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Volume 1 Issue 5 Feb. 2014

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HOLIDAY SAFARI Women’s Golf teammates Ryan Ashburn and Claudia Redinger spent winter break in Redinger’s home country of South Africa. Page 4.

BREAKOUT SEASON Men’s Basketball forward Willie Green credits Corey Williams, his fifth collegiate coach, for his successful senior season. Page 10.

BECOMING A STAR It was a rough start for Women’s Basketball forward Sasha Sims, but what a stellar career it has become. Page 11.

TOP DESTINATION Rowing programs from all over the country and Canada are coming to Lake Beresford for its perfect conditions. Page 14. Also Inside: Season Previews for Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, and Spring Football ...... pp. 6-9 Tip of the Hat ...... p. 16 NCAA History in Orlando ..... p. 18

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Volume 1 • Issue 5 February 2014


February 2014

Women’s Golf Teammates Enjoy Holiday Safari

Among the many benefits of competing in college athletics is the opportunity for student-athletes to make lifelong friends. Often these friends come from vastly different backgrounds and experiences. Such is the case of Claudia Redinger and Ryan Ashburn from the Stetson women’s golf team. Both seniors, Ashburn is a Florida girl, from Seminole, while Redinger is from Durban in South Africa. Over the Christmas break from school, Redinger hosted Ashburn in her home country. For Redinger, it was not only a chance to spend time with family, but also a chance to show off all that her homeland has to offer. For Ashburn, it was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. “This was, by far, one of the best Christmas breaks I have had at home since coming to Stetson,” Redinger said. “South Africa is a country that is so diverse, not only with the people who live there, but in the plants, landscapes, traditions and history. I am proud to say that I am South African, and it was an honor showing Ryan around my country.” For Ashburn, every experience she had while visiting South Africa was new. “When I arrived, Claudia and her younger brother, Wesley, were there to pick me up from the airport,” Ashburn said. “I made the mistake of getting in on the wrong side of the car, and when Claudia


asked me if I wanted to drive, I quickly headed for the other side.” Redinger played tour guide for her teammate for two weeks – from Dec. 27 until Jan. 10. During that time she gave Ashburn the kind of views of her country, which is roughly twice the size of Texas, that only a native could provide. “I really enjoyed playing the role of tourist in my own backyard,” Redinger said. “I wish that we had more time, as there is still so much to see, from the peaceful midlands, to the great Kruger National Park, the Drakensberg to Namaqualand on the western coast.” Both players documented their trip with journals and photos. Here are a few of the highlights. For a more complete look at their holiday in South Africa, visit www. On Ashburn’s first full day, the duo visited the Inanda Dam and spent the morning tubing and water skiing before flying west across the country to Cape Town and Table Mountain for a spectacular sunset. “Cape Town is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to,” Ashburn said. On Dec. 29, the duo visited the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront and spent the afternoon touring some of the nation’s oldest vineyards in Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, east of Cape Town. The day


ended with a visit to the cheetah sanctuary in Somerset West, on the eastern side of the Cape. Dec. 30 started at the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens for a bus tour around the city of Cape Town. Stops included Groot Constantia (the oldest vineyard in South Africa), Hout Bay, Camps Bay Beach and the Mount Nelson Hotel, before ending the day with a picnic in the botanical gardens. New Year’s Eve was spent at Boulders Beach, where they saw some African penguins. They took a drive along Chapman’s Beak Drive, which is cut into the granite cliffs above the Atlantic Ocean, before a late-afternoon flight back to Durban. New Year’s Day was spent hanging around the pool at the Redinger home. They did a little shopping, and Ashburn got some lessons on riding a dirt bike. The next few days were spent at the beach, playing some golf and enjoying the South African summer along the Indian Ocean. One adventure was zip-lining at Oribi Gorge. “I really enjoyed playing the golf courses there,” Ashburn said. “Every course is completely different, and there is so much elevation change. No matter if it was just a small public course or a nice private one, the views from some of the

February 2014

Women’s Golf Teammates Enjoy Holiday Safari, cont.

holes were amazing. Some would look over the ocean, the city or just the valleys, but it was all beautiful.” On the morning of Jan. 8, the duo got an early start and headed north to Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park . While there, they saw a wide variety of animals, including elephants, giraffes, rhinos, hippos and more. They spent the night at Zulu Nyala in what Redinger called an “upscale tented camp.” The next morning included a drive with a park ranger, where they saw many more animals and were even charged by an elephant. On Jan. 10, they played golf at Cotswold Downs, which is one of Redinger’s favorites. They closed the day with another barbecue with family and friends before heading for the airport the next morning for their flight back to Florida. Redinger said that getting to show off her home country to her American teammate was something she really enjoyed. “When I came to Stetson, it was quite a big change for me in terms of the food, culture, people and the way that things get done,” Redinger said. “I think it was much the same for Ryan, but I think that it was an awesome opportunity for her to learn about other cultures. “South Africa is such a great country, and Ryan was immersed in multiple cultures due to our ethnic diversity. I think some of her experiences might have been


quite eye-opening.” Ashburn said her favorite memories from the trip came from the interaction with the Redinger clan. “I really enjoyed being able to hang out with her family and get to know them,” Ashburn said. “Claudia has a lot of great history in her family. Her grandpa was, and still is, a phenomenal athlete, and her grandma was a teacher. I found it so fascinating that they could all speak at least three different languages.


“Her mom, grandma and grandpa can speak English, Polish and Afrikaans, and her dad can speak English, Zulu and Afrikaans. I loved being able to hear and learn about all their experiences.” The only disappointment Ashburn had from her trip was that it didn’t last long enough. “I do miss South Africa and wish I could have stayed longer,” Ashburn said. “The views were absolutely breathtaking, and you could see so far and so much of the city from wherever you were. I would definitely like to go back very soon, because there are more places I would like to visit. “Plus I still have to go cage diving with the great whites!” The two seniors are back in DeLand, and are now focused on their final spring of collegiate golf. They will help lead the Hatters into four tournaments before closing the season in the A-Sun Championship at Jekyll Island, Ga., where they hope to take Stetson back to a league title and a berth in NCAA Regional play. The Hatters open the spring season on Feb. 16, when they play in the JU Invitational at Amelia Island Golf Club. Other spring tournaments are scheduled for Eagle Landing Golf Club in Orange Park (March 13-16), Juliette Falls Golf Club in Ocala (March 22-25), and the LPGA International in Daytona Beach (April 5-6).

