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this is the closest thing I've had to a family that cared about me.



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Youth housing Employment Education Improvement Results

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Who We Are


What We Do


Housing6 Youth7 Education8 Employment9 Improvement10 Results11 Where Your Support Goes


Revenues & Expenses


Statement of Financial Position


Who Make It All Possible Village Builders 2011 Contributors

15 16-18

Board, Staff & Community Partners


To our Stepping Stones Community The residents, board, staff and volunteers are grateful

for your many gifts that make our independent living program possible. The follow pages acknowledge you, your contributions and what those gifts have made possible.

Every effort has been made to list our supporters correctly. If you find an error, please contact Warren Wade at or or (812) 339-9771.



2011 was another pivotal year for Stepping Stones. First and foremost, we became a United Way member agency! With their key focus on education, earnings, and essentials, we are a natural fit because our program encompasses all of those areas. We are now able to network more closely with other agency directors and staff, have the potential of bringing in more revenue, stay abreast on legislative issues, and have the opportunity to meet more community leaders and individuals who may not know about Stepping Stones. Last fall, we hired our second Independent Living Coach which was part of our strategic plan. This additional hire allows us to serve more residents in our housing program (capacity now 12 residents) as well as put more focus on our Aftercare program, which serves former residents. While our goal is for residents to leave our program ready and able to be totally independent, as any parent can attest, there are still obstacles that young people encounter when living on their own; utilizing us as a supportive system is one of our goals. Some of the services we were able to provide in the Aftercare program included finding employment, housing, and drug treatment; applying for food stamps or Volunteers in Medicine (for healthcare); and enrolling in college. One of our former residents was hired at Cook, three are in college (IU, Ivy Tech, & Ball State), and two residents moved out last summer and became roommates (and still are!) New partnerships this year revolved around our financial literacy program, “Skills to Pay the Bills.” Jason Evans Groth, coordinator of the “It’s Your Money” project of the Monroe County Library and Michelle Henderson, educator with Purdue Extension office both taught money management sessions to our residents. Ivy Tech accounting students created a customized class for our residents on fundamentals of credit and money management. Financial literacy continues to be a key focus this year. If you haven’t signed up for our monthly e-newsletter, you may do so by going to our website and filling in the “Join Our Email List” box in the left-hand column of the home page. This is an easy way to hear updates on our programs, accomplishments of our residents and stay tuned with special events. I appreciate all of YOU for your continued support and encouragement. In gratitude, Sheri Benham 4


WHO WE ARE OUR MISSION To provide transitional housing and supportive services to youth between the ages of 16-20 who are experiencing homelessness.


To provide a supportive community where young people experiencing homelessness can develop skills to live independently.

OUR VALUES Dignity and Worth of the Person We treat each person in a caring and respectful fashion, mindful of individual differences and cultural and ethnic diversity. We seek to enhance residents’ capacity and opportunity to change and to address their own needs. We respect and promote their right to self-determination and assist them in their efforts to identify and clarify their goals.

Importance of Human Relationships We understand that relationships between and among people are an important vehicle for change. We engage people as partners in the helping process. We seek to strengthen relationships among people in a purposeful effort to promote, restore, maintain, and enhance the well-being of individuals, families, social groups, organizations, and communities. 5

In 2O11, we provided over 368o days of shelter Youth stayed an average of 1O Months in our program 18 separate youth were housed during 2o11 with an average of 3 inquiries a week for available beds.

75% transitioned into safe, permanent housing after leaving our program 6

f #o







a eds


I was sleeping in a park...not on the right path at all... Things are back at an all-time peak now because of Stepping Stones. ble








Approximately 1 out of 4 dropped out of high school

Studies show that 50% of youth that experience homelessness either have already or will drop out of high school

“Frequent mobility can increase anxiety and is associated with lower student achievement”

Approximately 3 out of 4 Improved attendance

“Education Barriers for HOmeless Youth” The National Network for Youth

With your support,

stepping Stones removes barriers to education by providing youth with a safe, stable place to live and the adult support needed to succeed!

100% Were enrolled in school if they had no diploma


38% of our high school graduates pursued high education

*83% entered our program without a job and, of those, 80% had never been employed.

“3+ Hours” = # of hours each week that youth who were not employed spent searching for a job & # of hours each week spent learning new skills to make them attractive to employers

89% of youth found stable employment while in our program

Ways Youth Built Their Savings and Assets Volunteering


Stepping Stones contributes $8/hr to a resident’s account for each hour they volunteer throughout our community or our “campus.”

