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change can seem unnatural, evolution isn’t change can feel imposed, evolution doesn’t change can be fad driven, evolution isn’t change is often demotivating, evolution is quite different

2017-18 prospectus

why change when you can evolve?

evolutionary solutions for higher education

building capability • improving performance • realising potential

dynamic workshops • team events • specialist coaching

welcome to evolve I am steve creffield the director and lead facilitator at evolve. This document sets out a range of choices for building capability, improving performance and realising potential in 2017-18.

steve creffield, is the director and lead facilitator at Evolve Integral Ltd. He started his teaching career as a lecturer in Business at undergraduate level and on the MBA at the University of Brighton. He has gone on to work across the university sector, the health sector and in the international development sector working with organisations such as the UN, FAO, WaterAid and many more. Steve is a qualified master practitioner and trainer of NLP, qualified Solution Focused Business Practitioner, Blanchard Channel Partner and has studied with many of the leaders in the field of coaching, change, storytelling and accelerated learning. telephone 01373 471156 • email

Each choice is grounded in proven practice, research and successful roll-outs across the university sector. Every choice is adapted to your values, hopes and aspirations.

CONTENTS ‘We have worked with evolve for over 10 years with excellent results, participants always come away inspired, motivated and asking for more’ Head of Staff Development The University of Westminster

welcome the evolve mission.......................................................... 2 what makes evolve different......................................... 3 evolutionary solutions.................................................... 4 capacity building workshops introduction....................................................................... 5 presenting, teaching and training presenting skills in design....................................................... 6 presentation skills live............................................................. 6 the power of story.................................................................. 6 trainer training for support staff................................................ 6 interactive lecturing................................................................ 7 coaching, mentoring and language solution focus in practice........................................................ 8 solution focused coaching and feedback.................................. 8 the power of language........................................................... 8 situational leadership II........................................................... 9 hosting, facilitation and chairing facilitation by design.............................................................. 10 facilitation live....................................................................... 10 facilitation advanced.............................................................. 10

team events

away-days, retreats and focused learning................................. 11 case example....................................................................... 12

one-to-one coaching

specialist coaching for presenters, trainers and lecturers............. 13

how to book...................................................................... 14 participant feedback 2016.................................................. 15 telephone 01373 471156 • email

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the evolve mission supporting universities to be rich, dynamic and inspirational places to work and contribute.


inspiring your staff to bring the spirit of collaboration, co-creation and progressive dialogue to every conversation.


empowering staff to deliver outstanding teaching and presentations at every level and with every audience.

evolve solutions are designed to work with you and your university to maximise every opportunity to grow and build upon the existing talents and capabilities of your people.

each evolutionary solution is designed to foster greater degrees of collaboration, co-creation and effective dialogue.

specialist workshops have been designed to empower academic staff with new ideas, tools and approaches.

to achieve this evolve offers a portfolio of workshops, strategic team events and specialist one-toone coaching solutions.

dialogue that amplifies the value of what you do - enhancing effectiveness, efficiency and improving economic performance.

evolve also offers trainer training, ‘outstanding’ presentation skills training and coaching for all staff.

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‘It’s a long time since I encountered training of such high calibre, delivered with such professionalism, energy and creativity. It was very inspiring.’

Country Director, Water Aid

what makes evolve different? sector specific expertise multiple years of sector specific experience at all levels, with both academic and support staff.


providing practical solutions for building capability, raising performance and realising potential.

cross cultural awareness working in over 16 different countries in the past 10 years providing for deep cultural awareness and understanding. achieving consistent ‘excellent’ ratings across all aspects of content, design and delivery in every country.


accelerated & adaptive learning specialist understanding of accelerated learning methodology and hosting. Making every workshop and team event highly dynamic, engaging and immediately practical. Proven know-how in adapting everything so that it amplifies your values and aligns to your strategic direction.

Australian Council for Educational Research

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evolutionary solutions capacity building workshops

team events

one-to-one coaching




evolve workshops have been designed to lift capacity and capability of individuals and teams.

evolve events are designed to create the time and space for teams to revitalise, refocus and realign.

each workshop is aligned to both participants specific needs and your organisational values and strategic objectives.

each event is co-created with the given team so as to ensure it connects with their specific challenges, hopes and aspirations.

evolve coaching offers a unique range of support services for academics, researchers, managers and support staff who want to have a greater impact in their teaching or presenting.

