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I live in the PEAK DISTRICT , Which is the oldest National Park in the UK. There is always something extraordinary to talk about, something happening, exciting and amazing events. 1/3

The Peak district has so much heritage in the form of buildings and places on interest. The views are BREATH TAKING and that attracts many visitors and walkers to the park. In fact it attracts more than 10,000,000 visitors a year !! The above is the view from my front door, how can anyone not be grateful when this is what greets you every day. THE NEXT EVENT I AM EXCITED ABOUT IS ON THE 16TH MAY 2018 THE LANCASTER BOMBER The LANCASTER BOMBER is doing A FLY PAST at lady bower reservoir on the 16th May 2018 to mark 100 years of the RAF this is so EXCITING. I understand this will take place in the heart of the PEAK DISTRICT in Derbyshire, UK, around 12 noon DON'T MISS IT. We owe so much to these planes and the courageous pilots and crew who flew in the WAR, some sadly gave their lives, they helped give all of us our liberty. We should be proud of what they achieved for us, WHY because in the world even today there are whole countrys they do not have the liberty we enjoy.

SO SAD THE WEATHER FORCED THE FLY PAST TO BE CANCELLED My blog page is one of my new ventures, it allows me to work from home and build a new business. It means I can achieve something I am passionate about. At 58 years old I have experienced two major stages in my life the first was at about 42 years old I panicked, as I wanted more out of life , I wanted to free myself of working for somebody else. I then started my pet business I ran this successfully for 15 years, I then decided (due to market conditions) to close my business. Panicked again at 58 what I am going to do! ( no educational qualifications just the experience of life ) I am still ambitious to achieve and I wanted more income to allow me to do all the things in life I still hadn't experienced ie travel, help others where I can,pursue other interests etc. HEY I found the internet ! I am happy, fulfilled and enjoying life once more. If you are happy,fulfilled,living your purpose and have enough income to live how you wish to then DO NOT click the link below and view my mentors. I want to thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I hope you will return for further information.would you please share, comment or contact me and let me know your thoughts.



Digitalbloggers com lancaster bomber in the peak district  

this is about the LANCASTER BOMBER fly past marking 100 years of the RAF

Digitalbloggers com lancaster bomber in the peak district  

this is about the LANCASTER BOMBER fly past marking 100 years of the RAF