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Volleyball seniors and team captains Ellen Hawks (left) and Kaley Melville (right) have helped the Hatters get off to an incredible start this season ... and there is one reason why. Pages 14-16.

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Volume 1 • Issue 2 Oct. 2013

#HootyHoo is a publication of the Stetson University Athletic Department. All rights reserved. Designed and edited by the Stetson Athletic Communications office. Photography by Jim Hogue, David Williams,, Rina Tovar, Stetson University, & Stetson Athletics. Printed by Independent Printing. #HootyHoo Schedule: Issue 1: Aug.-Sept. 2013 - Commemorative Edition Issue 2: Oct. 2013 Issue 3: Nov. - Dec. 2013 Issue 4: Jan. 2014 Issue 5: Feb. - March 2014 Issue 6: April - May 2014


August-September, 2013

Stetson Fall Sports Schedules Men’s Soccer Date # Opponent AUGUST 19 Mon. # Florida Southern 22 Thu. # Florida Tech 24 Sat. # at St. Leo 30 Fri. UMASS-Lowell SEPTEMBER 2 Mon. at USF 8 Sun. Grand Canyon 13 Fri. ^ vs. Georgia Southern 15 Sun. ^ vs. Winthrop 18 Wed. at UCF 22 Sun. at James Madison 28 Sat. LaSalle OCTOBER 4 Fri. * Northern Kentucky 6 Sun. * Lipscomb 11 Fri. * at USC Upstate 13 Sun. * at ETSU 20 Sun. * Mercer 26 Sat. * Florida Gulf Coast NOVEMBER 2 Sat. * at North Florida 9 Sat. * at Jacksonville 10 Sun. at Florida Atlantic 13 Wed. A-Sun Quarterfinals 15 Fri. A-Sun Semifinals 17 Sun. A-Sun Championship

Time 7:00 pm 7:00 pm 5:00 pm 5:00 pm 7:30 pm 7:00 pm 5:00 pm 1:00 pm 7:00 pm 1:00 pm 7:00 pm 7:00 pm 1:00 pm 6:00 pm 1:00 pm 1:00 pm 7:30 pm 7:00 pm 7:00 pm 1:00 pm TBA TBA TBA

# - Exhibition ^ - Mercer Tournament, Macon, Ga. * - Atlantic Sun Conference match All times Eastern and subject to change Home matches in Bold

Women’s Soccer


Date # Opponent Time AUGUST 16 Fri. # Armstrong Atlantic 6:00 pm 19 Mon. # Saint Leo 7:30 pm 23 Fri. Embry-Riddle 7:00 pm 25 Sun. Troy 1:00 pm 30 Fri. Florida International 7:30 pm SEPTEMBER 6 Fri. at Georgia Southern 7:00 pm 8 Sun. at South Carolina State 1:00 pm 13 Fri. at UCF 7:00 pm 20 Fri. at Eastern Michigan 4:00 pm 22 Sun. at Detroit 1:00 pm 27 Fri. * North Florida 7:00 pm 29 Sun. * Jacksonville 1:00 pm OCTOBER 4 Fri. * at Lipscomb 8:00 pm 6 Sun. * at Northern Kentucky 12:00 pm 11 Fri. * USC Upstate 7:00 pm 13 Sun. * ETSU 1:00 pm 18 Fri. * at Kennesaw State 7:00 pm 20 Sun. * at Mercer 1:00 pm 26 Sat. * Florida Gulf Coast 5:00 pm NOVEMBER 2 Sat. A-Sun Quarterfinals TBA 8 Fri. A-Sun Semifinals TBA 10 Sun. A-Sun Finals TBA

Date # Opponent Time AUGUST 30 Fri. 1 vs. Drake 11:00 am 30 Fri. 1 at Wyoming 3:30 pm 31 Sat. 1 vs. Montana State 11:00 am 31 Sat. 1 vs. Idaho 7:00 pm SEPTEMBER 6 Fri. 2 Savannah State 3:00 pm 6 Fri. 2 Bethune-Cookman 7:00 pm 7 Sat. 2 Providence 11:00 am 7 Sat. 2 Savannah State 3:00 pm 13 Fri. 3 vs. Southern 10:00 am 13 Fri. 3 at Southeastern La. 2:00 pm 14 Sat. 3 vs. Nebraska-Omaha 10:00 am 14 Sat. 3 vs. Louisiana Tech 2:00 pm 17 Tue. Bethune-Cookman 7:00 pm 20 Fri. * North Florida 6:00 pm 21 Sat. * Jacksonville 3:00 pm 24 Tue. at Bethune-Cookman 7:00 pm 27 Fri. * Mercer 6:00 pm 28 Sat. * Kennesaw State 5:00 pm OCTOBER 1 Tue. at Florida Atlantic 6:00 pm 4 Fri. * Florida Gulf Coast 6:00 pm 11 Fri. * at ETSU 6:00 pm 12 Sat. * at USC Upstate 3:00 pm 18 Fri. * Northern Kentucky 6:00 pm 19 Sat. * Lipscomb 2:00 pm 22 Tue. * at Jacksonville 7:00 pm 25 Fri. * at Kennesaw State 7:00 pm 26 Sat. * at Mercer 3:00 pm NOVEMBER 1 Fri. * USC Upstate 6:00 pm 2 Sat. * ETSU 5:00 pm 5 Tue. * at North Florida 6:00 pm 9 Sat. * at Florida Gulf Coast 2:00 pm 15 Fri. * at Lipscomb 7:30 pm 16 Sat. * at Northern Kentucky 3:00 pm 21-3 Th.-Sat. at Atlantic Sun Championship

# - Exhibition * - Atlantic Sun Conference match All times Eastern and subject to change Home matches in Bold

Football Date Aug. 31 Sept. 7 Sept. 21 Sept. 28 Oct. 5 Oct. 12 Oct. 26 Nov. 2 Nov. 9 Nov. 16 Nov. 23

Opponent Warner University at Florida Tech Birmingham-Southern San Diego * at Butler * Dayton * at Marist * Campbell * Davidson * at Jacksonville * at Mercer *

Location DeLand, Fla. Palm Bay, Fla. DeLand, Fla. DeLand, Fla. Indianapolis, Ind. DeLand, Fla. Poughkeepsie, N.Y. DeLand, Fla. DeLand, Fla. Jacksonville, Fla. Macon, Ga.

Time 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m.