February 2014

Baseball Season Preview 2014 Schedule

As Stetson head coach Pete Dunn embarks on his 35th season in charge of the Hatters, he is looking to put the disappointment of last season behind him. In 2013, the Hatters boasted the youngest roster of Dunn’s tenure, at times starting seven first-year players, many of whom were freshmen. But despite the youth, Dunn and his staff saw several players emerge last season. And those players will all play critical roles as the Hatters move forward in 2014. Stetson returns six everyday positional starters from last season, and the entire weekend starting rotation returns intact, as does much of the bullpen. Despite all that experience, the 2014 Hatters are still a relatively young team. The roster of 33 players features just six seniors and six returning juniors. The other 21 players are either freshmen or sophomores, with one first-year junior. Young experience, however, is still experience. And that experience showed in fall workouts as Dunn and his staff spent more time on working to improve the squad, instead of teaching the game like the previous fall. “I’m really pleased with how our fall workouts went, even though we didn’t have all of our pieces in place,” Dunn said. “We had a few guys coming back from injury that either didn’t participate or were limited as to what they could do.” Several key veterans return from last season, including sophomore first baseman Patrick Mazeika. The 2013 Atlantic Sun Conference Freshman of the Year, Mazeika batted .382 last season.


Catcher Garrett Russini (.256 Avg, 2 HR, 33 RBI), second baseman Kevin Fagan (.275-0-25), and shortstop Tyler Bocock (.238-0-9) also return. Senior left-hander Austin Perez (7-2, 2.81 ERA) leads the pitching staff, while fifth-year senior Kurt Schluter returns after missing most of 2013 due to injury. Stetson faces an ambitious schedule in 2014. In addition to the typical strong Atlantic Sun Conference slate, the Hatters will play 13 games against either ACC or SEC foes. And they won’t waste any time with the challenging portion of their schedule, opening the season Feb. 14 with a three-game home series against Ole Miss. The Hatters are also scheduled to face Boston College, South Carolina, Miami, NC State and Florida State, as well as traditional foes like Bethune-Cookman, FIU and South Florida. “This schedule is as strong as I can remember in my 35 years as a head coach,” Dunn said. “I can say with confidence we’ve never played 13 combined games against SEC and ACC opponents in the same season. It’s really nice for our fans, because nine of those games are at home. It gives them a good opportunity to see the two strongest baseball conferences in the nation. “These are the types of teams we’re going to face in the postseason. When you match up with the teams we’re facing early on, you’re going to find out pretty quick what you’re made of. We had a really young team last season, so we’ll see how much our young kids have matured in the last year.”


Date # Opponent Time FEBRUARY 14 Fri. Ole Miss 6:30 PM 15 Sat. Ole Miss 2:00 PM 16 Sun. Ole Miss 12:00 PM 19 Wed. at FIU 5:00 PM 21 Fri. Boston College 6:30 PM 22 Sat. Boston College 2:00 PM 23 Sun. Boston College 1:00 PM 25 Tue. at Bethune-Cookman 6:00 PM 26 Wed. South Florida 6:30 PM 28 Fri. # Iowa 7:00 PM MARCH 1 Sat. # Furman 7:00 PM 2 Sun. # Maine 4:00 PM 4 Tue. at South Carolina 7:00 PM 5 Wed. at South Carolina 7:00 PM 8 Sat. Siena 6:30 PM 9 Sun. Siena 1:00 PM 9 Sun. Siena 6:30 PM 11 Tue. NC State 6:30 PM 12 Wed. Miami 6:30 PM 14 Fri. Yale 7:30 PM 15 Sat. Yale 3:00 PM 16 Sun. Yale 1:00 PM 21 Fri. * at ETSU 7:00 PM 22 Sat. * at ETSU 2:00 PM 23 Sun. * at ETSU 1:00 PM 26 Wed. Florida A&M 5:00 PM 28 Fri. * FGCU 6:30 PM 29 Sat. * FGCU 2:00 PM 30 Sun. * FGCU 1:00 PM APRIL 1 Tue. South Florida 6:30 PM 4 Fri. * at Northern Kentucky 3:00 PM 5 Sat. * at Northern Kentucky 1:00 PM 6 Sun. * at Northern Kentucky 1:00 PM 8 Tue. Bethune-Cookman 6:30 PM 11 Fri. * at Kennesaw State 6:00 PM 12 Sat. * at Kennesaw State 2:00 PM 13 Sun. * at Kennesaw State 1:00 PM 15 Tue. at South Florida 7:00 PM 17 Thu. * Lipscomb 6:30 PM 18 Fri. * Lipscomb 6:30 PM 19 Sat. * Lipscomb 1:00 PM 22 Tue. at Florida State 6:00 PM 23 Wed. at Florida State 4:00 PM 25 Fri. * at North Florida 6:00 PM 26 Sat. * at North Florida 1:00 PM 27 Sun. * at North Florida 1:00 PM MAY 2 Fri. * Jacksonville 6:30 PM 3 Sat. * Jacksonville 6:30 PM 4 Sun. * Jacksonville 1:00 PM 6 Tue. Florida State 6:00 PM 9 Fri. * at Mercer 6:00 PM 10 Sat. * at Mercer 2:00 PM 11 Sun. * at Mercer 1:00 PM 15 Thu. * USC Upstate 6:30 PM 16 Fri. * USC Upstate 6:30 PM 17 Sat. * USC Upstate 1:00 PM 21-25 Wed.-Sun. at A-Sun Championship TBA 30-J2 Fr.-Mon. at NCAA Regionals TBA JUNE 6-9 Fri.-Mon. at NCAA Super Regionals TBA 14-25 Sat.-Wed. at College World Series TBA # - Stetson Invitational * - Atlantic Sun Conference game All times Eastern and subject to change Home games in bold and played at Melching Field

February 2014

Softball Season Preview 2014 Schedule

The 30th season of Stetson fastpitch softball has arrived, and with it, the goals and expectations of a new year. The Hatters went 31-22 in 2013 and set an alltime program record with 45 home runs. The offense looks to pick up where it left off a season ago with the return of homerun leaders Meredith Owen (11) and Demi Meza (10). The pair became the first in Stetson history with double-digit home-run totals in the same season, and with 35 of those 45 long balls returning in 2014, there is reason to be optimistic. “I think our offense is going to be able to do a good job,” said head coach Frank Griffin. “I don’t know if this will be another record-breaking year, but I do know that we have the talent to score some runs.” Stetson scored at a blistering pace last year, plating 4.6 runs per game, its highest season average since 2005. Griffin thinks that total may go up this season with the team’s potent combination of power and speed. “This is perhaps overall the fastest team I’ve had in my career,” Griffin explained. “We also have a lot of pop to go with it, so I think we are going to score some runs, especially as the season goes on.” One of the fastest Hatters is senior Chrissy Morello, who will anchor the outfield for Griffin once again in 2014. The four-year starter has led her team in steals each of the past three seasons and has swiped 67 bags to date. To complement the Hatter offense is a veteran pitching corps, which returns all four components from a year ago. Seniors Sarah Read and Owen return for their


final seasons in DeLand, and are joined in the circle by juniors Courtney Brandt and Taylor Cochran. Owen led all Hatter hurlers last season with a 1.96 ERA and a 22-10 record in 207.2 innings pitched, while Brandt picked up eight victories during her 20 appearances. “I am really pleased with the depth we have on the mound, and all four pitchers have improved since last season,” Griffin said. “Sarah has had the most improvement because last year she was recovering from arm surgery, so there is a huge difference in her performance.” Backing up the pitching will be a solid defensive unit, highlighted by a trio of 2013 A-Sun All-Freshman team members. Infielders Kayla Drury and Brittany Hawn combined for 161 putouts and 191 assists during their first season of collegiate ball, and are looking to become even stronger with the glove during their sophomore campaigns. “I would like to have an infield that makes routine plays routinely,” Griffin said. “No big flashy plays or bobbling of the ball, and I feel confident that the players we have out there will do just that.” The Hatters also boast depth behind the plate with junior Allison Sutherlin and the third A-Sun All-Freshman team member in now-sophomore Jessica Griffin. Four newcomers will make their Stetson debuts this spring as well. The Hatters open the season Feb. 7-8 as they host Michigan State and Rhode Island in the annual Stetson Lead-Off Classic.


