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4 Welcome to Airline Highway

Letter from Artistic Director Martha Lavey

10 Rehearsal Photos 12 Bios 20 The City of Ritual

A Conversation with Playwright Lisa D’Amour and Director of New Play Development Aaron Carter

24 Authentic Dirty Sh*t

By Director of New Play Development Aaron Carter

ords for Sheldon from ensemble 27 W member Jeff Perry

Ed i t o r

C o n t r i b u to r s


Cove r

N e e l McN e i ll

anna b r e nn e r

Donovan Foote

Aaron Carte r

Cast members caroline neff

Evan Hatfi e ld

tim edward rhoze

Martha Lavey

Gordon joseph weiss

Mad e li n e Long Joe l Moor man J e ff Pe r ry

P H I N E A S C O L E . O N L Y A T P A U L S T U A R T.

Photographer sand ro

To A d v e r t i s e Contact: smARTMagazines/smARTSponsorships Bryan Dowling 773-360-1767 or 107 E A ST OAK STREET, CHICAGO, IL | 2 0 8 SOUTH LASALLE STREET, CHICAGO, IL | PAULSTUART.COM

2 Contents

Airline Highway w e lc o m e to

It’s extremely exciting for us to present the world premiere of Lisa D’Amour’s Airline Highway to our Steppenwolf audiences under the direction of Joe Mantello. Many of you will recognize Lisa as the playwright of Detroit which premiered at Steppenwolf in our 2010/11 season with ensemble members Kevin Anderson, Kate Arrington, Ian Barford, Bob Breuler, Laurie Metcalf and Austin Pendleton, directing. We commissioned Lisa to write again for Steppenwolf and Airline Highway is the fruit of that ongoing collaboration. Joe Mantello is familiar to many of you from his most recent work, directing The Last Ship, a musical by Sting that premiered in Chicago and is now playing on Broadway. Many of our ensemble members have worked with Joe throughout the years starting with his college classmate, K. Todd Freeman and extending to Rondi Reed in Wicked, and with Laurie Metcalf repeatedly on the New York stage. Joe feels like a member of the extended Steppenwolf family—a connection of repeated artistic collaboration that brings unique richness to our work on the Steppenwolf stage. It’s fitting that our team for Airline Highway is one that is rich in relationship history. The play is deeply concerned with interrogating the nature of community and belonging. Lisa has rooted the play in her hometown of New Orleans, an American city that lives in the cultural imagination as the home of Mardi Gras. The annual carnival of Mardi Gras participates in a long tradition of social ritual, active in many cultures, of isolating a season during which the conventional order is upended and the 4 Welcome

forces of an underworld are unleashed. Social theorists debate the cultural function of carnival: is it a safety valve—a way to release the tensions of conformity— ultimately restoring the social order; or is it a subversive rite—a transformative performance of a new world order? In either case, carnival, and in the case of New Orleans, Mardi Gras, is a liminal cultural moment: a time of slippage, of identity play, of unlicensed behavior and release. Lisa sets the play at the Hummingbird Motel on Airline Highway, the passage from the airport to the heart of New Orleans. Everything about the setting suggests transience, of passage, of the betwixt and between condition that so characterizes the rite of Mardi Gras. And indeed, the denizens of the Hummingbird Motel are, for the most part, workers in clubs and bars that have capitalized on the tourist demand for Mardi Gras and extended its commercial reach well into Jazz Fest. The occasion of the play is the final party for Miss Ruby, the owner and performer of a former notorious strip club, who lives at the Hummingbird. Miss Ruby, now in her eighties, has declared that she wants her funeral before she dies. There is a long tradition in New Orleans of the unconventional funeral—be it the “jazz funeral” with music and dancing, or the recent reports of funeral celebrations with the deceased posed in a party atmosphere. Miss Ruby, who has served as a kind of mother and spiritual guide to the community of the Hummingbird, makes an appearance at her “funeral” to deliver the wisdom for which they cherish her.

It’s in Miss Ruby’s oration that so much of the compassionate heart of the play lives. As Sissy Na Na, the trans woman (betwixt and between) who appears to be the motherdesignate in the wake of Miss Ruby’s passing, announces Miss Ruby, “We are gathered here today to honor the angel who looks upon you all with an utterly non judgmental eye....” I will allow you to receive Miss Ruby’s beautiful words in the course of your experience of the play but I want to point to the utterly natural way in which Miss Ruby experiences and relates our sexuality to the divine: “I believe that the sexual act was first imagined as energy, as energy creating energy. If there IS a God, and if God imagined sex, he imagined it from the inside, as a feeling God would like to have, a feeling God would like to have with another God.” The weave of the sacred and profane is deep throughout the play. Lisa is keenly interested in this flux in human nature and she sets the play in the city where this interplay is so alive and celebrated. In a brilliant touch, she brings in Bait Boy, a former resident of the Hummingbird who has escaped to a respectable life in Atlanta with a slightly older woman and her daughter, Zoe. Bait Boy, who now wants to be known as “Greg,” returns for Miss Ruby’s funeral with Zoe in tow. Zoe is doing a school project on “subcultures” and is interested in the community of the Hummingbird as one such subculture. Bait Boy is another liminal character, betwixt and between the straight life he’s adopted in Atlanta and the one he has attempted to escape at the Hummingbird, and is both critical of his old friends and inescapably drawn into the relationships he has there. He thought he was immune to the lure of his life there and brings Zoe as what? protection? as proof of his new life?

