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School Newsletter

September 2011 – Issue 1

Dear Parents and Carers, This newsletter is published monthly by Toodyay DHS, to communicate school news to its students, their parents and carers, and others interested in what’s happening at Toodyay DHS

STOP PRESS!! YOUTHCARE STREET STALL (Outside old IGA) 8.30 10th September 2011 All donations e.g. cakes gratefully appreciated


16 Interschool Athletics (Sec) 21st School Photos rd 23 Wheatbelt Youth Summit 23rd School Open Day 26th – 30th Country Week 28th Interschool Athletics (Pri) 30th Last Day of Term

DATES IN OCTOBER 1st Oct - 175th Day Town Parade

A reminder that school finishes at 3.00pm (2.35pm on Thursday). We request that parents make sure their children do not play in the playgrounds or car parks after school. Play equipment is only for use during school hours.

Thank you for your support on our Faction Carnival Day. It was wonderful to see so many parents enjoying the day along with our students and staff. It was the first time in many years that we held the day on our school oval with P/P -10 students participating. I would like to acknowledge the work of our Athletics Committee; Michal Jasinski, Erica Sheridan, Stephen Pountney and Lindsay Gibson who together ensured our day was such a success. Congratulations to all our students for their effort and especially to those students who received Runner-up and Champion medals. Last week our year 8, 9 and 10 students had the opportunity to attend the play, The Merchant of Venice. Students dressed for the occasion, displayed impeccable manners throughout and were safely returned home by midnight. Thank you to Ms. Pratt who organised the event and to staff who attended to assist with supervision. Our Country Week plans are falling into place. We are very pleased that through support from our local community, i.e. Toodyay District High School P&C and Vernice, along with a subsidy provided by the school, we are sending two teams. Thank you to Michal Jasinski who has worked hard to organize this event and ensure the event’s success. We also appreciate the time given by our volunteers who are attending as coaches and staff who will assist with supervision. The onset of spring brings the annual problem of swooping magpies. We have some very protective magpies

in the trees surrounding our oval. We have contacted the Shire Ranger and the Department of


Conservation who are assisting us to ensure the playground is safe for our students. Parents, it would be appreciated if you could remind your children of the importance of ignoring the magpies as much as possible. Students need to wear hats at all times; broad brimmed hats provide the best coverage and protection. Staff will be extra vigilant while on duty on the oval. It is that time of the year when we commence planning for 2012. If you are aware that your child will not be attending Toodyay District High School in 2012, could you please notify the Front Office? You are welcome to phone, email or place your notice in writing by Friday 16th September. We would very much appreciate your assistance in this matter. On Tuesday 13th September the Launch for our Six from Borneo Project was held at the Old Goal in Toodyay. It was a special occasion, with distinguished and invited guests including the Consular General of Malaysia and Grant Woodhams MLA. Parents, community members and descendents of those who gave their lives in Borneo, also attended. It was an opportunity to acknowledge the work of our students and also remember the Dorizzi and Ferguson boys and many others who inspired the writing of the original play Six from Borneo. Our school community can be very proud of the achievements of our young students. Copies of the CD Six from Borneo were presented to those who attended. Regards Wendy Camenzuli Principal

Athletics Faction Carnival

Toodyay District High School Newsletter - Published Monthly -

By Erica Sheridan

Publisher Toodyay District High School PO Box 75, Toodyay, 6566, Western Australia Tel: (08) 9574 2295

Key Contact Names and Details – School School email: Principal Wendy Camenzuli Deputy Principal Kerry Knowles Deputy Principal Jo Bartlett Attendance Officer Lisa Egerton Uniform Shop Pamela Barwood School Office Tel: (08) 9574 2296 Fax: (08) 9574 2364 Canteen Manager Charissa Robbins (08) 9574 4047

A large crowd of spectators cheered and supported the P-2 students at their athletics carnival on the afternoon of 6 September. All the students showed great running style when they ran their 70m sprint in their faction. Some selected students ran a final as well. Afterwards the students participated in team games in their year level. The games were: flag relays, sack races, 3 legged races, ball games and dress ups.