Date # Opponent Time FEBRUARY 7 Fri. 1 Michigan State 4:00 PM 7 Fri. 1 Rhode Island 6:30 PM 8 Sat. 1 Rhode Island 4:00 PM 8 Sat. 1 Michigan State 6:30 PM 14 Fri. 2 Elon 4:00 PM 14 Fri. 2 Campbell 6:30 PM 15 Sat. 2 Campbell 4:00 PM 15 Sat. 2 Bethune-Cookman 6:30 PM 16 Sun. 2 Bethune-Cookman 12:00 PM 28 Fri. 3 vs. Princeton 5:00 PM 28 Fri. 3 vs. College of Charleston 7:00 PM MARCH 1 Sat. 3 vs. UT Martin 1:30 PM 1 Sat. 3 vs. SIU-Edwardsville 6:00 PM 7 Fri. 4 Memphis 4:00 PM 7 Fri. 4 South Dakota 6:30 PM 8 Sat. 4 South Dakota 4:00 PM 8 Sat. 4 Memphis 6:30 PM 11 Tue. * USC Upstate (DH) 4:00 PM 12 Wed. * USC Upstate 4:00 PM 15 Sat. * at Mercer (DH) 1:00 PM 16 Sun. * at Mercer 1:00 PM 18 Tue. * Marist (DH) 4:00 PM 19 Wed. * Buffalo 6:00 PM 22 Sat. * at ETSU (DH) 1:00 PM 23 Sun. * at ETSU 11:00 AM 26 Wed. Bethune-Cookman 6:00 PM 29 Sat. * Florida Gulf Coast (DH) 1:00 PM 30 Sun. * Florida Gulf Coast 1:00 PM APRIL 5 Sat. * at Northern Ky. (DH) 12:00 PM 6 Sun. * at Northern Ky. 11:00 AM 12 Sat. * at Kennesaw State (DH) 1:00 PM 13 Sun. * at Kennesaw State 1:00 PM 18 Fri. * Lipscomb (DH) 12:00 PM 19 Sat. * Lipscomb 10:00 AM 26 Sat. * Jacksonville (DH) 2:00 PM 27 Sun. * Jacksonville 1:00 PM 30 Wed. * at North Florida (DH) 5:00 PM MAY 1 Thur. * at North Florida 2:00 PM 7-10 We.-Sat. at A-Sun Championship TBA 15-18 Th.-Sun. at NCAA Regionals TBA 22-25 Th.-Sun. at NCAA Super Regionals TBA 29-J4 Th.-Wed. at WCWS TBA - Stetson Lead-Off Classic, DeLand, Fla. 1 2 - Hatter Invitational, DeLand, Fla. 3 - UCF Tournament, Orlando, Fla. 4 - Stetson Classic, DeLand, Fla. * - Atlantic Sun Conference game All times Eastern and subject to change Home games in bold and played at Patricia Wilson Field

February 2014

Lacrosse Season Preview

In its inaugural season of competition in 2013, the Stetson lacrosse team enjoyed a number of successes on and off the field. The Hatters won their first game ever in a 19-7 home victory over Kennesaw State on April 14, they went 2-2 in Atlantic Sun Conference play, and the program reached the conference semifinals in its first year of existence. With 16 letter-winners returning, 11 of 12 starters back from a year ago, and a crop of 11 newcomers, the 2014 version of the Stetson lacrosse team is prepared to take big strides in the development of the program. “The experience of that first year for the coaching staff helped us work out many kinks with logistics, the processes in place here at Stetson, and to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t work for our program,” second-year head coach Nicole Moore said. “This year, we have more insight to help us prepare our studentathletes for success.” “Every year holds its unique set of challenges, and that is what can make each individual year special and memorable with the right mindset,” Moore went on to say. “We are building the mindset of our team to see challenges as opportunities for growth and achievement of excellence.” The 2013 season provided many challenges for the first-year program that started the year with 13 straight losses, but the Hatters excelled during A-Sun play, winning their final two games to earn the third seed in the conference tournament. A number of Stetson’s student-athletes


earned individual accolades for their efforts as well. Five returning sophomores – Maylis Broderick, Caili Guilday, Danielle Horgan, Paige Levesque and Mary Kate O’Sullivan – were named to the A-Sun AllFreshman Team, Horgan and O’Sullivan earned All-Conference Second Team honors, and an additional sophomore was recently named to the Preseason AllConference Team in Amanda Parker. “Our returners were all part of building the foundation that we are continuing to build,” Moore said. “We are learning every day, and that is something special. As a coaching staff, we are grateful for those team players who come to practice or to train, day in and day out, ready to learn, ready to compete, and ready to be great teammates. It makes this experience the worthwhile experience that coaching can be.” More important than successes on the field, though, for Moore, is what her student-athletes get out of the experience playing lacrosse and being a part of this program. “I want this team to realize that this experience is more than just winning,” she said. “Yes, we go hard every day to prepare to win, and we have that inner burning, desire, and intensity to win, but what is even more precious than a win is seeing the potential, the growth, the goodness, and the ability in themselves and in their teammates. I want for them to put themselves on the line for their teammates, to play for each other, to work for each other, to support one another,


2014 Schedule Date Opponent Time JANUARY 24 Fri. & vs. Syracuse 7:00 PM FEBRUARY 9 Sun. Oregon 1:00 PM 13 Thur. Colorado 7:00 PM 21 Fri. Cincinnati 7:00 PM 27 Thur. Old Dominion 7:00 PM MARCH 2 Sun. Holy Cross 1:00 PM 5 Wed. at Coastal Carolina 6:00 PM 8 Sat. Sacred Heart 1:00 PM 11 Tue. Saint Joseph’s 7:00 PM 17 Mon. Wagner 7:00 PM 21 Fri. at Marist 7:00 PM 25 Tue. Florida 7:00 PM APRIL 5 Sat. * at Kennesaw State 1:00 PM 12 Sat. * Jacksonville 1:00 PM 19 Sat. * at Detroit 12:00 PM 25 Fri. * Elon 4:00 PM 27 Sun. * Howard 1:00 PM MAY 2 Fri. at A-Sun Semifinals TBA 4 Sun. at A-Sun Finals TBA & - at ESPN WWOS, Lake Buena Vista, Fla. * - Atlantic Sun Conference match All times Eastern and subject to change Home matches in bold and played at the Athletic Training Center

and at the end of the day, to know that the connections they have made with their teammates and coaches are special and will empower them in their future endeavors. When this is achieved, winning comes much more easily.”