1 - UniWyo Wyoming Invite, Laramie, Wyo. 2 - Stetson Westin Classic, DeLand, Fla. 3 - Lion Classic, Hammond, La. * - Atlantic Sun Conference match All times Eastern and subject to change Home matches in Bold

* - Pioneer Football League contest Home games in bold and played at Spec Martin Stadium All times Eastern and subject to change

Cross Country Date Aug. 31 Sept. 6 Sept. 14 Sept. 21 Sept. 27 Oct. 18 Nov. 2


Event North Florida XC Challenge USF Invitational Florida/Mountain Dew Invitational Embry-Riddle Invitational FLRunners Invitational UCF Black and Gold Invitational Atlantic Sun Championship

Location Jacksonville, Fla. Tampa, Fla. Gainesville, Fla. Daytona Beach, Fla. Titusville, Fla. Orlando, Fla. Nashville, Tenn.


August-September, 2013



Egor Panyushkin Turns Challenge into Opportunity

Egor Panyushkin (far left) finished fifth in the Deaflympics, while competing for his home country of Russia this past summer.


ou wouldn’t know it by interacting with him, but Stetson men’s tennis sophomore Egor Panyushkin has been deaf since early childhood. What the Hatter can only attribute to the combination of medicine to help a serious ailment and a stressful car accident, Panyushkin slowly but surely lost his hearing around the age of seven. His ailment was cause for embarrassment as a child growing up around friends and classmates in his hometown of Moscow, Russia. “When I was young I was embarrassed a little. That’s why I grew my hair out,” Panyushkin said of his efforts to hide his hearing aid. These days he reads the lips of his coaches so well, and improved technology has made his hearing aid virtually unnoticeable that Panyushkin says the ailment does not negatively affect him anymore. Rather, he has turned it into a positive. This summer Panyushkin took advantage of an opportunity to compete for his country in the 22nd Deaflympics in Sofia, Bulgaria. Recognized by the International Olympic Committee since 1955, the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) provides sporting opportunities to deaf people around the world. The biggest event for the ICSD is the Deaflympics, which is held every four years.


Immediately following his freshman season with the Hatters this past spring, Panyushkin made a trip home to compete in the Russian Deaf National Championship. After winning that tournament, he earned a spot as his nation’s representative in the Deaflympics. He couldn’t have been more excited about the opportunity. “Russia puts the Olympics, the Paralympics, and the Deaflympics on the same level now,” Panyushkin said, “so it’s a big deal to the country if you perform well.” And perform well, he did. In a field of 50 athletes, Panyushkin advanced to the men’s tennis quarterfinals before falling to France’s Mikael Laurent. He eventually finished in fifth place overall. “I was the youngest one, so the next time I can do even better,” Panyushkin said of his likelihood of returning to the Deaflympics. “I have a chance to play in at least two more.” It wasn’t just the competition that made the experience one to remember for the Stetson student-athlete. He also spoke fondly of the time he was able to spend with others like him. He never spent time with other deaf children while growing up in Russia; he was always living a normal life, so Panyushkin never learned sign language. That changed at the Deaflympics.


“I learned the deaf language in one week,” he said. Although much slower at signing than his teammates, who had been doing it for years, Panyushkin cherished the opportunity to bond with them, and he can’t wait to represent his country again in 2017.

August-September, 2013

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August-September, 2013

Men’s Basketball Announces 2013-14 Schedule Men’s Basketball 2013-14 Schedule

Highlighted by games at ACC foes Clemson and Notre Dame to open the season, the Stetson men’s basketball team will begin the 2013-14 season on an eight-game road trip in the month of November. After home exhibitions against Tampa on Oct. 26 and Palm Beach Atlantic on Nov. 4, the Hatters will open up their first season under new head coach Corey Williams at Clemson on Nov. 8. On Nov. 10, Stetson will take on a Notre Dame squad that reached the Big East semifinal and the NCAA Tournament a season ago. The Hatters will then return to Florida, but stay on the road, challenging Florida A&M on Nov. 14. Last season Stetson won its matchup with the Rattlers by a score of 88-66. A trip down to Miami to take on Florida International on Nov. 18 will be followed by a game at USF on Nov. 22. In its first year of conception, the Gulf Coast Showcase will host the Hatters for three games over three days from Nov. 2527. Stetson will open play against Wagner of the Northeast Conference, while the Atlantic 10’s St. Bonaventure and the WAC’s Louisiana Tech also highlight the eight-team field. After Thanksgiving, Stetson will welcome Southern Conference Champion - and regular to the NCAA Tournament Davidson to the Edmunds Center. The Wildcats will challenge the Hatters in their home opener on Saturday, Nov. 30. Home games against cross-county rival Bethune-Cookman (Dec. 3) and Florida


Atlantic (Dec. 17) sandwich a road game just down the interstate at UCF. The Hatters will take on the Knights on Dec. 7 at 7:00 p.m. Stetson will open Atlantic Sun Conference play with three straight games at the Edmunds Center, as Lipscomb (Dec. 30), Northern Kentucky (Jan. 1), and defending A-Sun Champion and NCAA Sweet 16 team from a year ago Florida Gulf Coast (Jan. 5) challenge Stetson early in conference action. Stetson will then compete in five of its next seven contests on the road, playing at Jacksonville (Jan. 9), North Florida (Jan. 11), Kennesaw State (Jan. 23), Mercer (Jan. 25) and FGCU (Jan. 31), while hosting ETSU (Jan. 16) and USC Upstate (Jan. 18). Return trips from North Florida (Feb. 6) and Jacksonville (Feb. 8) precede a Stetson road trip to USC Upstate (Feb. 13) and ETSU (Feb. 15). The final two home games of the regular season will welcome Kennesaw State (Feb. 21) and Mercer (Feb. 23) to the Edmunds Center. Stetson will conclude the regular season on the road, traveling to Northern Kentucky on Feb. 27, and ending the campaign at Lipscomb on Mar. 1. The top eight teams in the league, per usual, will qualify for the A-Sun Tournament. However, this year, the format has changed. Each round of the championship – Quarterfinals (Mar. 4), Semifinals (Mar. 6), Finals (Mar. 9) – will be held at the higher seed’s home arena.


