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JERRE FUQUA, President

Dear World Traveler, An expedition of any nature takes you to distant lands and offers you the thrill of the unknown. But not all expeditions will give you the world. Literally. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce a landmark journey never before available even to the most intrepid traveler — Seven Continents: A Global Journey by Private Jet. In November 2009, TCS Expeditions will take a limited number of guests on an epic journey to Earth’s seven continents for 32 remarkable days, exploring the best the world has to offer. “50 TOURS OF A LIFETIME” National Geographic Traveler

“BEST OF THE BEST” in Adventure Travel Robb Report

“WORLD’S 25 BEST NEW TRIPS” National Geographic Adventure Magazine

You can have the world — across oceans and lands, circumnavigating the entire globe to the most remote and exclusive destinations on the planet. But your journey won’t end after 32 days, because you’ll be among the very few and surely among the first to have embarked on an undertaking of this scope — an exploration of the world’s seven continents in a single, life-changing expedition. You’ll embark on this journey from Orlando, Florida, and explore wildlife and panoramic views of South America and Antarctica. Sit back and soak up world-class luxury in Australia and Oceania. And when you’ve reached Asia, Africa, and Europe, we’ll take you from the iconic to the obscure. As always, we’ll travel in the exclusive comfort of our custom-outfitted Boeing 757 jetliner on this unprecedented journey. Our expedition staff, physician, and expert lecturers will lead the way, so you can immerse yourself in the private jet experience. Discover a new way to see the world. But make your plans early. Only 74 guests will take this landmark journey.


Se ven continents. One journey. On this landmark expedition, have it all.


Voyage across oceans, mountains, and nations —


and encounter some of the world’s most mysterious,

Jerre Fuqua President, First Choice Expeditions TCS Expeditions’ parent company

remote, and beautiful destinations on this epic 32-day journey around the globe. From the heart-stopping

P.S. Please call my colleague, Scott Leviton, at 1-800-727-7477. He can get you started on this extraordinary journey. Or simply mail or fax the enclosed Reservation Form now.

beauty of Costa Rica’s wildlife and the spectacular isolation of the Antarctic Peninsula to the splendid wonders of ancient Egypt and India’s royal palaces.


Expedition Map PageS 10-11

Front cover: gentoo penguin, Antarctic Peninsula


Explore the world entire.

pageS 12-17  w w w. t c s - e x p e d i t i o n s . c o m




Frustrated with airport security? We’ll escort you through private, expedited checkpoints at most airports. Tired of juggling luggage? We’ll take care

“ We l i ve i n a wonder ful world that is full of beaut y, charm and adventure. Th e re i s n o e n d to t he adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eye s o p e n .” – Jawaharal Nehru

of your bags from the time you join us at

Open your eyes and fill yourself with wonder. Ancient Greek geographers were the first to record Europe, Asia,

your check-in hotel until you need to claim them for your return flight home. Annoyed by travel delays? Our flight schedules are designed with just one goal — to connect you to the world’s most amazing destinations.

Need two lines cut to fit.

and Africa as continents. In 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to become the first European to set foot in the “New World” — the Americas. The Europeans first landed in

Relish the freedom of travel aboard your private jet.

Australia in the 17th century, and the first sighting of Antarctica was recorded in 1820.

What took early adventurers

Discover Easter Island’s mysterious moai and

centuries to discover, you can

imagine a once thriving society now extinct.

experience in just 32 days aboard

Journey across the South Pacific and encounter

a private jet in remarkable comfort,

Fiji’s island paradise and its flourishing blend

ease, and safety.

of Melanesian, Polynesian, Indian, European,

and Chinese cultures.

Marvel at the mysteries of nature

in Costa Rica’s national parks and

Discover a world of possibilities.

wildlife refuges.

One continent at a time.

 A P ri v ate Jet E x pedition

S e v e n C o n ti n e n ts

li v e

the dream

“O n ce yo u h ave t rave l e d, t h e voya g e n eve r e n d s, b u t i s p l aye d o u t ove r a n d ove r a g a i n i n t h e q u i e te s t c h a m b e r s . . . t h e m i n d c a n n eve r b re a k o f f f ro m t h e j o u r n ey.”