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capacity building workshops

each workshop ca


evolve workshops are adapted to meet your needs and amplify your values. Each one is highly interactive and designed using accelerated learning approaches and comes with high quality materials in both hard and PDF copy. These workshops consistently achieve outstanding reviews across all schools and departments.

• run as a 1-2hr taster , or in-depth 1-2 day workshops • be aligned to spec ific development needs • scale up or down for different group sizes • be adapted to fit with your budget

‘the session today was fantastic! It was beneficial for not only the immediately obvious academic audience but for all of us who at one point or another have to run a workshop, give a presentation, run a meeting – it was excellent.’ Senior Project Manager and Operational Expert Kingston University London

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presenting, storytelling and training workshops

workshops presentation in design

what is covered...

one of evolve’s most popular workshops that teaches you the Evolve SEVEN Step Approach for rapidly designing presentations that ensure you stand up with confidence.

presentation live a workshop that takes presentations and lectures to the next level by optimising voice, gestures, movement and audience interaction to ensure you stand out.

• • • •

scoping outcome setting storyboarding winning slide design

• • • •

opening and closing gestures and movement voice and tempo audience interaction

• • • •

chosing a story crafting the story embodying the story audience interaction

• • • • •

identifying needs outcome setting session design session hosting evaluation methods

the power of story a workshop dedicated to mastering the use of storytelling techniques in presentations and teaching sessions to deepen engagement, amplify meaning and bring new insights.

being able to stand up and stand out with any audience.

trainer training for professional services a vital module for professional services and other teams who are implementing change and needing to train others in new systems, processes and ways of working. It can be adapted for both experienced and beginner trainers.

‘We worked with evolve over a year ago in designing an immigration presentation for international students who will be applying for a new visa. We’re really starting to see the benefits now of the excellent work we did together. Our visa refusal rates have dropped significantly in the last year, as the students are well informed and know exactly what is required of them. It has also made our service much more efficient and productive, as the time saved in dealing with endless queries can be directed in other areas. Steve came up with innovative ideas and inspirational graphics which helped us get our core message across, and working with him has really benefitted our students and staff.’ International and Study Abroad Office, University of Sussex telephone 01373 471156 • email

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inter-active lecturing A specialist module for academics that focuses on how to

achieve different levels of student engagement and interaction in live teaching sessions (both face to face and virtually).

what is covered... • effective learning outcomes • the 4 questions behind every great lecture • the unique evolve ‘spectrum of interaction’ • lecture review and application • practical activities and discussions throughout • winning slide design • 6 and 12 month follow up (if requested) ‘Interactive pedagogy, turns passive, note-taking students into active, de facto teachers who explain their ideas to each other and contend for their points of view. Thousands of research studies on learning indicate that active learning is really at a premium. It’s the most effective approach.’ Terry Aladjem, Executive Director, Dereck Bok Centre.

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an evolutionary approach that validates and integrates existing practice - this workshop is not about changing the way lecturers work it is about building upon what they already do.

that provides a different lens - so lecturers can look at existing lectures and see why one lecture might be more successful than another. it’s an open system - that encourages lecturers to add their own insights and approaches to the Spectrum of Interaction and use it as a way of organising pedagogical thinking and approaches.

it integrates and organises - the tools presented can be used to enrich cross-platform blended and virtual learning solutions.

lecturer feedback • • • • • • • • •

• • •

Very well facilitated, with lots of ideas. I really enjoyed the day. The toolbox was useful, and it was great to share ideas with colleagues. I learnt a lot, some great ideas. It was very useful to be informed about the different possibilities. It was an excellent day. It gave me some really good ideas and also managed my own expectations as to what can be achieved in a lecture. Good to reflect on our teaching and lecturing. The new ideas that I learned were interesting and it was also interesting to interact with my peers in a focused way. I found the stuff about what you want them to know, be aware of, be able to do etc. and the bit about getting their attention (yes sets, some of you etc.) especially helpful. The opportunity for guided discussion about pros and cons of incorporating different sorts of methods into different sorts of modules. The colour-coded scale will definitely be something I’ll think about when planning. It raised lots of things that I think will prompt me to make changes in the way I teach, but also made me realise some areas where I might have been doing better than I thought, which boosted my confidence.

