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Steve Chong

Bad News message

Nov 26, 2013

Dear CBC listeners: We heard many complaints about our coverage on the Robert Pickton trial. CBC Radio understands that some of the details of Pickton’s alleged crimes may be too horrific to some of our listeners. But wouldn’t some of you also want to know the full details? First, CBC’s purpose is to provide public the information that may be used for free discussion and debate. Robert Pickton’s alleged crimes provide a lot of avenue for discussion and debate due to since Pickton’s allegedly preyed upon the Downtown eastside women, many of whom are desperate. Second, our job is to update the Canadians on the issues they encounter so they can decide for themselves on whether to pay attention. Since Canada is a country of over 30 million people, there will be a vast spectrum of how people react on the Canadian issues. CBC believes the Robert Pickton trial clearly makes an impact in this vast nation. While some may shy away from its details, others will not. Third, CBC wants to reveal different views of the issues that impact Canadians. That can only be done if we cover Canadian stories as thoroughly as possible. CBC will be happy to air some comments on air to show a variety of views on matters important to Canadians, such as the Pickton trial. CBC will not be scaling back the coverage on the Robert Pickton trial. It will be available on CBC Radio One, television, and on For those who disagree with our decision, we would like to invite them to listen to CBC Radio Two and Three. These two stations feature artists from the past and present, as well as popular and independent artists. CBC looks forward to future discussions regarding our programming to provide the best programming for the Canadians. For those who are offended by our coverage of the Pickton trial, CBC would like to invite you to tune into CBC radio 2 and 3 where Pickton trial details will be off limits. For more information, contact Steve Chong at 1-604-767-6590 or at

Bad news message