Make your own history. Renowned Danish architect, Jorn Utzon, designed the Sydney Opera House, whose roof resembles a ship at full sail.

– Pa t Co n roy, A m e r i ca n Au t h o r

Experience an epic journey few travelers can imagine.

Discover penguin colonies

and mammoth icebergs as you sail aboard the Clipper Adventurer on an expedition cruise to the “White Continent”. Then travel across oceans and continents to Ho Chi Minh City and witness an ancient culture DEDICATED TO EXCELLENCE In the world of private jet expeditionary

transformed. Encounter a world few travelers know.

travel, there’s simply no such thing as “good

enough.” There is only extraordinary. Your

possible on our private jetliner. Take

journey is designed for excellence at every level. A private car meets your commercial

A journey of this scale is only

advantage of direct flight paths,

flight in Orlando, charming local gifts

expedited boarding, and easy passage

grace your pillow at every destination, and

through Customs and Immigration —

exclusive events and access punctuate your entire experience. Each detail has been

meticulously designed for the ultimate

orchestrated with meticulous attention, just

private jet experience.

as you expect.

Travel the world as you never have.

Location/Subject: Sydney Agency: Corbis - UB001249 Rights: RM

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A P ri v ate Jet E x pedition

 se v e n co n ti n e n ts

the w orld i n you r h a n d s

“ To travel is to possess the world.” – Bur ton Holmes, 1 9 t h a n d 2 0 t h ce n t u r y A m e r i ca n a d ve n t u re

The journey of your lifetime. The moment you encounter Lisbon’s medieval streets, flowered

Your experienced, private jet flight crew

courtyards, and ancient monuments.

Massive Antarctic iceberg

The moment you step inside

The great Sphinx on the Giza plateau

Cairo’s Mohammed Ali Mosque and hear muezzin call faithful Muslims to prayer. The moment our expedition ship touches the shores of Antarctica, you’ll know this journey is like no other.

Few travelers will embark on a

journey of this scope. Few will ever know such moments. Let us show

Carved from the bedrock of the Giza plateau, the Sphinx is truly a mysterious marvel from the days of ancient Egypt.

you what this means.

The body of a lion with the head of a king

or god, the sphinx has come to symbolize

Let us take you there with the

most experienced expedition team in

strength and wisdom.

the world, a hand-picked flight crew, and a team of enlightening scholars. Location/Subject: Traditional Rajasthani Dance, Udaipur, India Agency: ALAMY - AH5XYH Rights: RM

 A P ri v ate Jet E x pedition

Let us show you the world entire.

 S e v e n C o n ti n e n ts

Nov e m b e r 22 & 23

Bariloche, Argentina A charming gabled alpine town in the Patagonian Andes at the center of the Argentine Lake District, Bariloche is known for its untamed lake and mountain beauty. A chairlift ride to the top of Cerro Campanario, provides stunning, panoramic views of the breathtaking terrain, lush meadows, and fresh streams rushing down to Lake Nahuel Huapi.

Cruise the clear blue glacial lake to Victoria

Island and the Quetrihue Peninsula, a 25-acre park filled with a fascinating array of native

se v e n co n ti n e n ts

Location/Subject: Costa Rica, Agency: DD - SA22_KSC0017 Rights: RM

i t i n e r a ry Eighty percent of this small country is comprised

Orlando, Florida

of national parks and protected zones.

Depart on individual commercial overnight

flights to Orlando. Meet fellow travelers,

— a protected mangrove swamp — in search of

expedition leaders, and lecturers at a welcome

howler and white-throated Capuchin monkeys,

dinner this evening.

spectacled caimans, and great blue herons. Take

a thrilling canopy tour through the treetops of

Discover Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge

a forest and witness the wildly diverse flora and Nov e m b e r 20 & 21

Liberia, Costa Rica The ultimate nature paradise, Costa Rica possesses

Location/Subject: hummingbird Agency: NGT - 1156370 Rights: RM

animals, birds, and trees, including a forest of arrayán (myrtle) trees with their amazing white and cinnamon coloration.

