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Garden Wind Chimes In the Chinese tradition, wind chimes are used to produce a tranquil music that takes you to a world of trance. They can be decorative, musical or even used as spiritual tools. These wind chimes can be hung on your garden, doors or windows for the breeze to sway it. Garden


chimes are



bamboo, metal, or glass. The glass chimes, especially if the sunlight strikes on it reveal various dancing colours which is sure a sight to behold. Bamboo wind chime are generally made up of six to eight hollow tubes or rods attached on a weak ceiling and arranged as layers or mobiles. They can be covered with varnish for added protection and style.

Solar Wind Chime If you need some relaxation from your busy routine, or want some harmony in your life, you can fix a solar wind chime in your outdoors. Solar wind chime decorate your outdoors as well as it helps in the inflow of positive energy in your house. A solar chime attacks negative energy and moves it outdoors. Some peoples use this following the traditional belief and for some it is used as a piece of decoration.

Garden Wind Chimes