February 2014

Football Ready to Return to Work Spring Practice Date


Feb. 15 ...............................................TBA Feb. 16................................................TBA Feb. 18............................................ 7 a.m. Feb. 19............................................ 7 a.m. Feb. 21................................................TBA Feb. 22................................................TBA Feb. 23................................................TBA Feb. 26............................................ 7 a.m. Feb. 28................................................TBA March 1...............................................TBA March 11.......................................... 7 a.m. March 12......................................... 7 a.m. March 14.................(Spring Game) 6 p.m. March 18......................................... 7 a.m. March 19......................................... 7 a.m.

For most college football players, the season is really never over. Such is the case for the Stetson Hatters, who returned to campus following the winter break and immediately went to work. The offseason is all about conditioning and, after going through their first year of competition in the Pioneer Football League, the Hatters have a much better understanding of the level of conditioning needed to be competitive on the field. Head coach Roger Hughes said he found the Hatters to have two types of players during the fall’s 2-9 season. The focus this offseason is to get all of them on the same page. “I told every kid when we went through exit interviews that we have two kinds of kids on this team,” Hughes said. We have the group of kids that is really committed, and we have another group that is not as committed, or is not sure they are ready to commit.” Hughes said he has encouraged the group of committed players to make life uncomfortable for players in the other group. The objective, he said, is to have those players make a choice – commit or leave. “Football is the wrong game to play if you aren’t passionate about it,” Hughes said. The results have already been seen. The Stetson roster has been thinned some


since the end of the season. Players who have left the program have done so for a variety of reasons. Many will remain as students at Stetson, but others left because of the costs involved with attending the university. “I hate the fact that any of these kids choose to leave, but, because they are so blessed with talent, they sometimes find that they have bigger fish to fry, and playing football is a significant commitment.” The returning players, along with seven newcomers who joined the program in January, have been hard at work in the weight room in addition to working to improve speed and agility. That work will be put to the test beginning Feb. 15 when the Hatters open spring practice. Hughes said there are a number of things the squad will look to accomplish during those 15 spring practices. “The first thing we want to do is weed out schemes that don’t make sense,” Hughes said. “Basically, if we aren’t running things that we can run against our best opponents, then we are wasting our time. “Second, we have to become a better situational football team. We have to be able to get off the field on third down on defense, and keep drives alive on third down on offense. We have to run the ball more efficiently and effectively.”


Spring practice for the Hatters will continue through March 19, meaning the team will take a breather in the middle for Spring Break. The spring game is scheduled for Friday, March 14, at 6 p.m. at Spec Martin Stadium. In addition to preparing for the start of spring practice, the Stetson coaching staff, which to date has remained intact from last year, has been working hard to recruit the next batch of Hatters players. Hughes said that there is a different feel on the recruiting trail this year. “The interesting thing that I am finding is that there is a little bit of a buzz out there about Stetson Football,” Hughes said. “There are kids out there who would like to return home, or kids who want to stay home, and a lot of other kids who want to have the opportunity to play in Florida.” The coaches are also focusing their efforts on recruiting to fill specific need areas this year. The focus is more on quality over quantity. “We can be more selective now,” Hughes said. “We have a better measure of what kind of players we need at various positions in order to be competitive in this league. Now that we have been exposed to the league, we have a better idea of the type of help we need.”

February 2014

Willie Green Enjoying a Breakout Senior Season Stetson men’s basketball senior Willie Green is enjoying the most successful season of his career in 2013-14. With multiple 20-point games, including a 30-point outburst in the Hatters’ home opener, Green leads Stetson in scoring and is among the Atlantic Sun Conference’s top scoring threats. It hasn’t been an easy road for the Orlando native, though. Green has played for three programs, and has had five head coaches in five seasons of collegiate basketball. “The coaching changes, moving schools, and my changing roles on teams, it all motivated me to work harder,” he said. “I had to get better each and every year.” A highly recruited student-athlete out of Olympia High School, Green chose to begin his career at Western Kentucky University. After not playing in the Hilltoppers’ first few games, Green and the coaching staff decided it was best for the freshman to redshirt in what ended up being his only season in Bowling Green. “The most difficult thing about that year at WKU was not playing,” Green said. “It was an eye-opener for me. I’ve never been on a team where I haven’t played. I was better than I had ever been, and I still wasn’t playing, so I couldn’t understand it for a while. However, it did motivate me to work a lot harder.” Although things didn’t work out the way he wanted them to at WKU, Green didn’t give up on his goal of competing at the NCAA Division I level. “My initial thought was, ‘I have to play D-1 ball,’” Green said when discussing his decision to leave WKU. “I knew I could play at that level, so I didn’t want to sell myself short. When I had the option of going to junior college or going straight to another D-1 program and sitting out a year, I knew I couldn’t sit out again.” Green chose to move closer to home by attending Daytona State College, where he could play basketball for a season before transferring to another Division I program. The year off from game competition left him with a bit of rust on his game, but again, Green continued to work on improving. “Taking a year off took a toll on me,” Green said in reference to his redshirt season at WKU. “I had to adjust back to the speed of the game. I was working hard, but there is no greater teacher than the experience you get on the court.”

Former Stetson head coach Derek Waugh was in attendance at Green’s very first practice at Daytona State, and that stood out to him more than anything else when he finally made his choice on where he wanted to continue his collegiate career. When Waugh was replaced by Casey Alexander before the start of Green’s first season with the Hatters, the sophomore was prepared to play for what was already his fourth head coach in just three seasons. With all the changes and all the challenges he faced during his time playing collegiate basketball, Green leaned on the support of his family. “The support of my family has always been there,” he said. “They would come all the way up to my Western Kentucky games to see me, and I wasn’t even playing. Being here now, at Stetson, my mom comes to every single home game.” During his first two years in DeLand, playing alongside leading scorers Adam Pegg and Chris Perez, Green continued his familiar role as a rebounder, a shot blocker, and an occasional scorer. Following the 2012-13 season, one of the most successful for Stetson in a number of years, Green knew that the loss of Pegg, Perez and Joel Naburgs meant that he was going to have to step up his game on the offensive end. “I took it upon myself to work on my offensive game even harder this (past)

#HootyHoo 10

summer,” he said. The hard work paid off. Green is the Hatters’ most dangerous offensive threat, scoring almost at will in the post, knocking down midrange jumpers, and exciting crowds with his high-flying dunks. When Alexander left and Corey Williams took the helm as head coach of the Hatters, it didn’t faze Green at all. After all, a new coach was quite normal for the senior at that point. It was, however, Williams’ appointment that Green credits much of his success to. “Once coach Williams realized I could do a few things in the post, he put me in position to make plays,” Green said. “He ran more plays for me, and the more success we had, the more plays he has run through me. I give all the credit to coach Williams, because he’s put the ball in my hands.” Through all of the trials and tribulations Willie Green has gone through since signing to play collegiate basketball at Western Kentucky, one might think he’d do things differently if given the opportunity to start over. “I wouldn’t change a single thing,” he said. “I’m a firm believer in everything happening for a reason, so changing anything may have taken me down a different path. I might not have even been playing college ball this year. I’m thankful for the position I’m in, and it was all worth it in the end.”

