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Only the Conservatives can change the Labour Government

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Community voice key to development plans Prospective local MP Steve Barclay is asking all parts of the community to work with him to ensure local residents - not property developers - shape growth plans for East Cambridgeshire. In particular, Steve is campaigning to: - Ensure plans protect the distinct identities of Littleport, Sutton, Little Downham, and surrounding villages, and deliver improved community transport - Provide a new secondary school in Littleport and improved access to a full sixth form curriculum for students in Witcham, Mepal and Sutton - Enable local businesses to grow so that East Cambridgeshire has local jobs and does not become a number of dormitory towns. We need to ensure that the expected population growth in East Cambridgeshire brings benefits to the existing community. Having recently attended neighbourhood panels such as in Littleport, I am keen to ensure that residents voices are heard. Community transport is important and the existing dial-aride scheme provides an invaluable service. Existing bus routes such as those from Fenland to Ely could be used by students if a full sixth form curriculum was available at Witchford, and a new secondary school built in Littleport. We face real challenges from the recession, but tough times also bring new opportunities. Local businesses like Littleport firms JDR Cables and Histon Concrete, and Sutton based Jardines and Cheffins Auctions, need to be supported. This includes upgrading access to power supplies and removing unnecessary bureaucracy.

Only the Conservatives can change this Labour Government which has run up massive debts.

This newspaper has not been paid for with any taxpayers’ money Promoted by Mrs Debbie Clark on behalf of Steve Barclay both of 111 High Street, March, Cambs, PE15 9LH and printed by Sharmans & Company Ltd. Newark Road, Peterborough, PE1 5TD.

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Steve Barclay Reports Back

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Welcome from Steve Barclay It’s been over 18 months since I was selected to be the Conservative’s candidate for MP in the North East Cambridgeshire seat. I thought I would report back to you now on what I’ve been doing. I hope you find the newspaper of interest and please get in touch if I can help.

Jobs & Benefit

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Steve Barclay Reports Back

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LOCAL ACTION ON LOCAL ISSUES Out and about listening to local residents and working on ways to help. Here are some of the campaigns from recent months.

Supporting local jobs We need to attract new businesses and jobs to Fenland, and ensure students have the best opportunity to train locally and fulfill their potential. Fenland is the only district in the County with unemployment above the regional average, and there are 840 youngsters locally not in education, employment or training. The collapse of firms like March based MBMG which has lost 100 jobs makes the work of the College of West Anglia in offering training even more important.

With MP Malcolm Moss at Fox's boatyard

Visiting Whittlesey employer McCains

working on issues that matter

Working closely with Malcolm Moss MP, a key priority is to help support local businesses and attract more jobs.


Conservatives have guaranteed that they will increase health spending if elected. We also need to ensure we get better value for money, as too often spending is wasted on hire no ridges to the bureaucracy. I am working b m a C ording ion of with local podiatrists to opulat entistry, acc bour came p e h t d La S alf improve access to treatment More than he access to NHres. When Newaccess for all e hav figu was ss th for diabetics and older longer ment’s own ir promises people acro ccording e n 0 th ta 0 er people. This will help them Govpower, one oisf t. Now 13,6eir NHS dentis t th to HS den cess to to keep their mobility and to an N have lost ac figures. s this independence, and avoid county test official addres roduce o t la e m r h -int efo to t more expensive hospital rgent r e should re and ensure t u r o f calling problem. Wn in schools, e NHS for a treatment. We are alth dre or th

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Listening to those on the front line to find out what is happenning at the sharp end.

Better Youth Clubs

As someone who plays and enjoys sport, I am keen to see better opportunities for young people to be active. We also need premises for teenagers so they can meet up with their friends rather than hang out on the streets. Improving facilities for 13 to 17 year olds is an issue I am focussing on. Visiting Cancer Research UK

Steve Barclay Reports Back

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Fenland and East Cambs are not getting their fair share of funding from the Labour Government. Money which should be spent here is being transferred by Labour to its heartlands in Scotland and cities in the North of England.

Promoted by Mrs Debbie Clark on behalf of Steve Barclay both of 111 High Street, March, Cambs, PE15 9LH and printed by Sharmans & Company Ltd. Newark Road, Peterborough, PE1 5TD.

The Labour Government is now borrowing £500 million every day in debt. It is printing money to pay for this debt. Yet even though Fenland has 18 of the 25 most deprived wards in Cambridgeshire, this money is not being spent on projects here. • The new College of West Anglia building in March has been scrapped, and jobs and classes in the College buildings in Wisbech have been cut. • First Time buyers have been hit by £6 million in cuts from the Housing Fund for Cambridgeshire. • Wisbech Magistrates Court is under threat as police cells close and building starts in King’s Lynn.