12 months on follow-up - ‘my student feedback this year has been out of this world since doing your workshop’ Head of School University of Sussex

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coaching and mentoring workshops


what is covered...

solution focus in practice the perfect introduction to Solution Foucused working. Offering a powerful approach for teams or individuals who are looking to spark creativity, navigate change and build capability. A workshop that can be tailored to address specific needs and challenges.

lift any line-manager’s performance. It brings a proven, easy to learn coaching process that can be utilised in everyday conversations or in more formal settings like performance reviews. This can be taught as one

Head of Sport, University of Sussex

• • • • • •

what is coaching solution focused approach O.S.K.A.R coaching tools effective feedback live demonstrations activities throughout

• • • • •

4 Turning Words 4 Speech Acts practical applications live demonstrations activities thoughout

combined or two separate modules.

the power of language language is all we have in most cases and learning to using it with greater precision and mindfulness can be the difference that makes a difference. The workshop explores

‘the team has benefited significantly by improving our own coaching skills and confidence, this confidence has also allowed us to look at other ways we can improve more widely in the department.’

solution vs problem focus key principles solution focused tools practical applications additional resources

solution focused coaching and feedback one of the most sought after evolve workshops that will

supporting universities to be rich, dynamic and inspirational places to work and contribute.

• • • • •

how we can be more mindful, influential and impactful with our language

‘Solution focus is a powerful, practical and proven approach to positive development with people, teams and organisations.’ Paul Jackson, Author of Postitively Speaking

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situational leadership knowing what style of coaching will work, where, when and with who...

situational leadership in practice Situational Leadership brings another dimension of coaching to your managers, academics and support staff. It is recognised as both a organisational language and a framework for employee development that transcends cultural, linguistic, and geographical boundaries. Its foundation lies in being able to diagnose the needs of an individual or a team and then use the appropriate leadership style to respond to the needs of the person. Situational Leadership is one of the world’s most taught leadership training models, and this workshop has an award-winning learning design, it immerses learners in SLII quickly, deeply, and effectively.

video dramas

The workshop is supported with emotionally compelling videos that draw participants into character challenges, helping them link content to practice and showing them the painful ramifications of not using SLII. Videos model effective peer-to-peer interactions and “match and mismatch” scenarios for multiple managers.

outcome based

Participants are taken to the edge of their comfort zone and are invited to join challenging activities that require them to demonstrate their familiarity with SLII content, and teach them how to integrate material into their own personal leadership style.

sustain and reinforce learning

A self-study, momentum building video called The Power of SLII drives excitement and anticipation on the front end of learning. Participants can use it as a refresher with team members so that everyone can learn the language of SLII. ASSESSMENT - Leader Action Profile II (LAPII) is a personal profile that serves as an invaluable learning and awareness tool. DELIVERY METHODS - Situational Leadership® II can be delivered Face-toFace, Virtual, or in a Blended design that combines both.

telephone 01373 471156 • email

ongoing access to on-line resources

Access to videos, game cards, conversation starters, and streamlined participant materials include a new 12-module SLII Challenge, SLII Fitness Test, Goals Worksheet, SLII Worksheet, and One on One Worksheet. The SLII Diagnosis App for mobile devices enables diagnosis and coaching in real-time and can be shared with team members.

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‘our results are absolutely connected to the quality of our conversations.’ chalmers brothers

facilitation and chairing workshops

workshops facilitation by design this workshop gives you all you need to design a meeting that engages, focuses and delivers practical action. It covers everything from invitation to evaluation and all the practical steps between.

facilitation live for early career managers, administrators and co-ordinators, a foundational skills workshop that develops live hosting and facilitation skills.

what is covered... • • • • • •

what is the purpose of a meeting? content vs process outcome setting process design decision making strategies capturing and recording

• • • • • •

what is hosting? welcoming and opening tools of engagment keeping things on track facilitating through disagreements activities throughout

• • • • •

group dynamics common pitfalls shifting group energy holding conflict constructively facilitating solutions

facilitation advanced for experienced facilitators looking to fine-tune their skills, explore the deeper dynamics of groups and learn how to facilitate successful meetings during challenging times/issues.

bringing the spirit of collaboration and empowering dialogue to every conversation telephone 01373 471156 • email

