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Create more Car Finance Deals – Tomorrows innovations, Today. Three significant events have shaped the motor trade over the last 5 years. The Internet, FSA regulation of insurance sales and the current economic downturn. The culture of Carlyle Finance is to embrace change to ensure that events work to the advantage of our dealer partners so that they are in a position to close more car finance deals and that any market changes deliver more opportunities than threats.

The Internet The internet has made a fundamental change to the market over the last five years. Recent data suggests that 80% of all car sales are now researched and sourced on-line. Many believe that this represents a threat to income for a dealers business, - by driving down chassis profit and finance penetrations. It doesn’t have to be this way. There are a number of initiatives that Carlyle Finance has employed to take advantage of the internet.

Virtual Business Manager – What if we could qualify, present and demonstrate the value of point of sale finance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? What if your on-line customers could receive quotes, run quote comparisons and gain bank and cash conversion information rather than source a personal loan? All of the above is possible by choosing Carlyle Finance. Our Virtual Business Manager compliments your F&I processes rather than threaten them. The actions of our VBM, - through video, graphics and quote engine technology, are dictated by you, the dealer ensuring your car finance deals continue to be a vital profit centre for your business. Insurance and The FSA. The introduction of regulation upon point of sale insurance has made a major impact upon the industry. Carlyle Finance embraced the changes and having done so now lead the market in terms of PPP and GAP sale performance. We achieve this through product innovation, class leading process and the highest levels of compliance and customer satisfaction. Our insurance solutions can compliment your own or provide a completely new profit channel from an income stream you may have abandoned.

The Credit Crunch We understand that recent economic events would have had an impact upon your business. Perhaps in terms of unit sales, after-sales or any number of other income areas. We also understand that the crunch has had a severe impact upon other motor finance providers as their parent companies battle with exposures to sub-prime losses. Rather than focus upon fewer car sales, fewer car finance deals and fewer finance companies to choose from we believe that any progressive business that works to choose an innovative, independent partner will thrive. Customers

will look for value, service and affordability and together we can drive unit sales and finance penetration back up. Together we can do this by offering good value, great service and product innovations that make the vehicle more affordable. About Author:Richard Smithson of this article has expertise in Carlyle Finance. The articles on UK Motor Dealers reveals the author’s knowledge on the same. The author has written many articles on insurance as well.

Create more Car Finance Deals – Tomorrows innovations, Today  

Three significant events have shaped the motor trade over the last 5 years. The Internet, FSA regulation of insurance sales and the current...

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