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system technology power plants 路 supervision and control 路 burglarproof and alarm systems 路 conditioning, warming and plumbing systems 路 fire extinguishing systems

Alfa Telematica builds technological systems and offer integrated management of design, activation, testing, t

electrical systems 1. MV / LV 2. Systems, backup power and emergency 3. Ducts and conductors 4. Panels low voltage • Power distribution panels Center; • distribution panels Motor Color Center with fixed or removable; • distribution panels for low power; • panels instrumental command, control, remote control and protection; 5. Secondary light and electric distribution 6. Safety lighting and signs 7. Earthing and equipotential bonding 8. Power station 9. Transformer substations 10. Civil and industrial electrical systems 11. Industrial automation 12. Remote control and telemetry systems 13. Integrated systems for the control of electrical installations MV / LV.

special systems 1. Supervision and control of technological systems 2. Supervision and control of safety systems consist of: • detection fire alarm • automatic shutdown • Smoke detection, alarm for carbon monoxide and explosive mixtures • Burglarproof alarm system • access control • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) 3. Sound diffusion system and alarm messages (EVAC)

rs facility management services thereby guaranteeing an training and consulting in the following areas:

conditioning, warming and plumbing systems 1. Thermal units and refrigeration 2. Conditioning system 3. Building ventilation 4. Waterworks and pumping 5. Fire Suppression Systems 6. Fire extinguishing systems foam / water / gas 7. Plumbing 8. Cogeneration systems 9. Waste water pumping system 10. Aeraulic systems

Š concept:

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power plants · supervision and control · burglarproof and alarm systems · conditioning, warming and plumbing systems · fire extinguishing sy...

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