February 2014

After a Rocky Start, Sasha Sims Develops Into a Star

One day, perhaps shortly after her Hatter playing days are over, Sasha Sims will be remembered as one of the all-time greats in Stetson women’s basketball history. However, not many people who saw Sims play in her first season thought that would ever be possible. “Her freshman year, all she did was shoot 3’s,” head coach Lynn Bria said about Sims. “That is all she had in her game. She did nothing else for our team. We needed (the 3’s), but thank God we had (Victoria) McGowan and a really good group.” While Sims averaged nearly 10 points a game and earned Atlantic Sun All-Freshman Team honors in 2010-11, she really struggled with the amount of responsibility and the high expectations that were placed on her right from the start of her career. “My freshman year was pretty tough,” Sims said. “I came in, and the program was in the process of trying to turn over a new leaf. I was expected to perform at a high level every day from the day I got here. If there was a problem and we were getting in trouble, it probably was because of me. I was the only freshman, so if anything went wrong, it was like, ‘Yeah, Sasha messed it up.’ It was pretty tough.” “It was hard for her, because she was the lone freshman, but she was never, never treated like a freshman,” Bria said. “I just felt like she was so talented and she should be giving us more. I have never

been easy on her. It has always been hard for her; I made sure of that.” Sims didn’t see it at the time, but now says that Bria was molding her to not only become a better player, but a team leader as well. “I can’t even say I accepted the role at the time,” Sims said. “I didn’t want to talk; I didn’t want to help anyone else out; I just wanted to make sure I was doing everything right, because I knew I might possibly mess something up. But, coach Bria taught me how to get outside myself and encourage other people, to figure out everything that is going on, not just focus on your position or your own struggles.” As Sims became more of a leader, her ability and her performance took off as well. “Since (her freshman year) she has really developed her game,” Bria said. “She can score off the bounce; she can post up. She can still shoot the 3, she rebounds a lot better, and she blocks shots. She has just evolved into this wellrounded player that I always saw her as.” After a career that has already seen her earn two conference championships, three postseason berths, more wins, more blocks, and potentially more points than any other Hatter has ever accumulated, Sims is working on her finest season yet. As the lone senior on a young squad that is trying to repeat as Atlantic Sun champions, Sims has led the team in scoring time and time again. Her standout performances

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have led to three A-Sun Player of the Week awards this year alone, and she has the Hatters on pace to post their fourthstraight 20-win season. In addition to her efforts on the court, Sims has played a valuable role acclimating the Hatter freshmen to the program and setting an example for them to follow later in their careers. “I think because she has been in our program for four years, she has helped with the transition this year of our very young team,” Bria said. “I think this year she is the best player she has ever been, and we rely on her more than we have in the years past, and she has responded perfectly to it. We wouldn’t be having the success now without her response.” “From the door, coach Bria has expected me to produce,” Sims said. “I wasn’t just another player she recruited to help the team. No, ‘you are going to help lead the team.’ That was from the door. Of course the leadership demands are much higher now, but those years helped me become the player that I am now.” When her Stetson career does finally come to a close, Sims says she hopes to keep playing professionally. “I would love to continue playing,” Sims said. “Basketball is my heart, so if I could continue to play, and go overseas or wherever God takes me, and continue to do what I love to do, it would be the greatest opportunity.”

February 2014

Stetson Winter/Spring Sports Schedules Men’s Basketball

Women’s Basketball

Date Opponent Time FEBRUARY 6 Thur. * North Florida 7:00 PM 8 Sat. * Jacksonville 1:00 PM 13 Thur. * at USC Upstate 7:00 PM 15 Sat. * at ETSU 4:00 PM 21 Fri. * Kennesaw State 7:00 PM 23 Sun. * Mercer 1:00 PM 27 Thur. * at Northern Kentucky 7:00 PM MARCH 1 Sat. * at Lipscomb 11:00 AM 4 Tue. Atlantic Sun Quarterfinals TBA 6 Thur. Atlantic Sun Semifinals TBA 9 Sun. Atlantic Sun Championship TBA

Date Opponent Time FEBRUARY 6 Thur. * at USC Upstate 7:00 PM 8 Sat. * at ETSU 1:30 PM 13 Thur. * Kennesaw State 7:00 PM 15 Sat. * Mercer 1:00 PM 20 Thur. * at North Florida 5:30 PM 22 Sat. * at Jacksonville 1:00 PM 27 Thur. * Northern Kentucky 7:00 PM MARCH 1 Sat. * Lipscomb 1:00 PM 8 Sat. * Florida Gulf Coast 1:00 PM 11 Tue. Atlantic Sun Quarterfinals TBA 15 Sat. Atlantic Sun Semifinals TBA 16 Sun. Atlantic Sun Championship TBA

* - Atlantic Sun Conference game All times Eastern and subject to change Home games in bold and played at the Edmunds Center

* - Atlantic Sun Conference game All times Eastern and subject to change Home games in bold and played at the Edmunds Center

Men’s Tennis

Women’s Tennis

Date Opponent Time FEBRUARY 14 Fri. at Florida Atlantic 2:00 PM 28 Fri. #61 Georgia State 2:30 PM MARCH 3 Mon. Niagara 11:00 AM 5 Wed. South Alabama 2:00 PM 7 Fri. Presbyterian 9:00 AM 12 Wed. Appalachian State 2:30 PM 14 Fri. * at USC Upstate 2:00 PM 15 Sat. * at #67 ETSU 2:00 PM 18 Tue. Green Bay 2:00 PM 22 Sat. * #71 North Florida 10:00 AM 25 Tue. UAB 2:30 PM 28 Fri. * Mercer 12:00 PM 29 Sat. * Kennesaw State 2:00 PM APRIL 4 Fri. * at Lipscomb 9:00 AM 5 Sat. * at Northern Kentucky 2:00 PM 12 Sat. * at Florida Gulf Coast 1:00 PM 18-20 Fri.-Sun. at A-Sun Championship TBA MAY 9-11 Fri.-Sun. at NCAA Championship TBA