Date Opponent Time OCTOBER 26 Sat. % Tampa 1:00 PM NOVEMBER 4 Mon. % Palm Beach Atlantic 7:00 PM 8 Fri. at Clemson 7:00 PM 10 Sun. at Notre Dame 1:00 PM 14 Thur. at Florida A&M 7:00 PM 18 Mon. at Florida International 7:00 PM 22 Fri. at USF TBA 25 Mon. & vs. Wagner TBA 26 Tue. & Gulf Coast Showcase TBA 27 Wed. & Gulf Coast Showcase TBA 30 Sat. Davidson 1:00 PM DECEMBER 3 Tue. Bethune-Cookman 7:00 PM 7 Sat. at UCF 7:00 PM 17 Tue. Florida Atlantic 7:30 PM 30 Mon. * Lipscomb 7:00 PM JANUARY 1 Wed. * Northern Kentucky 1:00 PM 5 Sun. * Florida Gulf Coast 1:00 PM 9 Thur. * at Jacksonville TBA 11 Sat. * at North Florida 7:00 PM 16 Thur. * ETSU 7:00 PM 18 Sat. * USC Upstate 1:00 PM 23 Thur. * at Kennesaw State 7:00 PM 25 Sat. * at Mercer 3:00 PM 31 Fri. * at Florida Gulf Coast 7:00 PM FEBRUARY 6 Thur. * North Florida 7:00 PM 8 Sat. * Jacksonville 1:00 PM 13 Thur. * at USC Upstate 7:00 PM 15 Sat. * at ETSU 4:00 PM 21 Fri. * Kennesaw State 7:00 PM 23 Sun. * Mercer 1:00 PM 27 Thur. * at Northern Kentucky 7:00 PM MARCH 1 Sat. * at Lipscomb 11:00 AM 4 Tue. Atlantic Sun Quarterfinals TBA 6 Thur. Atlantic Sun Semifinals TBA 9 Sun. Atlantic Sun Championship TBA % - Exhibition game & - Gulf Coast Showcase, Estero, Fla. * - Atlantic Sun Conference game All times Eastern and subject to change Home games in Bold and played at the Edmunds Center

August-September, 2013

Women’s Basketball Announces 2013-14 Schedule Women’s Basketball 2013-14 Schedule

Fourteen regular season home games plus an invitation to the Preseason WNIT highlight the 2013-14 Stetson University women’s basketball schedule. The Hatters are coming off their best season in school-history, registering a school-record 24 wins, capturing their fourth Atlantic Sun Conference Championship, and earning their highestever seed to the NCAA Tournament (14). The Hatters open the season on Nov. 8 at Oklahoma, a team that advanced to last year’s NCAA Sweet 16. The game will be Stetson’s first in the preseason WNIT, a 32-team tournament in which the Hatters will play at least three games. Stetson will play its home opener on Nov. 18 against Indiana State. Stetson went 14-1 at home last season and is 30-2 (.938) in its last 32 games at home. The Sycamores won 18 games last year and played in the WNIT. The Hatters will play four of its next five games on the road against in-state nonconference opponents, including trips to Bethune-Cookman (Nov. 20), Florida State (Nov. 29), Florida A&M (Dec. 2), and USF (Dec. 8). The Bethune-Cookman game pits two Volusia County rivals who be meeting for the 15th time in the last 16 seasons. Stetson will also play four times at the Edmunds Center in December, beginning with its annual Volusia County Schoolchildren Day on Dec. 5 vs. Palm Beach Atlantic. The Hatters will also face Charlotte on Dec. 15, completing a homeand-home series that originated last year.


The 26th Annual Hatter Classic returns to the Edmunds Center on Dec. 20-21. Stetson will face Murray State and Nicholls State during the two-day event. Stetson has won the last three Hatter Classics. Following the holiday break Stetson embarks on its 18-game, double roundrobin conference schedule. The Hatters will play seven of their first 11 A-Sun games on the road, beginning with a Jan. 4 contest at Florida Gulf Coast. Other road games include Mercer (Jan. 12), Kennesaw State (Jan. 14), Northern Kentucky (Jan. 26), Lipscomb (Feb. 2), USC Upstate (Feb. 4), ETSU (Feb. 16), North Florida (Feb. 20), and Jacksonville (Feb. 22). The home portion of the A-Sun schedule features USC Upstate (Jan. 9), ETSU (Jan. 11), North Florida (Jan. 23), Jacksonville (Jan. 25), Kennesaw State (Feb. 13), Mercer (Feb. 15), Northern Kentucky (Feb. 27), Lipscomb (Mar. 1), and Florida Gulf Coast (Mar. 8). The Atlantic Sun Conference Basketball Championships will feature a new format in 2013. The quarterfinals will be held on Mar. 11 at campus sites with the higher seed serving as the home team. The semfinals and finals will be held Mar. 1516 at the site of the highest remaining seed, giving the Hatters the potential of hosting three postseason games. Stetson returns six letterwinners from last year’s record-setting team, including juniors Cherisse Burris (Blue Springs, Mo.), C.J. Coddington (Davie, Fla.), Jama Sharp (Mooresville, Ind.), and senior Sasha Sims (Fayetteville, Ga.).


Date Opponent Time NOVEMBER 8 Fri. & at Oklahoma 8:00 PM 10 Sun. & Pre-Season WNIT TBA 13 Wed. & Pre-Season WNIT TBA 17 Sun. & Pre-Season WNIT TBA 18 Mon. Indiana State 6:00 PM 20 Wed. at Bethune-Cookman 7:00 PM 29 Fri. at Florida State 7:00 PM DECEMBER 2 Mon. at Florida A&M 6:00 PM 5 Thur. Palm Beach Atlantic 11:00 AM 8 Sun. at USF 1:00 PM 17 Tue. Charlotte 5:00 PM 20 Fri. % Murray State 1:00 PM 21 Sat. % Nicholls State 1:00 PM JANUARY 4 Sat. * at Florida Gulf Coast 7:05 PM 9 Thur. * USC Upstate 6:00 PM 11 Sat. * ETSU 1:00 PM 16 Thur. * at Mercer 7:00 PM 18 Sat. * at Kennesaw State 2:00 PM 23 Thur. * North Florida 7:00 PM 25 Sat. * Jacksonville 1:00 PM 30 Thur. * at Northern Kentucky 7:00 PM FEBRUARY 1 Sat. * at Lipscomb 5:00 PM 6 Thur. * at USC Upstate 7:00 PM 8 Sat. * at ETSU 1:30 PM 13 Thur. * Kennesaw State 7:00 PM 15 Sat. * Mercer 1:00 PM 20 Thur. * at North Florida 5:30 PM 22 Sat. * at Jacksonville 1:00 PM 27 Thur. * Northern Kentucky 7:00 PM MARCH 1 Sat. * Lipscomb 1:00 PM 8 Sat. * Florida Gulf Coast 1:00 PM 11 Tue. Atlantic Sun Quarterfinals TBA 15 Sat. Atlantic Sun Semifinals TBA 16 Sun. Atlantic Sun Championship TBA & - Preseason WNIT % - Hatter Classic, DeLand, Fla. * - Atlantic Sun Conference game All times Eastern and subject to change Home games in Bold and played at the Edmunds Center

August-September, 2013



Editorial: Hosting the NCAA Tournament is Important for Stetson Even though the calendar has just turned to fall, much of my time and attention continues to be focused on this coming spring when Stetson University will serve as one of eight host institutions for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Second and Third Round games.

