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Susan Stern The only constant is change. And only those who can effectively navigate – and anticipate – change will survive and thrive. We at Stern + Associates know all about change; after all, it’s what has provided both the challenges and the opportunities that made our agency’s 25th anniversary in 2010 such a meaningful milestone. We’re living and working in unprecedented times, but our straightforward – and forward-thinking – approach to business remains the root of our success. Through these taxing times, Stern continues to grow, not only in talent, but also in capability. We recognize that public relations as we’ve known it is simply no longer effective on its own; rather, our Connected CommunicationsSM approach, which fuses the best of traditional media, digital, direct engagement and marketing strategies, is what moves the needle in today’s complex business environment. As your communications partner, we commit to helping you make the right connections that yield a positive and sustainable impact on those who matter most to your business.

Susan Stern Founder and President Stern + Associates Recipient of the 2010 American Business AwardsSM Stevie® Award for Lifetime Achievement in Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing

Changing Communications The way we communicate – and consume – information continues to change. The revolution in communications technologies over the last several years has dramatically impacted both the media environment and the way we do business. Today, it’s about connecting the dots between news, traditional and social media, digital, direct engagement and marketing to ensure our clients can seize the opportunities of this ever-changing landscape. As the communications environment has evolved, so have Stern’s approach and competencies.

The Stern Connected Communications Approach


The world is more connected than ever before. We believe your communications strategy should be too.

Our Connected Communications approach fuses the best of:

Traditional Media

Digital Strategy

Direct Engagement


Third-party endorsement via Traditional Media

Business lead generation via Digital Strategy and Groundswell Awareness via Social Media

Direct Engagement via Conference, Video and Interactive Platforms

Leveraging wins and direct messaging via Marketing

Our customized programming cuts through the complexities of the fast-changing media landscape with smart strategies to get your message in front of the audiences that matter. Depending on our client’s specific goals, we integrate and maximize the best of traditional media, digital, direct engagement and marketing strategies to generate measurable payoffs to grow your business.

Findability It’s no longer enough to simply have an online presence. We make certain your future customers find you. The foundation of our efforts is steeped in research and data – from keyword findings to a more robust Digital Environment Analysis – that we translate into intelligence to power your communications program. Understanding how customers currently “find” you online enables us to provide sound recommendations that ensure you’re “discoverable” and “introduced” to probable new customers – through your website and a myriad of digital, social and traditional media strategies.

Web Strategy Your website is the online face and voice of your company. We help ensure it makes a lasting impression. More than ever, business starts online. Prospects turn to the web to find you and learn about your business before they even think to pick up the phone. A well planned website is a powerful marketing tool. Stern’s digital strategy team works with you and your web designer to ensure that your website is keyword rich and structured to positively impact your customers and Google page rankings.

Video Visual storytelling is an increasingly powerful vehicle. Use it to your advantage. Whether in the form of video blogs for media websites, customer testimonials for product campaigns, sales training tools or marketing collateral, your ability to share your stories and messages visually will capture the eyes – and ears – of your key audiences. Our full-service video department provides support from concept development through distribution, including filming, production, editing and speaker’s training.

Social Media It’s a viral world out there. We help you make the connections that turn social “buzz” into business. Social networks are powerful mediums for companies to connect with customers and other key audiences. Whether building a proprietary online community, implementing a blogging strategy through your website, or leveraging – or establishing – your presence on popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we help our clients develop a customized social media strategy designed to generate groundswell awareness that can translate into business leads.

Contributed Content We help turn media’s greatest demand into your greatest opportunity. Content is still king, but today, fresh, compelling, ready-to-publish content reigns supreme. From recurring columns and bylined articles to expert blogs and video commentary, editors are hungry for reliable sources that can quickly and consistently produce timely, well-crafted news stories. Not only does Stern secure the opportunities, we can provide support for copywriting and editing too.

Traditional Media We make media relations personal. And it works. Central to our communications efforts is aggressive, proactive, one-on-one outreach to journalists, bloggers and news sites to generate coverage. At the core of our success is our intimate knowledge of the media landscape, strong relationships and ability to creatively match your key messages and stories with the interests of the media.

Direct Engagement Face-time is an invaluable vehicle. We help you engage directly with the people who matter most. Stern’s dedicated conference team has relationships with organizers at the world’s most influential speaking platforms. Through conferences, industry events and other interactive forums – both virtual and onsite – we maximize opportunities to interact with and influence your key audiences. By creating strategic partnerships, networking opportunities and one-on-one meetings with important media, we put you in front of audiences that matter.

This is an example of Stern’s eye-tracking Heatmap and Attention Analysis. We use this data to make certain a client’s message is effectively communicated in printed marketing and advertising materials.

Marketing We work to turn yesterday’s news into tomorrow’s business leads. Communications success doesn’t end with a coveted media placement. Through targeted and direct campaigns, strategic alliances, e-newsletters and other smart marketing tactics, Stern helps our clients leverage media coverage and other meaningful wins to elevate their visibility among core audiences, gain the most mileage from the results we generate, and ultimately increase business opportunities.

Products & Services We have a proven track record in building brand visibility and credibility. Stern specializes in elevating awareness for your company’s hallmark offerings. Through the vehicles of our Connected Communications approach, we leverage our relationships and expertise across various industries – healthcare, architecture and design, technology, human resources, management and consulting, and education to name a few – to spread the word about innovative new products and services.

Thought Leadership Your visionary approach to business is your differentiator. The ability to propel recognition for your leadership is ours. From C-level executives of global organizations to entrepreneurs of emerging start-ups, from noted academics to the most respected business authors and management gurus of our time, we have deep and proven experience positioning our clients as thoughtful leaders and authorities inside their industries and beyond. With Stern driving your philosophies, research, capabilities and perspectives on issues of the day to influential decision makers, we bring a powerful advantage to your business.

Corporate Communications We recognize the importance of communications that inform, inspire and influence all of your key audiences. When you work with Stern, you gain a partner, a seamless extension of your marketing and communications teams. We take a holistic approach to corporate communications – helping you reach shareholders and stakeholders alike through internal communications, sales communications, crisis communications and reputation management, and corporate social responsibility and sustainability initiatives.

Measurable Payoffs Our communications strategies are designed to move the needle for your business. Stern guides leading and emerging corporations, professional organizations and management authorities with the depth of knowledge and critical contacts needed to create a major impact. We track and measure our efforts and continually evaluate them against your goals to maximize your investment with us. Our smart strategies are what you need to build business in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

Why New Jersey? Housing our headquarters location in Cranford, NJ was a strategic decision. Just 20 miles outside of Manhattan, we’re close enough to major media, conference planners, corporations and influential venues for meetings and events, while enabling our employees to embrace a balanced quality of life. Likewise, our two satellite offices in Cambridge, Mass. – on the fringe of Boston – and Oakmont, Pa. – on the border of downtown Pittsburgh – afford similar benefits. Call us at 908-276-4344 Visit us at Follow us at See us at

Our Commitment to a Better World We help our clients make a positive impact in the communities where they work and live. It’s a core value here at Stern too. Our agency is committed to making a difference, and that includes lessening our environmental footprint through resource – and energy-saving initiatives in the office, as well as philanthropy outside of work. Whether we’re donating supplies to inner city public schools, participating in beach clean-ups, or supporting health-related organizations to raise funds for victims of natural disasters, we are passionate about contributing our time and dollars to worthy causes.


Stern + Associates Connected Communications  

Stern + Associates Connected Communications fuses the best of traditional media, digital, direct engagements and marketing strategies to cre...

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