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Gogetta Reduced My Risk So I Could Concentrate On My Business Russell Hardy of Hardy’s Excavations saw an opportunity which could help him grow his business. To capitalize on this opportunity he needed a loader, but without a guarantee from this job, he would be putting himself and his business under enormous strain if he purchased the equipment out right. Russell discussed his situation with Shane Chestnut, Equipment Direct International. Shane immediately introduced Russell to GoGetta’s Rent. Grow. Own® Solution.

The Solution could help reduce his risks by renting at an affordable weekly rate, whilst still maintaining the option to purchase with a generous rebate. Additional benefits also included that it was fully tax deductible and if after 12 months the equipment didn’t suit he could return it with no penalties. The decision was made, application completed and equipment put to work all in just a matter of days. Quick and simple allowing Russell to focus on the work in hand. Previously Russell used Dry Hire however this worked out expensive and left him reliant on the Hire Companies’ equipment availability and

maintenance. GoGetta offered Hardy’s Excavations similar benefits and loads more options. Work is now pretty reliable, with the loader working most days. Russell intends to purchase at the end of his 12 month contract and benefit from the 75% rental rebate. GoGetta reduced Hardy’s Excavations’ risk and provided them with options. Options which allowed them to focus on growing their business and provided the opportunity to own the equipment at the end of the contract.

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Gogetta Reduced My Risk So I Could Concentrate On My Business  
Gogetta Reduced My Risk So I Could Concentrate On My Business professionals at GoGetta have tailored a smart and flexible equipment finance solution specifically for organisations...