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Presentation Night

What’s On Summary

The Sailing Division Presentation Night was held on Saturday June 29th. The Motor Boat division influence was evident with the addition of entertainment provided by “Man Overboard”. After a meal and with the shortest presentation of trophies in memory (Ray Coles surprising brevity) there was plenty of time for them to entertain, and entertain they did until near all had left. The awards were distributed as follows: Trailerable Yachts CBH 1st Captain Moonlite ( C & C Flanagan & L Dickman)

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Effort of the Month

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JULY 2013 5 - Chill Out Session 12 - Chill Out Session 19 - Annual General Meeting followed by Chill Out Session 21 – Winter Sailing 26 - Chill Out Session 27 - Private Hall Hire CSC 28 – Christmas in July & Boat Repair Session AUGUST 2013 2 - Chill Out Session 9 - Chill Out Session 16 - Chill Out Session 18 - Winter Sailing CSC 23 - Chill Out Session 24 - Comedy Night CSC 25 - Boat Repair Session 30 - Chill Out Session SEPTEMBER 2013 7 - Chill Out Session 14 - Chill Out Session

To Be Shore, Wot & Eskimo, on a running leg on April 7th. (More pictures on facebook) 1

21 - Chill Out Session

What’s On Details

Presentation Night

July 5th Chill Out Session Held at PRMBC building 19:00 start



Bushranger (R Cole, G Dougherty, K Norton, A McDonald & A Wellskopf) Handicap 1st Magic Bus (R Naughtin & C Watt) 2nd Eskimo (K Blencowe, E Dougherty & L Marks) Off The Beach 1st Turkey (I Blencowe) nd 2 Klutz (A McClelland) Cadet of year A McClelland Clubman of year I Blencowe Ray Cole Perpetual I Blencowe

July 12th Chill Out Session Held at PRMBC building 19:00 start July 19th Annual General Meeting followed by Chill Out Session Held at PRMBC building 20:00 start July 21st Winter Sailing 11:00 start Followed by drinks at CSC building July 26th Chill Out Session Held at PRMBC building 19:00 start July 28th Christmas in July See notice Page 5 & Boat Repair Session AUGUST 2013 2 - Chill Out Session 9 - Chill Out Session 16 - Chill Out Session 18 - Winter Sailing CSC 23 - Chill Out Session 24 - Comedy Night CSC See notice Page 6 Pre function ticket sale only Professional comedians providing plenty of laughs Bring your friends 25 - Boat Repair Session 30 - Chill Out Session SEPTEMBER 2013 7 - Chill Out Session 2

House Report

2013-14 Membership

The PRMBC club rooms had a small working bee last Friday where the kitchen was cleaned by some very entrusted members everything pulled out of the cupboard, washed and put away in new plastic bins. Both toilets were cleaned as I said a mini working bee, The dredging is ok Birdon’s are doing a great job a lot of boatie’s must be very happy. Kingston council rep came down for their half yearly inspection which is basically for fire we have no problems. I have fixed the gutter which was reported last month, everything else is fine. Safe boating Ian

The committee has set the membership fees for the 2013-14 Season. In most cases there is a small increase that is in line with the CPI for the last 12 months. Charges are rounded to the nearest $5.00 multiple. Inconsistency between PRMBC and CSC memberships has been removed. The membership rates are: CSC Family $470 Senior $380 Associate $210 Student $145 Cadet $100 Social $100 Storage Senior $155 Cadet $75 Additional Boat $15 PRMBC Senior $225 Associate $100