Date Opponent Time FEBRUARY 8 Sat. Florida International 12:00 PM 21 Fri. at Florida Atlantic 1:00 PM 25 Tue. Eastern Michigan 2:30 PM 27 Thu. Oakland 2:30 PM MARCH 1 Sat. at College of Charleston 10:00 AM 3 Mon. Niagara 11:00 AM 8 Sat. UNC Greensboro 12:00 PM 11 Tue. Illinois State 2:30 PM 14 Fri. * at USC Upstate 10:00 AM 15 Sat. * at ETSU 10:00 AM 19 Wed. * at Florida Gulf Coast 11:00 AM 22 Sat. * North Florida 2:00 PM 26 Wed. % vs. Miami (Ohio) 3:00 PM 28 Fri. * Mercer 4:00 PM 29 Sat. * Kennesaw State 10:00 AM APRIL 4 Fri. * at Lipscomb 1:00 PM 5 Sat. * at Northern Kentucky 11:00 AM 10 Thu. at UCF 2:00 PM 18-20 Fri.-Sun. at A-Sun Championship TBA MAY 9-11 Fri.-Sun. at NCAA Championship TBA

* - Atlantic Sun Conference match All times Eastern and subject to change Home matches in bold and played at the Mandy Stoll Tennis Center

* - Atlantic Sun Conference match % - Sarasota, Fla. All times Eastern and subject to change Home matches in bold and played at the Mandy Stoll Tennis Center

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Men’s Golf Date Feb. 15-17 Mar. 2-5 Mar. 15-16 Mar. 27-30 Apr. 14-15 Apr. 20-22

Tournament/Location Gary Freeman Invitational (LPGA) Harmony Intercollegiate George Mason Invitational FAU Spring Break Invitational Wofford Invitational Atlantic Sun Championship

Women’s Golf Date Feb. 16-18 Mar. 13-16 Mar. 22-25 Apr. 5-6 Apr. 14-16

Tournament/Location JU Invitational JMU/Eagle Landing Invitational Morehead State Invitational Bash at the Beach (LPGA) Atlantic Sun Championship

Sand Volleyball Date Opponent Time MARCH 7 Fri. Tulane, Warner TBA 8 Sat. Pairs Tournament TBA 1 4-16 Fri.-Sun. Ron Jon Beach and Boards 21 Fri. * Jacksonville 2:00 PM 21 Fri. * Florida Gulf Coast 4:00 PM 22 Sat. * Florida Gulf Coast 11:00 AM 22 Sat. * Jacksonville 1:00 PM 25 Tue. * UNF (DH) 2:00 PM APRIL 2 Wed. at Florida Atlantic (DH) 10:00 AM 8 Tue. * at Mercer (DH) 12:00 PM 12-13 Sat.-Sun. at Fiesta on Siesta Key 19-20 Sat.-Sun. at Atlantic Sun Championship MAY 2-4 Fri.-Sun. at AVCA Nationals TBA * - Atlantic Sun Conference match All times Eastern and subject to change Home matches at the Stetson Sand VB Courts

Rowing Date Opponent/Location MARCH 8 Stetson Sprint #1 Lake Beresford 15 Stetson Sprint #2 Lake Beresford 22 Stetson Sprint #3 Lake Beresford APRIL 5-6 at FIRA Champs Sarasota 19-20 at SIRA Champs Oak Ridge, TN 25-27 at MAAC Champs Lake Mercer, NJ MAY 9-10 at Dad Vail Regatta Philadelphia, PA 30-J1 at NCAA Champs Indianapolis, IIN

February 2014

Stetson Becoming Preferred Winter Rowing Destination

While sheets of ice currently coat many lakes and rivers north of the MasonDixon Line, collegiate rowing teams from across the nation are hard at work on the placid waters of Lake Beresford in DeLand. Now in their second decade of playing winter host to a variety of teams, Stetson rowing coaches welcome schools from all over just so college and club rowers alike can have fresh, unfrozen water on which to train. “The visiting teams that have come here have been doing so for a number of years, and we love to host teams of all types,” said second-year rowing head coach Mark Wilson. “They like to come here because of our water.” The water - or more specifically what is not in the water - makes all the difference as Lake Beresford is a freshwater source, as opposed to other bodies of blue that contain salt. “A lot of the teams go all over Florida, but since we are on fresh water, that is a big plus,” Wilson explained. “The fresh water that we have versus going someplace like Tampa is a benefit because if teams rowed there three times a day, that’s three extra times they have to wash their equipment. Salt water is not really good on your skin or your equipment,” he added. Schools like Iowa, Virginia, UMass

and Rhode Island made a multi-week trek to DeLand this year to get some midwinter work accomplished on the water. College teams were not the only ones making the trip in 2014 as the Canadian National Team was back at Stetson for the fifth time in six years. “What makes or breaks a great rowing site is having a certain amount of distance,” said Rowing Canada’s lightweight men’s coach Al Morrow. “The size of Lake Beresford and then the option to go into the (St. Johns) river is the most significant thing.” Coach Morrow also cites Stetson’s location as another key factor in deciding where to take his team in order to prepare for yet another Olympic run as they did in 2008 and 2012. “The facilities, such as the docks and the launch areas, as well as the hosting job by coach Wilson, create a very safe, friendly environment for us,” Morrow explained. “So that’s why we would choose a Stetson in DeLand over rowing in downtown Miami for example, where you have a lot more traffic and commotion.” The Canadian team, made up of 10 men and 20 women, spent two weeks at Stetson starting in early January, all in hopes of staying in top Olympic form for their ultimate goal, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

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“We love coming down to DeLand because it has a beautiful open lake, so we can get all of our pairs across, and we can have good training against each other,” said 2012 Olympic silver medalist Natalie Mastracci. “You can go down the rivers and canals forever, so you only have to make one turn, meaning we can get a lot of kilometers in.” It is not the water alone though that makes Mastracci and her teammates happy to call Stetson home for two weeks during the winter. “As for the facilities here, every year we come back they keep getting cleaner and better, so I just really appreciate being able to come down here, and I think it’s the perfect venue for our team at this time,” she added. “When the teams come here, they are spending more time rowing, and that’s what they come to Florida for,” Wilson said. “So there are a lot of benefits for a team to come to DeLand; that’s why we are trying to make our site more accommodating by packaging meals and boat rentals so they’ll have it all here.” Sunshine and warm temperatures aside, Wilson hopes Stetson’s amenities and DeLand’s location continue to attract rowing teams from across the nation and world in the years to come.