Llao Llao Hotel & Resort, Bariloche

Nov e m b e r 24

Nov e m b e r 19

Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes, Orlando

Earth’s spectacular flora and fauna around the globe across all seven continents.

fauna of this region.

Four Seasons Resort, Costa Rica

at Peninsula Papagayo

Ushuaia/Board the Clipper Adventurer


A charter flight carries us to Ushuaia, a former

Costa Rica’s Area de Conservación

prison colony and one of the southernmost

Guanacaste boasts incredible animal and

cities on Earth. The capital of Tierra del Fuego,

plant biodiversity and serves as a key habitat

Ushuaia has spectacular views of surrounding

for such threatened species as Saltwater

mountains, glaciers, and water.

Crocodile, False Vampire Bat, Leatherback Sea

Turtle, Jaguar, Jabiru Stork, and Mangrove

Embark the Clipper Adventurer, our

comfortable and well-appointed expedition

Hummingbird, as well as the best dry forest

ship. Settle into your private cabin and prepare

habitats and communities in Central America.

for a remarkable eight-night adventure.

some of Earth’s most pristine jungles, vibrant foliage, and staggering assortment of wildlife.


11 A P ri v ate Jet E x pedition

Sse EV ON S v Ee N n C co n TtiI N n Ee N n Tts

ANTARCTIC PENINSULA the world have established research stations on the peninsula, concentrating their efforts on global warming. While most of the continent’s icy mass has so far resisted climate change, a rise in sea levels around the Antarctic Peninsula suggests dramatic environmental shifts.

jour n ey


Since the 1970s, scientists from the around Nov e m b e r 25 & 26

The Drake Passage Become familiar with the ship on this day at sea. Enjoy

“G re at t h i n g s a re d o n e w h e n m e n a n d m o u nt a i n s m e e t ;

brisk walks around the deck in the fresh sea air, attend

Th ey a re n o t d o n e by j o s t l i n g i n t h e s t re e t.”

presentations that prepare you for the adventures to come, or take time with expedition team members to

– Wi l l i a m B l a ke

identify seabirds that glide alongside for miles at a time.

Clipper Adventurer

Nov e m b e r 27 – 30

Antarctic Peninsula & South Shetland Islands Shore landings are announced the night before in the daily program delivered to your cabin. Your exploration of the Antarctic Peninsula may include visits to penguin Captain Thaddeus Bellingshausen, a Russian naval officer who made the first sighting of the Antarctic in 1820, described it as an “icefield covered with small hillocks.”

rookeries, research stations, and encounters with marine mammals and iceberg graveyards.

Your voyage is painstakingly planned, but it is

impossible to predict exactly what you’ll experience. The expedition leader and captain continually adjust the route to exploit the best weather and ice conditions, making your voyage unique.

Clipper Adventurer

December 1

The Drake Passage Your expedition team enhances sightings and activities with special presentations. If you see orcas, you’ll learn about their life cycle. If you spot a rare Southern Right Whale, your leaders will tell you more about that species.


Clipper Adventurer

13 A P ri v ate Jet E x pedition

S e v e n C o n ti n e n ts

December 4

Cross the International Date Line and lose a day December 5 & 6

Denarau, Fiji An archipelago of over 333 islands, Fiji’s fascinating blend of cultures — Melanesian, Polynesian, Indian, European, and Chinese — has been adrift in splendid

Easter Island Moai

isolation in the South Pacific for millennia.

Australian koala

The island is a paradise of pristine white beaches,

Produce vendor in Ho Chi Minh City

brilliant turquoise lagoons, and swaying palm trees.

“Each bay, its own wind.”

Location/Subject: Traditional

– Fijian prover b

Agency: NGT - 498179

dance by Fiji Islanders Rights: RM

Visit an island village, discover exotic marine life among the coral reefs, or explore Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple — the largest Hindu temple in the southern hemisphere.

