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Two mystery animals are blessed in Chapel By Javier Hidalgo-Gato The Blessing of the Animals this year was fun for everybody, but mainly for the students in Preschool and Kindergarten. Every year there is a mystery animal and all the students get excited to see what it is. This year there were two mystery animals, a Fennec fox and an American alligator. Some of the animals that people brought in were dogs, cats and hamsters. There was also an unexpected centipede. Nobody brought it to Blessing of the Animals so it was quite unexpected, as I said before. On a personal note, I remember when I was in Preschool and I brought my pet dog to be blessed by Father Tobin. (For those of you who don’t remember or who weren’t at St. Thomas when Father Tobin was the priest, he was very nice and his favorite A Fennec fox candy was Snickers.) Bringing your dog in to be blessed is one of those moments you never forget. The next year, I brought my pet fish named Larry. (Don’t say it’s a weird name for a fish, even though it is.) I am a little sad, because this will be my last year that I get to see Blessing of the Animals. But I hope it isn’t yours!

Volume 26 Issue 1 October 2013

Inside this issue:

A hamster looks at Halloween


Student Fiction: “Mouthless”


Mystery Teacher


Tech Avenue


Travels With Tom and Tia


Sports Nation


Maze and Puzzle Zone


Special points of interest:

A GOOD VISIT: Kindergarten students met Coral Gables Police officers and the DEA search dog at school for Red Ribbon Week.

In “The Hairy Toe,” a woman eats something she finds in her garden. Uh oh!

This is new. Write to Brooke and Bobby for advice and help.

Vegemite in Sydney, Australia has a lot of Vitamin B.

Where do baby ghosts go during the day? (Check page 9 in Riddles to find out!)

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The Spire Crier

This little hamster wishes you a Happy Halloween

“My owner was decorating the house in such an eerie way!”

By Your Everyday, Cute & Furry Hamster that can Type and Spell (Edited by Alexandra Prio-Touzet) Halloween is a pretty scary holiday to a tiny hamster like myself. There are giant pumpkins next to your cage, giant human skeletons everywhere, and scariest of all… the black cats! YIKES! I decided to look into why my owner was decorating our house in such an eerie way. Maybe there was a reason that explained why there were cobwebs and fake spiders all over the house! So during the nighttime when my humans were asleep, I squeezed through the secret hole in my cage and quietly turned on my owner’s laptop. I typed in his password, which I had memorized from watching him type it in every day, and went on Google. I searched up ‘Halloween’s history’ and looked at the results. I found one, and read about all of these things I didn’t even know existed! It’ll take way too long to explain, so here is the address: When I got back to my cage, suddenly the jack-o’-lantern didn’t scare me as much. “Hello, my cool orange friend,” I squeaked to it. Of course, he didn’t reply, so I went into my sleephouse and dreamed about trick-or-treating with pumpkin seeds and lettuce treats… Mmm… Happy Halloween from a hamster!

“The Hairy Toe” is a small and very spooky story (Re-told by Mary Logan Woolsey) A million years ago, on the night before Halloween, a woman who lived in a shoe packed a picnic lunch to eat on the beach. As she passed her garden she saw a hairy toe in it. So she picked it up and went inside to cook it for dinner. After she had dinner she went up to bed with her dog. When she had fallen asleep her dog started dancing and howling and the howling sounded strangely like singing. Then all of a sudden the woman woke up to a very loud thumping sound. It turns out that the noise was a giant. The giant wanted his toe back so he said, “GIVE ME MY HAIRY TOE!” And the woman said, “I am so sorry but I have eaten it!” So, the giant left, but the woman was never seen again!

These funny Halloween jokes will make you laugh (Compiled by Mary Logan Woolsey) Q. What kind of toothpaste do vampires use? A. Ultra-bite Q. Why wouldn’t the skeleton cross the road? A. He didn’t have any guts Q. What do vampires enjoy about baseball? A. The bats Q. Why did the vampires cancel the baseball game? A. Because they couldn’t find the bats. Q. What flies through the night, wears a black cape, and bites people? A. A mosquito wearing a cape

