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Restaurant Email Opt-in and List Building for Restaurant Email marketing using Sterizon wiZit Handheld Device Are you using Paper Signup Forms?  Do you use paper signup forms for collecting Email List?  Do you do manual data entry?  Do you have trouble in reading hand written data?  Do you want your business go green with paperless signup forms?

More information on Sterizon wiZit, visit Sterizon wiZit

Go Electronic Signup!

Sterizon wiZit, a portable, wireless, handheld device for instore customer email opt-ins, guest satisfaction surveys, twitter opt-ins and more.

Benefits  No more paper signup sheets or comment cards. Go paperless. Go green.  No more collection, organizing, mailing of signup forms for data entry (or mailing).  No more deciphering of hand written email addresses and scribbling.  No more manual data entry  Upfront validation of customer input to catch typos or invalid fields.  No need to upload or download any data to use in Email Marketing.  Integrates directly with your Email Provider account (such as Constant Contact, iContact, MailChimp etc)  Respects customers data privacy.  Simple, Secure, Hassle-free, Efficient and Effective process.

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3 Email List Database

Survey Results

Twitter Following

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More information on the Email Service Provider integration, visit Email Integration


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Sterizon Products, Pricing, Resellers and Affiliates Products

Pricing 

   

Email List Building Surveys, Feedbacks and Polls Twitter Followup Integration with Email Service Providers Visit our Products Information at Sterizon Products

Sterizon wiZit is cost effective and affordable for all businesses. Visit our Pricing Information at

Sterizon Pricing 

The Sterizon "Value Added Reseller" program is available to email marketing providers, Mobile/SMS marketing providers, marketing and ad agencies, design companies, and technology integration companies.

Visit our Reseller Information at

Sterizon Reseller More information on Sterizon wiZit, visit Sterizon wiZit

Industry Solutions                

Automotive Email Marketing Bar/Club/Pub Email Marketing Hotel/Motel Email Marketing Salon Email Marketing Spa Email Marketing Restaurant Email Marketing Nightclub Email Marketing Restaurant Birthday Club Restaurant Email Clubs Small Business Email Marketing Golf Email Marketing Church Email Marketing Medical & Health Email Marketing Dental Email Marketing Hospital & Patient Surveys Restaurant Customer Surveys & Feedback

Email Service Provider integration     

Constant Contact Campaign Monitor iContact MailChimp Vertical Response

Sterizon Information

Sterizon Information


For More Information, visit Sterizon Website at More information on Sterizon wiZit, visit Sterizon wiZit

Video: Email List Building using Sterizon wiZit

Restaurant Email marketing, Email Marketing for Restaurants, Restauarant Email List  

Restauarant Email List building, Email Collection, Birthday Clubs, Email Clubs, eClubs using Sterizon wiZit gadget: a portable, wireless (Wi...

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