Zoe is surprising: she seems naive and, at first, laughable in her earnest school project. But as we watch her ingenuous interviewing, we share her entrance into what she later calls the “rabbit hole”: “If you pause, and look one of them in the eye, they will take you by the hand and lead you down the rabbit hole.” Lisa is asking the same of us, as the audience. She constructs the play as a series of overlapping dialogues, with one scene sliding into the next. It’s a trickster structure—a seeming disorder out of which we are given insight into every one of the characters of the Hummingbird. The playwright has deliberately created a texture that is carnivalesque, one that intentionally disrupts playwriting hierarchies of plot and character exposition to call upon our discernment. She is asking, in the form of the play itself, can we see through the tumult into the integrity of these people? The structure of the play suggests that it is only in community and its polyphony that we can truly hear any individual’s story. Finally, it’s pretty fantastic that we are receiving all of this as a play. What are plays but an opportunity to feel more deeply that we are part of a community? Private lives are opened up and we witness and gain sustenance from knowing we are not entirely alone in our joys and sorrows and brokenness and radiance. Francis, the poet of the group, invokes the “confluence of saints and devils” which, I think Lisa might suggest, is all of us.

Steppenwolf Artistic Director Martha Lavey Welcome 5

Martha Lavey †* Artistic Director

Steppenwolf salutes the sponsors of our production of Airline Highway C o r p o r a t e P r o d u c t i o n Sp o n s o r

Davi d Hawkanson Executive Director

St e pp e n w o l f T h e at r e C o m pan y p r e s e n t s

Airline Highway By Lisa D’Amou r Directed by Joe Mante llo

F o u nda t i o n P r o d u c t i o n Sp o n s o r s

Th e Andr ew W. M e llon Fou ndation Th e Dave e Fou ndation L e ad i n g Ind i v i d u al Sp o n s o r s

H e le n Z e ll Joyce Ch e lb e rg Rob e rt and Lou ise Sanb or n Ind i v i d u al P r o d u c t i o n Sp o n s o r s

F e at u r i n g

Carolyn B rave r*, Rob e rt B r e u le r†*, Kate B u dd e ke*, Ch r i s Daley, K. Todd Fr e e man†*, Ste ph e n Lou i s G r ush*, Te r ry Ham i lton*, Scott Jaeck*, Ton i Marti n, Caroli n e N e ff*, Ti m Edwar d Rhoz e*, J u d ith Rob e rts*, B r e nann Stacke r , Gor don Jos e ph We i ss*, Jacqu e li n e Wi lliams* Production

Sarah B ear dsley and Dr. Ch r istoph e r Randolph

Scott Pas k + Scenic Design

Doug las R. B rown

Davi d Z i nn + Costume Design

Matth ew Shapi ro

Japhy We i d e man + Lighting Design

Le ig h and H e n ry B i e n e n

Fitz Patton + Sound Design and Original Music

Steve n D. Loucks

Eva B r e n e man Dialect Coach

J i m and Kay Mab i e

Matt hawki ns Fight Choreographer

Ton i Sandor Sm ith Kar e n Z e lde n and Ralph Se nst Nancy L. Wald Production Endowm e nt Fu nd ComEd is the 2014/15 Season Lighting Sponsor.

E r ica Dan i e ls° Casting Director Malcolm Ewe n* Stage Manager Ch r i sti n e D. Fr e e b u rg* Assistant Stage Manager

Airline Highway was commissioned by Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Chicago; Martha Lavey, Artistic Director, David Hawkanson, Executive Director Steppenwolf Theatre Company’s production of Airline Highway will be presented by Manhattan Theatre Club Steppenwolf Theatre Company is a constituent of Theatre Communications Group (TCG), the national organization for nonprofit professional theater. † member of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company ensemble. * member of Actors’ Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers. + member of United Scenic Artists, Local 829 of the IATSE. ° member of the Casting Society of America.

6 Airline Highway

Contents 7

C a s t and c o n t r i b u t o r s C a s t (in alphabetical order)


Carolyn B rave r*

The Hummingbird Motel on Airline Highway, New Orleans, LA


Rob e rt B r e u le r†* Ensemble

A dd i t i o nal S ta f f

Kate B u dd e ke*

Josh Altman Assistant Director


D e s i r e e Ar nold Additional Properties

Ch r i s Daley

J e ss ica Doan Additional Wardrobe


K. Todd Fr e e man†* Sissy Na Na

D iana Rai s e li s Script Supervisor Kathle e n Bar r ett Stage Management Apprentice

Ste ph e n Lou i s G r ush*

And r ew Rovn e r Assistant Sound Designer

Bait Boy

Matth ew Bau e r, Ch r i s D e Paola, Gor don G rang e r, Ryan Luwe, Matth ew M e ld r e m, Kai le e Tomas ic Additional Carpenter

Te r ry Ham i lton* Ensemble

Scott Jaeck* Wayne

Zoe S h i ffr i n Assistant Charge Artist

Ton i Marti n

Kass i e Davi s Additional Paint


Danny Ke rwick Poetry

Caroli n e N e ff* Krista

Ti m Edwar d Rhoz e* Terry

J u d ith Rob e rts* Miss Ruby

B r e nann Stacke r Ensemble

As a courtesy to the actors and your fellow patrons, please turn off your cell phones before the performance and after the intermission. The taking of photographs and the use of any type of recording device are not allowed in the theater during performances and is a violation of state and federal copyright laws. Digital media will be deleted, and tape or film will be confiscated.

