunk sewer system. This work was recently completed and includes a new pump station and associated pipework. The upgrades will reduce wet-weather overflows and improve the capacity of the wastewater network. It will also result in a significant improvement to the discharge water quality into the local Parker Lane stream and the Waikato River. Work is due for completion in 2022. A community liaison group made up of Watercare staff, local residents and interested parties has been set-up to discuss the project.

Courtesy Shuttle 027 759 5765 Tue/Thur/ Fri & Sat 1 Patumahoe Rd, Patumahoe Ph: 09 236 3571

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Old and new vehicles promote

opinions & comments

sustainable driving

ll Waiuku’s newest type of vehicle can charge up next to some of its oldest at the town’s first electric vehicle charging station. Counties Power officially opened the service on Tuesday 31 July at the site of the future Waiuku Agriculture and Machinery Museum on Kitchener Road. Counties Power and the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA) have jointly funded the installation of the publicly available electric vehicle fast charging station for Waiuku township. Counties Power Chief Executive Judy Nicholl says the company appealed to the Waiuku business community to host the site through the Waiuku Business Association and local media. “We were very fortunate to have local businessman John Dickey from the Waiuku Agriculture and Machinery Museum offer to host the station. There is a great juxtaposition of having the old and the new types of vehicles side by side which tells a wonderful story, especially with Waiuku being such a historical town itself,” she said. “I’d like to personally thank the Museum for their generosity hosting the charging sta-

Tuesday 7 August 2018

cool, clear franklin mornings With Darren Masters

Occasionally, this time of year, we are treated to some fantastically cool, clear mornings here in Franklin with little wind.

Counties Power Chief Executive Judy Nicholl and Waiuku Town Manager/Franklin Local Board representative Sharlene Druyven officially open the charging station. A 1956 Morris Minor from the Museum sits beside one of Counties Power’s electric vehicles

tion. These stations bring huge benefits to local businesses and the community by enabling the uptake of electric vehicles, encouraging sustainability and opening up Waiuku as a destination to EV users from further afield. We are strong supporters of this technology, having already established two electric vehicle fast charging sites in Pukekohe, with plans to establish more sites across the region in future.” The electric vehicle charger will be part of the national ChargeNet EV charging network. The cost to charge is

at ChargeNet’s standard rates, expected to be around $8 – $10 per full charge for an average electric vehicle. To launch the site to the public Counties Power are shouting the cost to use the charger for two months, until 30 September 2018. Counties Power offers fast charging stations for the public in the car park off Tobin Lane in Pukekohe’s CBD and also at the company’s office on Glasgow Rd, Pukekohe. An early adopter of electric vehicles, Counties Power has run a fleet of three electric vehicles since 2013.

Cop shapes silver Martin Carroll, a local 46 year old Waikato policeman, is also a silversmith renowned for his work. Silversmithing is the art of forming silver into large items and Martin does his work on his days off from By Jess Paton - the police force. ll “Those days off can’t come round quick enough!” said Martin. “There’s an amazing feeling when you start with a large piece of flat silver and start creating it into a work of art. It’s amazing to see people’s ideas come to life. When I’m in my workshop the hours fly past so quickly. It really is not the work place but the joy place for me.” Martin wanted to be a photographer but couldn’t get into the course. “The college said they had places on the silversmithing course so I thought why not! People think if you’re a silversmith you’re a jeweller. In reality a silversmith makes large items of silverware and precious metals and a jeweller makes jewellery regardless of the type of metal.” “I make anything from broaches to trophies. For example, I’ve made a trophy for distinguished service and life membership for the Auckland Coast Guard and a trophy for the Royal Marine Cadets for cadet of the year. All my work is sent to the UK for hallmarking, where it’s stamped with traditional marks certifying the precious metal is genuine, along with the maker’s mark. This makes any piece I work on an antique of the future and a family heirloom.” Martin grew up in Kent (England) and moved to New Zealand when he was 36. “Silversmithing is a dying trade and like many handcrafts, once it’s lost it will be lost for-

ever. It’s important we keep it going by teaching the young and those who wish to learn the skill. Now we’re in a throw away society people think something can be made or repaired in an hour or two. It’s not until they come see or try it that they really have an appreciation of just how long it takes to make a bespoke item.” “I run silversmithing courses from my workshop. Students comment on how easy I make it look hammering the metal. Then they have a go and realise it’s not just about hammering the metal. There

