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Academic Success and Personal Responsibility within a Caring Environment

Welcome to

The Herschel Consortium

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Herschel Consortium. Our aim is to provide high quality education within a safe and supportive environment. The decision of where to study for your post-16 education is a vitally important one that will affect the rest of your life. Your time in the Sixth Form is not only about achieving academic success but also about your development as an individual and the choices that will shape your future. Herschel Grammar and Baylis Court are both schools with a proven track record for excellence and Sixth Form provision in particular is first-class. In recent inspections both schools have been recognised by Ofsted as “outstanding” and by joining the Consortium you will be benefiting from teaching and opportunities of the highest calibre. The Herschel Consortium will enable you to: • Achieve highly and develop an enquiring mind • Develop new skills • Develop your self-confidence and celebrate your successes • Accept responsibility for yourself and others both within the school community and beyond • Enjoy your Sixth Form experience • Develop a lifelong love of learning We provide you with a positive, caring ethos where each of you is recognised, developed and rewarded. In return for the opportunities we provide, we expect high standards from you in conduct, performance, appearance, attitude and selfdiscipline. We hope you will decide to pursue your post-16 studies as a member of the Consortium and we will be delighted to welcome you next September.

Michael Bourne Herschel Consortium Coordinator


“Pupils make outstanding progress and achieve excellent results in external examinations.” HERSCHEL GRAMMAR SCHOOL OFSTED INSPECTION SEPTEMBER 2012

What the students say

“ ” “ ” “ ” “ “ ” “” “ “ ” The teaching is very effective, and the teachers and students are friendly. I really enjoy coming to school. I like the way the school pushes you to do your best and gives you responsibility for your learning.

Whenever there is a problem it is easy to talk to a member of staff who gives effective advice on how to get the issue tackled and resolved or you can speak to the Sixth Form Committee. In particular my tutor is an excellent mentor who genuinely cares for his students’ academic and personal welfare.

The Sixth Form has many good opportunities (e.g. the Travel Scholarship, Mock Trial, and Duke of Edinburgh) and it’s a great place to learn with really supportive teachers.

Having been slightly uncertain at the end of GCSEs, joining the Herschel Consortium is probably one of the best decisions I have made because of the quality of teaching and support. For someone who had no idea what I wanted to do at the beginning of the year, it was reassuring to know that there was someone to help me see where my real interests lay, and to guide me through the process on how to pursue them. Staff are really helpful and enthusiastic by genuinely wishing to see us reach our full potential.

The younger pupils look up to us as role models and the teachers are also more open with us.

I think pupils in the Sixth Form are very focused and are determined to reach their potential. There is a general feeling of wanting to do well.

Life in the Sixth Form is a learning curve that has taught me an array of skills and equipped me with experiences for the future. The Sixth Form has provided me with the wonderful opportunity of being a Managing Director in the Young Enterprise scheme. I learnt to delegate tasks effectively, to take responsibility for mishaps and to motivate the team at all times. My organisation and communication skills have vastly improved and we won several trophies along the way!

As part of the Year 12 Community Involvement Programme we carry out an hour of community service each week; I carried out my placement at a local nursery. Overseeing children, assisting with activities and reading stories were just some of my duties. Not only was this something I could include in my personal statement but it was also a stressrelieving and pleasurable experience, allowing me to give back to the wider community.

“The effectiveness and efficiency of the Sixth Form is outstanding and pupils achieve extremely well.” BAYLIS COURT SCHOOL OFSTED INSPECTION 2009


Teaching and Learning at The Herschel Consortium . . . . . . successful learning through challenge One of the advantages of the Herschel Consortium is the breadth of courses and subjects you can choose. Most students choose to study all their subjects in one school but you may choose to study subjects across both institutions. The curriculum we offer provides a broad, balanced education and allows you to specialise as appropriate. Information about the courses and subjects on offer can be found in the insert at the back of this prospectus. Our experienced, specialist teachers will provide you with a varied and challenging learning experience. You will be encouraged to learn independently which will equip you to meet the demands and expectations of higher education and employment.