Gor don Jos e ph We i ss* Francis

Jacqu e li n e Wi lliams*

There will be a 10-minute intermission.


Und e r s t u d i e s Magg i e Cor b ett Toni Martin, Brenann Stacker

There will be a post-show discussion immediately following the performance.

Kate Har r i s Kate Buddeke Ke nn E. H ead* K. Todd Freeman, Tim Edward Rhoze Wi ll Ki nn ear Scott Jaeck, Gordon Joseph Weiss Ton i Marti n Caroline Neff, Jacqueline Williams Susan Monts-Bolog na Judith Roberts Joe l R e itsma Stephen Louis Grush Gary S i mm e r s Robert Breuler, Chris Daley, Terry Hamilton Eli zab eth Ste nholt Carolyn Braver

8 Cast and Contributors

† member of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company ensemble. * member of Actors’ Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers. + member of United Scenic Artists, Local 829 of the IATSE.

A i r l i n e H i g h w a y i n r e h e a r s al

Photographer Joel Moorman

Director Joe mantello and Playwright Lisa D’Amour

Cast Member Scott Jaeck

Cast Member Tim Edward Rhoze and Ensemble member K. Todd Freeman

Cast Members Stephen Louis Grush and Caroline Neff

Ensemble member K. Todd Freeman with cast members Toni Martin, jacqueline Williams, Carolyn Braver and Caroline Neff

Cast Members Chris Daley and Brenann Stacker

Cast member Judith Roberts

10 In Rehearsal

Director Joe mantello

Cast Member Caroline Neff

Cast members Tim Edward Rhoze and Kate Buddeke

Cast Members Toni Martin, Terry Hamilton and Ensemble member Robert Breuler

Cast member jacqueline Williams

Cast member Gordon Joseph Weiss

Cast members Stephen Louis Grush and Carolyn Braver

steppenwolf 11

A i r l i n e H i g h w a y B IOS C a r o ly n B r a v e r

(Zoe) is delighted to return to Steppenwolf Theatre Company after being a part of the Steppenwolf for Young Adults’ production of Leveling Up. Chicago credits include The Knowledge (Steep Theatre Company); The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Drury Lane Oakbrook); and Princes of Waco (Signal Ensemble Theatre). Film and television credits include The View From Tall and Chicago Fire. “Endless gratitude to my family, Stewart Talent, Jason, Hallie Gordon, Joe Mantello, Martha Lavey, Erica Daniels and all the Chicagoans who have taken me under their wing.” Robert Breuler

(Ensemble) joined the Steppenwolf Theatre Company ensemble in 1987. His last Steppenwolf production was The Wheel. Some favorite roles were Andrei Botvinnik in A Walk In The Woods, Big Daddy in Cat On A Tin Roof, Les Moss in The Infidel, Pa Joad in The Grapes Of Wrath, Father Lux in Our Lady Of 121st Street and the Armenian in Time Of Your Life. Broadway shows include The Grapes Of Wrath, Carousel, The Song Of Jacob Zulu and Death Of A Salesman. Film credits include The Crucible, A Piece of Eden, Love and Action in Chicago, Shimmer, Trial By Jury, Painted Heart, Miles From Home and Purple Haze. Television credits include Chicago Fire, Prison Break, Early Edition, NYPD Blue, Angel Street, Keeper of the City, Father Clements Story and The Untouchables—The Series. Robert is the recipient of a William and Eva Fox Fellowship and the 2014 Lunt-Fontanne Fellowship from the Ten Chimneys Foundation. He directs and performs in the 12 bios

cabaret show A Little Touch of Coward in the Night, written by and starring his wife Suzanne Petri. Their original musical Duo: 1 is 1; 2 is Math by Bill C. Thomas with music by Elizabeth Doyle is seeking investors for a 2015 go. He teaches a master acting class at Profiles Theatre where he will also appear in The Genius next spring. Ka t e B u dd e k e

(Tanya) last appeared with Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Superior Donuts and its subsequent run on Broadway. Other Broadway credits include Carousel, Death of A Salesman with Brian Dennehy, Gypsy with Bernadette Peters and A Streetcar Named Desire with Natasha Richardson. Off-Broadway credits include 3C (Rattlestick Playwrights Theater); Paris Commune (Public Theater); and Mill Fire (Women’s Project). Regional Theater credits include Good People (Alliance Theatre); Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune (Arena Stage); and Misery (Syracuse Stage). Kate is a proud ensemble member of American Blues Theater where she appeared in several productions including Tobacco Road, Keely and Du (Jeff Award nomination—Actress in a Principal Role) and the upcoming Side Man. Other Chicago credits include Bug (Jeff Award nomination—Actress in a Principal Role), Eric La Rue, New Electric Ballroom (A Red Orchid Theater); and The North Plan (Jeff Award nomination—Actress in a Principal Role). She has received Jeff Awards for her work in Gypsy, David’s Mother, Dancing At Lughnasa and Ourselves Alone. Film and television credits include The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Peter, The Sopranos and Law & Order Criminal Intent. Kate has sung the National Anthem twice solo at Wrigley Field.

