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STERLING COLLEGE THEATRE PROVIDES YOU WITH A PROFESSIONAL AND CONTEMPORARY PROGRAM FILLED WITH PRACTICAL EXPERIENCES AND COURSES. We believe that regardless of the form of artistic expression one may choose, the core of any quality program requires recognizing and dedicating our talents and creativity to glorify God. We are looking for theatre artists with a thirst for knowledge, a strong work ethic and a genuine desire to develop their craft.


With a full production calendar every year including five to seven major productions, our students are provided ample opportunity to practice what they learn in the classroom. Even if you are unsure of your ability, join us anyway. Our theatre majors and minors work alongside students from other departments on campus to form cast and crew. So whether you are a performer, technician or just like hanging out in the theatre, we have a place for you!

MORE THAN JUST AN EXTRA Sterling College theatre produces a large number of shows throughout the year involving all theatre majors, minors and theatre lovers to begin building their resume from day one. You don’t have to wait until you have seniority or hope there is a spot for you, we utilize everyone regardless of year or major. Auditions are open to everyone.

CONCENTRATIONS GENERAL For the student who wants to experience all aspects of theatre, this concentration is for them. With 54 total hours in theatre credits, you will have the opportunity to study just about anything you want to know about the theatre.

PERFORMANCE This concentration is intended for the student who wishes to pursue a career in theatre, film or television. The performance emphasis focuses on providing young actors with the techniques and tools to fully develop a character, feel comfortable in and with their own bodies, and academically analyze a script from the performer’s point of view. Rigorous method, theory and technique training in the classroom, coupled with practical acting opportunities on stage, the performance concentration works to produce creative, intelligent and confident performers.

TECHNICAL This concentration is for the “non-performer.” The technical emphasis encompasses all of the allied craft work that is available in the world of entertainment. Designers, stage managers, carpenters, painters and anyone else interested in backstage production will find this course of study most beneficial. Courses focus on building practical skills that theatre technicians use in their specific field while developing their ability to effectively communicate their ideas.


DIRECTING A combination of the performance and technical emphases, this concentration is composed of classes that will help students pursue a career in directing or theatre management. Learn a little bit about everything in order to adequately manage a production while speaking knowledgably to your staff.

EDUCATION LICENSURE Partnering with the Department of Education, our students can take the classes necessary to prepare for licensure in secondary speech and theatre education. Students in this concentration will take theatre classes and the professional studies licensure track in the education department.

As a theatre major, you will have the opportunity to try different responsibilities in producing a show. Opportunities to build sets, act on stage, work with lighting and even direct will present themselves along the way. Build your portfolio as you come to understand how each part of a production works. If you come to Sterling College, you will do more.

KEEPING UP WITH INDUSTRY TRENDS The faculty in our program make it a point to stay with current industry trends as well as teach time-honored techniques. You will graduate with an understanding of current practices, allowing you to feel confident as you graduate and look for employment or graduate studies.

MEET OUR FACULTY... AARON KENNEDY, ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF THEATRE Kennedy has worked in theatre for many years. Prior to coming to Sterling College, he worked at The New Court Theatre, Helen Hocker Theatre, Lon Morris College, Neosho County Community College, Salina Community Theatre, Emporia State University Summer Stock and Madison Reparatory Theatre. He received his M.F.A. in Scenic Design from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and his B.F.A. in Theatre from Emporia State University. MATTHEW WINNING, ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF THEATRE Winning has been acting in both educational and professional theatres up and down the East Coast since 3rd grade. Some career highlights include Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream with the North Carolina Stage Company, Riff in West Side Story with Albany New York’s Park Playhouse, and Mike Howard in the world premiere of the award-winning play Dogfall with the Millennium Playhouse in Boiling Springs, N.C. Winning received his M.F.A. in Acting from Regent University and his B.A. in Theatre Arts and Political Science from Gardner-Webb University.

If you want on-stage opportunities while enhancing your skills with a Christ-centered, practical education in theatre arts, then come to Sterling College. Discover a program that allows you to learn about the theory of set design in the morning and practice your building skills in the afternoon. Be an actor in the musical and make costumes for the play. Direct your own senior show and fill up your resume with four years of hands-on theatre experience. So whether you’re a veteran thespian, or have never set foot in a theatre, we welcome you to check us out and enjoy the show! Come discover Sterling College.


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Theatre Arts Booklet