Westin Denarau Island Resort & Spa

December 2 & 3

of statuary, as well as pictographs and petroglyphs that

D e c e m b e r 7, 8 & 9

Disembark Ushuaia/ Easter Island, Chile

detail the annual rituals of the birdman cult.

Sydney, Australia

The Clipper Adventurer returns to Ushuaia, where you explore Tierra del Fuego National Park. After lunch at the Prison Museum, board the “End of the World” steam train and travel through the Pico Valley to the forest.

Board our private jet for Easter Island, a remote

island that sits more than 2,300 miles off the coast of Chile. A thousand years ago, a sophisticated society developed, then disappeared, leaving stone villages, open-air sanctuaries, and giant statues called moai.

Resident archaeologists lead you to hidden troves

December 2 & 3

Easter Island, Chile

Sparkling waterways, world-class vineyards, bushwalks, botanical wonders, and the world-famous Opera House — these are just a few of Sydney’s spectacular attractions. Discover a wonderland of hazy blue

There’s much the world could learn from this remote

eucalypt forests and epic rock formations at Blue

island that sits more than 2,300 miles off the coast of

Mountains National Park — a UNESCO World

Chile. A thousand years ago, a sophisticated society

Heritage Site. Or choose a day excursion to Hunter

developed, then disappeared, leaving stone villages,

Valley for the ultimate culinary experience. Also explore

open-air sanctuaries, and giant statues called moai.

the wide-ranging cultural life, vibrant cityscape, and

the sandstone lanes and cul-de-sacs of Sydney’s historic

Resident archaeologists lead you to hidden troves

of statuary, as well as pictographs and petroglyphs that

neighborhood — The Rocks.

detail the annual rituals of the birdman cult.


Iorana Hotel or Taha Tai Hotel, Easter Island

Four Seasons, Sydney

D e c e m b e r 10 & 11

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam A city of sights and sounds, Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam’s center of commerce. Street vendors on cyclos pile high baskets of fruits and wares for sale amid a melee of cars and people. But lush paddy fields, wide-open country, and the Mekong Delta are never far away.

Take a city tour and experience the Cu Chi

tunnels where villagers literally dug themselves out

Iorana Hotel or Taha Tai Hotel, Easter Island

15 A P ri v ate Jet E x pedition

se v e n co n ti n e n ts

UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES Your global odyssey includes eight important sites which have been set apart for protection by UNESCO’s World Heritage

of harm’s way during the war through a subterranean


labyrinth. Or choose a full day excursion to the market

• Costa Rica’s Area de Conservación

town nestled along the north bank of the Mekong

• Easter Islands’s Rapa Nui National Park • Australia’s Sydney Opera House • Australia’s Blue Mountains National Park • Egypt’s Islamic Cairo • Egypt’s Pyramid Fields from Gîza to

the late 17th century.



• Portugal’s Monastery of the Hieronymites and Tower of Belém

• Portugal’s Cultural Landscape of Sintra

River — originally settled by Chinese immigrants in

Park Hyatt Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City

D e c e m b e r 12, 13 & 14

Udaipur, India In the far south of Rajasthan lies an oasis in the middle of the Thar Desert. An opulent city, Udaipur’s majestic waterside palaces are surrounded by desert hills and distant vistas. Experience the regally decorated Royal Barge before arriving at City Palace for a luxurious private banquet in magnificent Rajasthani style.

“ Fo r m o re t h a n a s co re o f ce nt u r i e s t h e wo r l d wa s Eg y p t, a n d Eg y p t wa s t h e wo r l d.”

– B u r to n H o l m e s, 1 9 t h a n d 2 0 t h ce n t u r y A m e r i ca n a d ve n t u re r

In the valley of Ranakpur, visit the beautiful white

marble Jain temple complex, featuring 1,444 intricately carved pillars. After our temple visit, enjoy lunch at the hunting cabin of the maharaja of Jodhpur.

