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Fall 2011

The Epsilon Editorial


Tuesday night dinner

Greetings Alumnae, Parents, and Friends!


Posing with the Cincinnati Bearcat

The start of Fall Quarter welcomed great change at the Epsilon chapter house. Our wonderful House Corporation spearheaded a much-needed renovation to 312 Joselin Ave that included the entrance, formal room, and library. The women loved walking into a seemingly brand new house for Rainbow Week! Along with outgoing Recruitment chair, Annie Bryans and outgoing President, Jordan Hamons, these improvements allowed us to ensure our success rate during formal recruitment. As Winter Quarter commenced, we welcomed a new year and a new executive board, bringing along new initiatives and innovative ideas in hopes of furthering the success of our chapter. While the new Executive Board is hard at work executing their individual goals, we are also trying to achieve our overall goals of strengthening chapter unity, increasing our fundraising initiatives, and improving our alumnae relations. We are hard at working trying to accomplish our goals one step at a time! I am looking forward to the year that lies ahead of us, and am truly humbled to be elected the new president of Theta Phi Alpha. During her commencement speech to Standford University, Oprah Winfrey quoted a poem called “Speech to the Young”. She said, “You have to live for the present, you have to be in the moment, what happened in the past, has no power over this present moment, because life is now. To be a part of something, don’t live for yourself alone. This is what I know for sure: In order to be truly happy, you must stand for something larger than yourself. This is the greatest lesson in life.” Each of my sisters has given me so much, it is now time for me to give back to them, and be a part of something larger than myself. Being given this opportunity to grow, I also want each and every one of my sisters to have the opportunity to grow and flourish in this chapter. YITBOS, Rachel Wurm Chapter President

Having a little fun during formal recruitment

Showing team spirit during Sigma Chi’s Derby Days

Our pumpkin painting booth at Pi Phi’s Fright Night

The last day of recruitment before Bid day

“Individually unique. Together complete.” – unknown



Ever Loyal, Ever Lasting

Fall quarter was a busy one for the ladies of Theta Phi! Whether it’s supporting our Sapphire Man in a Greek pageant, starting a new walking taco fundraiser or singing our hearts out during serenades, we do all we can to show our love for Theta Phi and the Greek community. To show you all what we have been up to, here is a glimpse of our quarter in photos!

Waiting for our newest pledge class to run down the hill

Supporting our Sapphire Man at Theta’s Top Model Pageant

Ice skating with the men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Masquerade-themed date party

Homecoming parade 2011

Staying positive during serenades even in the freezing weather

At a bullfight in Madrid

With my family – mom, dad & brother, Noah

Had to get a picture with the penguin!

by Olivia McCartney



A Semester in Spain

For three and a half months I lived like a Spaniard in the capital of Spain, Madrid. I lived with a Spanish family – a mom, a dad and a 6-year-old little girl, Adriana, who became my hermana pequena (little sister.) I loved the family I lived with and I believe that it was one of the best decisions I could have made. Living with a native family helped immerse me in the Spanish culture, allowed me to experience authentic Spanish food and forced me to constantly be practicing the native language. They even took me on a family weekend where we stayed at the house of my host dad with all of his family. While in Spain I took a few Spanish classes. My week consisted of a Spanish language class for three hours every day, a culture class for an hour three times a week as well as a Spanish dance class. I really enjoyed all of my classes and I learned so much. I now am a Spanish major because I love the language and culture so much. My favorite part about studying abroad was the fact that I got to experience a different culture and be immersed in it, which allowed me to learn so much faster. A typical Spanish thing to do is to go to the bullfights and soccer games and I did both of those things in Madrid with real Spaniards. While in Madrid I also did some weekend traveling. I went to Alicante, Bilbao, San Sebastian and Segovia in Spain and I also did some traveling around Europe. I went to Lisbon/Portugal, London/England, Amsterdam/Holland, and Venice/Italy. All of which were beautiful places. Also while there, my real family (Mom, Dad, and younger brother, Noah) came to visit – allowing us to experience the different cultures side-by-side. I feel very fortunate that I got the chance to study the culture and language of another country and I it is an experience I will never forget.

by Abby Jung



Formal Recruitment Success

This past January, we initiated 28 great girls into our chapter! This newest group of girls is a very excited and dedicated one. They love to participate in all activities with Theta Phi as well as with the Greek community as a whole. The new and fresh energy that these ladies have brought to the chapter has done wonders to boost the spirits of everyone else and helped to remind us why we joined Theta Phi. These ladies fit right in and are a great addition to the bunch. Below are a few of the wonderful girls that make up our newest pledge class! Our chapter has grown so much that we now eat dinner in two shifts and even have our chapter meetings in a classroom on campus. We are so lucky to have our chapter constantly growing and I know we have great things in store for the future!

lweg l a B e i l l A Year in School: Freshman Major: Graphic Communication Design Hometown: Madeira, Ohio

“My experience in Theta Phi so far has been amazing. The girls are so welcoming and I feel like I am starting to feel comfortable in the house. I can’t imagine not being in Theta Phi! It presents so many opportunities around campus and to meet new people. In the years to come I would like to get more involved with TPA and hopefully hold a position in the chapter. I’m hoping to live in the house next year and get to know the girls even better.”