I witnessed one of these not long ago and it made for some fantastic photography of the Steel Mill. Naturally the steam from the Mill is hot and hot air rises. It’s during these calm mornings that one can capture some truly breathtaking photographs when nature allows this steam to carry on upward into the atmosphere. A little bit of history on the Steel Mill. The Mill was constructed in 1968 and began the production of steel soon after in 1969. Of late, the Mill produces some 650,000 tonnes of steel annually. Some of it is used right here in New Zealand and some of it is exported. Did you know that over 90 per cent of the steel used in New Zealand comes from the Glenbrook Mill? The Mill also has its own railway network, which employs some 1500 staff (many of which are local) and some 200 plus contractors. To manufacture the steel, ironsand ore is mined 18 kilometres away from the Mill, then transferred by pipeline as slurry which is later turned into steel. Approximately 1.2 million tonnes of this ironsand is transferred to the Mill annually. What I found rather interesting was some of the feedback from readers of social media about the ‘black soot’ they have experienced with certain wind conditions in the area. Predominantly, a westerly will prevail in the region which is why I think that a lot of the ‘black soot’ people observe is likely from the West Coast’s naturally occurring black sands. Sand has also the ability to travel high into the atmosphere. Has any of this ‘black soot’ been tested if claimed to be from the Mill? There are ongoing studies regarding the omissions from the Mill as they must meet environmental policies and the like. What are readers experiences with this? Have you had this soot or are you aware that the Mill has regular testing and therefore you are not worried? I would really like to hear from readers and their comments and I will look into it. In the meantime, I will leave you with this stunning photograph.

are many other things they need to know. This is one of the many disciplines that make being a silversmith so specialised and skilled.” For more information visit

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Left: The team from Action OPD on the night of the presentation.

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Mud, mud, glorious mud

Pukekohe High vs Waiuku College

Crazy. Stupid. Nuts. Just some of the words commonly used when referring to the mad trail runners who take to the Waiuku Forest at this time each year.

Pukekohe High School First XV took on Waiuku First XV on Saturday 28 July at Pukekohe RFC. Pukekohe advance to the semi-finals this weekend after a 59-5 win. PHOTOS: YANA

By Kylie Hall -


The Xterra trail running series once again saw carloads of city folk descend on sleepy Waiuku on a recent Sunday morning. The course options ranged from the 6.5km short course, which yours truly had a crack at, right through to a super long course of 23kms for the super dedicated (crazy) runners! As the morning dawned, the sun shone, the pine trees whispered in the light winter breeze, and the runners took to the trails. After the first kilometre of gravel track, they sprawled into the depths of the forest, stomping along punishing soft sand bush trails, up breathless inclines, and finally, splashing and splattering into the mighty mud puddle. Squelching sucky mud taunted the 860 runners in the field, and as some attempted to tip-toe around the worst of it, the real runners went straight up the guts. Mud was on the menu, and mud they received.

With mud pouring out of my race number, I stumbled very ungracefully through the mighty mud puddle. Photo:

Waiuku lad Quinn Gardiner-Hall (aged 12) finished 9th place out of 197 runners in the 6.5km short course. Photo:

Life member for Pukekohe Croquet club

Waiuku Netball Supporter of the Week

If this is you, collect your prize in person from the Waiuku Netball Office on the next playing Saturday or phone the office on 235 8813. Kindly donated by Farm Source

Waiuku Netball proudly supported by



Registrations open for Halberg Games The Halberg Games is a Sports competition for physically disabled young people to compete at national level. Registrations are now open for the 2018 Halberg Games, a national three day sports competition for physically disabled young people at King’s College in Auckland from 5-7 October. Hosted by the Halberg Foundation, the charity set up by Olympic running legend Sir Murray Halberg, the Games are open to physically disabled and visually impaired athletes aged eight to 21 years. Athletes can register to compete for their local region and select from up to 20 sports on offer including; swimming, golf, athletics, boccia, wheelchair basketball, football, rowing and table tennis. To register as an athlete or volunteer for the 2018 Halberg Games go to:

L-R: Jim Guthrie (son-in-law); Owen Knapman; Laurel Guthrie (daughter). PHOTO: SUPPLIED

The Pukekohe Croquet Club have announced Owen Knapman as a Life Member of the club. Playing croquet since 1990, Owen achieved a low handicap; represented Pukekohe Croquet Club and Counties-Manukau region; won many club championships at different levels; has been a club coach, Club Captain and an Umpire; is the club ‘mowerman’ (8 years!); and entered many tourna-

ments, often successfully and often introducing newer players to competition. Owen was presented with a plaque recognizing his worthy contribution to Pukekohe Croquet Club. Many club members and a few ex-members attended a morning tea in Owen’s honour, including his daughter Laurel, and son-in-law Jim Guthrie, who were also pleased to enjoy the event. There was even a birthday cake and shell necklace to celebrate Owen’s birthday the next day! |

14 Accounting





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Lachlan Woods-Davidson photo: Phototek

Franklin United travelled south to Cambridge last weekend. On a sticky pitch both teams found hard, it was Franklin that took an early lead. Charlie Heather, Franklin’s top goal scorer cut in from the right-hand side and drove a hard low shot into the bottom corner of the net. It was a fierce battle with both teams pressing hard for the victory however it was Cambridge who equalised from a corner ending half time 1-1. The second half started disastrously for Franklin United. A back pass saw the ball bobble just as the keeper tried to clear and the Cambridge striker put the ball into an empty net. Franklin pressed for the equaliser, but a counter attack ended up with a Cambridge penalty which was converted taking the lead out to 3-1. Franklin once again came away wondering how the points got away but can take heart with great performances from Player of the Day Lachlan Woods-Davidson in the midfield with Liam Whiter a stand out for the Club too. First Team: Franklin United 1 v Cambridge 3. Goal Scorer – Charlie Heather. PIC Player of the Day – Lachlan WoodsDavidson. Reserves Team: Franklin United 1 v Cambridge 3. Goal Scorer - Luke Chapman. Player of the Day – Tristan Bannink.

Pukekohe AFC - 8 AUG Match Report Men’s 1sts vs Otahuhu Utd, 2-1 loss. Goal scorer: Michael Smith. Ray White Players of the Day: Andrew Bond and Daniel Colville. Men’s Reserves vs Eastern Suburbs, 3-1 loss. Goal scorer: Nathan Ives

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How2 to solve GST monthly Sudoku! $150 neg Ph: Fill the Fearon grid so that every and1633 every 0800row 123 3x3 square 021 123 contains 1633 the digits 1 to 9


3 6 1 7 8 5 9 2 4

Solution No.1556 9 7 5 2 4 6 1 2 8 9 1 7 4 3 5 4 3 8 6 9 7 6 9 1 3 5 8 2 4 1 6 7 2 3 5 3 2 4 9 8 7 6 1 5 8 6 3 2 4 8 3 7 4 1 5 9 7 6 2 5 9 1 8

8 5 2 4 9 1 7 6 3

QUICK PUZZLE NO. 7567 - SOLUTIONS Across: 7, Apprehension. 8, Trudge. 9, Knotty. 10, Ruffian. 12, Thick. 15, Venus. 16, Prattle. 18, Barter. 20, Lethal. 22, Shilly-shally. Down: 1, Aperture. 2, Arid. 3, Cheetah. 4, Snake. 5, Ricochet. 6, Unit. 11, Fountain. 13, Culpable. 14, Artless. 17, Droll. 19, Also. 21, Teal.



COCKY’S CORNER For fencing & roofing iron, timber, hardware, plywood, pavers, gates, garden sheds & more. 123 Queen St, Waiuku. Ph: 235 9880 or 235 2386.

Exterior house washing. Water blasting of decks & paths. Moss & mould treatment. Free Quotes. Spring Clean Ph: 09 235 9333 or 027 272 6249.

FIREWOOD - Bargain. 4m Hotmix $350 Del. 2m $200 Del. Also Mac & Gum available. Txt/ph: 021 744 970. Also tree felling & removal.


Aluminium Joinery Replacement wheels, hinges and handles. Ph Bert: 09 298 5939 or 0272 167 127.


