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THE STERLING COLLEGE HISTORY PROGRAM SEEKS TO DEVELOP ANALYTICAL THINKERS WHO EFFECTIVELY ENGAGE THE ABIDING QUESTIONS OF HUMAN EXPERIENCE AND MEANING FROM A CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVE. Read and study about historical individuals, cultures and societies while working with your professors to develop skills of analysis, research and writing. Learn the importance of careful, close examination of historical documents and exemplary communication skills. Prepare for a career in education, public history, academia, graduate studies, law or other professional pursuits.


In all that we do, we strive to develop true wisdom that has a humble recognition of the limited perspective of the present and listens intently to guiding voices of the past. It reminds us that we must be dependent on God for true understanding and to listen humbly to the events and people of the past, recognizing that God might use these to expand our understanding of Him and of His work in the world and in our lives.

PROGRAM CONCENTRATION Aside from our History major, Sterling College also offers a concentration in education licensure. History majors will partner with the Department of Education to provide the classes you will need to teach in your own 6-12 history and government classroom. Our professors carefully craft the curriculum to meet the needs of future educators, equipping you with the tools, strategies and a variety of instructional practices that will help you effectively teach the next generation.

RECENT RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES FORT LARNED Serving as housing for the Guardians of the Santa Fe Trail and military post for the Indian Wars, Fort Larned is a well-preserved army post from the 1860s and 1870s. Our students were given the chance to see the archives, including primary documents, while visiting the post. They were also shown how artifacts kept at that location are preserved.

EISENHOWER PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY Visiting the library allows our students the chance to use primary documents from the Eisenhower administration to complete research about a chosen topic. They also have the opportunity to take a tour of the artifacts located at the museum.

HISTORY OF SCIENCE COLLECTION AT THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA The History of Science Collection at the University of Oklahoma is one of the premier history of science collections in the country. Students from Sterling College have been able to have hands-on experiences with rare 14th-17th century books and manuscripts related to the history of science.



Sterling College’s history program is dedicated to the enrichment and personal success of our students and provides experiences that will excite interest and shape your career. Through guided research, you will develop meaningful research papers and projects that are both challenging to you and beneficial to your resume. We also foster relationships with historical organizations to provide students with the chance to develop their understanding of archival research and public history. By the time you graduate from our history program, you will be prepared for a higher level of work in your field or graduate study.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT At Sterling College, you won’t be in large lecture halls where all you do is listen. You will be in classes that allow you to engage with classmates and the professor while you discuss historical issues and important works by key historians. We cover a wide range of chronological and geographical topics as you encounter new insights and grapple with questions posed by peers and professors.

MEET OUR FACULTY... DOUG BOARDMAN, ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Doug Boardman taught at the secondary level for 24 years and for 10 years as an adjunct at Barton County Community College. His teaching experience makes him a great mentor for students aspiring to be teachers. Boardman specializes in American history, including an expertise in the study of the American West. His most recent article on Pancho Villa, was published in the International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. Boardman earned both his B.A. in History and his M.A. in History from Fort Hays State University. DR. DANIEL JULICH, ASSISTANT PROFESSOR With a background in mathematics, theology and history, Daniel Julich provides a diverse perspective of history. His courses examine the way that seemingly disjoint ideas in history are interrelated, giving students an opportunity to view history as a whole instead of as separate or unrelated events. He is passionate about introducing students to analytical thinking and historical writing, but what he considers his most important calling is modeling a spirit of intellectual inquiry that impacts all aspects of life. Julich earned his B.S. in Mathematics from Palm Beach Atlantic University, his M.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies from Wheaton College, and his Ph.D. in History from the University of Florida.

PURSUE WISDOM THROUGH THOUGHTFUL EXAMINATION OF THE PAST. If you want to use your intellectual gifts to explore and discuss big ideas within an intellectually rigorous Christian context, then becoming a Sterling College history major is right for you. Whether you plan to teach, pursue graduate school or become a lawyer, we will encourage you to use your interests and passions to be a wise servant leader who understands the world deeply and can articulate ideas meaningfully and effectively. The past and its perspectives come alive and make a difference at Sterling College!


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History Booklet