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The PAL Weekend Adventure Passionate & Authentic Living

“This retreat is a wonderful re-entry into fully being who you are intended to be.” - Jason Wolf, Participant

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Welcome to The PAL Weekend Adventure The waiting is over. Now is the time to step out of the busy work world and spend a few days on you and only you – no distractions. The PAL Weekend Adventure offers you a unique opportunity to take a journey on a richly empowering path of self-discovery to reinvigorate your passion for your life and career. One of the biggest challenges in life is figuring out just which decisions and actions best move you toward your mission. This challenge is compelling when considering that approximately 7% of the people today are living their calling - their purpose in life. To meet these challenges, this journey has been designed to show you how to: • • • • • • • • •

Clarify and celebrate your calling in life – your passion Crystallize or create your personal life mission Improve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual destiny Make faster and clearer life decisions Get in touch with your authentic self Unlock your creative powers Bring new life to your relationships Earn a living doing what you love Rediscover or reinvent yourself

This workshop integrates Dr. Steve Cady’s fifteen years of research in developing the Six Ways to a Passionate Soul. It is a chance for you to unleash the power of your passion, in a safe place, with a group of caring and supportive people.

“I attended a networking event... When I spoke about my mission... and asked for a lead, five people gave me the names of contacts. I think I need to add gratitude to my values and particularly for our time together.” - Lehigh, Participant

“Every where I go, people ‘hook up’ to the positive energy I am feeling. My children are so happy now.” - Margaret, Participant

The purpose of the PAL Weekend Adventure is to provide you with a backpack of supplies for your life’s journey. This backpack is comprised of simple, tried-and-true tools and techniques that you can immediately put to use in your own life. Unleash your passion, right where you are. The more you live these practices, the easier they get - and the more powerful they become. Prior to the Adventure, you will complete pre-work to get ready. When you arrive, you will embark on a journey that takes you away from the busy daily distractions so that you can focus on your calling, your purpose. Using nature as a metaphor, you will be guided thorugh a three-legged journey comprised of head and heart activities, experiential exercises, group discussions, paired conversations, personal reflection, walks, play, art, and more. Participate at the level that stretches you to your edge and a bit more. You chose how far you stretch - you choose how much you participate. This is your journey. We guide, encourage, and support you.

Take a moment to imagine... What would it be like to live the life you were meant to live -- that first, best alternative?

Ask yourself, am I... • • • •

Ready to get re-invigorated and inspired for what is possible? Seeking to be more clear about my calling - my purpose in life? Committed to making a difference and taking action? Looking to connect with others on their path to living a life of meaning?

If you answered YES, then you are invited...

“Quit my job, moving to a new city and taking a job with more risk....and I just gotta do it.....Life is a daring adventure or nothing. All kinds of incredible things are happening...and a lot because I am open to them happening.” - Lori Stevens, Participant

Weekend Agenda Leg One of the Journey — exploring your landscape

On the first leg of the journey, you begin by slowing down and noticing - exploring your life and how passionately you are living. We create a safe place for our community of participants through a sharing process called My Life. From here, you will draw from the Personal Self-Assessment completed in the pre-work. The Passion Quotient based on the Six Ways provides you with a deeper understanding of where you came from, who you really are, and how you live your life. This sets the stage for a deep soulful conversation on Leg Two.

Leg Two of the Journey — envisioning your destination You are guided through head and heart activities connecting you to a vision of what is possible. You come with questions and desires. The intention on this leg is to inspire you, challenging you to follow your 1st best alternative. A powerful activity, Polishing the Gold, is utilzed to focus on your talents - your gifts - how you make a difference that matters. You will work together with your soul and higher power to uncover and then craft your mission & goals for what is next. It is here that participants often get the unexpected revelation they have been seeking.

Leg Three of the Journey — charting your course After clarifying and claiming your passion -- your mission, you then examine how to take charge now, through the Strategic Life Alignment Process. The focus is on you as a whole person - head/ heart - left/right brain. You will build the 2 Pillars of Inspiration & Implementation. That is, you craft your strategic plan and develop your inspiration practices. You will prioritize specific objectives to support your mission, vision, goals, and principles. We are not done. The power of passion is found in the embrace of suffering, facing roadblocks, re-framing your shadow and finding the joy in your life. We will utilized activities for letting go, moving on, following through and creating success habits that nurture your potential. You will establish next steps for utlizing your toolkit in daily life. We complete the journey with the Gift Blanket Goodbye exercise and close with a discussion of how you can receive ongoing support and stay connected with your new PAL Circle community.

“The weekend gave me the opportunity to realize and see the things others have told me are my best qualities. Before I would just acknolowge them and move on about life. I have a whole new work ethic, When I hit a wall I push through.” - Andrew Rinaldi, Participant


The Pisgah House is located on Big Bald Mountain in the Pisgah National Forest at an elevation of 4,500 feet. The house is only 45 minutes from Asheville, North Carolina, just off Interstate 26 (located near two airports). The house is 5,500 square feet, with 150ft of deck wrapped around the house with direct views of sunrises and sunsets against the backdrop of the Great Smoky Mountains and the Appalachian Trail. In these beautiful mountains, the journey takes place as you look upon a sea of clouds cascading across the mountaintops like islands in the sky. Enjoying the weather and the particular beauty and power of Big Bald Mountain allows nature to support you while you are opening your consciousness and transforming your life.

The view from the back deck of the Pisgah House. The Pisgah House comfortably accommodates 20 to 25 people. We utilize all the wonderful space of the house to do our work, as well as gathering together for our meals. This is where we create the community of the PAL Circle. Located in the Wolf Laurel Resort - you have options of staying at The Pisgah House, renting your own house, or staying in smaller lodges or condominiums that are available.

Group of PAL Adeventurers on the top of Big Bald Mtn.

A wide range of local activities are available including skiing, tennis, horseback riding, fishing, spas, hot springs and more. You will find hiking trails with on-site access to the famous Appalachian Trail. The Biltmore House is down the road, along with Ashville’s eclectic community of arts, music and nature lovers. For more details and trip and visiting resources visit:

“Why are you here? This question was answered for me in several profound ways over the weekend. The weekend helped me focus on my personal and professional goals. The view from the mountain was a spectacular catalyst to my inspiration!” - John Spalding, Participant

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The purpose of the PAL Weekend Adventure is to provide you with a backpack of supplies for your life’s journey. This backpack is comprised o...