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Whatever the challenge, we will build it.


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However complex it may be, no technical request is too much for Mevi.

Milling to an accuracy of up to 1 Îźm.

A sound concept requires complete and meticulous engineering.

An impossible prototype? We find a solution for any request!

A reliable launch without losing time, thanks to our testing facilities.

Whatever the challenge, we will build it However complex it may be, no request is too much for Mevi. We’re happy to tackle any technical request, including yours. Whether engineering breakthrough solutions, manufacturing highprecision parts or assembling and commisioning machines, you can rest assured that your order is in expert hands with us.

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Short time to market? We’ll take care of it!

The whole spectrum of the supply chain The strength of our supply chain is simple: we can perform all aspects in-house and they are interconnected in a highly efficient way. You can therefore rely on clear and continuous communication about your order, constant quality control, the possibility to alternate quickly, and short turnaround times. Mevi is the reliable party to carry out your order and also a partner who accompanies you throughout the entire process, from initial concept to operation.

Phase 1 Engineering

Phase 2 Production

Phase 3 Machine construction

Creativity, expertise and reliable, flexible collaboration: that’s what you can expect from our engineers. We develop the exact machines, modules or tools you need.

Our strength is our drive for innovation and our comprehensive approach. Our complete production line is under one roof, giving you the benefit of flexibility, speed, clear communication and top quality.

From a single prototype to the serial production of complex, custom-made machines, to solutions based on a technical specifications: skilled construction is our force.

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Motivated professionals provide high standard solutions

Our experienced professionals are the driving force

Although our expertise is technically orientated, our people make it happen. Mevi’s employees are professionals who know their skills and are ambitious to learn more; this is an area in which we like to invest. This is achieved through advancement opportunities and also with comprehensive training programmes within our company. This is just one of the reasons we maintain such a high employee retention rate. Their motivation, expertise and experience, combined with our state-of-the-art machinery, ensure that you always get correct and complete solutions to your technical request.

Continually investing in knowledge, skills and abilities.

Growing with the market means investing in quality

Innovation and progressiveness are important core values at Mevi. For this reason, we invest heavily in new technologies, improving our processes and our staffs’ knowledge and skills. This allows us to work with even greater flexibility, to offer more creative and smarter solutions, and to maintain the highest quality. For example, we have an ISO 7 certified cleanroom, milling machines that work to an accuracy of up to 1 μm, and tools that we already use in the initial phase to optimise products. These are just a few our investments that enable us to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Calibrated measurement and manufacturing to within 0.6 Îźm.

Mevi leaves nothing to chance

We set high standards – with extensive knowledge and skills, modern machines and tools and strict controls and testing. For example, our engineers optimise your product during the design phase! This avoids any prototype corrections and because each production phase is carried out in-house, we monitor the process closely and react in a flexible and decisive way. In addition, we are known for our strict controls: no product leaves us before it is released from the measuring room. Micron accuracy is the Mevi guarantee. Whether your project involves a tool, module or a complete machine combining various, complex technologies, you will always receive the highest quality every time.

Facts and figures

The Mevi Group has assisted its clients in creating, developing and manufacturing machines, modules and tools since 1967. Mevi has branches in three countries: the Netherlands, Belgium and the Czech Republic, together employing more than 100 FTEs. Mevi’s ambition centres around solving technical requests as effectively and smoothly as possible, and our various offices play an important role in this. Whether long-term serial production, developing ultramodern machines or creating ground-breaking technological concepts. Mevi offers the complete package.

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