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Drama Studio Dance Studio E4 E5

Miss Gallagher Miss Bethom


Miss Donald


Mr Black


Miss Donald

Samba Group Orchestra


Flute Group Theory Group

E5 E5

Mr Leadbeatter

Drama Dance

Tuesday Singing Wednesda Saxophone y Group

Mrs Williams Mr Palmer

Keyboard Group Thursday


Funk and Rock Band

Miss Barkway

Please see Mr Leadbeatter or Miss Donald if you are a new starter and wish to be involved in any of the activities. GAMES CLUB Year 7 Games club is on Friday lunchtimes at 1:30 in room 10. Board games, jigsaws and more. Come along and see what it’s all about! Mrs Whalley DANCE Years 7 - 9 Monday lunchtime 1.10pm (bring a packed lunch) in the Dance Studio. Miss Bethom

DRAMA Years 7 - 11 Year 7 Drama Club Monday lunchtimes @ 1.30pm in the Drama Studio Year 8 to 11 Drama Club Friday lunchtimes @ 1.30pm in the Drama Studio All welcome regardless of ability or experience. We will be working towards a performance for each drama club based on ‘Peter Pan’. We need people who are interested in costumes, lighting, sound, props, design and directing as well as actors – so come along and get involved! Miss Gallagher BRILLIANT BOOK CLUB Years 7 – 9 If you enjoy books, come and meet with other students who do. Talk about books and authors, quizzes, book reviews, magazines and other events. Meet in the Library on Thursdays at afternoon registration. Mrs Graves, Librarian

ART CLUB Years 7 - 9 • Learn new skills • Improve your drawing and painting • Become even more creative Come along to E3, Wednesday lunchtime 1.30 – 2pm Miss Brooks YEAR 7 HOMEWORK CLUB Struggling with Homework? Need some extra help? Need a quiet place to work? Every Wednesday lunchtime, 1.30 – 2pm in C2 Miss Crowther

FILM CLUB All Year Groups Film Club members can look forward to… -A variety of film genres. -Invitation to exclusive screenings and discussions. -The opportunity to review movies and get your work published online. -Interaction with the film industry through visits and events. Wednesday After School 3.30 – 5pm Room 12 Mr Bousfield or Mr M Rogers CHESS CLUB All Year Groups Every lunchtime at 1.20pm, Room 8, all welcome. Mr Hyman CHRISTIAN UNION ‘Engage’ All Year Groups Tuesday lunchtime 1.35 – 2.05pm Room 2 Hannah Boadle from NISCU (see Mrs Aldren for further information) KNITTING CLUB Years 7 to 9 Mrs Airey runs a Year 9 Knitting Club after school each week. Any new "knit-wits" from Years 7, 8 & 9. No experience required. Mrs Airey


All Year Groups

Mondays from 3.30 – 5pm in the New Hall with a qualified instructor.

Develop self-confidence, fitness, muscle tone, flexibility, balance, strength, posture and agility, as well as developing your self-defence skills. Also perfect for your sport or skill choice for Duke of Edinburgh Award. All year groups welcome. Mr M Rogers ICT – COMPUTER CLUB All Year Groups ICT open the labs nearly every lunchtime so that students can do homework or coursework for any subject. Students are also welcome to undertake their own project if it relates to ICT or Computing. New: Raspberry Pi Club will be run in Computer Club, 2nd half of lunchtime. If you are stuck with your Pi, bring it along. M5 – All years M6 – GCSE only Every Day Computer Club is not for playing games. Mr Hamilton P4C PHILOSOPHY CLUB

All Year Groups

If you’re are naturally nosey, inquisitive, curious and you have questions about the world and ideas then you’ll enjoy this club! In Room 21 Start 1.30pm – 2.05pm Tuesday Week B Mrs Barker KKS CHARITY GROUP

All Year Groups

Do you want to make a difference? Do you care? Do you enjoy organising events?