HEALTH TAI-CHI QIGONG. Church Hall, 43 Queen Street, Pukekohe. Thursdays, 1.15pm - $6; 5.30pm - $9; 7pm - $9. Enjoy gathering, lesson, world music & teas.

AUDIO & VIDEO COPYING SERVICES. Specialising in Audio, CD, Video & DVD duplication & conversion. Phone: 027 201 7436, or email:

Waiuku Village Butchery



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Great ‘In Your Home’ Services.. Sanjay 235 5300 Mob 021 111 4122 FINANCE Want to buy a Car having trouble getting finance call EZY FINANCE or TEXT YES to 021 022 93829 and drive away in your new car today.



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PICTURE FRAMING The Framing Shed Quality custom picture framing. 31 Victoria Ave, Waiuku. Tues - Fri 9 - 5 or by appt. Ph Allie: 235 0939 or 027 253 4577.

Plastering Plastering inside and out. Ph Joe: 021 02703803.


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WANTED TREES WANTED - Gum & Macrocarpa. Also tree felling & shelter belt removal. Txt/ph Chris: 021 744 970.

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Warehouse / Factory, High Stud, 473 sq mtrs, 7mtr & 4mtr roller door entries, Great space, Call Sam: 021 671 960 Waiuku Business Park Office spaces for lease in the Waiuku Ground floor – direct access to carpark. $120 per week plus GST – incl power Waiuku Business Park Ph: Sam: 021 671 960, 0800 924 858.

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• Bar/TAB/Gaming experience preferred. • Training available if required. • 20-25hrs approx. per week. • Manager’s license preferred but not essential. • Must be friendly, honest, reliable. • Able to work without supervision. • Must be able to work weekends and evenings.

Contact Katrina Barnett: 09 235 9131 or email cv to:

RENTALS Waiuku – 40 Matai St: 2brm, 1 bthrm, single carport, cat OK



Waiuku – 67 Hamilton Dr: 2 brm, 1 bthrm, single carport



Waiuku – 10A Riverside Dr: 2brm, 1 bthrm, single garage, no pets



Awhitu – 23 Matakawau Rd: 3 brm, 1 bthrm, kent fire, close to Awhitu Primary School, single garage, no dogs

17 Aug


Waiuku – 96B Collingwood Rd: 3brm, 1 bthrm, single garage, no pets



Waiuku – 5 Taurangaruru Rd: 4 brm, 1 bthrm, dble carport, pets considered

13 Aug


Waiuku – 17A Mellsop Ave: 4brm, 2 bthrm, dble carport, no pets



Waiuku – 2 Breaker Gr: 4 brms, 2 bthrms, dble garage, gardens & lawns included

3 Sept


Waiuku – 415 Waiuku-Otaua Rd: 3 brm, 1 bthrm, off-street parking, no pets

20 Aug


Waiuku – 40 Edgewater Pde: 4 brms, 2 bthrms, single garage – no viewings until after 13 August

10 Aug


PLEASE VIEW ALL PROPERTIES FROM THE ROAD Please go to these properties on our website to book a viewing Cost to move in: 4 week Bond, 1 week Rent + Letting Fee

Waiuku: 09 235 6946, 16-18 Queen St, Waiuku OFFICE HOURS: Mon - Fri 8.30am – 5.00pm & Sat 9.00am – 1.00pm

FOR LEASE 12x2.5 Sheila’s Shed – Hitop container, workshop/storage. $125p/w. Waiuku Business Park – Phone Sam: 021 671 960, 0800 924 858.

Waiuku District Cricket Club hereby gives notice of the 2018 Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 22nd August, 6pm at Waiuku Soccer Club Massey Park, Belgium Street, Waiuku. New committee members needed. Queries to the Secretary 027 436 5730.

RENTALS SLIDING DOOR WON’T SLIDE? BIFOLD DOORS NEED REPAIRS? Call your local Exceed Technician today! 0800 25 25 00

LAWNMOWING GREEN ACRES - Clarks Beach. Covering Franklin area. Lawn mowing, gardening, garden clearance, hedges. Clean, tidy and reliable. Ph Brett: 021 0211 7777 or 09 232 1276.


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We specialise in commercial cleaning of vacant houses, end of tenancy cleans. We clean top to bottom including carpet cleaning & windows. Free Quotes. Spring Clean 09 235 9333 or 027 272 6249.