“The quality of teaching is outstanding and the level of discussion is inspiring at times.� HERSCHEL GRAMMAR SCHOOL OFSTED INSPECTION SEPTEMBER 2012

Subject teachers will provide you with individual attention when monitoring your progress and offer support to allow you to achieve. Beyond the formal curriculum, all students • attend a weekly lesson of Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education • undertake private study, both in school and at home.

“This is a ‘Yes We Can’ school. It is completely devoid of complacency and sets itself challenging targets.” BAYLIS COURT SCHOOL OFSTED INSPECTION 2009


Pastoral Care at The Herschel Consortium . . . . . . successful learning through support The Herschel Consortium offers a safe and secure place in which to work. There is a caring support system which is based on the crucial partnership between you, your parents and the school. You will be a member of a tutor group at your base school. Your form tutor, supported by the Head of Sixth Form, works closely with you to provide quality guidance and advice about all aspects of Sixth Form life.


“The school has an outstanding tutorial system which is built on respect. Pupils are achieving well because they are given every opportunity, support and encouragement to succeed.� BAYLIS COURT SCHOOL OFSTED INSPECTION 2009

Informal discussions with staff

Day to day access to personal and academic guidance

Individual interviews with professional careers advisers

Visits to Higher Education Conferences and universities

Pastoral Support for

Structured mentoring for individuals

Sixth Form Students

Regular contact with parents

Personal guidance through the university admissions process

Preparation for university life

Each year, the vast majority of students within the Consortium achieve places on a wide range of university degree courses, whilst others progress successfully through to apprenticeships, employment and other training opportunities.

“Pupils thrive in the school’s academic, yet very caring and secure, environment.” HERSCHEL GRAMMAR SCHOOL OFSTED INSPECTION SEPTEMBER 2012


Enrichment . . . . . . successful learning beyond the classroom The Sixth Form is not solely about following an academic programme of study - it is also a time for your personal development. We believe you will leave us as well-rounded and socially responsible individuals having enjoyed a breadth of experience. The more that you put into Sixth Form life, the more you will benefit. Our students have been able to demonstrate this breadth of experience in their successful university and employment applications. As students develop their sense of social responsibility, there is a wide range of community involvement opportunities. This could include supporting pupils at the local primary schools, assisting vulnerable pupils at the Herschel Pupil Training Centre, mentoring younger pupils, or assisting staff in a range of curriculum-based activities. A significant number of Year 12 students participate in the Young Enterprise scheme which encourages students to set up their own companies. This fosters leadership, team working and organisational skills. The initiative and self-confidence which this develops have been reflected in local, regional and national success.


“The Sixth Form is outstanding. Pupils are hard working and ambitious. They contribute to the smooth running of the school.� HERSCHEL GRAMMAR SCHOOL OFSTED INSPECTION SEPTEMBER 2012

There are a number of additional opportunities which also develop strong leadership skills. The Senior Prefects at Herschel and the School Executive Team at Baylis enable our students to take on challenging roles and to work with others in new and responsible ways. Students on the Sixth Form Committee act as a vital channel of communication between the student body and the school’s Senior Leadership Team, giving them a real input as to how the school is run. Students are encouraged to develop their resilience, problem-solving and cultural understanding through foreign travel and they benefit from World Challenge expeditions and travel scholarships.

“There are many extra-curricular activities; all are very good, aid learning and are much enjoyed by the pupils." BAYLIS COURT SCHOOL OFSTED INSPECTION 2009


Admission Each year we have a limited number of external places available across the Consortium and applications are welcome from students in other schools. Selected applicants attend post-16 discussions, and offers are conditional on the attainment of the required grades at GCSE (see insert for details) and availability of places.

Cross-site Movement All students have a “base school” and a minority will travel to the other site within the Consortium. Travel between Herschel Grammar School and Baylis Court School is a five minute walk.


“The school is extremely well led and managed at all levels.” HERSCHEL GRAMMAR SCHOOL OFSTED INSPECTION SEPTEMBER 2012






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