Power Boating The Power Boat Committee has one last meeting for season 2012/13 on July 3rd. The last 12 months have slipped past very quickly, but have not been without its challenges. The Power Boat Sub Committee has had a busy schedule with boating and social events staged on behalf of the club. The social events that have been initiated and run by power boat members have been very successful and have raised much needed revenue for our combined clubs. Both sailors and power members have attended several excellent events and the camaraderie has been very encouraging. The Friday evening gatherings have entertained the regulars with both sailing and power members keeping the club spirit alive. We all look forward to meeting many more current and new members being regulars into the coming year. June was another wet and very cool period, with predictions of much the same for July. Bring on the boating and sailing season, and some sunshine to keep us all healthy and amused. (Maybe another couple of tall stories from RAY in the meantime.) Keep an eye out for our winter boating events, and check the Rudder and information board at the rooms for social and other events beyond July. The Presentation Night sounds like a fantastic combined yearly event, so if you have not booked, into making a good club an excellent club. you have missed an opportunity to say goodbye to the old building. The Annual General Meeting on the 19th of July is a time to review the past and put a Committee in place to take the CSC/PRMBC forward. The coming 2013/14 year is shaping up to become a major milestone for our clubs, so get on board. The future relies on a proactive and adventurous group of boating members that put a little effort ROB COUSTLEY

Repair Sessions Due to difficulties in members getting to the club and members boats repair sessions on Friday nights Sessions will be held on the fourth Sunday of the winter months. This is unless work has not been done the week before if winter sailing is abandoned. With club boats now not covered while in storage they require attention.

Annual General Meeting The 2013 Annual general meeting is to be held on 19th July. With Ian Blencowe and Ray Cole both advising that they will be relinquishing all responsibilities for the new season there are plenty of opportunities for other members take a position either on committee or other non committee position. Please consider your availability and suitability for these positions. Talk to the incumbent about what is required for the position, the requirements of which have changed. Positions to be filled are: Committee Commodore Vice Commodore Rear Commodore Secretary Treasurer Minute Secretary Membership Secretary 4 ordinary members Written Nominations (see page AAA) for these positions must be received by the secretary no later that July 12th. Nominations cannot be taken from the floor of the meeting. Non Committee Editor Bar Manager Patrol Boat Officer 3

Sailing Committee Rep Trailable Off The Beach Cadet

Sailing Editorial This edition is the last of the financial year, and records the details such as they were for the first winter race of the winter season. It was very poorly attended. It seemed to the Raver that the excuses offered for non starting were very poor. Almost invariably winter weather in Port Philip is the most placid of the year especially at the start to middle of the winter months and the extremes of flat calms and blowout wind strengths seldom occur. Heat 1 Winter Series Only 3 starters were at the almost deserted ramp, at launching time and an informal meeting decided on an informal race. ESKIMO and INDULGENCE were first afloat to be joined a little later by BUSHRANGER. All three in the overcast conditions and calm waters due to a SSE zephyr stepped masts just off the Club. At this stage a strange scene was witnessed with a couple of apparitions coming into sight which at first glance seemed to be two witches floating on some flotsam and/or jetsam and paddling with their broomsticks. Closer inspection revealed it was Helen and Sonia paddling newly acquired paddle boards. If it was a race, then Helen was clearly in front. And the reason for this was soon apparent as Sonia was handicapped by not wearing footwear and gentle readers her feet looked cold. These unballasted vessels with their high centre of gravity always seem to defy the physics of vessel stability yet they do seem to remain upright. QUITE remarkable!!!. There was general agreement that all three yacht would start NOW at an imprecise time about 17 minutes past eleven; (or thereabouts!!!) and proceed to the Inner Buoy off Aspendale. It was an off the wind start and spinnakers were set on ESKIMO and BUSHRANGER for the run to the mark. It was soon evident that although all three were equipped with Garmin navigational instrumentation that both ESKIMO and INDULGENCE were on a diverging course from that of BUSHRANGER. In fact for once the blue boat was right, and rounded the mark first; while the other two gybed on to the course to the mark and after rounding set out to catch BUSHRANGER. In the beat back to the mark(s) off the Club ESKIMO sailed well, and was overhauling BUSHRANGER. However that vessel rounded the No PWC buoy off the Club and ESKIMO the beacon off the river channel. Neither crews seemed at all concerned about this which set the tone for winter “racing” Both these boats set spinnakers for the second run to the Inner and INDULGENCE decided to call it a day (having been distracted by nearby dolphins) as the clouds had drifted away and bright sunlight bathed the scene as she anchored off the Club and Steve and Carol relaxed, in the cockpit, declining to do the second leg. BUSHRANGER rounded first at the Inner the second time and increased her lead over ESKIMO on the second beat home.