Local residents campaigning with Steve Barclay against the decision to divert paramedic services to cover Cambridge.

Government wastes £23 million on Fire HQ - and an extra £118,000 a month whilst it stands empty

A new regional Fire HQ built at a cost of £23 million and costing £118,000 a month to run is standing empty because the IT software does not work. It will not enable emergency calls to be processed from the six country Fire Control rooms - with no solution expected until August 2011 if at all. The head of the Fire Brigades Union has described this as ‘a classic Government cock-up’.

Steve Barclay Reports Back

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Campaigning with residents to keep our local magistrates courts from closure.

The recent closure of the police cells in Wisbech puts the future of Wisbech Magistrates Court in doubt. Ely Magistrates Court is also at risk. Cambridgeshire police plan to take prisoners to a new station being built in Norfolk which is due to open within the next two years. The move of the police cells will impact on Wisbech Magistrates Court. It is feared less cases will be heard in Wisbech as a result, with more work passed instead to King’s Lynn, Peterborough or Cambridge. Wisbech Magistrates Court occurs prime land for development and so could be sold off. This will impact local witnesses to crime who will be expected to travel further to give evidence in court. It also takes jobs out of Wisbech.

ASYLUM OUT OF £80 FOR DOING THIS... CONTROL Campaigning to save the local magistrates court. Thank you to everyone who signed the petition.

People in North East Cambridgeshire speak time and again about their concern at the cost and challenges of illegal and poorly controlled migration. Not only have the Labour Government failed to stop thousands of people coming into the country illegally, they have passed Human Rights legislation which prevents even those linked to terrorism from being expelled. We need strong border controls and targeted action against people smuggling which leads to tragic deaths.

Despite catching the offender on CCTV and the police being near by to make an arrest, they received just an £80 fine. This is far less than the cost of repairing the window. New Labour have failed to be ‘tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime.’ We need to support small independent shop keepers who bring variety and character to our High Streets. A welcome first step would be making it clear than any vandalism of their premises will be taken seriously and punished. An £80 fine is just not good enough.

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Steve Barclay Reports Back

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People often get in touch to ask if I can help. Here are some of the issues which residents have raised.


After the tragic fatal accident at Bedlam Bridge last year in which 9 year old Charlotte Walker was killed, everyone needs to work together to improve safety on Fenland roads alongside waterways. It is frustrating that Government delays have prevented the instalation of speed cameras on the Forty Foot. Fenland’s road safety campaign, however, has received a significant boost with news of new equipment to be issued for Fenland based fire crews to help with water related rescues. The details emerged following a constructive two hour meeting held with Cambridgeshire Chief Fire Officer Graham Stagg, and Fenland Road Safety Campaign Organiser, Graham Chappell.

Meeting with Graham Chappell and Graham Stagg to secure better equipment for wat er rescues

Delph ward residents and Cllr Kay Mayor raised their concerns that flooding issues were not being sorted out. I took this issue up with Anglia Water and with Fenland District Council engineers. I am also working with Cllrs Pam Potts and Ralph Butcher following the problems with flooding in Coates.

Together with Malcolm Moss MP, a meeting was held at Whittlesey Town Hall to tackle residents concerns over flooding. This involved the Environment Agency, Anglia Water, Fenland Council Engineers, the RSPB, Whittlesey Charities, Middle Level, and County and Town Councillors. As a result of the meeting, a number of actions have now been agreed to help prevent future flooding problems.

With Whittlesey residents & Cllr Mayor inspecting an overgrown ditch that is required to prevent flooding.


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A resident in March contacted me about the lack of speech therapy for his son. Having highlighted his case with NHS Managers, he has now received an apology and action has been promised to provide better speech therapy care. The case highlighted the shortage of qualified speech therapists across Cambridgeshire. With only 42 full time speech therapists and 3,500 children referred by their GPs for this service, the average waiting time is now seven months, three months longer than the Government target of 18 weeks. Increasingly, treatment is being offered through teaching assistants rather than qualified speech therapists. Most parents want their child to have one to one sessions with a speech therapist. The lack of support for children affects their communication with teachers and classmates during their crucial school years.


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Steve Barclay Reports Back

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WORKING WITH COUNCILLORS As well as working on issues that people bring to me directly, I also work closely with local Councillors on issues in their areas.


The local knowledge and experience of our Town, District and County Councillors is a great help to me.

