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Please remember LIBRARY CATALOGUE The Library Catalogue ( OPAC ) is available on any computer. Log on to a computer, find the Library icon and perform a search You can search by author, title, genre or keyword. As well as books, there are 1000’s of approved websites, audio books & dvds You can also check your borrower record, reserve books and renew books yourself. To do this, you need a password. Ask Mrs Downs for further details. We have a Library website which can found on the main School website: http://

No food, drink or chewing gum

Herschel Grammar School

No MP3 players No mobile phones in use The library should be a quiet, working environment. Some quiet collaboration regarding work is permitted, if necessary, but please respect others studying. CHESS, DRAUGHTS & BACKGAMMON ARE AVAILABE AT BREAKTIMES

6TH FORM & LOWER SCHOOL CAREERS LIBRARY There is a separate 6th form Library and a lower school Careers Library next to the main library. There are two computers housed there and 6th form books may be borrowed on short term loan.

WELCOME TO THE LIBRARY Opening Times 08:00 — 16:00 Librarian: Mrs D Downs

Welcome to Herschel Grammar School Library.

I hope that you

will find your visits both useful and


To help you

find your way around, I have produced this short guide to show you how the Library functions. I am constantly renewing and updating the stock, but to make

How can I borrow books and other resources? You are allowed to take up to four items on loan for three weeks. The return date will be stamped in them at the issue desk. You may renew any item that is not requested by another reader You can renew books yourself on any computer in the school. Ask Mrs Downs for further details You are responsible for books issued to you, so don’t lend them to anybody else.

the Library a really useful place, I need your help and input. Please tell me what you like to read and what you would like to see in the

How can I find resources that I need? Fiction books are shelved alphabetically by author’s surname. Non-fiction books are arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification numbers.

AUDIO BOOKS & dvds There is a range of audio books & dvds to loan. They are available for one week

REFERENCE BOOKS The reference section includes encyclopaedias,


and atlases. These books may not be borrowed.

Library. Do come and browse and if you can’t see what you want—ASK! Mrs Downs School Librarian

What happens if I forget to bring a book back? Fines are incurred daily for overdue books at 5p per book PLEASE RETURN BOOKS PROMPTLY AS FINES CAN MOUNT UP VERY QUICKLY!

Library Lessons Don’t wait for a library lesson to change your book—come up at any breaktime and after school to find books for pleasure or homework!

Library Guide  

Library Guide