C h r i s D al e y (Ensemble) is making his Steppenwolf Theatre Company debut. Recent credits include Mozart in Amadeus (Oak Park Festival Theatre); the Gentleman Caller in The Glass Menagerie (Redtwist Theatre); and understudy for Stones in His Pockets (Northlight Theatre). Other credits include The Count of Monte Cristo and Watership Down (Lifeline Theatre); A Perfect Wedding (Circle Theatre); The Fast Forward Tour and My Fair Lady (About Face Theatre); Letters Home (Fox Valley Repertory); The Xylophone West (The Fine Print Theatre); and understudy assignments for Noble Fool Theatre and Provision Theatre. Chris received his BFA in acting from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. K . T o dd F r e e m an

(Sissy Na Na) has been a Steppenwolf Theatre Company ensemble member since 1993. At Steppenwolf, he has appeared in The Brother/Sister Plays, The Tempest, Topdog/Underdog, Clockwork Orange, We All Went Down to Amsterdam, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s (Broadway), Song of Jacob Zulu (Broadway; Tony Award nomination— Best Actor) and directed Good People. Broadway credits include Wicked (First National Tour and Chicago). Off-Broadway credits include Fetch Clay/Make Man (New York Theatre Workshop; Obie Award); Spunk, Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures (Public Theatre); and Uncle Tom’s Cabin (Drama Dept). Regional credits include Angels in America (Mark Taper Forum). Television and film credits include Elementary, Believe, A Gifted Man, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, NYPD Blue, A Different World, Anesthesia (dir. Tim Blake Nelson), Dark Knight, Cider House Rules and Gross Pointe Blank.

S t e p h e n Lo u i s G r u s h

(Bait Boy) is extremely excited to return to Steppenwolf Theatre Company where he last appeared in The March. Other Steppenwolf credits include Sex With Strangers, The Tempest, Dublin Carol, Good Boys and True and Last of the Boys. He also wrote and directed Adore as a part of Garage Rep 2010. Other recent Chicago credits include The Seagull, A True History of the Johnstown Flood, Oedipus Complex, Pericles (Goodman Theatre); Cymbeline, Romeo and Juliet (Chicago Shakespeare Theater); True West (American Theater Company); and Topdog/Underdog (Congo Square). Television credits include Gracepoint, Lucky 7, The Mob Doctor, Powers, Cooper and Stone, Detroit 187, The Chicago Code and Starting Under. Film credits include Catch Hell, Return to Sender, At Any Price, The Express, Left Alone, Nightlights, Dead Girl, Attrition, Lac Du Flambeau and Lifeguard. T e r r y Ha m i lt o n

(Ensemble) is thrilled to be making his Steppenwolf Theatre Company debut. Terry is an Associate Artist at TimeLine Theatre Company. Chicago credits include M. Butterfly (Court Theatre); To Master The Art (Broadway in Chicago); Blood and Gifts, 33 Variations, Enron, The Front Page, The History Boys (TimeLine Theatre Company); Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (Writers Theatre); Julius Caesar, Timon of Athens, The Taming of the Shrew and The Three Musketeers (Chicago Shakespeare Theater). Terry was nominated for a Jeff Award for his portrayal of Richard Nixon in Frost/Nixon. Television credits include Mind Games, Shameless, The Playboy Club and The Chicago Code.

bios 13

(Wayne) returns to Steppenwolf Theatre Company where he was last seen in Three Sisters, as well as Time Stands Still and Penelope. Other Chicago credits include The Seagull, Mary, Stage Kiss, Dinner With Friends, Uncle Vanya, Galileo (Goodman Theatre); The Merry Wives of Windsor, Henry VIII, Twelfth Night, Henry IV 1&2, Much Ado About Nothing, The Merchant of Venice, Julius Caesar, The Tempest, Love’s Labor’s Lost, Richard II (Chicago Shakespeare Theater); Inherit The Wind, Red Herring, How I Learned To Drive (Northlight Theatre); Benefactors, Our Town (Writers Theatre); and Long Days Journey Into Night (Court Theatre). Regionally Scott has performed at Shakespeare Theatre Company, SoHo Playhouse, Cleveland Play House, Indianapolis Repertory Theatre, Alliance Theatre, Pasadena Playhouse and Milwaukee Repertory Theatre. Television and film credits include Chicago Fire, Person Of Interest, Elementary, Boardwalk Empire, The Lucky Ones and Washington Square. Sc o t t J a e c k

(Ensemble) is thrilled to be making her Steppenwolf Theatre Company debut. Chicago credits include A Raisin In The Sun (TimeLine Theatre Company); and The MLK Project (Writers Theatre). Previous to moving to Chicago, Toni was in the Acting Intern Ensemble at The Milwaukee Repertory Theatre during the 2012/13 season. Television credits Chicago Fire. “I am honored to be here. Enjoy the show and God bless!” T o n i Ma r t i n