‘I hadn’t really spent time considering why meetings sometimes go well and other times are a disaster. The workshop gave me space to consider how to run an effective meeting and simple strategies that can assist in the process. Highly recommended.’ Finance Service Manager, University of Sussex

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new team formation ‘Steve’s enthusiasm and insight into the psychology of teamwork made the day fascinating as well as being good fun and a great opportunity to burn off some calories.’ Director Corporate Planning & Performance

team events, away days and retreats evolve team events are designed to build capacity, improve performance and realise potential. These events can be hosted on-site or off-site, indoors or outdoors and each are uniquely aligned to the needs and aspirations of the given team. It could be... »» a new team looking to build a shared direction and/or new ways of working »» a team needing to navigate their way through a challenging time »» a team that wants to improve the way they collaborate and co-create solutions »» where you want to give a team the opportunity to shape a change that’s coming »» or it could be a team event where they just need to step back, have some time and space, to reflect on what works and what doesn’t

strategy and learning retreat ‘Steve introduced us to Solution Focused approaches. We have used them to develop a new shared purpose to guide our work over the next five years. This Solution Focused process, which was tough at times, has reinvigorated the team, allowed us to communicate our purpose more effectively and resulted in a strategy which is not just a pretty document on the shelf but a set of processes we use on a daily basis to deliver our five-year vision. Solution Focus is now in our everyday and working.’ Director, Policy Studies Institute

adapting to change ‘My experience of working with Steve Creffield at Evolve has been extremely positive from start to finish. My department is currently faced with a big upcoming change in our mode of teaching. Having experienced Steve’s training abilities in action before, I decided to ask him to provide a focussed event on how to adapt our existing materials and skills to the new situation. And sure enough, he not only designed a bespoke training programme which answered exactly to our needs; he also innovated highly original (and inspirational) ways of thinking about the challenges we faced; and he produced very high quality, and beautifully produced, learning materials for colleagues to work with and keep.’ Head of Department, University of Sussex

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team-building example case

a new scholarship scheme for high performance athletes

what was the need - what was the triggering a rethink? The idea for a team learning retreat was triggered by an opportunity to work with high performance atheletes through a new scholaship scheme. The scheme consisted of supporting 30-35 scholars, which was far too much for one performance manager to deliver quality support in a 1:1 setting. We also felt that with the academic year fluctuating between academic and sporting commitments regular meetings and subsequent check-ins with scholars would be vital in supporting their progress. what was the solution that was put in place? We had heard great things about evolve because members of the team had attended some of the workshops. We got in contact and after chatting with Steve at evolve he came up with a more solution directed approach that, in my opinion, both better suited the needs of a busy, stressed or anxious student AND built upon our existing coaching expertise. This approach allowed us to affirm positives and focus on what could be done rather than the gaps and what wasn’t being done. We also rapidly co-created the documentation and overall system to support the 1:1 coaching sessions. what, from your perspective, did evolve bring? evolve clearly brought a level of experience and expertise that none of us could have met. Steve has a wealth of experience with a variation of people, cultures and industries. He was able work with myself and give invaluable advice to enable us to tailor our approach, materials, language/questioning to meet our needs for the project. Steve also delivered a series of half-day engaging and purposeful team learning sessions that put the theory/materials into practice and enabled us to have confidence in the process and make adjustments. As our work has developed Steve has been an invaluable soundboard for ideas and queries. what has been the impact? what has it enabled the team to do more of?

A one year follow-up interview with the Head of Sport

The impact on the scholarship scheme on the team and atheletes has been significant with many of our students citing that the coaching sessions as the highlight of the year, with at least 2 asking if they could mention them in our promotional video. The ability to support the individuals in agreeing targets/aspirations for the year and creating steps that enable them to do so removes the load on the students, at a time when there is a lot going on in their lives, and being able to see the bigger picture helps them to focus and create clarity going forward. Our team has benefited by improving our own line management, coaching skills and confidence and this confidence has also allowed us to look at ways we can improve our offer in multiple areas that are way beyond the original scope of the project.

telephone 01373 471156 • email

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‘Over the last few years, evolve has provided regular workshops and coaching on presentation design and delivery for doctoral researchers. The sessions are lively and enjoyable, often transforming attendees from nervous wrecks to confident speakers. The sessions consistently received high feedback scores. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these services.’