Key Contact Names and Details – P&C President Owen Catto (08) 9574 4682 Vice President Kerry Skinner Secretary Nyaree Lawler

THANK YOU to all the wonderful parents who volunteered to help on the day. Without your help the carnival would not be possible or run as smoothly. Thank you also to the staff for their support and the students for their enthusiasm.

Key Contact Names and Details – School Council Chairperson Owen Catto (08) 9574 4682 School Representative Wendy Camenzuli

Active After School Communities Tennis in Term 4 Yrs 1 - 3 In Term 4 the Active After School Communities program, as part of the Free Sport @ Toodyay DHS, will offer Hot Shots Tennis for our youngest Primary students. Mrs. Chitty will be our coach and we invite year 1-3 only. The program aims to offer a free sport for our primary school students and provide a link between the school and sport clubs in our community. Students will need to be picked up after the session, as transport is not provided. To register your child, please email

After School Arrangements Parents, please organise with your children their after school arrangements before school. We have a large amount of requests to pass messages on to students about travel/sport arrangements during the day and as the office is very busy, we cannot guarantee safe delivery of message on time. We also have quite a few students who forget their arrangements which can cause confusion. A good idea would be to put a reminder note in their lunchbox with after school sport/travel plans.

There are limited places, so be sure to secure a place by registering now. Free afternoon tea will be provided, e.g. a piece of fruit or a homemade muffin. P4-P7 students will have an opportunity to participate in AASC sport on Mondays. The program will start in week 1 and it is important that the registration is completed by the end of term 3. Priority will be given to children that do not belong to any sport club. Play for Life!

School Buses - If your child wishes to travel on a school bus with a friend and is not an approved passenger, you must contact the appropriate bus driver with 24hr notice for approval.

Ready, Set…Kindy Expo! The WA Country Health Service are holding their


Physical Education Uniform

To All Our Visitors

Please ensure your child is well equipped for sport, including appropriate and safe footwear. This Semester our students need to wear hats when outside the verandas and this also applies to Physical Education.

We12,549 strive to provide friendly andmusic efficient hours of a Australian is service to our visitors. We value our visitors and broadcast weekly across Australia from treat them withradio respect. community stations

Although the majority of 8-10 students are always prepared for sport, looking after their hygiene and making use of our changing facilities, there is a growing number of students choosing not to bring hats and sport shirts to school. I would like to encourage every student to bring sport gear and use it for Phys Ed. Showers with hot water are available in both changing rooms. The Phys Ed uniform is closely monitored and parents will be given feedback on their child’s progress. If you have any suggestions or queries please contact me at the school or email

We44expect the same and hourstoofreceive Australian music courtesy is recorded respect from our Our stations school operates weekly by community with a 'non aggressive and non abusive' policy. Whilst we are here to help with your queries, we will not tolerate offensive behaviour towards our office staff.

Toodyay DHS Term Dates for 2011 Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4

Wed Feb 2nd – Tues Apr 19th Thurs May 5th – Fri 8th July Tues 26th July – Fri Sept 30th Tues Oct 18th – Weds Dec 14th

Public Holidays: Wednesday January 26th, Monday March 7th, Monday June 6th

175th Day Parade As our school has been invited to lead the town parade for the 175th Toodyay Celebrations on October 1st, we’d like as many children to wear their school uniform and take part in the parade as possible. This is a big honour for the school, and we’d like our children to be a part of it. As they’ll be marching at the very front of the parade, it’ll be a wonderful photo opportunity for parents!

Knitting Club We are looking for a parent or grandparent to help our knitters each Friday at 11.00-12.00. We have an enthusiastic group who would love to have help, so if you are interested, please contact the school.


School Athletics Faction Carnival 2011 By Jack and Daniel


Free sport @ Toodyay DHS

the Music Room. Family Photos are scheduled for the Secondary-Primary Lunch Break (12.45 – 1.40pm) only. As it is extremely important the Photo Day Schedule is adhered to, sibling photos cannot be taken at any other time during the day.

Active After-School Communities Days: Times: Venue:

Monday – Basketball/Netball, Tuesday – Soccer/AFL 3.05 – 4.05pm Secondary Phys Ed Facilities

There is No Pre-Payment required for Family Photos as these photos are taken on a ‘Proof basis’ only. Proof copies together with full details of packs & design choices will be returned to the school prior to student photo delivery.