FREE Drop off depot for all your Metal, appliances, Electric/Electronic Waste Recycle All Your Stuff Ltd. Unit 1 Waiuku Business Park, 23 Kitchener Rd, Waiuku, Ph: 235 5769. www.




Tuesday 7 August 2018

A registered FDANZ Practice

Why not plan and record your funeral wishes The My Life, My Funeral Kit will make it easy for you. Phone for your copy now 235 8380 Anytime

PUBLIC NOTICE Waiau Pa Boating Club INC Annual General Meeting Waiau Pa Hall, 7.30PM, Thursday, 16th August 2018 All Welcome Norbert Stumpel 09 232 0060 President



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PAINTING ROOFS & EXTERIOR Textured Ceilings - SPECIALISED COATINGS Hard wearing coatings for most surfaces. Terraces, Garage floors, Block walls etc. Epoxy coatings - Airless Spraying, Roofs Painted

Contact us for your next home improvement project All types of building, painting & handyman tasks undertaken by your local Franklin based tradesman

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• New roofs and re-roofing • Tile roofs repaired • Leaks rectified • Senior discount Over 35 years roofing experience

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The Post from

Truck Rentals

Franklin Truck Rentals Small/Large Trucks/Utes/ Trailers & Cars

We have moved to: 34 Crosbie Road, Pukekohe 09 238 8388 business card To leave your 235 7835 or here, phone 09 email sales@

Connecting e s

ne ss pe op le & bu si

4 Manukau Rd, Pukekohe, 09 238 5859

16 |

For Sale


For Sale

Leonie Gillott 0274 985 722

Osborne Realty Ltd Licensed REAA 2008

Marleen Ohms 0274 483 528

Ray Lever 021 951 082

Garry Johnson 021 688 477

Open: Sun 11.45am - 12.15pm Open: 12.15pm 4C Owens Road


Build Your Dream Here - $435,000

2500sqm bareblock (more or less) handy to Waiuku with a barn/storage shed. No covenants. Mature fruit trees on the site, zoned rural under Waikato Council. Ph Marleen to view.

Tuesday 7 August 2018


Views Over The Rugby Park - $569,000

Ideal first home or investment 3 Bedrooms, open plan living Slider to fenced backyard Internal spacious single garage Phone Marleen to arrange a viewing

Property Manager Kathy Wright 0274 819 684 Open: Sun Sun 1.00 1.00 - 1.30pm 34 Constable Open: Constable Road Road


Waiuku Waiuku

Peace & Privacy - $539,000

* * * * *

Ewen Turoa 0274 468 563

* * * *

3 Bedrooms – open plan kitchen/dining Separate lounge with wood burner Fully fenced back yard with dbl detached gge Ph Marleen to arrange a viewing


MUST BE SOLD!!! - $625,000 Opportunity to renovate and put your stamp on this 3 bedroom, open plan living home. Single level and in a great location close to town and amenities. Double internal garage. An opportunity not to be missed.

Ohms 0274 483 528 Gillott 0274 985 722 ID: osbh1048 ________________________ ID: osbh1055 ID: osbs577 Marleen ID: osbh1052 Leonie Marleen Ohms 0274 483 528 Marleen Ohms 0274 483 528 ________________________ ________________________ ________________________



Whether your looking for a beach escape, holiday destination or permanent home, this little beauty is brimming with comfort and promises a leisurely lifestyle. Featuring 3 bedrooms, relaxing living, kitchen and dining. Entertainers deck plus a single internal garage. Ring now!

Open:Sun Sun2.00 2.00 -- 2.30pm 2.30pm 45 45 Williams Williams Road Open: Road


Fantastic First Home - $659,000

* * * *

Glenbrook Glenbrook

NewListing Listing New

Come and finish off Renovation - PBN

Low maintenance Brick and Tile on 810sqm Fully fenced back yard, Dbl internal gge 3 double bedrooms – master ensuite & WIR Phone Marleen to arrange a viewing

* Set on 3 flat acres with own bore * 4 bedrooms + Study * Handy to NZ Steel with a Rural outlook * Ph Marleen to arrange a viewing