14 bios

Caroli n e N e ff

(Krista) happily returns to Steppenwolf Theatre Company after being seen in The Way West, Three Sisters, Annie Bosh Is Missing (First Look 2013) and Where We’re Born as part of the inaugural Next Up Repertory. Other Chicago credits include The Downpour (Route 66 Theatre Company); 4000 Miles (Northlight Theatre); The Knowledge, The Receptionist, Under The Blue Sky, Pornography, A Brief History Of Helen Of Troy, Harper Regan, In Arabia We’d All Be Kings (Steep Theatre Company); Port, Stage Door, Be More Chill (Griffin Theatre); The Petrified Forest, St. Crispin’s Day (Strawdog Theatre Company); Cherrywood, Saved (MaryArrchie Theatre Co.); 25 Saints (Pine Box Theatre Company); The Metal Children (Next Theatre Company); and Moonshiner (Jackalope Theatre Company). Film and television credits include Older Children, Open Tables, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. Caroline is an ensemble member at Steep Theatre Company and holds her BA from Columbia College. T i m Ed w a r d R h o z e

(Terry) is delighted to return to Steppenwolf Theatre Company where he was last seen in The Crucible and Wendell Green. The past four seasons he has served as the Producing Artistic Director of the Fleetwood-Jourdain Theatre in Evanston, Illinois where he has directed For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf, From the Mississippi Delta, Heat, Home, Truth Be Told, Woza Albert, Big Butt Girls and Other Fantasies, Having Our Say, Gee’s Bend and Why Not Me? A Sammy Davis Jr. Story. “Hello to my beautiful ballerina daughter Kara; heart and soul of my life.”

J u dith Rob e rts

(Miss Ruby) is thrilled to be making her Steppenwolf Theatre Company debut. Theater credits include Present Laughter (Walter Kerr Theater); Richard III (Classic Stage Company); The Voysey Inheritance (Atlantic Theater Company); Death Tax (Humana Festival 2012); Medea, The Threepenny Opera (The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis); and A Streetcar Named Desire (Actors Theatre of Louisville). Television and film credits include Orange is the New Black, The Heart She Holler, New Amsterdam, Eraserhead, Fred Won’t Out, Nanny Diaries and Minnie & Moskowitz. B r e nann S tac k e r

(Ensemble) is honored to work with Steppenwolf Theatre Company again after understudying the roles of Mira, Sonya,Vera and Sveta in Russian Transport last season. Chicago credits include Under Construction (Jackalope Theatre Company); The Breadwinner (Citadel Theatre Company); and Pretty, Smart, Poetic (Odradek Theatre Company). Brenann has also worked with Eclipse Theatre Company, Double Edge Theatre, Williamstown Theatre Festival and has ongoing roles with Redmoon Theater. While earning a BA in drama from Tufts University, she studied with the O’Neill National Theater Institute and the St. Petersburg Theatre Academy. Television credits include Sirens. Brenann is a graduate of the School at Steppenwolf. “Thank you to family and friends for a lifetime of unconditional encouragement.” Gordon Joseph W e i s s (Francis) is thrilled

to make his Steppenwolf Theatre Company debut. Broadway credits include

Sly Fox, The Life, Jelly’s Last Jam, The Visit, Ghetto (Tony and Drama Desk Award nomination—Featured Actor in a Play), Raggedy Ann, King of Hearts, Goodtime Charley and Jumpers. Television credits include Law and Order SVU, Spin City, Third Watch, New York Undercover and Pete + Pete. Film credits include Awakenings, Reversal of Fortune, All is Bright and Howard Stern’s Private Parts. J ac q u e l i n e W i ll i a m s (Ensemble)

returns to Steppenwolf Theatre Company where she has recently been seen in Head Of Passes, Hot L Baltimore, The Brother/Sister Plays and No Place Like Home. Most recently she was seen in Gospel Of Lovingkindness (Victory Gardens Theater). Her long association with Goodman includes Pullman Porter Blues (limited performances), Camino Real, Trinity River Plays, Blues For An Alabama Sky, Amen Corner and many others. Chicago credits include Caroline, Or Change, Fences, Electra (Court Theatre); Gee’s Bend, The Miser (Northlight Theatre); Yellowman, Fabulation (Next Theatre Company); as well as work with Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Fleetwood-Jourdain Theatre and others. Regional credits include performances with LaJolla Playhouse, Huntington Playhouse, ACT Theatre, Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Portland Stage Company, Arena Stage and others. Tours include Crowns and Born In The Rsa with Market Theatre of Johannesburg. Broadway credits include Young Man from Atlanta. Off-Broadway credits include From the Mississippi Delta (co-produced by Oprah Winfrey), Mill Fire and Talented Tenth. Television and film credits include Turks, Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, Chicago Code, Prison Break, Heartlock, The Break Up, The Lake House and steppenwolf 15

Hardball. Awards and nominations include Joseph Jefferson, Helen Hayes, BTAA, Lunt-Fontanne (Shakespeare) Fellow, 3Arts, American Arts Council, Drama Desk, Sarah Siddons, Excellence in the Arts, After Dark and others. Jacqueline holds a BFA from The Theatre School at DePaul University (formerly Goodman Theatre School). “Greatest blessing: daughter Kara.” L i s a D ’A m o u r

