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Student-Athlete Care & Training

The Stetson University Sports Medicine staff is under the direction of the head team physician, three associate physicians, and full time certified athletic trainers providing a full complement of services to enhance the physical performance and personal healthcare of each student-athlete. The sports medicine staff ’s main location is in the athletic training room of the Wilson Athletic Center. The athletic training room is a 2,500 squarefoot facility dedicated to the healthcare of all student-athletes. It is stocked with over 9,000 pounds of free weights and selectorized equipment. The sports medicine staff is focused on identifying and preventing athletic injuries through the use of a complete line of evaluation tools including a state-of-the-art isokinetic testing and rehabilitation device. The addition of the Athletic Training Center this past summer brought on an additional state-ofthe-art athletic training room. The division of sports medicine utilizes a wide array of physicians, counselors, and other allied health care professionals to assist our studentathletes in all aspects of their healthcare, growth, and development.

Andrew Kovachy Asso. Trainer

Rachel Craddock Asst. Trainer

Adam Deimling Asst. Trainer

A full-time certified athletic trainer is on site for all in season practices, games, weight training, and conditioning sessions.

Sports Medicine Mission Statement The Sports Medicine Program serves the Stetson University Department of Athletics by providing a comprehensive health care network, wellness and education for each participating member of the Department of Athletics. This health care willplace emphasis on the prevention, care, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries and illnesses. In addition, these services are made available to the remainder of the Stetson University community through our physical therapy alliance.

David Krazeise Asst. Trainer

Dan Riegle Asst. Trainer

2013 Media Guide & Record Book

Christina To Asst. Trainer


2013 Stetson Baseball Guide  

2013 Stetson Baseball Media Guide and Record Book

2013 Stetson Baseball Guide  

2013 Stetson Baseball Media Guide and Record Book