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Going the green way Everywhere you see there is a new building coming up. Development has taken the world by the storm and it has brought a lot of changes to our surroundings. The earth’s landscape has altered to such a great extent that the same place would not be recognized in ten years from now. These changes have impacted the environment to a great extent. You can see various damages that have actually happened in the recent years. The global warming, drought, pollution, climate change, and waste accumulation are just few impacts of the growth and development. An increasing population would mean more accommodations, more jobs and more infrastructure, and this would mean encroaching on forest land and expanding of the cities. This repeated expansion has led to reduction of green cover all over. At the rate we are growing, we would lose most of the natural resources, biodiversity, and be victims of various calamities in the coming years. People from all over the world are working to avoid this disaster by developing various Eco-friendly sustainable approaches in day-to-day life. Any change beings at home, and hence to lead a sustainable life and contribute towards saving environment and energy it is important to start adopting various Eco-friendly components at your home. Sterling Developers Pvt Ltd, a prominent real estate developer in Bangalore, are adopting various energy saving and Eco-friendly features in their ongoing project, Sterling Villa Grande. From designing the villas around the existing vegetation on the 39 acres land near Whitefield to incorporating advanced technology the company has used new concepts to work towards their objective. Some of the major steps taken by Sterling Developers towards energy conservation include the installation of solar water heaters in each villa; this uses the renewable ever-available energy source and further reduces the energy costs for each resident. Every villa at Sterling Villa Grande is designed to skilfully include rain water harvesting systems. This system helps in conserving water by collecting rain water and storing them in tanks. Sterling Developers have also taken up ground water recharging initiatives to work towards preserving our water resources. For safe disposal of domestic waste and further maintain the integrity of the surroundings, a Sewage Treatment Plant has been included in the project; this uses activated sludge process with extended aeration through diffused aeration to treat waste. Various other efforts have been made towards environmental conservation including retaining the existing trees to conserve the local trees and also maintain the green cover. Mostly Eco-friendly materials have been used in the project to prevent future environmental consequences. Sterling Villa Grande represents a model housing project which furthers the cause of energy efficiency and environmental safety.

Going the green way  
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