J o e Man t e ll o

(Director) most recently received Emmy and Critics’ Choice Television Award nominations for his performance in HBO’s The Normal Heart (dir. Ryan Murphy). A two-time Tony Award-winning director, Joe’s credits include The Last Ship, Casa Valentina, I’ll Eat You Last, The Other Place, Dogfight, Other Desert Cities, The Pride, Pal Joey, 9 to 5, November, The Receptionist, The Ritz, Blackbird, Three Days of Rain, The Odd Couple, Glengarry Glen Ross (Tony Award nomination—Best Direction of a Play), Laugh Whore, Assassins (Tony Award—Best Direction of a Musical), Wicked, Take Me Out (Tony Award—Best Direction of a Play), Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune, A Man of No Importance, Design for Living, The Vagina Monologues, Bash, Love! Valour! Compassion! (Tony Award nomination—Best Direction of a Play), Proposals, The Mineola Twins and Corpus Christi. Acting credits include The Normal Heart (Tony Award nomination—Best Leading Actor in a Play), Angels in America (Tony Award nomination—Best Featured Actor in a Play) and The Baltimore Waltz. He has received Outer Critics Circle, Drama Desk, Lucille Lortel, Helen Hayes, Clarence Derwent, Obie and Joe A. Callaway awards. He is a member of Naked Angels and an associate artist at Roundabout Theatre Company.

(Playwright) is a playwright and interdisciplinary artist and one half of the OBIE Award-winning performance duo PearlDamour. Her plays have produced by theaters across the country, including Playwrights Horizons, Theatre of a Two-Headed Calf, Clubbed Thumb, (all in New York City), Children’s Theater Company (Minneapolis), The Wilma Theater (Philadelphia) and Woolly Mammoth Theater (Washington D.C.). Lisa’s play Detroit premiered at Steppenwolf Theatre Company in 2010, directed by ensemble member Austin Pendleton; Mr. Pendleton also directed the second production at the Royal National Theatre with a British cast. Detroit was a finalist for the 2011 Pulitzer Prize in Drama and the 2011 Susan Smith Blackburn prize. PearlDamour is known for creating interdiscplinary, often site-specific works, which range from the intimate to large scale. Recent work includes How to Build a Forest, an eighthour performance installation created with Sc o t t P a s k (Scenic Design) is making visual artist Shawn Hall (The Kitchen, New his Steppenwolf Theatre Company debut. York, 2011, currently touring) and MILTON, Chicago credits include The Book of Mormon a performance created from visits and (Broadway in Chicago); and The Barber of interviews in five United States cities Seville (Lyric Opera of Chicago). With Joe named Milton. Lisa is the recipient of the Mantello he has designed Casa Valentina, I’ll 2008 Alpert Award for the Arts in Theatre, Eat You Last (New York; Los Angeles), Pal the 2011 Steinberg Playwright Award and Joey (Tony Award nomination—Best Scenic the 2013 Doris Duke Performing Artist. Design of a Musical), 9 to 5, The Ritz, Take 16 bios

Me Out (New York; London), Blackbird, November, Bash (New York; London) and The Mineola Twins. Select Broadway credits include It’s Only a Play, Pippin (Tony Award nomination—Best Scenic Design of a Musical), Macbeth (Lincoln Center Theater); The Book of Mormon (Tony Award—Best Scenic Design of a Play; also London and National Tours), The Pillowman (Tony Award—Best Scenic Design of a Play; also National Theatre London), The House of Blue Leaves, A Behanding in Spokane, Promises Promises, A Steady Rain, HAIR, Speed the Plow, Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Tony Award nomination—Best Scenic Design of a Play, Drama Desk Award), The Coast of Utopia (Tony Award—Best Scenic Design of a Play, Drama Desk Award , Outer Critics Circle Award, Hewes Awards), The Vertical Hour, Martin Short…, Cry Baby, The Lieutenant of Inishmore, Nine and Urinetown. Other credits include Peter Grimes (The Metropolitan Opera) and Amaluna (Cirque du Soleil). D a v i d Z i nn (Costume Design) is making his Steppenwolf Theatre Company debut. With Joe Mantello he has also designed sets and costumes for The Last Ship and Dogfight, costumes for Other Desert Cities and The Other Place and scenery for The Pride. Broadway credits include set design for The Real Thing and Violet as well as costume design for Good People, In the Next Room… or the vibrator play (Tony Award nomination—Best Costume Design of a Play), Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, Xanadu and others. Off Broadway credits include sets and costumes for Fun Home, The Flick, Circle Mirror Transformation, The Big Meal and others. Regionally he has worked with Guthrie Theater, Yale Repertory Theatre, Berkeley Repertory Theatre and La Jolla Playhouse. Opera credits include Cunning Little Vixen and Abduction from the Seraglio at Lyric Opera of Chicago, as well as work

with Santa Fe Opera House, Glimmerglass Opera, Washington National Opera and Los Angeles Opera. (Lighting Design) is making his Steppenwolf Theatre Company debut. Broadway credits include Of Mice and Men (Tony Award nomination—Best Lighting Design of a Play), The Nance (Tony Award nomination—Best Lighting Design of a Play), Macbeth at Lincoln Center Theatre (Drama Desk nomination—Outstanding Lighting Design of a Play), The Snow Geese and Cyrano de Bergerac. His recent designs this fall include Bootycandy (Playwrights Horizons); The Oldest Boy (Lincoln Center Theatre); Bright Star (The Old Globe); and Punk Rock (MCC Theater). Other notable projects include What’s It All About?: Bacharach Reimagined (New York Theatre Workshop); 4000 Miles (Lincoln Center Theatre); Blackbird (London West End); Sons of the Prophet (Roundabout Theatre Company); Wild With Happy (Public Theater; NYSF); Troilus and Cressida (Royal Shakespeare Company); Last Days of Judas Iscariot and Jack Goes Boating (Drama Desk nomination—Outstanding Lighting Design of a Play; Labyrinth Theater Company). J ap h y W e i d e m an

