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Letter from the editor

Deer Jade Hurter


Your Exquisite Corpse Anonymous


Luciferase Ainslee Meredith


The Tree / The Lake Gavin Thomson


How I Came to Know Her Ariel Appel


The Tower Lucinda Tang


Harbour Myths Lucinda Tang


Parade Ian Becker


Close Up of a Woman’s Hand on the 80 Evan Newton


My Brother Laura Freitag


jackie, jackie, have you seen Dominique Bernier-Cormier


The Stranger Elliot Aglioni


Tangerine Max Karpinski


Waiting, Gosport Harbor, NH Nate Mosseau


When Taught the Frame and Shell Tim Beeler


Untitled Thomas Bollier


Ward St. Michael Lee-Murphy


dear steamboat captain, Laura Defazio


Pandora’s Peal Preanka Hai smoke rising from a hilltop, smoke rising from a river Emma Benayoun

Hello again, reader, I’m incredibly excited that this second Fall semester issue of Steps is in your hands (or on your computer screen). As I wrote in the first “Letter from the editor,” Steps is absolutely committed to printing four different issues this year. In past years, delays have often occurred, and we are hoping against hope that this will not be the case this year (and so far it hasn’t!). Although there are a few returning contributors from the first issue of the semester, the majority of the work in this issue is from people who we haven’t yet printed. Our beautiful cover is also from a submission. We’ve talked about including students’ art on the cover, rather than our own staff members’, and everybody at Steps is absolutely delighted with the way this cover has turned out. I want to thank all the people who submitted work to this issue, and I want to ask you all to please continue to write, draw, take photographs, whatever it is that you do. Without you, the editors at Steps wouldn’t have anything to argue angrily about. Although Steps is taking quite a long break now between issues, I would like to reiterate that we are absolutely ALWAYS soliciting submissions. Keep sending your work to stepsmagazine@ and we will always consider it for the upcoming issue. Until then, everybody at Steps wishes you a relatively painless examination period, and a wonderful holiday. See you in the Winter Semester. With love, Max Karpinski

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Winter 2010  

Steps Magazine's second Fall semester issue.

Winter 2010  

Steps Magazine's second Fall semester issue.