Also on prominent display will be the level of support we have from across the area for this event. To fill more than 18,000 seats, it will take more than just fans from the eight participating teams. In fact, those eight teams are only responsible for 350 tickets each, meaning there are still 16,000 seats to fill.

Stetson has partnered with the Central Florida Sports Commission (CFSC) and the Amway Center to bring this event to Orlando, and the implications of hosting for all of central Florida are far-reaching.

The great news for Stetson fans and supporters is that there is still time to get some of the best seats in a building that truly doesn’t have a bad seat. If you want to sit close to the action, you still can, but you had better act fast.

Orlando has hosted this event four times in the past, but 2014 will be unique. First, this will be the first time the event has been hosted at the new Amway Center. I have been to stadiums and arenas all over the country, and I can easily say that the Amway Center is one of the most impressive facilities I have ever been to.

The early pre-sale of tickets last spring, along with the outstanding work of the CFSC and the Orlando Magic in reserving suites for the tournament, have resulted in almost 10,000 tickets being sold. If you didn’t have a chance to purchase during the early pre-sale, there will be one more window of opportunity in October before tickets go on sale to the general public on October 19. That limited pre-sale window will open on October 14 and run through October 17.

Since first receiving notification that we were hosting this event last fall, I have been to the Amway Center almost weekly, and toured it from top to bottom several times, and I come away more impressed with the facility after every visit.

If you want to have a chance to purchase tickets during that window, please send an e-mail to and let us know. I’ll personally make sure you get an opportunity to buy tickets before they go on public sale.

The second reason this event is so important is that it will set the stage for central Florida to potentially host numerous other NCAA Championship events in the years to come. This summer the NCAA had more than 80 championship events up for bid. The CFSC has placed bids to host more than 40 of those events in future years.

Tickets for the event, which include all three sessions, with two games for each session, are $258 each for the lower bowl and $198 for the upper seating areas. There are also still limited opportunities for access to larger hospitality areas for entertaining clients and customers, if that is of interest.

Stetson University, through the close partnership we share with the CFSC, will have an opportunity to serve as the host institution for many of these events, should they be awarded to Orlando. The success of the event this spring will be a major factor in determining if those future events are awarded by the NCAA.

As I said earlier, there are no bad seats at the Amway Center, and if you haven’t been to an event there, take this opportunity to participate in March Madness, and help Stetson make this the most successful of the eight host venues this year so that the NCAA will want to come back again and again.

For now, my focus is on hosting the Men’s Basketball Second and Third Round games in March. March Madness is unquestionable the most important championship event the NCAA holds on an annual basis. More than 90 percent of all revenue collected by the NCAA comes from this one event.

I look forward to seeing you at the games. Go Hatters!

That means the success of March Madness makes possible all of the other championship events throughout the year.

Ricky Hazel Assistant Director of Athletics NCAA Tournament Manager

For Stetson and Orlando, March Madness gives us a chance to show off all that is great about our institution and central Florida. Each of the six games will be nationally televised, and Stetson University’s logo will be on prominent display, on the court and in the arena, as the host institution. The value of that national attention is priceless.



August-September, 2013

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August-September, 2013

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August-September, 2013



COMPLIANCE CORNER UNOFFICIAL VISITS Prospective student-athletes may make unlimited, unpaid, unofficial visits prior to his/her senior year, except in basketball. In men’s basketball prospective student-athletes are not allowed unofficial visits during July, unless he has signed an NLI/GIA, or paid a deposit to the institution. In women’s basketball prospective student-athletes may not make unofficial visits during July evaluation periods unless she has signed an NLI/GIA, or paid a deposit to the institution. Also, coaches may not provide any expenses/entertainment to a prospective student-athlete, except for three complimentary admissions.

Stetson Compliance Top Performers


David Saur, Assistant Women’s Basketball

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Twitter: @SUCompliance

Larry Watson, Head Men’s Golf Coach

ELECTRONIC CORRESPONDENCE In sports other than basketball, September 1 of a prospective student-athlete’s junior year is when electronic correspondence may begin (June 15 after sophomore year for basketball). This correspondence is feasible through Twitter “direct message,” Google+ messenger, and Facebook Message features. Color attachments (including photographs) may be included, provided the attachment only includes information that is not created for recruiting purposes, except for items that are specifically permitted as printed recruiting materials (e.g., questionnaires). In addition, attachments shall not include any animation, audio or video clips, and there shall be no cost (e.g., subscription fee) associated with sending the item attached to the electronic mail correspondence.

Stetson University Athletics Compliance Staff Assistant Athletics Director for Compliance Chet Hesson, Siena Heights (2009) P: (386) 822-7490 E: Compliance Coordinator Laura Mason, Montevallo (2009) P: (386) 822-8164 E:

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Chet Hesson

Laura Mason

August-September, 2013

Just a few short weeks into the 2013 season, the Stetson volleyball team is venturing into uncharted territory. The Hatters quickly surpassed last year’s win total in just the second week of the season, and went on to post their best start in 17 years. Much of the foundation for this season’s success was laid by the team’s two seniors and team captains, Ellen Hawks and Kaley ‘Mel’ Melville. Even before the first day of fall practice, the pair dedicated countless hours preparing team activities and planning ways to create a family-like atmosphere to help foster a positive team chemistry. “Mel and Ellen worked their tails off over the summer to put this team where we are,” sophomore Kayla Weller said. “They made us bond as a team and its showing on and off the court.” During their first three years at Stetson, Hawks and Melville felt a strong desire to be team leaders. Even as freshmen they were key contributors on the court, and they worked hard to set an example for their teammates. Head coach Tim Loesch came to the program at the tail end of their freshman year, and noticed their leadership qualities right away. “They have been leaders since I first got here and have progressed to taking more and more of a role as they have become older and more experienced,” Loesch said. “One of the differences this year is that they are seniors and they don’t feel like they are stepping on somebody else’s toes by leading.” Loesch was right. As underclassmen playing with more experienced players, Hawks and Melville focused their energies on setting an example with their hard work on and off the court. “We just gave it everything that we had and tried to create an atmosphere of what we wanted,” Hawks said. “As the years have gone on we’ve stepped up and taken more of that leadership role, and desired it more, of just changing the culture of Stetson Volleyball, and each year we wanted to change it a little bit more and a little bit more. This year we were just so pumped. We have been working forever for this moment.” Loesch said Hawks and Melville really started to step up their role as team leaders last spring. Even though the two players were practicing and competing with the Stetson sand volleyball team, they continued to train with the indoor team as well.

