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A Magazine for Alumni, Parents & Friends of Catholic Central High School

Photo (left to right) of Cate Beaulieu, Joe Zinno & Aly Orsatti at Lake Morskie Oko, Poland

from the principal

Dear Family and Friends of Catholic Central,

Catholic education has served and been an integral part of the Steubenville community for more than 125 years. From its humble beginnings in the early 1890’s to the present day, Catholic schools in Steubenville have provided their students with an education that is faith-filled and academically challenging. From a small facility on South Fifth Street, known as Holy Name High School, to the modern edifice in the city’s West End, Catholic Central High School has had a positive impact on the area. For over 125 years, Catholic Central High School has academically prepared its graduates for positions in industry, law, business, communications, entertainment, medicine, education, sports, science, the military, religious life and more. It is not an accident that Catholic Central graduates excel. Rather, it’s the support of their families, the extraordinary religious and lay faculty, the feeder parishes and their pastors. These entities continue to provide Central’s graduates with the tools and motivation necessary to help themselves, their families and their communities to prosper and grow! Our mission is always to be faithful to the teaching of the Catholic Church. Catholic Central High School prepares students to live their faith in a Christ-centered environment where academic excellence is fostered through a well-defined and challenging curriculum. With respect for oneself and each other, we strive to develop responsible individuals who make faith-filled decisions and become contributing members of a diverse society. Through the blessings of our Patroness, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we will always be the school identified with Courage, Character, Heart and Spirit. Richard Wilinski Principal

The 125th Graduating Class of Catholic Central High School The Class of 2016 is a class of 48 strong students, looking to advance their future careers in the professions of X-Ray Technicians, Medical Doctors, and Chemical Engineers just to name a few. The class was, to say the least, one of the most competitive that has come out of Catholic Central. In fact, one had to look beyond student number 29 to find someone with a GPA below 4.0. A number of students are continuing their education right in Steubenville, but we did have a number of students leave the area as well. The furthest is Brady Bolger who is attending the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina. However, the class is more than special for their grades, they are also the 125th class to graduate from CCHS and they wore the badge proudly. Collectively, central they lead the school

with their spirit for Crusader traditions and their belief in excellent education that is faith-filled. For this we are most proud.

The Class of 2016

GIVING BACK During the 2015-2016 school year, two significant gifts made their way to Catholic Central on behalf of a few generous graduating classes.

Together, the 2013 and 2014 graduating classes of Catholic Central High School raised enough funds to help build a modern Welcome Sign. Then, in the fall of 2015, we received a call from a member of the Class of 1965. The class wanted to donate funds to the high school in an area of great need. With the help of Mr. (Jim) Ferris and the Class of 1965, Catholic Central received a classroom full of beautiful new desks. This gift will hopefully be the beginning of a series of educational improvements in the years ahead. Our schools continue to offer a premiere education, but there are several brick-and-mortar improvements that we hope to provide to our teachers, staff and students.

Each year, students in the senior class think af a creative gift to give back to the school before they graduate. When Mrs. (Maria Herrmann) Rigaud (Student Council Advisor) asked the Class of 2013 what they wanted to donate to the school, there was no hesitation. They wanted to build a new Welcome Sign. It has been a few decades since a sign sat at the bottom of the Westview Avenue hill greeting passers by as they enter our schools. (Many can remember the former sign which displayed the Fighting Crusaders fall football schedule each year.) The sign did not appear overnight. Great love and care were put into the process from our alumni beginning with Mrs. Rigaud ‘86. She provided leadership by attending architecture and city council meetings. Then, the physical construction of the sign came from Blaine Rogers ‘86, Bernie Cashioli ‘77,



Vince Oliver ‘85, Bob Bottegal ‘87, Dave Mosti ‘75 and a few others who snuck in to help lend a hand as well, not to mention donations from local companies: Strobel Construction and Bradley LawnScapes. Finally (just before Catholic Central graduated its 125th class), Ed Rice, owner of Signs Limited Inc., had the sign erected. It’s a new year and a new time for our schools. The sign proudly welcomes everyone to “the schools on the hill” - Bishop John King Mussio Elementary and Junior High Schools and Catholic Central High School. If you or your class would like to make a donation, please contact Development Director Carol Scurti at 740.264.5538 x:103 or


