Hakan Cez

Izmir, TR

Stereo Mecmuasi is a free monthly hifi and Music related e-magazine in Turkish Language. Stereo Mecmuasi is a non profit e-magazine with substantial readership and a staff a dozen volunteers. Stereo Mecmuasi is created with free and open source software based on Pardus Linux Operating System. We also use free web hosting services for our discussion forums, web site and e-mag. . Stereo Mecmuasi, is the very first and only magazine dedicated to "2 channel audio" in Turkish language. Our principal goal is creating an free and non-profit e-magazine with a rich content including hifi equipment reviews, interviews, comparison tests, technical articles and musician, CD, vinyl reviews. Stereo Mecmuasi also have an domestic mission; introducing Turkish Hifi brands and designers to the international hifi scene. Best Regards