This Term AASC program will continue to be offered at our school on Mondays and Tuesdays. The program aims to offer a free sport for our primary school students and provide a link between the school and sport clubs in our community. Please note, that the students will need to be picked up after the session, as transport is not provided. Limited places – to secure a place register now. To register your child, please pick up a form from the front office or email

To look at available Family packages go to the Aussie School Photo website on and choose the Family Tab. There you can choose from the different Family Photo packages available (FAM1 to FAM14). It is important that students come to school neatly dressed in school uniform.

For more info contact Mr. Jasinski or type _and_juniors/aasc

Year 7 Assembly School Photo Day

Mrs. Easey's Year 7 prepared information about refugees for their assembly item. They did a fantastic job!

Aussie School Photo Day is happening on WEDNESDAY 21ST SEPTEMBER 2011. Order forms are to be completed with payment, and students must bring the secure sealed envelope to hand to the photographer on Photo Day. All students will have their portraits taken on Photo day. If they forget to bring an envelope the child will take home with them a shoot card with all the information parents will need to be able to order on line after the photo date. Parents have two weeks to be able to order online for NO EXTRA CHARGE. If parents need to contact Aussie school photos please contact them via email at or you can call on (03) 9707 6655. FAMILY PHOTOS If you have siblings at school and would like a FAMILY PHOTO, please instruct the OLDEST sibling to collect and take the younger sibling/s to


School Athletics Faction Carnival 2011 Congratulations to all primary and secondary students for the participation, effort and excellence that was on display on the Athletics Carnival, and has indeed been evident throughout the training sessions leading up to the main event. After a rain-soaked Friday, the Primary Long Jump and Turbo Javelin events were able to take place on the Monday afternoon with a great competitive atmosphere and much skill on display. Secondary students completed their Discus and Triple Jump events in Physical Education time. The weather brought us perfect conditions for the carnival day on the Tuesday and with a large number of parents, as well as student supporters, it was a fantastic day for the students to participate in sport. It was extremely pleasing to see the sportsmanship and enthusiasm with which the students participated on the day. Well done to all. Many thanks to all parents/carers who were able to assist on the day. Your efforts were much appreciated. If any parents are interested in receiving a detailed copy of all the carnival results, please email Stephen Pountney, Lindsay Gibson, Michal Jasinski and the Primary and Secondary Staff Rank 1 2 3

No. 324 340 259

Year 3 Boys Name Faction Outen, Cody Drummond Stanford, Taj Connor Ford, James Drummond

Points 43 24 21

Rank 1 2 3

No. 401 388 137

Year 7 Boys Name Faction Boyes, Joshua Drummond Barwood, Roy Avon Loomans, B. Avon

Points 53 50 14

Rank 1 2 2 3

No. 429 266 333 485

Year 3 Girls Name Faction Dickson, Molly Drummond Broadwood, A. Connor Wiltshire, Olivia Avon Harvey, Jordyn Connor

Points 30 21 21 18

Rank 1 2 3

No. 279 375 132

Year 7 Girls Name Faction Weir, Emily Connor Withers, Sara Connor Hatton, Kirsty Connor

Points 26 20 10

No. 419 205 343 199

Year 4 Boys Name Faction Murfitt, Jordon Avon Blankendaal Riley Avon Cornwall-Arpin T. Connor Robartson, Luke Drummond

Points 9 7 7 4

Rank 1 2 3

No. 159 405 424

Year 8 Boys Name Faction Robartson, Allan Drummond Willmott, Callem Avon Lawrence, Corey Connor

Points 71 58 27

No. 387 393 198

Year 4 Girls Name Faction Barwood, A. Avon Indich, Aaliyah Drummond Counsel, Razel Connor

Points 36 14 12

Rank 1 2 3

No. 476 153 236

Year 8 Girls Name Faction Vandepeear, R. Drummond Morgan, Judi-Kae Avon Moffet, Megan Avon