February 2014

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February 2014

Tip of the Hat: Honors for Football and Women’s Basketball Two members of the 2013 Stetson football team were recognized by College Sports Journal as members of their 2013 All-Freshman Team. Defensive back Donald Payne and receiver/kick returner Chris Crawford were both selected to the second team. They were two of just four players from the Pioneer Football League to be selected. They were joined by Mercer quarterback John Russ and Drake tight end Eric Saubert. Payne, who was named the PFL Defensive Freshman of the Year, finished the year with a team-high 113 tackles, including 71 solo stops. He tied with Drake’s John Hugunin for most overall tackles in the PFL, and led the league in solo stops. He ranked second in the PFL with 16 tackles for losses of 86 yards, including 4.5 sacks, which tied for 16th in the league. He forced two fumbles and recovered three, had a pair of interceptions, and was credited with 12 pass breakups. He ranked third in the PFL in passes defended. Crawford led the Hatters in receptions with 33, for 332 yards, and in punt returns with 14 for 107 yards. **** The Pioneer Football League has named a record 590 student-athletes from its 12 member institutions to the league’s Academic Honor Roll for the fall 2013 semester. Stetson ranked fourth among the 12 PFL programs with 59 members of the 2013 squad earning at least a 3.0 GPA during the fall semester. Stetson was led by three players – Alan Hinderleider, Dave Lazear and Kurt Schaller – with perfect 4.0 GPAs during the fall. Five others – Davion Belk, Patrick Cone, Jack Howerton, Austin Tyrrell and Bobby Jakubek – all posted GPAs of at least 3.75.

Donald Payne (above) and Chris Crawford (right) earned All-Freshman Team honors from the College Sports Journal.

**** On Jan. 18, women’s basketball senior Sasha Sims became the school’s all-time leader in blocked shots as she recorded her 138th career rejection. She also ranks 15th in Atlantic Sun Conference history in that category. The following week, prior to Stetson’s home game against Jacksonville, Sims was presented with a commemorative basketball to memorialize her achievement.

Sasha Sims (left) was honored prior to the Jan. 25 game vs. Jacksonville for setting the all-time school record for blocked shots. Head coach Lynn Bria presented Sims with a commemorative ball.

Honor Roll (December-January) Women’s Basketball A-Sun Player of the Week.............. Sasha Sims (Dec. 23, Jan. 13) A-Sun Newcomer of the Week.....Amber Porter (Jan. 20, Jan. 27) Men’s Basketball A-Sun Newcomer of the Week.......................Brian Pegg (Jan. 20) Lacrosse Atlantic Sun Preseason All-Conference................. Amanda Parker Fan-voted Preseason Player of the Year...............Maylis Broderick Fan-voted Preseason Defensive Player of the Year....Caili Guilday Softball Atlantic Sun Preseason All-Conference..................Meredith Owen Fan-voted Preseason Player of the Year.................Meredith Owen

Meredith Owen

Baseball Atlantic Sun Preseason All-Conference.................Patrick Mazeika

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Amanda Parker

February 2014

STETSON SPIRIT Stetson Alma Mater Dear Alma Mater, Smile Upon Thy Children; Gladly We Greet Thee, Altogether Lovely; Peace Be Within Thy Classic Halls And Temples. Hail, Alma Mater Dear Dear Alma Mater, Tenderly Thy Children Gather And Bring To Thee Gracious Salutations; Comrades, Your Voices Lift Once Again In Chorus, Hail, Alma Mater Dear.

Stetson Fight Song Stetson U will win the game, Listen to our cheer, GO HATTERS! Shout the glory of your name, Spread it far and near, YEA HATTERS! Alma mater praise to thee And our teammates true, GO HATTERS! Marching on to victory Let’s GO, HATTERS, GO!

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Stetson Cheer Razzmatazz Razzmatazz Hatter Hooty Hoo We are STETSON Who the heck are you? Hullaballoo Hat Knuckle Flim flam flop We are STETSON And we can’t be TOPPED

February 2014

A Look Back at the NCAA Tournament in Orlando 2014 Division I NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament – Orlando Site Information Hosts: Stetson University, UCF, Central Florida Sports Commission, City of Orlando, Orange County Rounds: Second & Third, South Region Dates: March 20-22, 2014 Site: Amway Center, Orlando, Fla. Tickets: 1-877-NCAA-TIXX

For the fifth time in 20 years, Stetson University and the city of Orlando will host Division I NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament games. 2014 will mark a new era in the host city’s history, as it will be the first time teams take the court inside the newly constructed Amway Center. The previous four occasions all took place at the old Orlando Arena, and provided fans with exciting basketball, not to mention plenty of prominent names both on the court and on the bench. Future stars from the NBA as well as the NFL competed on the sport’s biggest stage in Orlando, and Hall of Fame caliber coaches directed them from the sidelines. Here now is a look back at the previous four times Stetson and Orlando have hosted NCAA Tournament action. 2004 Teams: (2) Mississippi State, (3) NC State, (6) Vanderbilt, (7) Xavier, (10) Louisville, (11) Western Michigan, (14) Louisiana Lafayette, (15) Monmouth The 2004 tournament marked the first time teams would compete in Orlando from two different regions. Vanderbilt, Western Michigan, NC State and Louisiana Lafayette squared off from the West, while Xavier, Louisville, Mississippi State and Monmouth represented the South. Vanderbilt proved to be the best of the West, dispatching Western Michigan, 7158, and NC State, 75-73, en route to a date with UCONN in the Sweet 16. Xavier reigned supreme in the South, taking care of Louisville, 80-70, and then upsetting Mississippi State, 89-74.

1999 Teams: (2) Maryland, (3) St. John’s, (6) Indiana, (7) Louisville, (10) Creighton, (11) George Washington, (14) Samford, (15) Valparaiso The century’s final year saw storied basketball programs such as Indiana and St. John’s take the court. The names on the back of the jerseys proved to be just as prominent as the ones on the front as future NFL star Antwaan Randle El and NBA players Ron Artest and Steve Francis would square off at the “Orena”. Bob Knight and his Hoosiers cruised in their first game of South Region play, setting a new site record for points scored with a 108-88 victory over George Washington. In other games, St. John’s rolled past Samford 69-43, while seventh-seeded Louisville was upset by 10th seed Creighton 62-58. There would be no repeat of tournament magic from 1998’s Sweet 16 surprise, Valparaiso, as Francis’ Maryland team earned an 82-60 win over the Crusaders, before being upset by Creighton, 75-63, in their next game. In the marquee matchup of the weekend, Artest’s Red Storm held off Randle El’s Hoosiers 86-61, on their way to the Sweet 16. 1996 Teams: (2) Cincinnati, (3) Georgia Tech, (6) Indiana, (7) Temple, (10) Oklahoma, (11) Boston College, (14) Austin Peay, (15) UNC Greensboro The portion of the Southeast Region heading to Orlando in 1996 was a virtual who’s who among the college-basketball coaching ranks. Bobby Knight (Indiana),

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Don Cheney (Temple), Bobby Cremins (Georgia Tech), Jim O’Brien (Boston College), Bob Huggins (Cincinnati) and Kelvin Sampson (Oklahoma) all led talented squads into the tournament. Eventually it was a pair of teams that came out of the city on top, led by two future NBA players in Georgia Tech’s Stephon Marbury and Cincinnati’s Danny Fortson. Both the Yellow Jackets and Bearcats went 2-0 in the two-day session, with Georgia Tech triumphing over Austin Peay, 90-79, and then Boston College, 103-89. Cincinnati downed UNC Greensboro, 66-61, before sending Temple home with a 78-65 loss. 1993 Teams: (2) Seton Hall, (3) Florida State, (6) Kansas State, (7) Western Kentucky, (10) Memphis, (11) Tulane, (14) Evansville, (15) Tennessee State Not even 4 years old and the newly constructed Orlando Arena was selected to host its first NCAA Tournament games, with Stetson University as the host in the Southeast Region. On the first day, Tulane and Western Kentucky advanced with close victories as the Green Wave upset Kansas State, 55-53, and the Hilltoppers beat Memphis, 55-52. Florida State, led by future pro Sam Cassell and reigning Heisman Trophy winner Charlie Ward defeated Evansville, 82-70, before rolling past Tulane in the second round, 94-63, behind Cassell’s 31 points. After getting past Tennessee State 81-59 in the first round, Terry Dehere’s Seton Hall Pirates were upset by Western Kentucky in the Round of 32, 72-68, for WKU’s first trip to the Sweet 16 in more than 30 years.