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“It was great for (Hawks and Melville) to stay in touch with last year’s freshmen and get to play and practice with them during that formative time of offseason training,” Loesch said. “I think it really started there where they made the extra effort to do two sports at once. That really helped them bond with that group.” The summer followed, and the student-athletes went their separate ways to enjoy a few months off to refresh for the next school year. Hawks went to Missouri to continue her summer work as a Christian camp counselor and mentor, while Melville stayed locally at her home in Daytona Beach. Both spent a lot of time communicating with the incoming freshmen to make them feel welcome before they even arrived, and Melville frequently visited campus to work with the coaches on sprucing up the team locker room. Ellen Hawks

August-September, 2013

“Mel put a lot of work in this summer,” Hawks said. “She put up a lot of cool decorations in the locker room, like signs depicting each girl’s home state where they can write about what inspires them. She also made a study room in there and made it feel like a home, a place where the girls would be excited to come into. “I was so excited when she would call me on the phone and tell me all about it,” Hawks added. “We really focused from the beginning on making it a team-first environment before we even started playing volleyball.” The pair also developed a team motto for the upcoming season: “One.” “‘One’ means we are unified in everything that we do, both on and off the court,” Hawks said. “Every day in practice we come in and we work really hard. We create an atmosphere of being confident, being competitive, giving it everything you got, and being there to support your teammates.” “We decided that ‘One’ is the best term for us because it’s ‘One’ team, ‘One’ love, and ‘One’ game,” Melville added. “But more importantly, ‘One’ just stands for all of the girls coming together and standing as one. We are very excited to hold on to that theme.” When the summer drew to a close, the student-athletes returned to campus for fall training. With the 2013 squad assembled together for the first time, Hawks and Melville went to work on implementing their team motto and creating a strong team chemistry. “Before we even started practicing, we decided we were going to put time and effort into team bonding first,” Hawks said. “We wanted to become a team off the court so we can trust each other on the court.” The seniors’ efforts during those first few days on campus made a huge first impression on the freshmen. “(Mel and Ellen) really made sure we did a lot of team bonding activities,” said McKenna Foster, a freshman from Ocala, Fla. “We went to the beach, we had a team olympics, and we did a lot of activities together. They really made sure to show us around and include us in everything so we felt like we were part of the team right away. We never felt awkward or out of place.”

Kaley Melville

#49 Patrick Cone

On several occasions during the preseason, Hawks and Melville traded their Stetson hats for chef’s hats and cooked meals for the entire team, typically breakfast. “We would go grocery shopping and easily go through three dozen eggs, two pounds of bacon, and we would just clear out the fridge for them,” Melville said. “It was nice because it gave them a chance to come into our home, and for us to provide for them. It just gave them a real sense of home and family, which has been our goal since day one.” Soon it was time to hit the court, where the coaches put the team through a grueling three weeks of practice, strength training, and conditioning. “The seniors have made it a lot of fun but they have also made it tough,” Loesch said about the preseason. “They set the standard high for all the incoming girls, and everyone has followed their lead. They took the other girls under their wing and showed them what they needed to do to be successful and helped them get through a tough preseason.” The Hatters’ strong start Preseason Team Bonding included a season-opening win over Drake, a four-match sweep of the Stetson Westin Classic, and the team’s longest winning streak since 1988. However, after opening the Lion Classic with a win over Southern University, the Hatters dropped two straight matches to Southeastern Louisiana and Nebraska-Omaha. During a break before the team’s next match, the coaches spent some time talking to the team and challenging them to play more aggressively. Then Hawks and Melville pulled the team aside and held a players-only meeting. “As much as we enjoy leading, we wanted the other girls to have a chance to say what they wanted to

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August-September, 2013

The Stetson volleyball team created practice shirts displaying their team motto of “ONE”.

say,” Hawks recalled. “They said some really good things about bought into that, and it has been a lot of fun to see them come picking up the energy, what we need to do, and how we need to together as a team.” trust each other. Then we took a second and I said, ‘This is where “Last year, we had an image of what we wanted it to be like we decide what we want to be about. Mel and I know what we this year,” Hawks said. “I think as we worked to develop what want this team to be about, but this is also on you. You have to we wanted the team to be about, we realized that even though take ownership of it. Don’t tell us. Come back out and show us. we have a bunch of personal desires – we want to make a huge We decide now, and once we decide, we are not changing it.’” impact (on the court), we want to go really far – getting to know The Hatters took the court against Louisiana Tech, and these girls and coming together as a team has made it so much despite falling 27-25 in the first set, Stetson came roaring back, more. It’s not just about us. We care more about leaving a legacy hitting a phenomenal .457 over the final three sets to pull away of the program being changed forever, so that those girls have a with a convincing 3-1 victory. chance to experience something entirely different than what we “We came out and played so aggressively,” Hawks said. “The experienced: that they know a winning program, that they know passing was on point, (setter) Kayla (Weller) was incredible. She what it’s like to work hard, and that they know what it’s like to be a had all of her hitters hitting high percentages. When we got off the team.” court, Mel and I were so excited. We “This isn’t a change that we said, ‘that’s what Stetson Volleyball is implemented for one year,” Melville “It is very selfless of (the seniors) about, and that’s what we expect from said. “This is a change for Stetson here on out.’” Volleyball forever. This is something to put the team first. They are As they have done throughout that the school and our teammates seeing when they do that, we their careers, Hawks and Melville have deserve. Now is our time. Just to have a lot of individual success played a big role in the team’s success see that really resonate with the girls this season. Melville ranks among the is something that is really important to as well. They are definitely conference leaders in kills and was me.” putting the team first, and that is named co-MVP of the Westin Classic. For the seniors, each victory why we have been successful. It Hawks continues to add to her schoolis bittersweet. They are thrilled at record blocking totals and she earned how well the team is doing, but also has been a lot of fun to see them Atlantic Sun Defensive Player of the constantly think about how few games come together as a team.” Week honors on Sept. 9. are left in their career. However, individual accolades and “I have dedicated 12 years of my -- Head Coach Tim Loesch accomplishments aren’t what motivate life to this sport, and this is it,” Melville Hawks and Melville. Their team-first said. “We have 21 games left and mentality has always been their first priority and it has been a real every single day, when we come out onto the court, I look at Ellen blessing for the coaching staff. and say, ‘We only have 20 left. Let’s make sure every single game “It is very selfless of them to put the team first,” Loesch said. counts, so that when we leave, these girls will carry on what we “They are seeing when they do that, we have a lot of individual helped create.’ That feeling alone is better than any record that success as well. We get more individual awards, and people either one of us will ever break, or any recognition, or just knowing reaching personal milestones. They are definitely putting the team that our team came together as one, in the last year that we were first, and that’s why we have been successful. All the girls have here.”