Points 69 53 50

No. 178 179 329

Year 5 Boys Name Faction Flaherty, Regan Connor Lee, Jacob Drummond Bradley, Jakeb Avon

Points 36 27 18

Rank 1 2 3

No. 489 136 227

Year 9 Boys Name Faction Goodlet, Caleb Drummond Stuart, Jaleel Avon Cavanagh, Sam Avon

Points 73 59 44

No. 175 186 399

Year 5 Girls Name Faction Butler, Gracie Drummond Arkeveld, Giselle Avon Simmons-H. Zari Connor

Points 30 12 10

Rank 1 2 3

No. 235 413 165

Year 9 Girls Name Faction Haigh, Kirra Connor Huggett, Zoe Drummond Murcott, Nicola Avon

Points 61 51 29

No. 147 219 237

Year 6 Boys Name Faction Bernasconi, Seth Drummond McGavock, Luke Connor Moffet, Joel Avon

Points 25 15 10

Rank 1 2 3

No. 240 233 124

Year 10 Boys Name Faction Eddy, Macaulie Drummond Paskor, Tre Avon Carpenter, Jacob Connor

Points 61 41 30

No. 394 406 428

Year 6 Girls Name Faction Indich, Aminah Drummond Willmott, Ashlee Avon Dickson, M. Drummond

Points 37 33 26

Rank 1 2 3

No. 384 119 160

Year 10 Girls Name Faction Ryan, Crystal Avon Smith, Elyse Drummond Robartson, Chloe Drummond

Points 49 41 30

Rank 1 2 2 3 Rank 1 2 3 Rank 1 2 3 Rank 1 2 3 Rank 1 2 3 Rank 1 2 3


School Athletics Faction Carnival 2011


Year 3 & 4 Drawing Club Charcoal observation drawings of ‘olden day’ items brought in for our Pioneer Day.

Atiya Broadwood 3A – Cream Churn

Leo Millett 3A – Cream Churn

Hannah Morrison – Bakelite Telephone 8

Year 3 & 4 Drawing Club Charcoal observation drawings of ‘olden day’ items brought in for our Pioneer Day.

Athena Barwood 4B – Bakelite Telephone

Catherine Fletcher 4S – Glass Cream Churn

Alaina Rule 4B – Bakelite Telephone Kasey Pringle 4S – Glass Cream Churn 9

Woolworths Earn & Learn

Toodyay DHS Parents & Citizens Association

We now have until Oct. 18th to collect Earn & Learn points for our school.

The P&C are again providing food in the Pavilion at the Toodyay Show on Oct 15th. This will be our biggest fundraiser for the year. You can help by donating food items and/or some time. Items of food which we need donated include; • Cakes (sponge, chocolate, carrot) • Scones /Iced cup cakes • Slices /Muffins /Quiches (home-made) • Sausage rolls (home-made) • Curried eggs /Home-made pickle/chutney • Cans of cool drink /Bottles of water • Coffee/tea/sugar/Milk/Cream • Margarine /Mayonnaise

Toodyay District High School is taking part in the Woolworths Earn & Learn community program. With over 7,000 learning resources available from Modern Teaching Aids, our school will be able to buy what we need most from a wide range of library books, mathematics and English resources, science equipment, music and dance resources, art & craft supplies and much, much more. From July 18th to October 18th 2011, Woolworths will give you one Earn & Learn point for every $10 you spend in store (excluding the purchase of cigarettes, alcohol and gift cards). Points will automatically appear on your shopping dockets, so all you need to do is save those dockets and bring them to school and put them in the special collection box that Woolies have given us. You will be able to track our progress on our points barometer poster at school or you can even check our progress online by looking on the web at and typing ‘Toodyay’ into the search box.

