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Games can provide great relief from the stress of modern life. Some games, such as video games, can transport you to a different world, one filled with excitement and adventure. Others are more earth-bound, but still provide much-needed fun and social bonding. A lyric game is a different type of game which allows you to share your knowledge of music and test your memory against that of other players. A family game offers something different than single-player games. Nearly everyone wants to spend more time with their families, and a family game can be the key to bringing everyone together for an evening of fun. Inside jokes, shared moments, and surprising moments of insight and intimacy can be the result when a family plays a charming and disarming family game. Board games are interesting to people of all ages. There are styles of board games for every age and interest. A board game can keep people occupied and entertained anywhere from a few hours to an entire weekend. Board games mostly represent a type of “war” between two or more opponents that excites the competitive spirit of all involved. A singing game is what it implies-a game where everyone sings! With the rise of American Idol, Rock Band and karaoke, more and more people are feeling the urge to perform. A singing game encourages and rewards the natural impulse to burst into song. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a family board game that combined singing and lyric games? Well, rejoice, music lovers, because such a game exists, and it’s called Spontuneous. Spontuneous is the Family board game that can help to build a strong bond between family members and fill your house with music. You won’t want to leave the house, and with Spontuneous, you won’t need to-your excitement and adventure is just a song away. The author of this article has expertise in family board game. The articles on singing game reveals the author’s knowledge on the same. The author has written many articles on lyric game, family game and board game as well.