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Red light for texting drivers project statement

Background: This editorial comes from the Miami Herald and is about the dangers of using a cell phone while driving. In the beginning its stated that texting can even be as dangerous as drinking and driving. I chose this editorial because I myself have been guilty of texting and driving and know it's potentially harmful. Target Audiences: The editorial seems to target everyone but the largest percentage of testers has to be in their twenties. Maybe even lower with kids in high school after getting their drivers license. Objectives: To bring humor and understanding to the serious matter of texting while driving though an editorial cartoon finalized in a vector format. Obstacles: A main obstacle is getting the point across without patronizing the subject. Drawing in Illustrator is also a bit of an obstacle. Key Benefit: Graphically shedding light on a topic that many of us take for granted. This goes for myself as well, so hopefully some communal learning will take place. Supporting Statement: Putting down the phone while driving is a really easy step to take and can save lives. Tone: Bright, colorful, to the point.

Sources: All recourse images were found on Google images.

project one final  
project one final  

the final of project one