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Tulani Acker man

StEps for Students “Voice It!�

Supporting Children to be seen and Heard!"

Tulani Ackerman is a teacher in the Prince Rupert School District and the founder of StEps for Students.

Through her passion for life and deep caring for people , Tulani inspires others to recognize and pursue their full potential. She is particularly gifted at, and committed to, empowering children and youth from all walks of life.

Tulani aims to unite people to seek more positive solutions to the many challenges facing students and educators.

Website: Questions, comments, ideas? Email:

Financial contributions are gratefully accepted. Donations can be made at Northern Savings Credit Union to the StEps for Students account.

Students, Teachers (ECE, Elementary, Secondary), Parents, and Society collaborating to create a positive future for all students.


StEps for Students is an organization hoping to discover other ways to meet the needs of every student. 1. Build and Bridge Collaborative Input and Relationships: - joining varied community resources - empowering children's voices - creating positive dialogue with students, teachers, parents, community members, administrators and government to find solutions to our educational challenges.

On July 1st, 2010, the StEps movement will hit the road to walk and bike throughout British Columbia in an effort to gather stories and ideas regarding the challenges faced by our provincial education system. These conversations are essential to creating an education system that meets the true needs of all students.

Join the conversation! Let's take StEps together to regain hope and confidence in an education system that meets the true needs of its students.

2. Class sizes that meet the needs of teachers and students: - class sizes that are small enough to encourage growth of meaningful relationships between teachers and students

Visit our website; for information on StEps for Students events in your community or email us at: Sign our petition; find it online at our website or at our Facebook group StEps for Students. Take our survey online Read our Letter Writing Ideas and write your own letter, sharing your stories about your experiences or your child's experiences in this school system. Tell Premier Campbell and the Minister of Education what is working and what needs to change. Walk or bike with me through your communities this summer; Follow Tulani's progress on the road via the live GPS link to the StEps website and send her messages of support.

3. Appropriate funding for all curriculums -a holistic approach recognizes student development in academic, artistic, physical and social areas.

StEps for Students seeks to promote communication between students, provincial government, parents, teachers, administrators and community members.

Ways to get involved . . .

“Voice It!” “Supporting Children to be seen and Heard!"

Contact for Premier Gordon Campbell Tel: 250-387-1715

Tulani’s campaign route

Contact for Minister of Education and Early Learning Margaret MacDiarmid Tel: 250-387-1977

StEps For Students Brochure  
StEps For Students Brochure  

On 1 July 2010, the StEps movement will hit the road to walk and bike throughout British Columbia in an effort to gather sto-ries and ideas...