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August-September, 2013



SAAC Corner: By Katie DiGirolamo The Stetson, Atlantic Sun and Division I National few months. While we are non-voting members of Student Athlete Advisory Committees (SAAC) have the NCAA governance structure, we do comment and started off the school year strong and very busy. react to these legislative proposals, issues of interest Stetson has been preparing for the annual and actions of the Division with the respective NCAA Hattemy Awards in late October, recognizing staff members. memorable moments and student-athletes from the To my fellow student athletes: be prepared for 2012-13 school year. change, but know the National SAAC, and NCAA The A-Sun SAAC is meeting in late September staff, is working with your best interests in mind. Know at Northern Kentucky to discuss the new Community that conference and institutional Student Athlete Service and Fundraising awards which will recognize Advisory Committees are meeting on regular a basis all the student-athletes in our conference for the long to discuss issues, praises and creative ideas to make hours dedicated to local charities. our experience better. Finally, the National SAAC is preparing for their We are here to enhance the total student-athlete Katie DiGirolamo November meeting and ready to discuss legislative experience, to promote opportunity, and protect our changes within the NCAA. well-being and positive image. Don’t be afraid to share your The NCAA is undergoing governance structural changes, opinions; there’s a reason we hash-tag #OURVOICE. defining governance responsibilities and financial considerations, Follow us on twitter @Div1SAAC, read our monthly as well as improving the enforcement and web communications newsletter, and contact your National, Conference or Institutional departments. NCAA Cabinets and Committees have been SAAC representatives with anything and everything NCAA! meeting to discuss their respective bylaws to try and settle any remaining proposals. It’s promising to see these Cabinets and Committee, Upcoming SAAC Events: as well as the entire NCAA staff, stick to the core values of student-athlete welfare, sound academic standards, integrity, sportsmanship and pursuit of excellence. Oct. 27 Hattemy Awards (Edmunds Center) The National SAAC will focus on Bylaw 17 regarding Nov. 3 Second Annual Cornhole Tournament playing and practice times, Bylaw 16 with meals and allowances and get updated on all other decisions made in the previous

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August-September, 2013

Tip of the Hat: Donald Payne


hree games. Three honors. Stetson freshman “dawg” safety Donald Payne instantly asserted himself as one of the team’s leaders on defense, earning Pioneer Football League Player of the Week accolades on defense following each of the Hatters’ first three football games since 1956 while also claiming two national honors for his work. Payne was named the national Freshman of the Week for the season opener by The Sports Network, the country’s most prominent news source for the Football Championship Subdivision. He followed up by earning national Linebacker of the week from the College Football Performance Awards for game three. Payne leads the squad with 28 tackles overall and boasts a well-rounded stat line that also includes four tackles for loss, two sacks, two interceptions, five pass breakups and two fumble recoveries, both for touchdowns. He has been a central figure in a defensive unit which, as of press time, ranked fourth in the nation in both scoring defense and passing efficiency defense after the first two games. In the highly-anticipated game against Warner, Payne turned in one of the biggest plays of the contest. Following the overnight weather delay, the first play from scrimmage saw the Royals’ center snap the ball over his quarterback’s head in a shotgun formation. Payne beat a slew of players to the loose football, recovering it in the end zone for a touchdown that helped give the Hatters the momentum they needed to ensure victory. Although the Hatters were unable to take down Florida Tech on Sept. 7, it wasn’t for lack of

trying on Payne’s behalf. The Fayetteville, Ga., native led Stetson with 14 tackles, 10 of them solo, including a half of a tackle for loss. Payne intercepted a pass and broke up four others to give him five total passes defended on the day. Named a team captain prior to the season, Payne, athletic at six-feet, and 191 pounds, fits well into his on the field role as a “dawg” a hybrid position incorporating duties of a strong safety and outside linebacker that range from deep pass coverage to run containment to blitzing. “I think he is arguably our best player,” Stetson coach Roger Hughes told the Daytona Beach News-Journal after the first of Payne’s two PFL weekly awards. “The neat thing about him is, sometimes, when you’re a big fish in a small pond, sometimes your motivation to get better is not as great, because there’s not as much competition, but he hasn’t let that slow him down as far as working hard to improve.”

August-September Honors

Steven Saballos

Cross Country Runner of the Week...................................................................Amanda Spring (Sept. 11) Football PFL Defensive Player of the Week.................Donald Payne (three times - Sept. 1, 8, 22) PFL co-Special Teams Player of the Week.............................James LaGamma (Sept. 2) Sports Network FCS National Freshman of the Week..................Donald Payne (Sept. 2) CFPA National Linebacker of the Week......................................Donald Payne (Sept. 22) Men’s Soccer Mercer Classic all-tournament team.......................................Steven Saballos, J.J. Bostic Volleyball UniWyo Invitational all-tournament team...................................................... Kaley Melville Westin Classic co-MVP..........................................................Kaley Melville, Kayla Weller Westin Classic all-tournament team...................................... Madison Akins, Ellen Hawks Lion Classic all-tournament team........................................Tiffany Creamer, Ellen Hawks A-Sun Defensive Player of the Week.............................................. Ellen Hawks (Sept. 9) A-Sun Player of the Week........................................................... Kaley Melville (Sept. 23) A-Sun Freshman of the Week..................................................Tiffany Creamer (Sept. 23)

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August-September, 2013

Former Hatter Baseball Players in the Pros

Cleveland starting pitcher Corey Kluber is hoping to lead the Indians into the playoffs.


ummer may be the time when the current Stetson Hatters slip away from a fan’s mind for a few months, but it is the time when Stetson’s baseball alumni are on display nationwide, spreading the school’s good name by putting all they learned on Melching Field to good use in the professional ranks. One of the better individual improvement stories in all of Major League Baseball this year comes courtesy of a Hatter. Third-team All-American pick Chris Johnson came to the Atlanta Braves this offseason as a career .276 hitter and somewhat of an afterthought in Atlanta’s deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks that also netted Justin Upton. Little did they know that Johnson would hit (as of Sept. 21) a career-high .332 in 136 contests, mostly covering the same third base bag DeLand native Chipper Jones famously guarded for the better part of two decades. The Braves have run away with the National League East this summer and a big reason is the Hatter who is leading the NL in batting, as of press time. Whether or not he wins a tight race for the NL batting title, Johnson has a comfortable lead on the New York Mets’ David Wright for the silver slugger award at third base. Only 2012 triple crown winner Miguel Cabrera has a higher batting average amongst American League third basemen. In addition to his batting crown possibilities, Johnson currently leads his front-running ball club with 33 doubles, is fifth in the NL with 36 two-out RBI and, from July 26 to August 2, became the first Brave since 1900 to record eight consecutive multiple-hit games. This somewhat unexpected addition to their offensive bottom line

