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A Look At All Types of Hair Removal Hair removal is no longer as simple as just shaving. There are a ton of methods available these days. Within each shaving technique there are yet further ways to remove hair – for example electronic and non electronic methods. This guide will hopefully give you a run down of all known hair removal techniques suitable for men and women alike. Shaving The age old method of shaving. People have been shaving for thousands of years. The process involves cutting the hair at the skin level with some sort of sharp implement. The main sorts of shaver are electric or blade based. Typically electric shavers are faster, but ones with a blade can get a closer shave. Because the hair is only removed at the skin level, the hair regrows quickly. However it remains the most popular hair removal method because of its ease and lack of pain. Electrolysis Electrolysis is a technique which can permanently remove hair. The process destroys the hair follicle so hair can no longer grow out of it. However it must be done one follicle at a time and can be costly. It's best suited to smaller areas like the upper lip. It can also be painful as a needle needs to be inserted into the follicle for the electric current to be passed into it. Laser Hair Removal Laser hair removal is more suited to treating larger areas, however it doesn't offer permanent hair removal, just permanent hair reduction. The treatments attempts to destroy or damage the hair follicle using an intense burst of heat. Several treatments will be needed. The process can be done in a clinic or by using your own home devices. Waxing Waxing is the process of pulling hair out at the root by using strips. Because hair is pulled out at the root it should be a long lasting hair removal method. It can last up to two months. It's also possible that the process weakens your hair follicle and makes the hairs grow back lighter and finer. There are two varieties of waxing. Traditional using a wax solution, and sugaring which uses a sugary sticky solution. Waxing has the additional benefit of removing dead skin cells from the waxed area. Epilation Epilation is very similar to waxing. It removes hair in a similar way – by plucking it from the follicle. Epilators are electronic and can rapidly pluck several hairs in one go. A fast and long lasting solution. It however can be quite painful. It's like a combination between waxing, plucking and electronic shaving. Plucking Plucking again removes hair from the follicle. One hair at a time. It's good for small delicate areas like the eyebrows or rogue hairs which have been missed by other methods. Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal creams are quite a new invention. They work by chemically dissolving hair and weakening them so much that they can easily be scraped off. This can be done quickly and cleanly. It lasts for slightly longer than shaving because the cream can penetrate a little deeper into the hair. Can't always be used on delicate areas like the face. Further Reading – Guide & info on waxing, electrolysis & laser hair removal. – A ton of info on hair removal, including a bit on its history. – Info on hair removal for teens. The above resources should further increase your knowledge on hair removal and were used as sources for this article.

Hair Removal Methods  

A quick look at all the different hair removal methods.

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