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StEps for Students Petition We the undersigned are students, parents, teachers, and citizens who hope for a better future for our children by joining together to build an education system in British Columbia that meets the true needs of our children. W e believe that BC's education system can find other effective ways to put all children first. Build and Bridge Collaborative Input and Relationships: - joining varied community resources - empowering children's voices - creating positive dialogue with students, teachers, parents, community members, administrators, and government to find solutions to our educational challenges Class sizes that meet the needs of teachers and students: - class sizes that are small enough to encourage meaningful relationships between teachers and students Appropriate funding for all curriculums: - a holistic approach recognizes student development in academic, artistic, and social areas


We want the education system that children in our province deserve. Through open and collaborative communications, by taking responsibility and working together, we want to build relationships and create a school system that puts all our children first. We believe it is our obligation as guardians of our children and their futures to offer them all that they need to create a better British Columbia and a better world. This is our duty as teachers, parents, BC citizens, and government. Please join StEps for Students in being part of creating the education system that we know our children deserve by signing the petition below. Join Us! Date Signed ______________________________ Signature _______________________________1

Students, Teachers (ECE, Elementary, Secondary), Parents, and Society collaborating to create a positive future for all students. 1

StEps For Students Petition  

Please fill out the petition and mail it to the address listed on Facebook. Thank you!