February 2014

2014 Football Schedule Set, Ticket Renewals Begin Feb. 8 Date Aug. 30 Sept. 6 Sept. 13 Sept. 20 Oct. 4 * Oct. 11 * Oct. 18 * Oct. 25 * Nov. 1 * Nov. 8 * Nov. 15 * Nov. 22 *

2014 Football Opponent at Warner Florida Tech Mercer at Birmingham-Southern Butler at San Diego Jacksonville at Davidson at Campbell Marist (Homecoming) at Morehead State Drake


* - Pioneer Football League game Home games in bold and played at Spec Martin Stadium

The Stetson football program will embark on its second season in 2014 with a schedule that once again includes six home games at Spec Martin Memorial Stadium in DeLand. With the schedule completed, the Stetson Athletics ticket office will begin the process of season-ticket renewals for the coming season on Saturday, Feb. 8. Fans who attend the Stetson men’s basketball game against Jacksonville on that date will have the first opportunity to renew their football season tickets. Renewal letters to all 2013 seasonticket holders will go out in the mail the week of Feb. 10. The letter will include information on retaining 2013 seats, payment options and seat-relocation procedures, as well as season-ticket addon and upgrade policies. Fans will have until Friday, April 11, at 4 p.m., to renew their season tickets and retain their seats for the 2014 season. Relocation requests will begin being processed after the renewal deadline. “We expect seats on the west side of Spec Martin Stadium to sell out once again for the 2014 season,” Associate Director of Athletics Jeff Higgins said. “We ask that our season-ticket holders read over all the information in their renewal packet to avoid any confusion regarding seats for the 2014 football season. “Be sure to renew early and before the deadline to retain your 2013 seats and have the opportunity to participate in the season-ticket-holder relocation beginning in May.”

All 2013 season ticket-holders will have the right of first refusal for the same seats for the 2014 season. Any seats not renewed by the April 11 deadline will be made available to relocation requests and new season-ticket orders. Fans renewing season tickets for the 2014 season are encouraged to confirm their mailing address and phone number with the Athletics ticket office during the renewal process. New season-ticket sales are expected to begin in late May, after all renewals and relocations have been processed. Information on season tickets for students will be made available at a later date. The 2014 season will open on the road against Warner University, which will also be in its second season of competition. The game with the Royals will be played in Lake Wales, Fla., on Aug. 30. Stetson made its return to the gridiron last fall against Warner, posting a 31-3 season-opening victory. Warner was 1-10 in its inaugural season. The Hatters will follow up with a twogame homestand. Stetson will host Florida Tech (5-7) on Sept. 6, followed by a home date against Mercer on Sept. 13. Mercer, which played in the Pioneer Football League in 2013, moves up to play in the full-scholarship Southern Conference starting in 2014. The Bears set an NCAA record for most victories by a first-year program last fall, posting a 10-2 mark that included a season-ending 41-14 victory over the Hatters.

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The Hatters will wrap up the nonconference portion of the schedule on Sept. 20 at Division III Birmingham-Southern. The Panthers posted a 5-4 record in 2013, a mark that included a hard-fought 49-34 victory over Stetson. The Hatters will open PFL play at home against 2013 league co-champion Butler (9-4) on Oct. 4. Stetson will then embark on the longest road trip in program history when the Hatters head west to face San Diego (8-3) on Oct. 11. The Dolphins of Jacksonville (5-6) will make their first trip to Spec Martin Stadium on Oct. 18 before the Hatters make trips in consecutive weeks to North Carolina. Stetson will play Davidson (0-11) on Oct. 25 and Campbell (3-9) on Nov. 1. Stetson’s Homecoming game will provide a stern challenge from 2013 league co-champion Marist (8-3) on Nov. 8. Stetson will face two first-time foes over the final two weeks of the season. The Hatters will travel to face Morehead State (3-9) on Nov. 15 before closing the regular season on Nov. 22 at home against Drake (6-5). Game times for the 2014 season have not yet been finalized. Stetson head coach Roger Hughes said adding Mercer to the schedule for a sixth home game was big. “Having six home games is crucial, not only from a financial standpoint, but also to reward our fans,” Hughes said. “Our fans really turned out and supported us last year, and it is important for us to be able to reward the city of DeLand for the support it has shown us.”

February 2014

February 2014 My Stetson journey started just over two years ago when I traveled to campus to research the university and found myself in a meeting with Athletic Director Jeff Altier, talking about the future of Stetson Lacrosse and what needed to be done to quickly get the program off the ground and competing. Less than a year from that date, we had our first-ever class of Stetson Lacrosse scholar-athletes on campus, and we were on our way to building the legacy of Stetson Lacrosse. It was a challenging task to get a roster of scholarathletes signed in four months time, logistically prepare the program for our first competitive Division I season, and get a full schedule of teams to compete against. We achieved what we needed to in that first year, and that was building the foundation for the future success of Stetson Lacrosse. Fast-forward to the present, and we are just about to start our second season of competition, representing the green and white, against some big-name schools and nationally ranked opponents. Before the start of our first game, I had a moment to reflect and be grateful for the opportunity of Stetson Lacrosse. It is an honor and a privilege to coach so many talented scholar-athletes here at Stetson University. As our program matures and as our underclassmen become upperclassmen and leaders of the team, our positive presence, on and off the field, in the classroom, and in our community, will be more strongly felt by those around us. We will continue to operate by our core values, guiding our lacrosse scholar-athletes to strive and achieve to become better students, better athletes, and better people of the community. Stetson University and its athletics program have had a rich history and are full of tradition. It’s an honor to have the sport of women’s lacrosse added to the Stetson legacy, and it is an exciting experience to see the future potential of the lacrosse program! GO HATTERS! Nicole Moore Stetson Lacrosse Head Coach

Hooty Hoo (February 2014)  

The Official Stetson Athletics Magazine Volume 1, Issue 5

Hooty Hoo (February 2014)  

The Official Stetson Athletics Magazine Volume 1, Issue 5