Volunteers are needed on both the Saturday of the show and also Friday 14th Oct to help with preparation. If you are able to assist with donations of food or time, please contact Amanda Harvey on 9574 4807. Food donations (non perishable) can be left at the front office of the school during the last week of term, or delivered to the Pavilion on the Friday or Saturday morning. Please help the P&C to make this another great success! As you may be aware, with Toodyay's 175th celebrations on October 1st, TDHS will be open to the public for tours. The P&C would like to be a part of this unique opportunity and are asking for parents to assist by being in attendance at the school on the day to greet visitors. The times are still to be finalised but if you would like to be a part of this historical event, please contact Owen Catto on 9574 4682. Pamela Barwood will be finishing in her role as Uniform Coordinator at the end of this year so the P&C are looking for another volunteer to take over. Ideally the next person will be available to start next term so that they can get a handover from Pamela. If you are interested in this role, or have any questions about what it entails, please see Pamela in the uniform shop on a Monday or Friday morning from 8:30-9:00am. A big thank you to the Yummy Chummy’s for the lovely morning tea which they made for the last P&C meeting. The sausage rolls, cake and slices were delicious and went down well with a hot cuppa on a chilly morning!

Our running total so far, is:


8200 Points 10

School Billing System

MDSA Interschool Athletics

Things parents should know about the school's billing:

Secondary MDSA Interschool Athletics Carnival will take place on Friday, 16th September at Gingin Recreation Centre Oval. The events will start at 9.45am with a presentation scheduled for 1.30pm. Parents are welcome to attend and cheer on the students.

If your child is unable to attend an event that has been paid for (i.e. cadet camp), then billing can process and hold a credit for your account. This can then be applied to another item as it becomes available. Any credit can be held over into a new school term or even a new school year. So don’t worry, you will not lose your money. Statements are sent out monthly. Some items are to be paid straight away. However, there are some items like Interm Swimming that don’t have to be paid until just prior to attendance, the statement is giving you advanced notice that this cost is coming up.

In the past our students have performed exceptionally well. Students who do perform well at the interschool carnival (receiving 1st or 2nd place) are then selected to represent the MDSA at the School Sport WA Carnival early in term four which will be held at the new Athletics Stadium WA in Perth. In the past Toodyay DHS has had a good representation in the team and has performed very well. Traditionally, TDHS provides Long Jump and Triple Jump officials at the Gingin carnival and we strongly rely on parents’ help. If you are available to assist please contact Mr. Jasinski at the school or email

Our school relies on parents paying their contributions, as this allows us to provide a more superior education programme than would otherwise be offered just on the funding we receive from the state government. Every encouragement is given to parents to contribute as best they possibly can. We offer PART PAYMENTS, we offer DIRECT DEPOSITS. I urge all parents to carefully consider how much more we can offer students in extra resources if every parent were to support the school and pay their child's contributions. If you are a parent of secondary students it would be superb if you could attend to these contributions as we are well away from meeting budget this year which will impact on student resources available to students.

Here is the MDSA Interschool Athletics Team for Gingin. Congratulations to all the students who were selected to represent the school!

Year 8 Allan Robartson, Callem Willmott, Corey Lawrence, Ryan Laurin, Judi-Kae Morgan, Megan Moffet, Rebecca Vandepeear and Gabrielle King

Year 9 Caleb Goodlett, Sam Cavanagh, Jaleel Stuart, Ben Day-Archer, Kirra Haigh (Yr8), Zoe Huggett, Nicola Murcott, India Wroth, Angel Paul (Yr8), Faith Kelly and Sarah Leighton

Year 10 Macaulie Eddy, Tre Paskor, Jarrod Higgins, Brendon Kelly, Jacob Carpenter, Jared Zucchatto, Tayla Conway, Elyse Smith, Crystal Ryan, Chloe Robartson, Sam Day-Archer, Tegan Sutton and Taylah Higgs

We sincerely thank all those wonderful parents who have been slowly chipping away and making payments as they have funds available. Your efforts are most definitely appreciated.

Coles Sports Vouchers The Coles schools sports vouchers are out again and the student councillors are trying to collect as many as possible. Last year we collected over 17,000 vouchers and purchased sports equipment for all sections of the primary school. So if you shop at Coles, please bring in your vouchers to a classroom teacher or drop them into the box at reception.