Courtesy: Cleveland Indians

is one reason why the Braves presently hold the best record in the National League. Johnson was recently featured in the New York Times under the headline “Afterthought Exceeds Braves’ Hopes”. One thing is for certain, Johnson will be anything but an afterthought for opposing managers who have to face the Braves in the playoffs this year. Johnson was one of two Hatters to play in the majors this year, joining Cleveland Indians hurler Corey Kluber. The Tribe is in a fierce battle for an American League wild card berth and Kluber’s right-handed tossing has been a part of their success. The former All-American and A-Sun Pitcher of the Year has posted an 9-5 record this year with a 3.62 ERA for Cleveland. Kluber has fanned an impressive ratio of 125 batters (in 136 innings) against just 31 walks, contributing to a 1.197 WHIP that leads all of the Indians’ regular starters. That 1.20 WHIP ranks 15th in the AL amongst pitchers with at least 20 starts this fall, wedging the Hatter hurler between Boston’s John Lackey and former Cy Young Award winner Bartolo Colon of Oakland. While those two Hatters got a glimpse of life in “the show” in 2013, 11 other Hatters played professionally in the U.S. this summer hoping to someday join Johnson and Kluber. Listed alphabetically: Brian Bocock, who does have 38 games worth of MLB experience with the San Francisco Giants and Philadelphia Phillies, spent the year in AAA trying to get back there. Bocock split his time between the Syracuse Chiefs and Indianapolis Indians,

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August-September, 2013

Former Hatter Baseball Players in the Pros Chris Johnson led the National League in batting for much of 2013. Credit: Atlanta Braves

Another former major league Hatter aiming to return is Lenny DiNardo. Best known for his time with the Boston Red Sox, including the magical 2004 World Series season, DiNardo threw in the independent Atlantic League this year with Lancaster. He went 5-9 for the Barnstormers, posting a 3.57 ERA over 104.2 innings of work. DiNardo struck out 70 and walked 35. Tucker Donahue moved up to single-A Lansing in the Toronto system after spending 2012 in Vancouver. Donahue went 3-3 with a 6.09 ERA in 41 appearances for the Lugnuts. He threw 54.2 innings and struck out 45 against 28 walks. Cameron Griffin made a smooth transition to the professional baseball world. Assigned in June to the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Gulf Coast League team in rookie ball, Griffin went 2-0 with a 1.90 ERA in 18 appearances. He recorded 29 strikeouts over 23.2 innings pitched and posted a WHIP of just 1.31. Sam Kimmel hopes to be a Baltimore Oriole someday and he found himself not far from Camden Yards for the second straight summer with Aberdeen (Md.) of the single-A New York-Penn League. Kimmel hit .277 for Aberdeen with a home run and 16 RBI in his 39 games worth of action for the IronBirds. Robert Powell, much like his former Hatter teammate Jake Boyd, spent the year bouncing between Inland Empire and Burlington for the Angels. Powell was 4-1 with a 4.20 ERA in his 39 total appearances this year with three saves and a 1.22 WHIP over 55.2 innings of work. His numbers were remarkably consistent between the two clubs and bode well for the future. Nick Rickles spent the year with the Beloit Snappers in the Oakland A’s system, hitting a solid .258 with seven home runs and 33 RBI over 81 games of action. Rickles did get a one-game glimpse into AA life when he caught for Midland on April 7, on the road against the Arkansas Travelers. Rickles went 2-for-4 with a run scored and an RBI, helping the RockHounds to a 4-1 win.

the top affiliates of the Washington Nationals and Pittsburgh Pirates, respectively, and hit a combined .175 in 53 games played. Jake Boyd is in the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim’s system and spent his summer between the single-A Burlington Bees and high-A Inland Empire 66ers. Boyd was 3-3 with a 3.35 ERA for the Bees, posting a 1.24 WHIP over his 17 appearances, four of which were starts. His time in San Bernadino didn’t go as well, going 0-5 with a 9.00 ERA. Ben Carhart didn’t spend his summer very far from campus at all as a member of the Florida State League champion Daytona Cubs, mostly playing third base. Carhart played in 112 games for the high-A team, batting .247 with three home runs and 51 RBI to tie for third on the club. His 27 doubles were just one shy of the team lead. Lindsey Caughel showed promise in the Los Angeles Dodgers farm system despite a deceptive 4-10 record. Splitting time between the single-A Great Lakes Loons and high-A Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, Caughel put forth a 3.63 ERA, 1.23 WHIP and a 138-23 strikeout-to-walk ratio. The 138 strikeouts came at an impressive rate of nearly one per his 143.2 innings of work on the season. Jacob deGrom shot through the New York Mets’ system this summer, starting the year with high-A Port St. Lucie before moving up to AA Binghamton and finally to AAA Las Vegas. Over that time, deGrom was a combined 7-7 with a 4.51 ERA. He started 26 times, threw 147.2 innings and fanned 120 while yielding just 46 walks.

#HootyHoo 21

Jacob deGrom was promoted all the way to the New York Mets AAA affiliate Las Vegas 51’s this summer. Credit: Darryl Ginwright

August-September, 2013

STETSON SPIRIT Stetson Alma Mater Dear Alma Mater, Smile Upon Thy Children; Gladly We Greet Thee, Altogether Lovely; Peace Be Within Thy Classic Halls And Temples. Hail, Alma Mater Dear Dear Alma Mater, Tenderly Thy Children Gather And Bring To Thee Gracious Salutations; Comrades, Your Voices Lift Once Again In Chorus, Hail, Alma Mater Dear.

Stetson Fight Song Stetson U will win the game, Listen to our cheer, GO HATTERS! Shout the glory of your name, Spread it far and near, YEA HATTERS! Alma mater praise to thee And our teammates true, GO HATTERS! Marching on to victory Let’s GO, HATTERS, GO!

#HootyHoo 22

Stetson Cheer Razzmatazz Razzmatazz Hatter Hooty Hoo We are STETSON Who the heck are you? Hullaballoo Hat Knuckle Flim flam flop We are STETSON And we can’t be TOPPED

August-September, 2013



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August-September, 2013



STETSON HATTERS MOBILE APP NOW AVAILABLE ON iPHONE and ANDROID Download the Stetson Hatters mobile app and get all the latest in Stetson Athletics in a simple, interactive interface on your mobile device. Stay connected to the latest news, scores and schedules, and rosters for all your favorite Hatters sports teams! The Premium version of this app grants access to live audio of Stetson games and exclusive on-demand video from Hatter Vision, including press conferences, player and coach interviews, and much more!