Volume 26 Issue 1

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Student Fiction: Read this scary journal called Mouthless... if you dare By Dylan Perez, Justin Wong, Jack Mendoza and Anthony DeRosa (Editor’s Note: An old journal was found recently buried in the dirt near an old well. The following pages were still readable. Beware, curious readers.) October 24, 1969 I think I am going insane. I have seen multiple things today that I regret seeing. I will keep writing as I stay in this town. October 25, 1969 Today I walked into a town, but it wasn’t what you would think it was like. I saw a man, slumped over, cloaked in a black robe. I walked toward him. When I got near him, I tried to get his attention, but he wouldn’t move. Approaching the cloaked figure, I gasped with horror. His mouth was gone and his eyes were wide open. Instead of there being skin, all I saw was bone. I’m going to go back to the first town and continue further through the town tomorrow. October 26, 1969 Today I went back, and I saw something worse. As I went deeper into the town, I saw bodies…bodies swallowing up every inch of the streets. I noticed that they all looked the same as the other figure I saw (no mouth, eyes wide open, and no skin). As I kept walking, I saw a demolished building, with little flames licking the stone. I got closer to the rubble and saw it. The same body I saw four days ago. It was pointing to a wall. The wall read: You are not welcome here. LEAVE NOW. From that point I knew I was in trouble, so I ran back to the camp I was living in. I might come back. I might not. October 27, 1969 I wanted to go further. I saw the body, with patches of skin, lying on the path to the town. I was disgusted. I gagged and vomited on the ground. For some reason, my vomit moved around, and fell into a drainage pipe. I looked into the pipe and didn’t see anything. All of a sudden, a decomposed face appeared under the grate. I screamed and ran back to my camp. While I was running I was wondering what that face was and whose was it. When I was about a half a mile away I fell into a small crater and got a cut on my knee. It started to bleed like crazy. When I got to my camp, I felt nauseous because of the blood loss. I put a bandage on it and went to sleep. October 29, 1969 Last night, I had a nightmare. I woke up in the same creepy town. I got up from the ground and walked forward. I was in the same place that I saw the bodies, but the building that was on fire now wasn’t there. I knew something weird was happening when I saw the bodies move around. I kept walking and I saw a building, its door was open. I walked into the building and all of a sudden, the building lit up with multiple lanterns. I went into a bedroom. When I looked at the bed, I saw the mouthless figure sit up and stare at me. Then, I heard an explosion and the lanterns went out. I turned around to run but I saw the bodies from the street cover the door. When I turned to the bed again, I shouted because the figure that was on the bed was right in front of me. Then, I woke up. October 31, 1969 I am writing this entry as I walk even deeper into the mysterious town. I just finished jogging by the burnt building. I am now at the outskirts of the town. I see a well, and a forest. I hear something coming from inside the forest. I decide not to go in there. I walk closer to the well and peer inside. I see a few coins but that’s it. I am turning to head back and guess what? The mouthless figure is back! I start back pedaling. I hit something behind me...I just fell into the well! I see the thing staring at me with its wide eyes. He pulls out a hose and starts to pour water in the well. I see the water rising higher and higher. I am about to go under with the diary so these are my last words: NEVER GO INTO A DESERTED TOWN…

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The Spire Crier

This Mystery Teacher loves to eat Chinese food By Alessandra Leyva and Laura Orban See if you can guess who this month’s Mystery Teacher is. Here are her, or his, clues:

The Mystery Teacher grew up on a farm and had two cows in the State Fair.

I taught at Fireside Elementary in Phoenix, Arizona. I taught kindergarten through sixth grade. I lived on a farm and had pigs and two cows. The two cows went to the State Fair. My favorite color is blue. When I have nothing to do I like to watch movies. My favorite food is steak. My favorite drink is Diet Pepsi. I like to eat Chinese food on the weekends. I have two dogs named Buster and Buddy. I love St. Thomas! Guess who I am! The answer is on the back page.

New “Brooke and Bobby” will give you advice

Leave your questions for Brooke and Bobby in the school office. You can write to either one!

By The Spire Crier Staff Everyone here at The Spire Crier is pleased to announce some big changes in our paper! First off, we have a wonderful new advisor, Ms. Mayo. Secondly, we have amazing new reporters from our fourth grade. The third and biggest change in our newspaper is that we now have a new advice column. “Lulu” has been with us for a long time, but she has left St. Thomas to help other schools and students. She was a very important part in our newspaper, but now it’s time for a new team to step in and help the students in our school. Say hi to “Brooke and Bobby!” That’s right! Two people are now providing answers to your questions. Since Bobby is a boy and Brooke is a girl, they will offer different advice. They both will answer any type of question. If you choose to write to them, please leave a letter in the office either to Brooke or to Bobby! Use an anonymous name such as “Sad Little Student” or “A Girl in Peril.” We hope that getting a new advice column will allow us to get more readers and “askers.” Over the years, the amount of letters we’ve gotten each month has declined rapidly, and with a bit of luck Brooke and Bobby will bring us more readers. Read on, St. Thomas!