F i t z P a t t o n (Sound Design and Original Music) most recently designed It’s Only a Play. Other Broadway credits include The Other Place, Outside Mullingar and Casa Valentina (Manhattan Theatre Club) and I’ll Eat You Last…(Booth Theater). In 2010 he was awarded both Lucille Lortel and Drama Desk awards for his design for When the Rain Stops Falling at Lincoln Center’s Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater and was nominated again for his work on The Other Place at MCC Theater, which completed its Broadway run this winter at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre. His symphony, The Holy Land, a 45-minute work for baritone,

tenor, mezzo-soprano and orchestra, was completed in January 2014 and he is the founder of Chance magazine, a new theatre design magazine that debuted last summer. EV A B RE N EM A N (Dialect Coach) is delighted to be back at Steppenwolf Theatre Company where she previously worked on Russian Transport, Tribes, Lord of the Flies, Good People, The March, The Brother/ Sister Plays, The Diary of Anne Frank, Huck Finn and Master Harold… And The Boys. Most recent Chicago credits include The Mousetrap (Northlight Theatre); Camelot (Drury Lane Oakbrook); Danny Casolaro Died for You (TimeLine Theatre Company); M Butterfly (Court Theatre); Juno (TimeLine Theatre Company); To Master The Art (Broadway Playhouse); By The Way, Meet Vera Stark (Goodman Theatre); Port Authority (Writers Theatre); Henry V (Chicago Shakespeare Theater); and Death Tax (Lookingglass Theatre Company). Regional credits include Around The World In 80 Days (Centerstage/Kansas City Repertory) and Mamma Mia! (National Tour/Las Vegas). Television credits include Betrayal and The Chicago Code. Eva is an associate artist at TimeLine Theatre Company and a production affiliate of Lookingglass Theatre Company. Ma t t Ha w k i n s (Fight Choreography) is a Chicago based director, actor, fight choreographer. He is a founding member of The House Theatre, an artistic associate and resident director with Strawdog Theatre Company. A proud recipient of five Jeff Awards, Matt currently teaches Musical Theater at Northwestern University and Movement/Stage Combat at Loyola University. Later this year he will direct Hay Fever (Lake Forest College); choreograph violence for Short Shakespeare Macbeth (Chicago Shakespeare Theater); West Side Story, Billy Elliot (Drury Lane 18 Airline Highway

Oak Brook); Soon I Will Be Invincible (Lifeline Theater) and The Hammer Trilogy (The House Theatre of Chicago). Matt holds a BFA in Acting from Southern Methodist University and an MFA in Directing from The University of Iowa. He is married to Stacy Stoltz. Malc o l m E w e n (Stage Manager) stage managed Russian Transport last season. He has worked at Steppenwolf Theatre Company since 1987 and his credits include The March, American Buffalo, The Tempest, The Diary of Anne Frank and Man From Nebraska. He has taken four Steppenwolf shows to Broadway including The Grapes of Wrath and Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? both of which won Tony Awards. Also on Broadway, he was the production stage manager of Paul Simon’s musical, The Capeman. He serves on the Council of Actors’ Equity Association. A graduate of Amherst College, he returns every summer to the Green Mountains of Vermont to direct at the Weston Playhouse. Ch r isti n e D. Fr e e b u rg

(Assistant Stage Manager) returns to Steppenwolf Theatre Company, where her credits include The Qualms, Tribes, Belleville, The Motherf**ker With The Hat, Good People, The March, Penelope, Sex With Strangers, A Parallelogram, American Buffalo (also at McCarter Theatre), The House on Mango Street, The Tempest, The Seafarer, Dead Man’s Cell Phone, Good Boys and True, The Diary of Anne Frank, Sonia Flew, Love-LiesBleeding, after the quake and Cherry Orchard. International credits include The Outgoing Tide with Steppenwolf ensemble members John Mahoney and Rondi Reed (Northlight Theatre at the Galway Arts Festival in Galway, Ireland). Other Chicago credits include Stones in His Pockets (Northlight Theatre); The Vanishing Twin, In the Eye of The Beholder, Arabian Nights (Lookingglass

Theatre Company); Hamlet, Fraulein Else, Scapin (Court Theatre); Once on This Island, Madame Butterfly, Old Wicked Songs, Violet and many more (Apple Tree Theater). Christine is an adjunct faculty member at The Theatre School at DePaul University and spent nine summers stage managing at the Weston Playhouse. Chris is happily married to Thom Cox and the proud mother of Joan Marie.