Awhitu Garry Johnson 021 688 477 Awhitu ID: osbh1053 ________________________ Ohms 0274 483 528 ID: osbf914 ID: osbh1045 Marleen Marleen Ohms 0274 483 528 _________________________________________________ ________________________ Open: Sun Sun 2.00 2.00 -- 2.30pm 2.30pm 34 Open: 34 Owens Owens Road Road

Sold Waiuku

Gardeners Delight - $695,000

* Spacious 4 bedroom, master with ensuite * Open plan living with family room * Handy to Waiuku township * Phone Marleen to arrange a viewing

Waiuku Waiuku

Modern Living - $715,000

* * * *

4 double brms, ensuite walk in shower Open plan living with bifold doors to patio Fully fenced, double gge with internal entry Phone Marleen to arrange a viewing

Waiuku Waiuku

OWNERS ON A DEADLINE - $720,000 Brick & tile beauty with 3 dbl bdrms, master with ensuite & wir. O/plan living with heatpump, modern kitchen with butlers pantry. Dbl int. gge. Approx. 10-15 mins walk from Waiuku Town Centre.


PriceReduced Reduced Price

Living the Lifestyle - $850,000

* * * *

10 acres of flat to slight rolling land 3 double bedrooms, open plan living Water views, handy to beach & boat ramp Phone Marleen or Ray to arrange a viewing

Marleen Ohms 0274

483 528

Gillott 0274 985 722 ID: osbh1056 ________________________ ID: osbh1046 ________________________ ID: osbh1032 Leonie ID: osbf916 & osbf912 Marleen Ohms 0274 483 528 Marleen Ohms 0274 483 528 Ray Lever 021 951 082 ________________________ ________________________

Open: Sun Sun 11.00 11.00 -- 11.30am 11.30am 67 Open: 67 Elsie Elsie Drive Drive

Living the dream on Elsie Drive - $745,000 2 storey home with high vaulted ceilings throughout, water view. Down stairs has open plan living with a NZ Kauri kitchen, wood burner for the cooler evenings, combined bathroom, one double bedroom downstairs. Double garage with divided wall down the middle, internal entry. French doors leading you to the private BBQ area, vege boxes and garden shed. In the back yard there is a gate to take you out to the reserve, sit outside and enjoy the bird song. Top story has a master bedroom with French doors to a Juliet balcony and one other double bedroom. This area is a well sort after area so phone Marleen to arrange a viewing.

Space, Shedding, Sought After This unique 3 bedroom home plus more is situated 4.5kms from Waiuku Township. This home has an appealing mix of an interior that is stylish and makes you feel comfortable and at home. High ceilings catch your eye as you move through the open plan kitchen, dining and living area. Flow through the open plan to the sheltered pool. All this is complimented by a large 3 bay high stud shed and ancillary buildings. To view by appointment, please phone Ray. $895,000

Waiuku Waiuku Waiuku Price Reduced Waiuku Marleen Ohms 0274 483 528 Ray Lever 021 951 082 ID: osbh1050 Price ID: osbf900 Reduced _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

Beefies, Equestrian, Calf Rearing A 12.5acre lifestyle property located on the sought after Whiriwhiri Road, Waiuku. This free draining soil property is fenced into 8 paddock with a barn/stable. The land has been successfully utilized for beef rearing and equestrian activities by the current owners for 40 years. The property is well maintained. Call Ray to view one of the best priced lifestyle blocks in the area.

Country Living - $949,000

Desirable & immaculate 4 bdrm home that is less than 12 months old. O/plan kitchen & a separate scullery. Warm & sunny living areas & a gas fire for winter. Relax in the sunken bath taking in the 180 degree views to the North North/East. All this is situated on a 1.3ha lifestyle block in Bird Road, Waiuku. Call Ray to view now!

$940,000 Waiuku Waiuku Waiuku Waiuku Ray Lever 021 951 082 Ray Lever 021 951 082 ID: osbf901 _________________________________________________ ID: osbf907 _________________________________________________

09 235 7139

11 Bowen Street, Waiuku

The Post NZ 07/08/2018  

The Post Newspaper - Franklin & North Waikato, New Zealand

The Post NZ 07/08/2018  

The Post Newspaper - Franklin & North Waikato, New Zealand