Toodyay Junior Tennis Junior Club for season 2011/12 is going to be held on a SUNDAY starting Sunday October 23 at 3.00pm. The change is being made to hopefully attract the older junior players back into tennis. Players aged 10 upwards are most welcome. Junior coaching with Maureen Smith (advanced level 3) and Therese Chitty (level 1 development) will be on a Thursday with three sessions available at 3, 4 and 5pm. Bookings for these sessions are essential and numbers will be limited. Coaching is available from 6 years of age upwards; a special Pee Wee tennis program is run for 6-8 year olds. Beginners of all ages are catered for. Maureen will hold advanced coaching lessons for experienced players. Contact Therese Chitty 95744274 for information and lesson bookings.

also be eligible for a thank you prize for his/her fundraising efforts. I will keep you updated with information and details. Thank you for your support in joining us in the fight against heart disease. Donna Atkinson

Jump Rope For Heart Update Primary classes have been very busy practicing their skipping skills and tricks. Some classes have incorporated skipping into their morning fitness programs. Jump Rope for Heart Jump Off day will be scheduled for Friday 18th November 2011. As Jump Off day approaches parents and guardians will be notified regarding class participation times and activities. Spectators are most welcome on this day. Students will be bringing sponsorship forms home after the holidays. Your support in joining us in the fight against heart disease is appreciated. Primary Staff

Avon Tee-Ball Association Jump Rope For Heart The primary students will be participating in the Heart Foundation Jump Rope for Heart 2011. This program is exciting and non-competitive which encourages children to become active, learn new skills and raise vital funds for cardiovascular research and community health programs. Beginning in week 8, the students will be learning a range of fun skipping skills and new tricks. Next term the students will be involved in a jump off day which celebrates the conclusion of the Heart Foundation jump rope for heart program. Prior to jump off day, the students will be bringing home a sponsorship form. Last year the Year 2/3 classes raised $3233 and I am sure with many more students involved this year, we will raise a considerable amount to help the Heart Foundation. The students may


Avon Tee Ball Association is once again looking at having enrolment days to get all of our current and upcoming Tee Ball stars on board for another exciting season of teamwork and fun. Toodyay enrolment day is as follows: Outside IGA: Saturday 17th September 9.00am – 12 Noon Registration cost is $60, with a $10 deposit on registration. Balance to be paid by first game. Uniforms can also be ordered on Registration day. All shirts are supplied by each team sponsor. Please bring your Birth Certificate to confirm age groups for team placement. Registration forms are also available from your school office if you want to complete your details ahead of time – get your friends together to form a team for a great season of sporting fun. If you cannot make this registration day, please call Debra Andrijich on 9574 2676 to arrange your registration. Or alternatively register online at

Guitar Lessons Would you like to learn classical guitar? Enrol for a course of eight lessons and you could be playing tunes by the end of one term! Naomi Millett teaches beginners from Year One to Year Ten on acoustic (nylon string) guitar. Learn to play this fantastic instrument in a relaxed, fun environment in groups of two, three or four. Discover some theory and learn to read the musical notes along the way.

Basketball Registration

Classical guitar sets down the basics so you can later pick up other kinds of guitar (e.g. electric guitar) and play them too. Once you have accessed some basic equipment – a reasonably-priced student guitar and text book (with play-along CD), you are ready to begin. Why not give guitar a try?

Tuesday 13th & Thursday 15th September from 3.15pm – 4 pm on the School Basketball Courts. Saturday 17th 10am – 11am out the front of IGA. Or email for registration details. Basketball is a great summer sport open to both boys and girls.

If you are interested, please contact Naomi to reserve a place on 9574 4912.

Little Athletics

Toodyay Cricket Club Milo in2Cricket

Northam and Districts Little Athletics held registrations on Thurs 1st and Sat 3rd September at the Northam Boulevard. Little Athletics is open to all students turning 5 or over and will be held in Northam on Saturday mornings during term 4 2011 and term 1 2012. The children are taught athletic skills including running, walking, javelin, shot put, discus, hurdles, high jump, long jump and triple jump.

For boys and girls aged 6 to 10 years, Contact Peter Dasborough on 9574 1091 For Under 13 Teams Red and Gold – Yrs 5, 6 & 7, contact Paul Morgan For Under 16 Tem – Years 8, 9 & 10, contact John Lucas 9574 2406

The emphasis is on participation and achieving their personal best. Fees are $70 per child with discounts for families.