Volume 26 Issue 1

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Tech Avenue: Here are reviews of the top five Halloween-themed games By Javier Hidalgo-Gato Hey everyone! Javi here, for a special Top 5 list – The first one! But this one is Halloween- themed, so I’m doing ghosts, and scary games! WARNING Some of these games may be too scary for children grades in Kindergarten through Second Grade and maybe even Third. Ask your parents first if you want to try the games. On to the countdown! Number 5: Slender Slender is a popular game, but it can give you nightmares if you play it in the dark, by yourself, on full volume. Let me describe the story. You are wandering through the woods, looking for notes. You realize you are being followed, by a being called Slender Man. He has no facial features, and white skin. He is very tall, and can grow tentacles from his back. You need to find all 8 notes BEFORE he catches you. No matter what, collect 8 notes or not, he WILL catch you. Just find 8 notes and you win. If he catches you before you find the notes, GAME OVER. Number 4: Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon The sequel to Luigi’s Mansion for Game Cube, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is a Nintendo 3DS and 2DS game for the whole family to play! Luigi, as many people know, is Mario’s brother. [!] SPOILER ALERT [!] If you do not want this game spoiled for you, just drop your paper, and run. Just book it man! Anyway, to those who either beat the game, like for games to be spoiled for you, or just don’t care and you want to drop this paper, walk away and ask yourself, “Why do I have an uncontrollably craving for pie…?!” Don’t. Why DO you have a craving for pie? Because pie is delicious! Anyway, here is the spoiler. Mario’s brother is trapped in a painting, but Luigi doesn’t know that until the near end of the game. You need to kill the King Boo in order to free Mario. Number 3: Lone Survivor There’s a post-apocalypse setting in the survival horror game Lone Survivor. It’s an indie game where you look for survivors of a disease that's turned the whole world into zombies. But you’ve got a bigger problem: You may not be sane. It's hard to know what’s going on especially when you can’t get enough sleep. You are also trying to keep from starving. Your apartment where you live is like a labyrinth, and sometimes when you revisit old locations they shift in appearance. Who knows if you can trust what you’re seeing? If you play the game on Halloween you’ll have a lot of fun with this scary game. Number 2: Slendytubbies Even scarier than Slender, the version of Slender with Teletubbies is so scary you will literally poop your pants. Ok, so maybe THAT won’t happen, but still, it is EXTREMELY scary. Same objective as Slender, different things to find and to hide from. For example, instead of notes, you will be looking for custards. Also, instead of Slender, the creepy stalker will be an evil purple Teletubbie with a freaky face. Look at the picture if you want to see for yourself. The best thing about this version of Slender is that you can play and get freaked out with your friends in multiplayer! And also, you can play “versus mode” where YOU get to scare your friends as a Slendytubbie! And now… The best/scariest game in the history of this article…Number 1…My Little Pony. Nah, just joking.

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The Spire Crier

“Travels With Tom and Tia” is the new travel section in The Spire Crier By Yara Haddad, Sophia LaPointe and Maddie Wagshul Tom and Tia are kids who love to travel. Today they are visiting Sydney, Australia. Are you asking any questions like these? 1. Who are Tom and Tia? 2. Why are Tom and Tia so important? 3. Why are in this issue of the Spire Crier? 4. When is The Spire Crier going to stop asking questions we might not even have? ANSWERS: 1. Tom and Tia are two adventurous twins who LOVE traveling. And yeah, they go to school. 2. Tom and Tia are so important because they want you to travel to Sydney with them, even if it is through the words on these pages. 3. They are important in this issue because they are in this issue. They will travel somewhere new each issue. 4. After you finish reading this, please read the new Travels With Tom and Tia!

How Do You Say...Arabic is just one language spoken in Sydney By Yara Haddad Many people speak Arabic in Australia. Where I come from in Lebanon the people speak Arabic and French. If you have any questions on how to pronounce these words, come and see me! Next month, how to speak Greek words! Hi ‫مرحبا‬bonjour How are you ‫كيف حالك‬kific Fine ‫غرامة‬mniha And you ‫ولك‬u inte Thank you what’s your name ‫شكرا لك ماذا يكون اسمك‬ sucrun sho esmek


Bye ‫وداعا‬phofic bocra How old are you ‫كام سنة عندك‬ede amrek See you soon ‫أراك الحقًا‬phofic bocra Goodnight ‫طابت ليلتك‬bonwe Good morning ‫صباح الخير‬sabaeckar


Volume 26 Issue 1

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Tom and Tia discover Sydney has world’s largest steel arch bridge By Maddie Wagshul, Sophia LaPointe and Yara Haddad Tom and Tia have found out a lot about Sydney, Australia. It is the capital of the state of New South Wales and there are over four million people living there. Sydney is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. People from many different cultures live there. The weather can be very hot in the city. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most famous in the world. It is one of Australia's most photographed landmark. It is the world's largest, but not the longest, steel arch bridge. The locals call it “The Coathanger.” The bridge opened in 1932 Here are some other facts Tom and Tia discovered on their travels to Sydney, Australia.  The population is 4,627345. 

The city is located on the southeast coast.

It was established on January 26, 1788.

The area measures 4,689 sq miles or 12,145 km².

The languages spoken there are English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic and Greek.