Do you have ideas to help us raise money? Every Monday Lunchtime Room 21 1.30-2pm Mrs Barker and Mrs Aldren WARHAMMER All Year Groups The club meets on a Tuesday lunchtime in room 9 for painting and scenery building sessions (and for beginner players) and on Tuesdays after school for battles. Got your own army? Fantastic bring it along either for painting tips or to wage war! Beginner? No problem, borrow one of the club’s armies and let battle commence! Experienced players and beginners welcome from all year groups. Mr C Rogers CREATIVE WRITING Year 10 Poems Novels Short Stories If any of these interest you then this is the club for you! Whether you are an experienced writer or just starting out come along and have a go. We are looking to start a regular writing club in school with the aim of improving your creative writing and maybe preparing it for competitions or publication. If you are interested come along to room 9 on Wednesday lunchtimes. Mr M Rogers GEOGRAPHY Years 7 - 11 Geography Café - G&T group meets at lunchtimes, usually 1 every half-term. Challenges, geography films, walks, visits, eat food from around the world. Mrs Derbyshire, Mrs Bennett, Mrs Herbert YOUNG CHAMBER Years 7 - 11 Open to all students, Years 7 – 11. We meet on Monday lunchtimes (1.20) in Room 13 and engage in enterprising activities.

The students design, manufacture and sell items in school, organise an enterprise competition in school “Dragons Den” and attend Cumbria Chamber of Commerce meetings at Christmas and in the Summer. Mr Finn YEAR 8 HOMEWORK CLUB Struggling with Homework? Need some extra help? Need a quiet place to work? Every Wednesday lunchtime, 1.30 – 2pm in Room 12 Mrs Aldren TEXTILES CRAFT CLUB All Year Groups Enjoy arts & crafts? Want to make something new to wear? Learn a new skill or hobby? Have space & time in school to do your own craft thing? Want to find out more? Wednesday lunchtimes, 1.30pm, T6 Ms Jack GIRLS PE: Hockey Monday 3.30 – 4.40pm 13 Tuesday 3.30 – 4.40pm Netball

Monday 1.25 – 1.55pm Wednesday 1.25 – 1.55pm Thursday 1.25 – 1.55pm

Years 10, 11, 12 & Years 7, 8 & 9 Year 7 Years 10 – 13 Years 8 & 9

Badminton & Table Tennis Friday lunchtime 1.25 – 1.55pm Years 7 – 13 BOYS PE: Rugby Union

Monday: 1st XV, U14 Tuesday: U15, U13 (lunch) U12 (lunch) Wednesday: U14 (lunch) U12


Hockey Running Club Finn Badminton

Thursday: U13 Monday: U14, U15 Tuesday: U12, U13 Wednesday: U16, 1st XI Friday: after school on ATP All Year Groups, Friday lunchtime, see Mr Friday after school

GCSE ART Years 10 & 11 • Do you need some help with your work? • Do you need some extra time to complete your briefs? • Do you need somewhere with enough space to work? • Do you need a full range of material and equipment? Come along to E3, Miss Brooks will be present on Monday & Thursday 3.30 – 5pm & every lunch time from 1.30 Miss Brooks LIFE DRAWING CLASS Thursdays 3.40 – 5.15pm If interested please see Mr Buckland. Mr Buckland DUKE OF EDINBURGH, Bronze Year 10 Year 10, day to be confirmed. Gold possible. This will be promoted in a special assembly. Mrs Nicholl or Mr Harris HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE CLUB Years 10 to 13 After school on Wednesday and Thursday in Room 14. Mrs Wright YEAR 11 CAREERS DROP IN Not sure what ‘A’ levels to choose? Thinking of going to College but not sure which course to take? Want to find out the qualifications required for your career ideas?

Are you unsure what to do after year 11? Every Wednesday Library Office Inspira Adviser (formerly Connexions)

1.30pm – 2pm

YOUNG ENTERPRISE Year 12 Wednesday, after school. Run your own business and compete. Please see Mrs McMullen AFTER SCHOOL LIBRARY CLUB - this is held in the library from 3.30 until 4.30 every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and everyone is welcome. A supportive environment gives students the opportunity to complete homework, read, use the computers for educational activities (in-line with school guidelines and user agreements), and meet with friends. Mrs Graves, Librarian AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES CLUB – this takes place in various locations around school according to the activities, from 3.30-5.30 every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and everyone is welcome. FRIDAYS – the two clubs combine in the library and run until 5.30. A letter will be sent home in your starter pack - return the form to Reception at the beginning of the Autumn Term or in advance of attending. Mrs Graves, Librarian 19/09/2012

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