Stepping Stones contributes $100 to a resident’s account for each “milestone” they achieve like graduating from high school, maintaining their job for 6 months or more, and others.


took advantage of this program

56% 1 Milestone

39% 2 Milestones

22% 3 + Milestones 9


Increased their income levels

Increased access to health care coverage


Increased support networks

Increased pHYsical health


Increased their relationships with their families





Increased their community involvement

Results high school aged youth without high school diplomas “lifetime earnings” difference between dropout and graduate potential earnings retained by providing housing and support to graduate from school

= = =

11 260K 2.86M


Things were really, really, really bad and now they’re at an all-time high. -19 YEAR OLD MALE


"We all came from messed up families, and this is the closest thing I've had to a family that cared about me. I like that we all get together and make decisions as a group. Plus ever ybody understands that we all have problems and make mistakes." - 17 YEAR OLD FEMALE 11



4000+ 600+ 7500+ Volunteer Hours supporting Residents

Meals shared and made with residents

Miles driven to work, school, and volunteer oportunities


Grant Awards that Help Make this Possible Grantor At Your School CARES Emergency Food and Shelter Program


Support For

500 Direct Care Staf f Suppor t 9252 Alternatives & Awareness Program 1500 Housing Per Diem

Emergency Shelter Program

42936 2 New Beds

Housing & Urban Development

78748 Suppor tive Housing Program

Indiana Youth Institute

1000 Board Development

Jack Hopkins Social Ser vices Fund

12700 General Operating Suppor t

Monroe County Council Community Ser vices Grants

2000 Operating Supplies

Perr y Township

2500 Independent Living Program

South Central Indiana REMC

1931 Suppor tive Housing Program Expansion

The Lumina Foundation

500 Employee-designated gift



FINANCIALS Statement of Activities Ordinary Income/Expense Income Donations Governmental Funding In-Kind Services Loss on Disposal of Equipment Interest Income Other Net Assets Released from Restriction Total Revenue & Other Support Compensation & Related Expenses Salaries Payroll Taxes Food & Supplies Supplies & Materials In-Kind Supportive Services Occupancy Expenses Insurance Travel Utilities Depreciation Office Supplies Professional Services Miscellaneous Total Expense Increase in Net Assets Net Assets at End of Year

104,616 142,625 46,093 (620) 42 860 293,616 121,068 9,707 9,958 4,106 46,458 47,934 11,123 5,399 4,828 1,526 505 13,493 2,679 269,077 24,539 89,461 13


FINANCIALS Statement of Financial Position ASSETS



Current Assets Cash Grants Receivable Contributions Receiveable, net Prepaid Expenses

74,957 7,969 5,200 4,216

61,757 8,339 4,514

Total Current Assets Other Asset Equipment Equipment Less Accumulated Depreciation Net Equipment TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES & EQUITY Current Liabilities Accounts Payable Accrued Expenses & other liabilities Total Current Liabilities Net Assets Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted

92,342 4,474 9,489 5,338 4,151 100,967

74,610 75.00 10,881 7,027 3,854 78,464

954 10,552 11,506

2,703 10,839 13,542

79,787 9,674

64,922 -






Stepping Stones’ audit is conducted by Monroe Shine Inc. Audited Financial Statements are available upon request. 14



his past year, we introduced a new giving society

“Village Builders.” Like the African proverb, we believe


called the

that it takes the support of a “village” to

provide our youth with the skills and resources they need to live



These Village Builders have pledged their

support for three




e have six levels of commitment, each

one corresponding to a theme of caring.”



he success of tepping


is largely dependent on the commitment of

donors like these.

5. 6.

“Opening Doors” | $100 for 3 Years

A contribution of $100 per year can provide move-in supplies to each new resident including food, clothing, sanitary supplies like shampoo, deodorant and other items. Barbara Moss & Bob Meadows Darla Hartung-Starns & Don Starns Dave Torneo Debra Englert Eileen Savage Kara Franklin

Linda & Ed Heath Michael & Rosemarie McGerr Patricia Ann McManus R. Daniel Faust Sean McGuire Sterling Real Estate W. Claude & Susan Baker

“Asuring Care” | $250 for 3 Years

Much like parents and guardians care for the safety of their youth, we too want to assure our residents our safe. A gift of $250 covers a week of late night and overnight supervision to our residents. It can provide staff time for late night emergencies or even trips to the emergency room. Rebecca & Steve Carter Chris Shaw

