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Hunter The Irrigation Innovators of the I- 25-04 4 inch Pop-up Rotor

Among all, the Hunter I-25-04 4" Pop-up Rotor stands out. Hunter “the irrigation innovators� has launched the most efficient sprinklers in the market. The sprinkler irrigation is best at the conservation of water. This is a necessity of the present world. It is the duty of each and every person to cut down the wastage of water. The hunters have put a step ahead in this field. This rotor has a huge coverage area. It has got improved features lined up to evolve into a better product. This rotor has a proven and tested gear drive system which is water- lubricated. Along come, 12 color-coded nozzles. This enables easy identity and offers great distribution uniformity. It also has Full and part-circle operation present in a single rotor. This helps in reducing the stock. There is another very interesting option of the usageof recycled water. This rotor comes with a five years warranty. This rotor is perfect for commercial as well as recreational use. It is efficient, tough, and built to last. Dimensions The Hunter I-25-04 4" Pop-up Rotor has an overall height of 7-7/8 inches. It has a female inlet of 1 inches NPT or BSP.The length of the exposed diameter is 1-7/8 inches. Operating Specifications - Discharge rate The rate of discharge of water ranges from 3.8 to 31.5 GPM - Radius The coverage radius of this model is from 40 inches to 71 inches. This is a large cover for a rotor. - Recommended Pressure Range The recommended pressure range is from 40 PSI to 100PSI. - Operating Pressure Range The operating pressure range matches the recommended pressure range. It is the same at 40 PSI to 100PSI. - Precipitation Rates

The precipitation rate is approximately 0.23” to 0.57” per hour. - Nozzle Trajectory The nozzle trajectory is of 25 degrees. -Check Valve A drain check valve for up to 10’ elevation change is present. The presence of check valve helps conserve water and reduces the liability. Options For Hunter I-25-04 4" Pop-up Rotor many options are available. This model of sprinkler has reclaimed water covers. The reclaimed or recycled water is usually the sewageor the wash water which is used in the irrigation process. This reduces the wastage of potable water. When recycled water is used the rotor should have the purple colored cap. This model has nozzles directly installed from the factory. An Easy arc adjustment enables a 50 degrees to 360 degreesrotation. This means an uninhibited motion up and down, wet and dry. The feature of automatic arc return makes it possible to return the original arc regardless of the turn of the turret. It has got a non-strippable, vandal-proof drive mechanism. This mechanism enables the turret to turn avoiding even slightest damage. The vandal-proof drive mechanism is a lock screw arrangement which avoids easy removal of the sprinklers. The sprinkler can’t be removed without a special tool, probably an Allen wrench. This model has got an option of stainless or plastic made steel riser. It is available with both the parts. The riser made up of stainless steel is perfect for sandy areas. It such an environment the sharp edges of the sand particles scratch the rotor parts. A steel body is resistant to scratch. In This Hunter I-25-04 4" Pop-up Rotor it is very easy to change the arcs. This is a taboo in the other rotor brands. Greenmark sprinklers and irrigation supplies is the number one online wholesaler of sprinklers and Hunter I-25-04 rotors.

Hunter The Irrigation Innovators of the I-25-04 4 inch Pop-up Rotor  

Among all, the Hunter I-25-04 4" Pop-up Rotor stands out. Hunter "the irrigation innovators" has launched the most efficient sprinklers in t...