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Spearfishing is a sport which is almost entirely based on snorkeling. It is also a sport which requires a reasonable amount of fitness, but one which is incredibly fun. If you like standard fishing then you will love spearfishing. I used to go fishing very regularly but since starting spearfishing I rarely do it anymore because spearfishing is so much more fun and rewarding. Once you have the equipment the costs are minimal, and its cheaper than normal fishing. What this really means is that to learn to go Spearfishing you need to learn to snorkel properly. This is really not that difficult, but you need to get some equipment. You can pick up combo packs for under 50 dollars, and then use them. You can get away without a wetsuit depending on the temperature of the water. Just remember to spit in your mask to stop it fogging up, to breath evenly and to enjoy a whole new world. Once you are comfortable with snorkeling and diving down, you can look into spearguns, floats and spearfishing wetsuits. You don't have to spend a huge amount of money on the Spearfishing Gear but I would suggest that getting a good wetsuit is well worth the money. A speargun too is important but you can always upgrade. Along with the wetsuit you need a weight belt, but make sure its not too heavy! Read up on spearfishing, and get a float with the speargun. This is a sport which can go terribly wrong if you aren't careful, so do your research thoroughly and then enjoy hand selecting the fish that you shoot!

To find out more about the required spearfishing items see Spearfishing Gear and if you live in a country where the water is at all cold see Spearfishing Wetsuits Happy Spearfishing!

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==== ==== Like Spearfishing Check Out This Website ==== ====

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