The main religion is Roman Catholic.

Sydney is the biggest city in Australia.

The main rivers are called the Murrumbidgee, Murray and Darling

Vegemite, damper bread and meat pies are favorite foods in Sydney By Yara Haddad, Sophia LaPointe and Maddie Wagshul Tom and Tia have found some good things to eat in their travels. These are some of the best foods they found in Sydney. Do these sound like your meals? Breakfast Cornflakes and milk, toast with “vegemite,” coffee latte, bacon, eggs, roasted tomatoes, freshly-squeezed juice, fluffy pancakes, blueberries and honey, and ice cream Lunch Sandwiches, Australian meat pies, leftovers, stir fry like Thai food and Vietnamese, Italian pasta, Indian curries, Turkish kabobs, damper bread made without yeast, and Lamingtons sponge cake rolled in coconut and topped with whipped cream Dinner Pasta, more stir fry, steak, fish salads, pizza “Vegemite” is defined as “a dark brown Australian food paste made from leftover brewers' yeast extract, a byproduct of beer manufacture, and various vegetable and spice additives.” It is called delicious and it has a lot of vitamin B. Meat pies are like American pot pies served hot with steak or kidney for the meat. They also have mashed potatoes and onions in the filling along with gravy. A popular snack are lollies which are made with corn syrup. At the end of evening meals, Australians in Sydney like fruit, cheesecake or pikelets, their favorite pancakes, covered in syrup.

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The Spire Crier

Sports Nation covers the latest news in the NBA By Jack Silva, Charlie Silva and Diego Canto Welcome to Sports Nation! We will report the sports news here in South Florida, around the U.S. and here at school. Here’s the latest news: 

The Miami Heat will have its opening game against the Chicago Bulls next week on October 29.  The NBA is considering nicknames on the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets players’ jerseys.  Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Terry were signed to the Brooklyn Nets after playing together for the Boston Celtics.  Celtics Coach Doc Rivers has now signed as head coach for the Los Angeles Clippers. Greg Odon has signed to the Heat along with Michael Beasley. That is all for today, folks.

This Mystery Sports Star stands 7 feet, 2 inches tall and plays center. Who is he?

See if you can figure out this Mystery Sports Player By Jack Silva, Charlie Silva and Diego Canto Each issue we will give you the clues to a mystery sports star. Since we are writing about basketball this month, you have your first clue. This mystery sports star plays basketball. Here are some other clues:      

He stands 7 ft. 2 in. tall. He has a yellow and blue uniform and plays center. He got on ESPN for chugging a huge 20-ounce NBA bottle of Gatorade in 4 seconds. He graduated from Georgetown University in 2008. It is said that his parents only introduced him to basketball after they tried to get him to play tennis, then golf and then piano. He appeared as himself on the Sept. 29, 2011 episode of the TV show Parks and Recreation. Can you guess who he is? The answer is on the back page.

Volume 26 Issue 1

Page 9

More Halloween riddles to ask your friends (Compiled by Yara Haddad) Here are some more fun riddles that you can try out on your friends and family members. We hope you get a lot of good laughs this Halloween. Q. What do skeletons say before they begin dining? A. Bone appetit! Q. What do ghosts serve for dessert? A. Ice scream! Q. Why do witches fly on brooms? A. Because vacuum cleaner cords aren’t long enough! Q. When is it bad luck to meet a black cat? A. When you’re a mouse! Q. What was the witch's favorite subject in school? A. Spelling! Q. What do you call a skeleton who won't work? A. Lazy Bones! Q. What do you call a fat Jack-O’-Lantern? A. Plumpkin! Q. Where do baby ghosts go during the day? A. Dayscare centers!

Maze and Puzzle Zone

The Spire Crier

St. Thomas Episcopal Parish School 5692 North Kendall Drive Coral Gables, FL 33156 305-665-4851



Mystery Teacher: Mrs. Gosney Mystery Sports Player: Roy Hibbert, No. 55 of the Indiana Pacers

The Spire Crier is published by the fourth and fifth grade journalism class for the students of St. Thomas Episcopal Parish School. Fifth Grade Staff: Diego Canto, Anthony DeRosa, Jack Garcia-Mendoza, Javier Hidalgo-Gato, Dylan Perez, Alexandra Prio-Touzet, Charles Silva, Justin Wong Fourth Grade Staff: Yara Haddad, Sophia LaPointe, Alessandra Leyva, Laura Orban, Jack Silva, Madeleine Wagshul, Mary Logan Woolsey Journalism Advisor: Ms. Christina Mayo Technical Assistance: Mr. Peters

NEW FRIENDS: Jr. Preschooler Sofia Giro gets a hello from special police dog Nina. Nina and her DEA agent, along with Coral Gables Police officers, visited school for the annual Red Ribbon Week.

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