After visiting the award winning Fenland Golden Age Team in Friday Bridge and Wisbech Tydd St Giles I hailed their pioneering work for older people across Fenland. Under the leadership of Cllrs Mack Cotterell MBE, Bernard Keane and Ken Mayor, the Golden Age Fair now brings together over 30 different agencies into a one stop shop providing support for over 60s. There are a broad range of services including the police, fire service, Age Concern, CAB, and benefits information, all brought to a different Fenland village in turn. Many people who were not receiving the benefits to which they were entitled have been helped by the 'Fenland Ferret' - the computer programme that highlights unclaimed benefits. Golden Age Fairs are a lifeline for many older people and help keep communities together. If you would like to find out about future events, please contact Fenland District Council.

EYESORES NEED ACTION The George Hotel and the Old Post Office have been a boarded up eyesore in Whittlesey for too long. I am working with Mayor Cllr Derek Stebbing to push for action to sort this out.

where is our college?

More trains also need to stop at Whittlesey station, and I met with Network Rail recently to raise this issue. It will help take cars off the A605 and save commuters the cost of parking at Peterborough station. All 13 colleges that recieved funding are located in Labour held constituencies. Malcolm Moss MP & I visited the College of West Anglia and met with Principal David Pomfuet. It is clear that this 11th hour cut in funding will badly damage the opportunities offered to local students. It is a disgrace for funding to be removed one month before building work was due to start. I am working with Councillors to ensure that opportunities are provided to enable students to fulfill their full potential.

Did you know: The UK’s net contribution to the European Union will rise by almost 60% next year. This increase is largely because Tony Blair gave up part of the rebate negotiated by Margaret Thatcher.

Listening to you in

East Cambridgeshire


Dear Resident Many people are fed up with politicians and feel they are out of touch, particularly after the recent expenses scandal. Too often MPs have only worked in jobs in politics. As someone who has never had a job in politics before, and who has never received any political expenses, I want to ensure Parliament better reflects the views of those it represents. So regardless of whether you support any political party or support none, I hope you will let me know your views. As your Prospective MP your answers will help me to represent the whole community. Thank you. Steve Barclay 1. Which three of these local issues do you consider to be of most concern to you? (please number 1, 2, 3 in order of priority) Education Health Council Tax Levels Post Office Closures Jobs Public Transport Housing Street Cleaning & Litter Road Repairs Other.........................................................................................................

Leisure Facilities Rising Crime Supporting Small Shops

2. Are there any local issues that should be taken up by Steve Barclay and your local councillor?

3. Which national issues concern you most?

Which Party do you intend to support in the next General Election? Conservative Probable Conservative Labour Probable Labour Liberal Democrat Probable Liberal Democrat Green Don’t vote Other ............................................................................................................................................................................................................

Which Party did you vote for in the last local elections? Conservative Labour Green Didn’t vote Other ..................................................................................................................

Name Address

Phone* Email* *By giving us your email address and/or mobile number, you are agreeing to receive communications and info from us by email or phone.

Having represented this constituency for over 22 years, I believe Steve Barclay will be a fantastic MP for North East Cambridgeshire. Steve has a proven track record in business, and unlike a number of MPs these days has not worked in politics before. He combines a down to earth approach with hard work and intellect, and will be a great success in representing you in Parliament.

Modest background


Please complete your details

Malcolm Moss MP writes:

Liberal Democrat

Help the Conserva tive Team Today

Your local Conserva tive team is work ing hard. Please let us know if you can help wi th our work: I can deliver lea flets in my road I can display a po ster at election tim e I would like a po stal vote I would like to m ake a donation. Pl ease make cheques payable to NECCA I would like to re gister my local su pport

Please return to: Steve Barclay, 111 High Street, March, Cambs, PE15 9LH

Steve comes from a modest background and is someone who speaks up for the underdog. Like me he was raised in the North West, and family life revolved around Fylde Rugby Club where he played for all the teams in the club over the years alongside his two older brothers. Steve and his brothers were the first generation in their family to go to university.

Key Skills After leaving school Steve served as a Second Lieutenant in the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers on the Short Service Limited Commission before studying history at Peterhouse, Cambridge University, and then law at the College of Law, Chester. After qualifying as a solicitor, he has worked for a number of our leading companies and is currently the Head of Anti-Money Laundering and Sanctions for Barclays Bank.

Promoted by Mrs Debbie Clark on behalf of Steve Barclay both of 111 High Street, March, Cambs, PE15 9LH and printed by Sharmans & Company Ltd. Newark Road, Peterborough, PE1 5TD.

Only the Conservatives can change the Labour Government Promoted by Mrs Debbie Clark on 111 High Street, March, Cambs, PE15 9LH and printed by Sharmans & Company Ltd. Newark Road, Peterborough, PE1 5TD.

Printed on 100% recycled paper

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Backing honest food labelling page supporting local jobs and youth clubs Find out more about the campaign Award Winning Golden Age Fair prin...

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Backing honest food labelling page supporting local jobs and youth clubs Find out more about the campaign Award Winning Golden Age Fair prin...