Official Times 1st Winter race BUSHRANGER Elapsed time YEAH Corrected Time YEAH MINUS ESKIMO “ AFTERNOON “ NOON INDULGENCE “ LAPSED “ PRE NOON BUSHRANGER disqualified ( did not sign on ) ESKIMO INDULGENCE 1st, 2nd,& 3rd. on both CBH and Perf. Handicap A special edition of Ravings very soon on the collective wisdom on sail setting especially jibs. Next winter Race 16th JULY 11am start. BE THERE, !!!! The Raver

Farm Talk Two cows in the paddock were having a chat Daisy said “I was artificially inseminated this morning.” “I don't believe you.” said Dolly

Trivia "Oh what a night," "Late December back in '63".....etc Members and guests had a great time, guessing the 'next line', or the 'Artist' or 'How fast is a knot?'. Members and guests learnt the capital of Canada, and caught up with old friends. The club was filled to capacity and a few more. The bar was busy, the raffles were won, the auction items sold, and lots of food shared. The club made a few bucks and everybody had a good time. Congratulations to the 'Winners', McDonald Maniacs, very well done!! If you have any comments for improvements etc - let the Boat Club Committee know as we are already thinking about plans for 2014. Congratulations and Thanks to all involved - ....."What a very special time for me, as I remember - what a night!!"

CHRISTMAS IN JULY CLUB BUS TRIP the Cuckoo Restaurant Date - Sunday the 28th of July Time – 10.15 am for 10.30 departure Cost - $55.00 per person Meet at - Inner Harbour Drive Destination– Cuckoo Restaurant Olinda (Mt Dandenong) Join us for a ride to Christmas land on the ‘Yellow Peril’ for a glass of Champers on the way, a buffet Christmas lunch with all the festive trimmings. ($45.00 includes buffet lunch, live music and a floorshow. The other $10 covers Champers and the bus driver) Don’t forget your coins for the raffle. Register your name on the flyer at the club or with Heather on email and pay Heather Coustley by May 31st Contact Heather with any changes to circumstances on 0409584160 /Rob on 0425754575 Yum Yum - See you there!



CARRUM SAILING CLUB INC. NOMINATION FOR COMMITTEE The Secretary, Carrum Sailing Club Inc. P.O. Box 137 Chelsea. 3196 I hereby give notice that on Friday July 19th, at the Annual General Meeting, I intend to nominate:-

for the position of Proposer Seconded Dated I accept the nomination Nominee

I, ………………………………………………………………………………….. of …………………………………………………………………………………… being a member of

Carrum Sailing / Patterson River Motor Boat Club Inc.

appoint ……………………………………………………………………………… (name of proxy holder) of ………………………………………………………………………………………. (address of proxy holder) being a member of that Incorporated Club, as my proxy to vote for me on my behalf at the annual general meeting of the Club to be held on Friday and at any adjournment of that meeting.

Signed Date


July 19th

Round the Buoys

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Effort of the Month

Disclaimer The contents of this publication MAY resemble the truth. There is NO guarantee on accuracy. Comments are NOT necessarily the observations or ideas of anybody associated with the club Basic Law of Physics For every action there is a corresponding reaction is a basic law of physics that is utilised to propel a sailing vessel, but as Lloyd Marks has found out it has other implications to his sailing. Lloyd has just bought a Laser dinghy which he intends to sail in the new season. The corresponding reaction to such an action under another law, the 9

Law of Andrea, is that something must go from the shed to compensate. T’was there when I last looked It was decided that for the June race participoantss would round the Yellow Carrum 2 Recreational Buoy that marks an artificial reef. With its position entered in the GPS aborad both Eskimo and Imndulgence participants headed for the mark. As they aspproached they had difficulty sighting the buoy. The charts showed the reef but there was still no sighting of the buoy until moments before Bushranger rounded a buoy some distance to port. It appears to have drifted further inshore