David Szonyi

“Celebrating Milestones” | $500 for 3 Years

For $500 a year, you can support milestones like graduating from high school, maintaining the same job for 6 months, or moving towards independence in our program. Help to provide residents with that sense of belonging. Jim & Dianna Johnson

“Cultivating Identies” | $1,000 for 3 Years

At $1,000 / year, this gift helps pay for salaries for counseling, education, and employment one-on-one interventions and help create the space to develop their sense of self-worth and ability. Jocelyn Bowie & David Semmel MaryAlice & James Rickert

Tom & Dee Rillo

“Stepping Out” | $5,000 for 3 Years

A gift of $5,000 / year can support multiple residents as they move from our program to out on their own. This gift can help with down payments, furniture, and other needs for independent living.

“Leading a Village” | $10,000 for 3 Years

$10,000 is approximately the costs associated with renting an apartment, furnishing it and paying the utilities in a space that houses 3-4 youth. This provides 365 days of shelter and during that time these formerly homeless youth would be provided the opportunity to stay in school and gain employment; they would be cared for and nurtured; and they would forever be a part of our Village.



2O11 CONTRIBUTORS Diamond $5000 + Jon Torok Anonymous Marble $2,500-4,999 Andrew & Jane C Mallor Granite $1,000-2,499 Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls Jocelyn Bowie & David Semmel William Corsaro & Vickie Renfrow Trent Deckard Jane & David W Dunatchik Penny Gaither & Stephen Pritchard Jim & Dianna Johnson James & Jill P Kovach Janice Lilly & Cary Buzzelli MBA Association Ward & Frances Moore Jim Pershing & Karen Keith Dustin Plummer Phil & Margaret Randall MaryAlice & James Rickert Tom & Dee Rillo Anonymous Limestone $500-999 Darrell Boggess Cathy Brown Jeffrey & Carol S Buszkiewicz Mallor | Grodner, LLP Charles Craig Michael Craig Andrew Davis Menswear Pamela Hensler Stasny and Horn J David & Margaret Plummer Nancy Rutkowski Bloomington Rotary Club Cornerstone $100-499 Asset Building Coalition Kroger Central Marketing Area * in-kind


Law Offices Of Clendening, Johnson, and Bohrer Cassady Electrical Contractors Stephen Arnold & Veda Stanfield Angela Bailey W Claude & Susan Baker Paul & Karen D Barker Mary & Richard Benham Sheri Benham Unitarian Universalist Church Lyudmila Bronstein & Kenneth Caulton Nancy W Bryan Glenn & Rita Burkholder James & Dana A Burton Joann Campbell-Rice Rebecca & Steve Carter Susan O Carter Bill Connor & Telene Edington Christine Connor & Tom Bast Cathi Crabtree Ryan & Brandy Deckard Ken & Cindy Detwiler Bob & Elizabeth DeVoe Christina Divine Telene Edington Roberta Marlene Eernisse Meryl & Patricia Englander Steve & Debra Englert R Daniel Faust Emma & Eric Ford Kara Franklin Gabriel & Sara P Frommer Ben Fulton Walter & Jane Gantz Ross A Gay Kendra & Donald Gjerdingen James & Connie Cook Glen June E Grade Edwin Greenebaum Elizabeth H Gwynn & Leroy Mysliwiec Lauren Hall Kappa, Kappa, Kappa Inc ^ New Donors

Darla Hartung-Starns & Don Starns Linda & Ed Heath Tom Hensler Katherine Hopkins Zach Hoskins & Heather Beyer Ruth Houdeshel Dr Howard and Associates Eye Care Bloomingfoods Market and Deli Robert Jennings Iris Kiesling Jack & Sylvia D King Michael Koch Sarah Koch & Colin Connor Travis & Margaret Kraick John Lee David & Carol Lindquist Greg & Cindie Lloyd Daniel & Beth Lodge-Rigal Jack & Mary Madore Mary Mahern & Philip Brittain Paula & David Marrero Ken Marshall Irish Lion Restaurant and Pub Michael & Rosemarie McGerr Sean McGuire Jane McLeod & Steven Krahnke Patricia Ann McManus Barbara Moss & Bob Meadows Patrick Murphy Jim & Rita Myers Joel Niese David & Martha Nord Harold & Denise Ogren Dennis W Organ Harriet Pfister IU Panhellenic Association Dennis Plummer Andy & Kaitlin Prinsen Carlene & James E Quinn Honey Baked Ham ~ Multi-Year Pledge


THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Eric & Helen Rasmusen Daren Pitts Redman C Patricia Riesenman Colleen Rose Stephen Rose Jerard & Nancy Ruff Eileen Savage Cynthia A Schultz Jim & Terri Schultz Cheryl Sciscoe Carol Seaman Chris Shaw Michael Shermis West Bend Mutual Insurance Company Denise & Richard Shockley Stephen Simpson Marion Sinclair Jeanne Speakman Sterling Real Estate Gene & Ellen Stern Holly Stocking & William Timberlake Ray & Sharon A Stoddard Al & Lee Strickholm David Szonyi Doug Taylor Cheryl Terry Dave Torneo Joseph Torneo IU School Of Informatics Town and Country Real Estate Anonymous Bridgett Vohland Dixie Welch & Peter Schwandt David & Joan White Rhino’s Youth Center Karen & Tom Willett Vivian & Wayne Winston Neil & Betty R Yoder Suzanne & Bill Ziemer Building Stones $99 & below

Benjamin & Jane Ackerman Temitope Adeyemo Susan Albertson * in-kind

Carrie Albright & Kristin Thompson Joann Alexander Robert Althauser Evelyn & Tom Alwine Kathryn Anderson Matthew Anderson Anonymous Amber Backes Larry & Patricia Bailey Wendy Walter & Darron Bailey Baker Lawn Service Co Brian Baker David Baker Kelsey Bankert Jennifer Bass & Michael Hamburger Alison Baum Mike & Carey Beam Martine Romy Bernard Ruth Boshkoff Anonymous Claire Breen Nick’s English Hut Julie Brown Sarah & Cody Burgess Dee Burt Katharine Byers Shane Calvert Vanessa Chaddic-Hess Flannelgraph Records Carol Clark Christine Clothier Felice Cloyd Sita Cohen A L Connor Catherine Connor Moira Connor Nancy Connor & Glenn Halberstadt Joyce Cookman Erin Cooperman Melba & Rachel Cornwell Dan Cory Soma Coffee House and Juice Bar Bonnie Costin ^ New Donors

Anonymous Tom & Janell Crawford Alyssa Davis Leslie Davis Rebecca DiRosa Rebecca Drolen Rachel Durchslag Mariam Ehteshami Temi Ekiran Ian Essling Terri & David Etnier Michael Evans Leslie Fasone Tyler Ferguson Virginia Fischer Cindy Franklin Crystal Furr Jen Gallagher Seyi Gbadamosi Desiree Goetze Mary Goetze James Gorski Diane & Tom Gregory Teri Guhl Renee Handel Marsha Hankins Jennifer Hansel Bill & Mary Beth F Hansen Heidi Harding Michael & Terri Harding Dan & Cindy Hartman Anne Hayton Jessica Heidrich Holly Helms Christine Hensler Christine Hilgenberg Lisa Hoover Gretchen Horlacher Shawn Horrall Carol Hostetter & Rich Reed Sarah Hughes Neea Hulbert Lois Hutter-Pishgahi Aramide Ilesanmi James Inman Carl Ipsen Brian & Melissa Jackson ~ Multi-Year Pledge



2O11 CONTRIBUTORS (CONT.) Steven Jacobs Jon & Noel Jansen Kim Jenkins Laura Jesseph Latasha Johnson Jonathan Jones Angela Kahler Carol Kendall Brent Kievit-Kylar Claire King Anonymous Kathleen Knox Emily Koch Koch, Hannah Dena Koerner Beth Krouse Chris & Jane D Kupersmith Jane Kupersmith Joshua Lassiter Edith Leet Anonymous Marc Licata Nancy Little Violet Lynch Kevin MacDowell Shannon Mann Donna Marron Anonymous Mckenzie May Tim & Sue Mayer Bruce McCallister & Rosemary King Laura McDermott Erin McGarvey Casey McGrath Sandra Medina Catherine Meyer Elsie Miller Dan Mize Rich Moeller Mark & Carol Moore Blake Morris Craig Morrow Jacob Morrow Marti & Joe Myers Donald & Clare Nelson Kelly Nelson * in-kind