Left & Middle: Aly Orsatti & Cate Beaulieu Left: Joe Zinno

This past summer three of Catholic Central’s students were given the opportunity of a lifetime - a chance to attend World Youth Day (WYD) 2016 in Krakow, Poland. WYD occurs once every three years in a chosen country. The event is a unique opporunity for young people world-wide to come together, deepen their faith, and grow closer to Christ. Once Krakow was selected, the Diocese of Steubenville decided to collaborate with the Diocese of Detroit to create an experience like none other for students like ours: Cate Beaulieu (Junior), Aly Orsatti (Junior), and Joe Zinno (Sophomore). Their journey took them from Pittsburgh, PA to Chicago, IL to Warsaw, Poland to Krakaw, Poland where they settled in for a week of making new friendships, learning about other cultures, all while developing a deeper relationship with Christ. Cate, Aly, and Joe prepared for their trip by gathering their required travel gear and making their way into foreign territory. In the beginning they may have relied on the

While Joe’s initial view was much the same, the ability to central

Mass in a Salt Mine located in Czestochowa..

familiarity of one another but they quickly learned the trip would help them grow individually as well as spiritually developing their outlook on the world with fellow Christians by their side. For Cate, she knew two years prior to the trip she would be attending World Youth Day. But it wasn’t until she landed in Warsaw that the magnitude of the trip finally hit her. Once arriving in Krakow, Cate was able to take in the spectatcular architecture and modern glass structures. Other fond memories were singing and viewing the Divine Mercy Chaplet in front of the body of Blessed Pierre Giorgio. The experience of joining with foreign strangers to worship God, in languages unknown to us, was like no other, according to Cate.

Friendship Bracelets each youth Pope Francis during mass. received on the final day.

WYD Mercy Centre at Tauron Arena



witness the churches, shrines, and relics were unlike anything he has seen in the United States. The churches in particular were “very unique and breathtaking.” Another impressionable activity was the daily catechetical sessions. Cate, Aly, and Joe were assigned to a group with other Englishspeaking youths from Ireland, the Phillipines, Canada and other parts of the U.S. During the catechetical sessions, popular speakers and clergy in the Catholic world presented teachings each day on the Catholic faith and how it applies to their life. Joe felt they “really gave me, along with my fellow attendees, a way to look at our faith differently. All of these people were able to apply the teachings of faith to the lives of us teens very well, giving us a view on our beliefs that we haven’t thought of before.” As the week continued, Cate, Aly and Joe were also able to take part in a castle tour, daily mass, shopping in the town square, and enjoying lots of gelato; they were even Inside the Arena during daily Catechetical sessions.

asked to join a flash mob with a group from Paris. While walking through streets of thousands, many languages were being spoken, but somehow everyone was able to communicate together. It is memories like these and more that will keep this time together so special. Countless friendships were formed over playing card games, singing in streets, waving flags, sharing Friendship Bracelets and simply joining fellow Christians in WYD. Once their time in Krakow came to an end, they moved their trip into other unbelievable experiences like visiting Auschwitz, exploring the Salt Mines, hiking on a glacier and rafting on the Dunajec River. Cate, Aly and Joe are incredibly grateful to the Diocese of Steubenville and their parishes for helping sponsor their trip. WYD has become a globally-recognized event, and we are so proud to have had three participants. These are the special experiences that a Catholic Central education provides.