Researcher Development Officer the University of Sussex

‘I am in Indonesia - I have just presented to a university on global citizenship and am doing another one today. No notes, standing walking around, using a clicker, lots of visuals and well designed slides. What a difference, I actually enjoyed it.’

Senior Research Fellow, Education and Development, Australian Council for Educational Research

‘Steve made an enormous difference to my academic presentation skills not just improving my confidence in delivery but also in how to design and frame an academic poster and slide-decks to incredibly high standards. His coaching helped me to actually enjoy conference presentations in the UK, Holland and the United States.’ PhD Student and Lecturer, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

telephone 01373 471156 • email

be a rich, dynamic and inspirational place to work

one-to-one coaching evolve specialises in supporting lecturers, researchers and trainers through critical times and events. It might be in preparation for going to conference, or a series of new lectures, or it might be lifting engagement from the front of the room. coaching can also support early career lecturers in building confidence and the same coaching tools can support highly experienced lecturers in taking their teaching practice to the next level. contact steve creffield telephone 01373 471156 email

the coaching focus could include • preparing for conference, everything from slide design to live delivery • adapting to new teaching demands, like larger group sizes • supporting lecturers in utilising critical student feedback for their own development • rapidly developing confidence by accelerating the learning from practice cycle • supporting lecturers to embody the values and brand of the university

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how to book steve creffield lead trainer and facilitator

contact steve creffield telephone 01373 471156 email

telephone 01373 471156 • email


drop me an email and we can arrange for a call to discuss your needs and look at what might be the best solution for you


you will then receive a short scoping document with associated costings


choose a date and time to bring people together


joining instructions (an any pre-course work) will be created and sent out to delegates


when the workshop or event takes place the delegates are given access to their materials, these are high quality materials in both PDF and hard copy


a month later a follow up with feedback and a check-in with how everyone is getting on

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2016 COMMENTS AND FEEDBACK: very professional, respectful and insightful trainer • I am usually quite disappointed with these types of courses, so I was so surprised I really did learn so much. Thanks so much • perfect pace and info - never bored or overwhelmed • this was a really great course it exceeded my expectations • best trainer I have encountered • we learned without knowing it half the time • very well organised, great to have someone independent yet who knows the sector • best trainer ever (and I don’t give compliments of that kind lightly) • fantastic presenter - energetic, friendly and able to relax with group • very personal training - felt comfortable because of Steve • the course was well balanced, not rushed but also not slow, great balance between content and activities • great trainer that makes you engaged and comfortable, I must add he explains his ideas perfectly • brilliant facilitator, his style inspired ideas for leading workshops • very positive and engaging - able to get everyone involved and attentive • very aware and good at reading the room • excellent • engaging, interesting, knowledgeable • best workshop I have been on! • I have been on a few courses on management that have covered similar concepts. This is by far the best and I finally feel that I understand the concepts and how they are relevant for me • this is probably the most interesting, engaging and immediately applicable course in which I have participated • excellent - well done - ‘Authentic’ • very intuitive and engaging • all-round excellent • highly responsive and prepared • really impressed with the quality of the course content and its relevance to our work • I had low expectations of the course because I have attended many management courses before. This was excellent, much better than previous • made us feel very comfortable, made everything fun and understandable. • enthusiastic, engaging, attentive and responsive • really impressive. Great job • overall an excellent course that gave me more new tools and approaches • great fun with clear illustrative examples that helped me enjoy and stay focused throughout the training • really enjoyable and interactive learning experience • a course that was useful and inclusive to all roles I have in my life • loved the approach and content • such a fantastic course, thanks for the opportunity • the time flew by on this course because we were so engaged and working with our own content • I would recommend this course to everyone • very impressed that the entire group was able to interact, participate, and engage fully • incredibly thankful for this course, it has come at an important juncture of my journey • I really enjoyed this course and loved the facilitation style • trainer was prepared and yet so in the moment • he’s set the bar very high for the type of trainer I would like to become, inspiring • this is one the rare workshops that has worked out ideal length, pace, and range of topics so that participants are constantly engaged, learning and comfortable • best training experience in 23 years of professional life.

why change when you can evolve?

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Evolutionary solutions for 2017-18  

A range of choices for building capability, improving performance and realising potential specifically for the HE sector.

Evolutionary solutions for 2017-18  

A range of choices for building capability, improving performance and realising potential specifically for the HE sector.