For Senior Cricket A and B teams, contact John Lucas 9574 2406. Registration and first practice night is September 29th, at 4.30pm at the Town Oval or contact the team contact listed above prior to that date.

All enquiries to Karen Pickin, Secretary, on (08) 9622 3553.


Freshly Made Popcorn Pikelets Fruit Muffins Cheesie (Plain or Pizza) Savoury Triangle Fried Rice (Small) Fried Rice (Large) Yoghurt Yogo (Choc or Strawberry) Apple Slinky Apple Slushies (Sorry, Can’t Be Pre-Ordered)

Hot Dog With Tomato Sauce Hot Dog With Tomato Sauce + Cheese Pizza (Ham & Pineapple

Hash Browns (Max 2) Chicken Nuggets (Max 4) Chicken Chilli Strips (Max 2) Corn Jack

$0.30 $0.50 $0.50 $1.20 $1.00 $1.00 $3.00 $1.00 $1.80 $0.50 $0.70 $1.50

$3.20 $3.20 $2.20

$0.40 $0.50 $1.60 $2.00

Stuffed Potato $5.00 (Fillings – Ham, Cheese, Pineapple, Sour Cream) Pumpkin Soup + Half A Roll $2.50

Hot Chicken & Mayo Roll Hot Chicken & Mayo Wrap Hot Ham & Cheese Roll Hot Ham & Cheese Wrap

Beef Pie (Also Available Tues During Term 2&3) Potato Pie (Also Available Tues During Term 2&3) Cruizer Pie (Also Available Tues During Term 2&3) Sausage Rolls (Also Available Tues During Term 2&3) Party Pie (Also Available Tues During Term 2&3) Tomato Sauce

$3.70 $3.70 $3.70 $3.70

$3.00 $2.80 $2.80 $2.20 $0.90 $0.30


Large Frozen Juice Small Frozen Juice Quelch Fruit Stick Frozen Yoghurt Frozen Flavoured Milk Billabong (Tues & Thurs) Moo Ice Cream (Tues & Thurs) Slushies (Sorry, Can’t Be Pre-Ordered)

$0.50 $0.20 $0.50 $1.00 $0.70 $1.40 $1.50 $1.50

Cup of Milk Water 600ml Pump Water 750 ml Milkshake (Choc, Strawberry, Spearmint Just Juice 100% Harvey Fresh Juice 100% Small Flavoured Milk (Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry, Spearmint) Large Flavoured Milk (Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry, Spearmint) (Large Milk – Years 8-10 only)

$1.00 $1.50 $2.70 $1.00 $1.50 $2.00 $2.00

Salad (Lettuce/Tom/Cue/Carrot, Egg & Dressing Chicken & Salad Plate Ham & Salad Plate Fried Rice (Small) Fried Rice (Large) Chicken Chilli Burger Chicken Chilli Wrap Hamburger (With Onion & Salad) Tukka Tubz - Mac Cheese (With Bacon) Totally Twisted (Spaghetti & Meatballs) Nacho Wedgez (Potato Wedges & Salsa) Lasagna (Cheese Top)

$4.00 $5.00 $5.00 $1.00 $3.00 $4.50 $4.50 $4.50 $4.00 $4.00 $4.00 $4.00

SANDWICHES Salad – Lettuce/Tom/Cue/Carrot) Chicken, Ham or Tuna, Egg, Cheese or Curried Egg w/salad Vegemite

$3.00 $2.80 $3.60 $1.50

ROLLS AND LEBANESE BREAD Salad – Lettuce/Tom/Cue/Carrot) Chicken, Ham, Tuna, Egg, Cheese or Curried Egg Chicken, Ham, Tuna, Egg, Cheese or Curried Egg + Salad Vegemite Cheese Extra

$3.60 $3.20 $4.00 $2.00 $0.50

TOASTED SANDWICHES Cheese Ham/Cheese & Tomato or Chicken/Cheese & Tomato Ham & Cheese or Chicken & Cheese

$3.00 $3.80 $3.50


Newsletter - September Issue 1  
Newsletter - September Issue 1  

Newsletter - September Issue 1