CRUSADER SPOTLIGHT The 2015-2016 CCHS Boys Soccer Team finished the season with a record of 14-2-2 and they won an OVAC title. Each player performed a vital role in helping the Crusaders become a must-watch team week after week. Overall, there were a number of individual and team awards given out at the end of the season including: All-OVAC: Jacob Rigaud, Kevin Herrmann, Connor Pecar, Brady Bolger; All-OVAC Honorable Mention: Austin Fowkes, Mikey Irvin; OVAC Co-Player of the Year: Jacob Rigaud; Eastern District 1st Team: Jacob Rigaud, Kevin Herrmann; 2nd team: Connor Pecar, Brady Bolger; Honorable Mention: Austin Fowkes, Mikey Irvin, Aidan Gotta; Senior Academic Honors (GPA 3.7 or better): Brady Bolger, Caleb Moore, Connor Pecar, Jacob Rigaud; Team Academic Award: Team GPA Average of 3.69; Team Sportsmanship Award; Eastern District All-Stars: Kevin Herrmann, Jacob Rigaud; OVAC All-Stars: Kevin Herrmann, Connor Pecar, Jacob Rigaud Track and Field had a very successful 2015-2016 season. Coached by Bob Stanko (‘88), individuals and teams were able to break a meet record, set a new school record, and send student-athletes to compete for State Titles. Joey Schlich set a new meet record and CCHS school record in the 3200m Run at 9:52.10; Boys & Girls Teams won OVAC Track & Field Championships Class AAA Runner-Up; John-Paul Tysz: Academic All-Ohio; James Howard - Shot Put: East District Champion, Regional Runner-Up, and State Finalist; John-Paul Tysz, Matt Kilonsky, Aidan Gotta, Justin Hartzell: OVAC AAA Champions 4x100 & 4x200 Relays, East District Champions 4x100 & 4x200 Relays, Regional Medalist 4x100 & 4x200 Relays; Rebecca Bodo, Emma Borden, Mikayla Gorman, Kara Kakascik: OVAC AAA Champions; Mikayla Gorman, Rebecca Bodo, Lauren Hunt, Kara Kakascik: 4x400 Relay OVAC AAA Champions 4x200 Relay, 4x200 East District Champions; Theresa Duff 100 Meter



Hurdles: OVAC AAA Champion; Kara Kakascik 800 Meter: OVAC AAA Champion & Overall Champion-All Classes, Regional Runner-Up & State Meet Qualifier, State Finalist/State Runner-Up, 2nd Place All-Ohio & Academic All-Ohio. East District Division III All-Star Team: Kara Kakascik 800m; 4x400 Relay Mikayla Gorman, Rebecca Bodo, Lauren Hunt, Kara Kakascik; 4x200 Relay Mikayla Gorman, Rebecca Bodo, Emma Borden, Kara Kakascik; John-Paul Tysz 200m; Justin Hartzell 100m & 200m Dashes; James Howard Shot Put & Discus; Brody Mihalyo 800m; Sylis Fitzgerald 300m Hurdles; Joey Schlich 3200m; 4x800 Relay Brady Bolger, Brody Mihalyo, Evan Moore, Nick Solema; 4x100 Relay John-Paul Tysz, Matt Kilonsky, Aidan Gotta, Justin Hartzell; 4x200 Relay John-Paul Tysz, Matt Kilonsky, Aidan Gotta, Justin Hartzell. East District Division III All-Acacdemic Team (3.50 GPA or Higher - Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors only): John-Paul Tysz, Jesse Zamberlan, Matt Sarlo, Noah Flores, Brady Bolger, Josh Bensur, Brody Mihalyo, Evan Moore, Joey Schlich, Alec Tegano, Carlin Long, Kellen Gotta, Gabe Ferris, Colin Brown, Kara Kakascik, Theresa Duff, Mikayla Gorman.



contributed to the Crusader Fund. So many of you donated a financial gift to further the education for our students at Catholic Central High School. Your generous support during the 20152016 fiscal year is greatly appreciated. The following list represents donors who gave to the Crusader Fund from July 2015-June 2016. If we have made an error or omission, please contact us so that we may correct our records.