The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur

D e c e m b e r 15 & 16

Lisbon at night

Cairo, Egypt

Rajasthani woman

Cairo — the largest city on the Africa continent — is

The Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipur

the cultural heart of Islam. Explore the Mohammed Ali Mosque, lavishly adorned in alabaster, visit the historically-rich Ben Ezra Synagogue and discover the 4th-century Church of Saints Serguis and Bacchus.

Nearby on the Giza plateau sit the Great Pyramids

and the Sphinx, enduring symbols of ancient Egyptian strength and wisdom. Location/Subject: Pages of a 13th century Koran Agency: NGT- 751704


Rights: RM

A P ri v ate Jet E x pedition

Four Seasons Nile Plaza, Cairo

D e c e m b e r 17 & 18

D e c e m b e r 19 & 20

Lisbon, Portugal

Return Orlando/Depart for Home

Some of the world’s most intrepid explorers sailed

Return to Orlando and overnight. The following

under the flag of Portugal in its golden age of discovery.

day, transfer to the airport for commercial

Most expeditions departed from the capital of Lisbon.

flights homeward.

Choose a scenic walking tour of Lisbon’s medieval

Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes, Orlando

streets, flowered courtyards, and ancient monuments. Or drive along the coast to the Arrabida Mountains, stopping to enjoy the cobbled seaport of Setúbal and lunch at a pousada. As a third option, drive to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Sintra. Celebrate with a gala farewell dinner at our hotel.

This inaugural, 24-day expedition starts at

$00,000 per person, double occupancy $3,200 per person single supplement Itinerary and prices are subject to change

Four Seasons Hotel Ritz, Lisbon

17 S e v e n C o n ti n e n ts


B e yo n d t h e o r d i n a r y

Let us surprise you. Let us delight you. A treasured trademark of our journeys

best-in-class jetliner

by private jet is the concept of Surprise

Only a private jet can take you to Earth’s seven

and Delight.

continents in just 32 days — all in comfort,

safety, and ease.

While our brilliant expedition staff

members, behind the scenes and on the jet,

are carefully orchestrating every detail of your

with full ergonomic support. Gourmet meals,

extraordinary journey, they’re also plotting

chilled champagne, your own chef. Personable,

behind your back.

professional jet staff who welcome you back

As spectacular as the scheduled events and

aboard after each stop. The perfect place to

experiences of your expedition already are, our

relax, reflect on your experiences, and learn

goal is to make them even better. We call these

about the next exotic destination.

the Surprise and Delight moments — and your

private jet expedition is studded with them.

for hassle-free arrivals. Fly direct, bypass busy

airports and, at most stops, enjoy expedited

They’re not listed in your brochure.

Just 19 rows of spacious leather seats

Dedicated advance staff paves the way

They aren’t mentioned in your trip documents.

boarding and easy passage through Customs

They’re not on the schedule. And you will never

and Immigration.


Lecturer First Last Text.

Are we going to plug the lecturers???

Lecturer First Last Text.

know when they’re coming. But be confident that they are coming.

Without giving away too much, we can

tell you . . . we’ve produced baby elephants on command. We’ve delivered brilliant dance performances in the middle of public squares. We’ve transformed a simple rest stop into a feast of homemade pastries beside bubbling springs in a forest glen.

We take special pride in our ability to take

your breath away. In fact, we’re a little bit smug about it. So come along and let us surprise you. Let us delight you.

When you least expect it, you can expect it.


Experts enlighten you Travel with a team of expert lecturers, enjoying briefings in-flight and special audio systems on the ground to stay in touch. Lecturer First Last Text.




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Orlando/Liberia (Costa Rica) Liberia/Bariloche Bariloche/Ushuia Ushuia/Easter Island Easter Island/Nadi (Fiji) Tech Stop Nadi/Sydney Sydney/Ho Chi Minh Ho Chi Minh/Udaipur Udaipur/Cairo Cairo/Lisbon Lisbon/Orlando Tech Stop

2h 25m 8h 2h 20m 7h 7h 25m 3h 40m 4h 55m 8h 45m 5h 6h 15m 6h 15m 2h 20m 7h 30m

19 A P ri v ate Jet E x pedition

se v e n co n ti n e n ts

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