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From Argentina with Love Bienvenidos a Argentina!!Latinos, they say, are tenderly enthusiastic. If in Brazil they throw flowers at you, but if you are in Argentina they throw themselves (with love). How true! That’s the average Argentinean for you! If an Argentinean was so good, how would their cuisine be? Again with the same life and love they that the people have. Argentina is supposed to be the world’s largest producer of meat, especially beef. Given this fact, red meat especially beef is a part of their everyday diet. In fact it is said that Argentina consumesmore beef per capita than any other country in the world. The food that forms a part of their everyday diet is wheat based food especially white wheat flour. Typical Argentine cuisine includes, Barbecued meat (Asado), Steak and beef ribs, pork sausage(Chorizo), mojellas (sweet bread) all served with a sauce called (Chimichurri). Asado is the ultimate in Argentine cuisine. Meat is so popular that they are used to prepare snacks as well; popular among these are empanadasor small pastries of meat, cheeseand sweet corn. There are hundreds of variations off the empanadasthat are made in Argentina. You could choose either from empanadasgallega, or empanadassaltenas. These empanadasusually differ from province to province. The stuffing of these empanadasalso varies from meat, to cheese,vegetables, cod fish, to even ham. Immaterial of the stuffing, the province and the place that you buy, empanadasare very economical. As earlier mentioned Steak is very popular in Argentine cuisine and hence is Argentine cuisine’s famous export. There are many steak housesin San Diego that serve the most authentic steaks along with Chimichurri. For those who are new to Argentine cuisine, Chimichurri is a green sauce (although in some places it’s served red) that’s made from chopped parsley, minced garlic, vegetable oil (or olive oil), vinegar and red pepper flakes. Sometimes, these are seasoned with herbs like paprika, oregano, cumin, thyme, cilantro, lemon and bay leaf. If in San Diego, make sure to visit a steak house that specializes in Argentine cuisine. Most steakhouses (in order to maintain the original flavor and keeping in mind the health perspective) import beef that’s only grass fed and not those that are given all sorts of hormones or steroid injections. It is said that grassfed beef has the same level of cholesterol as any skinless chicken or even wild deer. This helps to even lower your cholesterol levels. Grassfed beef although low in bad cholesterol is very high in omega 3 fatty acids. So, don’t go by the gimmick of the beef manufacturer’s saying beef is beef and the feed (be it grass or grains) is unimportant. The author of this article knows the fact that PampasAll-Natural Beef, Free-Range Poultry & Fresh Local Seafood are always free of Hormones, Steroids and Pesticides. The author has written many articles on Chimichurria and Grassfed

From Argentina with Love