Danielle Pyles Year in School: Sophmore Major: Speech Pathology Hometown: Morristown, Tennessee

“My experience in TPA so far has been amazing! I never knew people could be so welcoming and you could bond with people so quickly until I joined. I can not wait to see what else lies in store for me in the next few years and to see what I can offer my sorority back!”

Jia Lu Ni Year in School: Freshman Major: Architecture Hometown: Vandalia, Ohio

“Coming into greek life, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I’ve had so much fun already. It’s been great to meet and get to know all the girls that I otherwise might have never met! In the next couple of years, I’m hoping to get closer with all of my sisters, participate in service activities, and win Greek Week!”

by Kati Swan & Meredith Cook



Indiana University Reinstallation

When we first decided to go to Indiana University to be a part of the re-installment of the Zeta Chapter, we simply thought it would be a “neat” experience. Little did we know how truly amazing this experience would be. We were nervous that the girls we would meet in the IU chapter would be too different from us or we wouldn’t get along. But after spending 6 hours initiating these 67 beautiful, smart and lovely women we were pleasantly surprised to find that not only were these girls awesome, but we could truly see them as our sisters. Being a part of their first initiation and ritual was an experience we will never forget. We were there, we signed the charter papers, we got to be a part of much bigger than our chapter. We are so proud to have been at the beginning of what we know will be a great legacy in the Zeta Chapter and an amazing addition to the Greek life at Indiana University. In addition to experiencing an amazing ritual through Theta Phi Alpha, we also got the opportunity to go around the IU campus and explore what their Greek life is all about. We got to brainstorm with our new sisters about different things we both are going through. It was great to be able to bounce ideas off each other and realize that we all have obstacles to face and we are in this together and will always be there to help one another. Not only was being part of the reinstallation a great experience in and of itself, the whole weekend reminded us of what it truly means to be a Theta Phi Alpha. In these girls I saw a reflection of the values, friendships, and loyalties that we see in our chapter. It is inspiring to know that though Theta Phi Alpha may be located at colleges all over the country, we all share these values and ritual, and truly are sisters. We can not wait to see their chapter grow and to go back and visit all of our new sisters very soon.

Indiana University Zeta Chapter

The Theta Phi Alpha house in 1956



Keeping the Links of the Chain Connected

One of our heftiest goals this year is to strengthen and increase our alumnae connections. Through the revamping of The Epsilon Editorial, we hope to keep you all updated on what is going on within the chapter. With Founder’s Day coming up, we hope to see all who can make it there and want all alumnae to feel free to stop by the house, especially to check out the new renovations! We also want to hear from you! Knowing where the women of Theta Phi have come from and where they are headed, will only help us to grow closer as a chapter. If you have any old photos or stories you would like to share please send them to the Editor of the newsletter, Katelyn Stetler, at To keep updated on things currently going on at 312 Joselin Avenue, like our Facebook page Theta Phi Alpha - University of Cincinnati or follow us on Twitter @UCThetaPhiAlpha. We are also currently trying to raise funds to purchase a much needed new roof for our beloved house. For more detailed information on the renovations and to find out how you can help, please visit

Congratulations! With engagements, weddings and new editions, the alumnae of the Epsilon chapter have a lot to celebrate this year!



Erin Marqua 05’ engaged to Patrick Hickey Emily Holthaus ‘07 engaged to Mario Bamonte Lisa Branigan ‘07 married to Mike Koenig Kelli Highnam Smith ‘06 married September 2011 Lauren Swartout Porteus ‘07 married September 2011 Amanda Durrette ‘06 married to Joseph Early Angela Meagher ‘06 married to Matthew Lafkas Erin Herbe ‘06 married to Josh Moore Ericka Langhout ‘06 married to Nate Kohrs

Elisa Fischer Smith ‘03 birth of a baby girl (Norrie) November 2011 Molly Tamasovich Lammers ‘07 birth of a baby boy (Isaac) October 2011 Lindsey Geglein Porteus ‘05 birth of a baby girl 2011 Lara Hay Roller ‘05 birth of a baby boy 2011 Shanna Treece Barton ‘04 birth of a baby girl 2011 Megan Litkenhaus McCafferty ‘04 birth of a baby boy 2011

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