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Dunn was an All-Star catcher at Stetson

“I tell people that I was too one dimensional to do anything else,” Dunn said. “I wasn’t going to design rockets or be a jet pilot. I was a baseball player, a baseball rat. I didn’t play any other sports. “I was fortunate that I was able to help my parents finance my education by playing ball. I wasn’t a great student, but baseball helped fund my undergraduate degree as well as graduate school. My pro career was shortlived so, as it turned

out, everything fell into place.” But, by falling into place, Dunn did do something he had never done previously – leave the state of Florida. With the exception of a summer spent playing baseball in Michigan, he had never spent time away from his home state. And that one summer away from home was quite a learning experience. “In the summer of 1967 I had just finished my freshman year at Brevard Junior College,” Dunn said. “My roommate, Tom Walker, who ended up pitching in the big leagues for a number of years, was high school buddies with Steve Garvey. Steve was playing football and baseball at Michigan State. The three of us signed to play for Adray Appliance in the Detroit Free Press summer league. “That turned out to be the summer of the Detroit riots. The three of us lived in Dearborn and had day jobs working for the Chrysler Corporation in the city. Instead of building automobiles, we worked in the tank plant manufacturing armored tanks for the Vietnam war. For more than a week,

Active Division I Coaches No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Coach Augie Garrido Gene Stephenson Mike Martin Mark Marquess Jim Morris Jim Gilligan Jack Leggett Pete Dunn Mike Fox Paul Mainieri John Anderson Andy Lopez

School Texas Wichita State Florida State Stanford Miami (Fla.) Lamar Clemson Stetson North Carolina LSU Minnesota Arizona

Years 44 35 33 36 31 36 33 33 29 30 31 30

# Victories 1,847 1,798 1,723 1,463 1,354 1,227 1,224 1,202 1,174 1,122 1,092 1,090

we couldn’t go into the city to work or play ball because of the rioting. You talk about an eye-opener. I had only been away from home for two semesters and, the next things I know, I’m in the middle of what turned out to be a historic event. It was a life-altering experience for me.” After two years of playing professionally, Dunn was offered a chance to get into college coaching as a graduate assistant for a young head coach at Georgia Southern. He took the position working for future Hall of Fame coach Ron Polk, and helped the Eagles earn a trip to Omaha for the College World Series in 1973. “Coach Polk is a great baseball mind and one thing he does is let all of his assistants have defined roles and let them really run with them,” Dunn said. “My first year at Georgia Southern I was the pitching coach. I was probably the worst pitching coach in the nation, even for a team that was pretty good. Being a catcher, I had a working knowledge, so I was the pitching coach.” Dunn stayed on the Georgia Southern staff for two years, earning a Master’s degree. By the time he finished his education, Dunn was anxious to return home to his home state of Florida. “When I got out of grad school, my first teaching and coaching job was at Apopka High School,” Dunn said. “Although I was hoping to get a college or junior college job, there were no positions available at the time. I ended up

Milestone Victories 1st 100th 200th 300th 400th 500th 600th 700th 800th 900th 1,000th 1,100th 1,200th

Feb. 29, 1980 Apr. 6, 1982 Mar. 15, 1985 Feb. 17, 1988 Apr. 27, 1990 Mar. 19, 1993 Mar. 8, 1996 Feb. 27, 1999 Apr. 18, 2001 Mar. 6, 2004 May 25, 2006 Feb 23, 2010 May 12, 2012

Stetson 3, UCF 2 Stetson 7, Bethune-Cookman 1 Stetson 5, Central Michigan 3 Stetson 7, USF 6 Stetson 14, Centenary 10 Stetson 4, Charleston 2 Stetson 4, St. Joseph’s 0 Stetson 4, USF 3 Stetson 9, Florida 8 Stetson 11, Florida A&M 3 Stetson 6, Mercer 5 (11 innings) Stetson 10, Siena 3 Stetson 2, ETSU 0

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