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August-September, 2013

Hatters On The Airwaves With the return of Stetson football in the fall of 2013 comes the return of Stetson athletics to the radio. During the 2012-13 athletic year, Stetson men’s and women’s basketball could be heard on the airwaves for the first time in many years with a full schedule of games on WSBB 1230 AM in New Smyrna Beach and WTJV 1490 AM in DeLand.

The broadcast network is scheduled to carry all Stetson football games this fall, plus a full 32-game schedule for the Hatters’ men’s basketball team and a limited schedule for the defending Atlantic Sun Conference champion women’s basketball team. The coaches show, after a holiday hiatus, will pick up in January for the Hatters’ run through the A-Sun schedule. The broadcast team that will take you through football season will include veteran play-by-play man Matt Musgrove and threetime All-Pac 8 offensive lineman Steve Osterman on game analysis. The familiar voice of Ryan Rouse, who will continue to serve as the play-by-play announcer for multiple Stetson sports on Hatter Vision, will serve as the sideline reporter for the broadcasts in addition to hosting pregame, halftime and post-game shows. In addition to the radio broadcasts of the games, all Stetson football broadcasts will be available online through Hatter Vision. Video streaming for all home games in numerous sports will also be available there throughout the year. Here are short bios on the voices you will be hearing each Saturday during the 2013 Stetson football season. Matt Musgrove After working with the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks and the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers for five seasons as Director of Creative Services, Musgrove moved with his family to New Smyrna Beach where he serves as manager of the 70-acre sports complex. In addition, he oversees marketing efforts. In his spare time he serves as the broadcast voice for New Smyrna Beach High School football. Musgrove started his broadcast career with the Columbus Cottonmouths hockey team as well as the Columbus RedStixx baseball team. In the 19992000 season he was selected to serve as the broadcaster for the CHL/WCHL All-Star Game. Musgrove is a graduate of Louisiana State University where he spent two years as a senior editor/writer for The Daily Reveille, in addition to working for two years as a student assistant in the LSU Sports Information Department. He was also a percussionist for two years as a member of the Golden Band from Tigerland.

Steve Ostermann A native of Chicago, Ostermann took a leap of faith in 1970 when he accepted a scholarship offer to play football at Washington State University. During his first two years in Pullman he saw action as a linebacker on the freshman team and then redshirted in 1971 while making the switch to offensive line. The move proved to be the right one as he earned All-Pac 8 honors for three consecutive years. He capped his career by earning All-America honors in 1974 despite playing for a WSU team that won just two of 11 games. He earned an invitation that year to play in the Hula Bowl. After his playing career ended, Ostermann embarked on a career as a sales rep in Illinois. He relocated to DeLand several years ago and currently works as a salesman at Starling Chevrolet. He is no stranger to the Pioneer Football League, having a son, Ben, who completed his career as a quarterback at Drake in 2008. Ostermann was inducted into the Washington State University Athletics Hall of Fame in the fall of 2012. Ryan Rouse No stranger to fans of Stetson Athletics, Ryan Rouse has been the voice of Stetson baseball for the last two seasons in addition to serving in a play-by-play role for men’s and women’s soccer and volleyball games. Last year he partnered with Robbie Aaron on broadcasts of Stetson men’s basketball games, and he is set to move into the role of play-by-play voice for the Stetson women’s hoops team this year. A native of Sarasota, Rouse is a 2009 graduate of UCF where he majored in Interpersonal/Organizational Communication. During his time at UCF he served as Director of Broadcasting for Knightcast Student Radio and he has also done work for both the Orlando Magic and Tampa Bay Rays.

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August-September, 2013

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October 2013 When I first came to Stetson, we were less than nine months from our first football season in more than 50 years. Although no one was sure what to expect from Stetson’s students and fans, we were certain of two things. First, we wanted to create an atmosphere that would surpass anything Stetson Athletics had done in the past. We also wanted to build a gameday experience that would make our university, alumni and fans proud to be Hatters. Thanks to the support of everyone involved, we are off to a good start toward achieving those goals. Apart from the game, Hatter Village is critical to making the Stetson Football experience unique among its peers. A festive, fan-friendly gathering place, Hatter Village is the result of meticulous planning and tremendous cooperation between stakeholders at the University and City of DeLand. We believe Hatter Village will serve as the starting point for great Stetson Football memories for many years to come. If early reactions present any indication, Hatter Village is already a tremendous tone-setter, representative of the new energy surrounding Stetson University and Stetson Athletics. The Hatter Walk occurs a little more than two hours before kickoff, and is the highlight of any day in Hatter Village. Many thanks are owed to the City of DeLand and the DeLand Police Department for helping create a setting that allows Stetson’s students, parents and fans to show their support for the Hatter football team as they make their way into Spec Martin Stadium. Many thanks are also owed to the Hatter fans for supplying the enthusiasm that makes the Hatter Walk such a success. Coach Hughes and his staff have already said how much the Hatter Walk impresses them and how appreciative they are for the fans’ support. Most importantly, the energy felt during the Hatter Walk reminds everyone – fans and players alike – that they are part of an NCAA Division I football program. While Hatter Village sets the gameday atmosphere, and the Hatter Walk serves up the energy, nothing can match the inspiration provided by our own Hatter crowd. Since the first game on August 31, every fan I’ve met has mentioned the national anthem before that game, and recalled with pride how our students, alumni, and fans sang together with Stetson’s Hat Trick their own, impromptu a capella version of the Star Spangled Banner. In a day full of emotional moments, that stirring, collective performance of our national anthem may have topped them all. It not only served as a touching display of patriotic spirit, but also embodied the collective willingness of both the Stetson and DeLand communities to join together and contribute to something larger than themselves. From the highest-ranking official to the most casual fan, Stetson football could never have made its return without that sort of tireless spirit, and Hatter fans everywhere should take pride in both the on- and off-field successes we have already experienced. Considering the great start we’ve had so far, I can’t wait to see what next year has in store – but I have a feeling it’s going to be pretty good. I hope you’re there to share it with us. Go Hatters! Jeff Higgins Assistant Athletic Director, External Operations

Hooty Hoo (September, 2013)  

The Official Stetson Athletics Magazine Volume 1, Issue 2

Hooty Hoo (September, 2013)  

The Official Stetson Athletics Magazine Volume 1, Issue 2