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N Head Coach Pete Dunn C job, would be here for the rest of his life,” Dunn said. “I A knew that I wanted to coach, and I wanted to coach on the college level.” He just didn’t know that opportunity was going to A ‘70 ‘82 ‘84 ‘88 ‘89 ‘90 ‘92 ‘96 ‘97

stare him in the face after just three years as an assistant. “It doesn’t seem like it was 33 years ago that Coach Ward called from Cincinnati while on a recruiting trip and told me that he had an interview at Eastern Kentucky,” Dunn said. “I didn’t think anything about it because I thought that, even though he was an EKU alumn, he’d stay in Florida to coach.” “A few days later he called to tell me he was going to take the EKU job and told me that Coach (Glenn) Wilkes wanted to talk to me the next day.” In addition to being a legendary basketball coach, Wilkes was also the athletics director at Stetson. Dunn’s life changed forever that next day when Wilkes offered him the chance, at the age of 30, to take over the Stetson program as head coach. “I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished. It didn’t start with me, however, because Coach Ward had built a great program before I took over,” Dunn said. “I did not take a bad program and make it successful. I was very fortunate

Past 42 Years of Stetson Coaches

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Jim Ward 1969-79

Pete Dunn 1980-Present

Coach Dunn with Hank Aaron (center) and Jim “Mudcat” Grant (left) in Tokyo, Japan (1991).

and inherited a very solid program.” His good fortune, and hard work, allowed him to become the 34th coach in NCAA history to reach 1,000 career wins. He is one of only four active coaches to have reached the 1,000-win plateau at their alma mater. In the years since first getting the chance to lead the baseball program at his alma mater, there have been many personal and professional accomplishments. There have also been opportunities to take his coaching talents elsewhere. “I have had several opportunities to leave,” Dunn said. “It was exciting and nice to be courted other schools, especially by an SEC school. But, it all goes back to the fact that I think this is one of the best spots in the nation to be. Stetson has great geography, great facilities and a very supportive administration. “For me, the reward has been to be able to be as successful as we have, for as long as we have, at the school that I played at and graduated from. There are not a whole lot of guys who have done that.” While Dunn has dedicated his career to Stetson baseball, he did take an opportunity in 1998 to coach another team. That summer he reunited with Polk and served as an assistant coach for the U.S. National Team. He said that was a very rewarding experience for him, even though he

R All-Time Stetson Baseball Coaching Records E Coach Years (Seasons) Record Pct. William Lourcey 1915 (1) 6-7-2 .467 Seton Flemming 1901 (1) 2-2-0 .500 William “Dutch” Hollander 1916-17 (2) 21-10-0 .677 G G.L. Odom 1902 (1) 4-0-0 1.000 Henry St. Cyr 1919 (1) 4-4-0 .500 Edward Oates 1903 (1) 5-0-0 1.000 Pug Allen/Thomas Chalker 1920 (1) 3-5-0 .375 I Frank Sears 1904-05 (2) 19-8-0 .704 Pug Allen/Bert Higginbotham 1921-22 (2) 11-16-0 .391 1906 (1) 14-6-0 .700 Edwin Whitnel 1923-25 (3) 8-13-0 .381 O Litchfield Colton J.B. “Spec” Campbell 1907 (1) 12-4-0 .750 Doc Johnson 1937-40, 46-47, 51-64 (20) 146-219-3 .397 N Ed Mickle 1908 (1) 7-7-0 .500 Ben Clemons 1948-50 (3) 26-43-0 .390 Wilbur Tilden 1909 (1) 6-3-0 .667 Bob Weickel 1965-68 (4) 34-77-1 .304 A Edgar Garner 1910-11, 13 (3) 24-19-1 .545 Jim Ward 1969-79 (11) 312-183-0 .630 Arthur Petty 1912 (1) 9-8-0 .529 Pete Dunn 1980-present (32) 1,167-739-3 .611 L J.H. Swink 1914 (1) 12-6-1 .631 Totals 94 years 1,852-1,379-11 .571 S 20 2012 Media Guide & Record Book

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