Courage Character Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Richard Franckhauser ‘60 & ‘66 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hamrock ‘81 & ‘82 In Memory of Richard J. Gulan Sr. ‘57

Mr. & Mrs. Zachary Hawrot ‘06

In Memory of Robbie Copeland ‘00

Holy Family Church Mrs. Jennifer Parker ‘90 Mr. & Mrs. Brian Patchen ‘61

Heart Mary (Sommer) Averbeck ‘73 Charles Berkley ‘57 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bonitatibus ‘67 & “68 Virginia Buffone ‘35 In Memory of Leo Buffone ‘35

Anthony Cafero ‘53 Msgr. Gerald Calovini - Instructor ‘73-’79 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Clause ‘68 Mr. Douglas Congrove & Mrs. Katherine (Phipps) Congrove J.D. ‘87 In Memory of Michael J. Phipps M.D.

Susan Crum ‘82 Mr. Ernest Dettorre ‘45 Mr. & Mrs. Reno DiCarlantonio ‘74 & ‘78 Mr. & Mrs. Philip DiStefano ‘64 & ‘66 Mrs. Doreen (Deleonardis) Dumbola ‘80 In Memory of Robbie Copeland ‘00

Steven Franckhauser ‘78 Damien Gabis ‘60 Donald Gianni ‘53 John Green ‘59 William Herrman ‘05 James Hollowood ‘61

In Memory of Richard M. Mayers ‘57

Jeffery Hunter ‘05 David Jedneski ‘77 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kenny ‘61 Mrs. Eileen (Mascio) Krisak ‘66 Mr. Mrs. Robert Lanciault ‘69 Michael Lemal ‘73 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lloyd ‘68 In Memory of Leo J’ Buffone ‘35 (Leo Buffone Field)

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lucci ‘66


What is the Crusader Fund?

During the 2015-2016 school year, Catholic Central High School began the Crusader Fund with a direct goal to keep the Fund growing each year. The Crusader Fund is helping to slowly eliminate raffles, candy sales and other fund raisers that aren’t always the most timeworthy for our students and families. But more imporantly, the Crusader Fund is the school’s annual fund drive. It is the critical bridge between tuition and actual cost to educate a Central student. As an annual source of support, the fund helps to meet the actual cost of operating the school. Tuition and parish support are not enough to sustain annual needs and balance the school budget each year. We rely on the generosity and support of our alumni, family and friends - the extended Crusader family - to grow the Crusader Fund. This school year will begin the second appeal for the Crusader Fund. With your support, we can strengthen this fund, improve the lives of our students, and foster a culture of philanthropy that will sustain the school for years to come. This year, Steubenville Catholic Schools is celebrating 126 years of graduating excellence. To commemorate this time, there is no more important way to show your support for Central than through a generous gift to the Crusader Fund. Giving at Central starts here. Please know that your generous gift is directly applied to the following core aspects of the educational experience: • Tuition Assistance • Faculty and Staff Salaries • Technology Enhancements • Building/Grounds Maintenance Please Note: The list of donors only indicates the donations made towards the Crusader Fund and does not reflect all of the generous donations made throughout the school year towards our raffles, dinners, Homecoming Weekend, Fun Fest and more. As the Development Department continues to grow we will add additional sections to our donor list for the magazine each year.

Heart (continued) Mr. & Mrs. Michael Marshall ‘69 Rev. Charles Mascolino ‘46 Mrs. Marilyn (Menzel) McCabe ‘81

In Memory of Frances (Hamrock) Menzel ‘51

Mrs. Patricia (Barilla) McCready ‘63 Robert Milewski ‘51 Janet Owens ‘87 Edward Palombizio Jr. ‘66 In Memory of Antoinette Carducci

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Patchen ‘67 & ‘68 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Patchen ‘56

In Memory of Patrick F. & Olivia Patchen

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Paul ‘48 & ‘49 In Memory of Cesidio J. Federico