Ryan Newland George Newton Janis Newton Rachel Newton Russ Newton Mary Nierzwicki David & Jessica Nute Ellen O’Connor Barbara Page Peg Pejeau Doris A Pence Rachel & Juan Perez Annette Pieper Krystyna M Piner Paolo Pizzi Beth Pless D Duane Plummer Molly Poitevint William & Vicki Polansky Monica Porter Carol Pousson Anonymous Bryn Ramsey Kay Ramsey Kim & Jim Ramsey Michael Randall Mary Richardson Deanna Rillo Gail Ringwalt Claire Robertson Kathy Romy Michael & Kathleen Romy Jon & Catherine Rowe Maxine Rubin Kathy & Al Ruesink Catherine Salmon Tammy Saltzman Lori Sargent Samantha Schaefer Zack Schalk Edward Shado Carrie Shahbahrami Michael Sharmi Michael Shepherd Sara Shiveler Meredith Short Jamila Siddiqui ^ New Donors

Kelly Spicer Rikki Spolane Grace Strzelczyk Shirley Stumpner Sabrina Sullenberger John Summerlot Terry Summerlot Tiffanie Swisher Ali Sylvia Matthew Tetrick Adam Torneo Chris Tucker Cynthia Turrie Mary Ann & Gregory Valenta Gracia Valliant Ron & Leslie Vanzo Laura Vineyard Kaity Wachtel Warren Wade Charlotte Walker Ron Walker Melissa & Kevin Wallace Brandon Wampler Missi Weeks Jones Anonymous Nancy Werner Bloomington Hospital Behavioral Health Services Maxine Wimer Erik & Elizabeth Winarski Brenda & Dennis Wisley David & Caela Simmons Wood Meredith Zafian Katherine Zerface

~ Multi-Year Pledge




Mike Beam, Secretary * Glenn Burkholder, Vice President * Mike Craig, Treasurer * Liz Deckard ^ Steve Englert * Shelia Evans ^ Pamela Hensler, President * Bruce McCallister * Beth Pless ^ Dustin Plummer * Phil Randall * MaryAlice Rickert * Darla Hartun-Starns * Shannon Stryjewski *

Derek Andrews, Health Coordinator -

* Current

^ Former

AmeriCorps ^

Sheri Benham, Executive Director * Alysia Fornal, Independent Living Coach * Logan Emmitt, Resident Assistant ^ Paula Grez, Resident Assistant ^ Lauren Hall, Independent Living Coach ^ Taylor Hurst, Social Work Intern ^ Adrian Land, Resident Assistant ^ Anyah Land, Resident Assistant ^ Brittany Levato, Social Work Intern ^ Travis Lawson, Counseling Intern ^ Stephanie McGee, Independent Living Coach * Andrea Newcomb, Health Coordinator - AmeriCorps ^

Stephanie Simpson, Marketing Intern * Stephanie Turpin, Counseling Intern * Warren Wade, Development Director * COMMUNITY PARTNERS

AmeriCorps Amethyst House Asset Building Coalition Big Brothers Big Sisters Catholic Social Services Centerstone Community Kitchen Drop Out Prevention Coalition Hoosier Hills Food Bank INGLBT IU Schools of Counseling, Education, Informatics, SPEA and Social Work Martha’s House Middle Way House Monroe County Schools Corporation Monroe County United Ministries * Current ^ Former

Monroe County Youth Council Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard Non Profit Alliance Positive Link Promptcare Recovery Engagement Center (REC) Rhino’s All Ages Youth Center Salvation Army Shalom Community Center South Central Housing Network Souther Indiana Pediatrics Suicide Prevention Coalition United Way of Monroe County Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) Vocational Rehabilitation Work One Youth Services Bureau 19

You Make It All Possible! The results contained within are only Visit our possible with your support and there website at are many creative ways you have chosen to show your support: • Coming to one of our Special or call Events like our “Night at Nick’s” or (812) 339-9771 Homeward Bound; for more • Taking our “Wishlist” with you to the grocery store to purchase supplies for our information residents while you shop; • Inviting our staff out to your social club or place of worship to talk to your friends and family; • Hosting your own fundraising event at your home or your place of employment; • Making a financial contribution to Stepping Stones

"I love that I have a voice in the program.”

What is the Annual Report? Stepping Stones’ 2011 Annual Report to the community is one of the ways in which our organization communicates to its supporters a summary of the impact their support has on the lives of youth experiencing homelessness. While this report gives a succinct overview, there is no way for us to fully report on the depths of impact their support makes possible. To provide our residents with anonymity, no photos will be included nor will their real names be used. The Annual Report is a publication of Stepping Stones, Inc. Editors : Sheri Benham & Warren Wade Design : Warren Wade

2011 Annual Report  
2011 Annual Report  

Letter from the ED Who We Are What We Do Where Your Support Goes Who Make it All Possible Board, Staff & Community Partners