Mr. & Mrs. Todd Phillipson ‘87 & ‘89 In Memory of Cynthia Phillipson

Joseph M. Polshaw ‘60

In Memory of Tom Eroshevich Sr. ‘61

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Punke ‘53 & ‘54 Lou Ravasio ‘68 Mr. & Mrs. Adam Scurti ‘57 & ‘59 In Memory of Robbie Copeland ‘00

Mrs. Sarah (Marshall) Smith ‘95 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Stevens Anthony Teramana ‘56 Roberta (Smith) Teramana ‘56 Mr. & Mrs. Albert Trentini ‘56 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Tripodi ‘89 In Memory of Cynthia Phillipson

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Vecchione ‘59

In Honor of Mike Walkosky & Anna Buffone ‘59

Mrs. Ruth (Antinone) Willman ‘75 Tarnie (Berkley) Woods ‘54 Mr. & Mrs. Alphonse Zapolnik ‘51 In Honor of Stephen Zapolnik ‘79

W. Kenneth Zuk ‘74

Spirit Richard Bielak ‘70 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Brees ‘97 Joseph Brooks ‘58 Margaret (McCormick) Buchanan ‘50 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Byers’77 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cavanaugh ‘60 In Memory of Nicole DeStephano

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Chmelovski ‘77 Rosemarie (Zagiba) Chonzena ‘53 Mr. & Mrs. James Coppa ‘80 & ‘79 Mr. & Mrs. Alan Costlow ‘80 John D’Aurora ‘48 Mrs. Debra (Headmond) Dennison ‘61 Patricia Fato ‘44 Mrs. Marlene (Kirlangitis) Figurski ‘70 Mr. & Mrs. John Franckhauser ‘72 Mrs. Laura Froehlich ‘82 Walter Gogul ‘70

In Memory of Walter Sr., Rose Gogul ‘46 & Robbie Copeland ‘00

Walter Gogul Jr. ‘86

In Memory of Craig Creamer ‘82

Irene Habowski ‘48

In Memory of Robert Habowski ‘48

Donald “Pugie” Headmond ‘55 Mary Margaret (Galloway) Jones ‘42

In Memory of Thomas C. (Connie) Jones ‘38

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Kaschak ‘39 Anna Rumics Knowles ‘44 Robert LaPrete ‘60

In Memory of Mary Kathryn LaPrete

keeping a tradition alive






*The Finance Report reflects the combined budgets from both CCHS and BJKM JH. **The Crusader Fund is under “Schoolwide Fundraisers.”

Spirit (continued) Maureen (Gillespie) Lovell ‘74

In Honor of Duffy-Gillespie Families

Joanne (Griffin) Lowrie ‘54

In Memory of Margaret (Griffin) Murray ‘56, John Joseph Griffin ‘58, & William Martin Griffin ‘60

Rebecca McGrail ‘10 Mrs. Tamera Noonan ‘71 Mr. & Mrs. Carl Oprich ‘48 James Petrella ‘02

In Memory of Mary Catherine (Duffy) Kaufmann ‘38

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Popp ‘59 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Recinella ‘66 Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Rice ‘97 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Sanders ‘75 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Stevens ‘54 Cheryl (Raha) Williams ‘85 In Memory of James G. Raha ‘53

Josephine (Borsellino) Witschey ‘49

In Honor of Joseph & Bianca Borsellino




Fun Fest


JUNE 30 & JULY 1 In the CCHS Pavilion

*Great Family-Friendly Fun! *Homemade Food and Cold Beer! *Live Music & Fireworks!

We’ll see you for the weekend!

Classes Ending in “7” & “2”: Your Reunion Celebration is Homecoming Weekend 2017 We invite you to Catholic Central next fall to reunite with classmates during Homecoming Weekend 2017! It’s going to be a fun-filled weekend reconnecting with friends and family, and remembering great memories while at Catholic Central. Classes 1952, 1957, 1962, 1967, 1972, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992, 1997, 2002, 2007 and 2012... We are looking for Reunion Captains to help reach out to classmates. If you’re interested in serving as a Reunion Captain, please contact Carol Scurti, Development Director at or 740.264.5538 x: 103.


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