a doctorate in Performance Studies from Northwestern University and is a member of the National Advisory Council for the School of Communication at Northwestern University. She is a recipient of the Sarah Siddons Award, an Alumni Merit Award and an Honorary Doctorate from Northwestern University. D a v i d Ha w k an s o n

(Executive Director) has served as Executive Ma r t h a L a v e y (Artistic Director) has Director of Steppenwolf since 2003. During been a Steppenwolf ensemble member his tenure, the company’s institutional since 1993 and artistic director since accomplishments have included being 1995. Under her leadership, Steppenwolf recognized by The Wall Street Journal as has doubled the size of its ensemble and one of the Top Small Workplaces in the diversified its base of artists, become a country, the transfer of nine productions national leader in producing new plays and to New York on both Broadway and Offcommissioning playwrights, added two new Broadway, as well as touring productions performance spaces, created Steppenwolf to Dublin, Galway, London and Sydney. for Young Adults, expanded and deepened David has strengthened the company’s its partnerships in public schools and the overall financial position by more than 10 community and instituted a platform for million dollars. He has also initiated several engaging audiences after every performance. nationally recognized audience engagement She has overseen the production of pilots, including studies commissioned by hundreds of plays and transferred dozens of the Wallace Foundation and Doris Duke Steppenwolf productions to Broadway and Charitable Foundation. Prior to Steppenwolf, abroad, gaining national and international he was the Managing Director of the Guthrie recognition for the company and Chicago Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota, under as a vital theater destination. During her the artistic leadership of Joe Dowling. Before tenure, Steppenwolf was awarded the the Guthrie, he served for eight years as National Medal of the Arts, the only theater the Managing Director of Hartford Stage to ever receive the honor, as well as the Company in Connecticut with Artistic Illinois Arts Legend Award, Equity Special Director Mark Lamos. Earlier in his career, Award and nine of the company’s 12 Tony he was Managing Director of the Arizona Awards. As an actor, Martha has performed Theatre Company. David was a former senior in more than 30 Steppenwolf productions staff member at the National Endowment for as well as at the Goodman Theatre, Victory the Arts and subsequently chairman of its Gardens Theater and the Women’s Project Theater Program. He has also had an active and Productions in New York, among career as an arts management consultant others. She has served on grants panels and trustee for many national organizations for the National Endowment for the Arts, and foundations. He serves on the Board of The Theatre Communications Group, Directors for the League of Chicago Theatres Three Arts Club, USA Artists and the and is the former Chairman of the Arts City Arts panel of Chicago. Martha holds Alliance Illinois. steppenwolf 19

The City of R i t u al A


with Playwright Lisa

drawing on my experience of other people. When someone important in New Orleans dies, there’s a huge second line parade for them and you learn a lot about who they were and what they meant to the community. I’ve seen a lot of surrogate families develop in New Orleans.

A C : Speaking of Bait Boy and his return. Do you think it’s possible to change?

A C : Why do you think that’s a feature of

L D : I feel like I’m asking myself that

L D : Well... I think New Orleans is a city where there are a lot of locals who have grown up there, but it also attracts people who maybe didn’t quite fit the rhythm of other cities and New Orleans is now the only place they can live. Their real families are far away, so they develop new families in New Orleans. It’s a city that thrives on ritual and parades and celebration, and to make those things happen, you’ve gotta reach outside your house and pull it together with your tribe.

question in every play I write. I do think it’s possible to change, but I think change is really hard. I think true change takes a lot of honesty and reflection.

A C : So Miss Ruby is inspired by...

D’Amour and Director of New Play

A a r o n C a r t e r : What inspired

this play for you?

L i s a D ’ A m o u r : I often start my plays from a sense of location or world. I grew up in New Orleans, and I was fascinated with these motels on Airline Highway—it’s a road that goes from the airport to the city and it used to be the main road between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. In the ’20s and ’30s all these really nice art deco motels were built there. But when the interstate came through in the ’50s and ’60s that road wasn’t needed anymore and the motels


you’re afraid that your world is going to fall apart. In the play, there’s also someone who returns after leaving this community to live more of a “straight life,” and that forces the people who had been left behind to look at themselves in a new way.




fell into decline. When I was in high school, the ones that were left were “notell” motels, where all the preachers and politicians got caught with prostitutes. As I started imagining the people who might live in these motels, I decided these people are preparing to throw a living funeral for Miss Ruby, who is almost like a surrogate mother to them. I was interested in how emotional it can be when you’re celebrating someone’s life who was the core of your world— how much love is present on a day like that, but also how much fear, because

L D : Chris Owens. She’s amazing. I had always heard about her—she runs her club in the middle of the Quarter. I think she’s in her 80’s, but I have no idea. The first time I ever saw her, I went for my bachelorette party in 2008. We went thinking it was going to be kind of kitschy—which it was—but we didn’t expect that we would be utterly inspired. Because this woman was just pouring her heart out for us. It was like constant energy and pure intention and I was totally blown away. A C : This idea of Miss Ruby being the maternal figure in this community, did that come from something you had read about Ms. Owens? L D : That’s really a construction. I was

the area?

A C : One of the ways you create a sense of a community in the play is by showing us simultaneous scenes with overlapping dialog: there is a lot going on at once. Was that difficult to orchestrate? L D : You already know the way I write it: I lay out in columns how two conversations might overlap. And I’ve erred on the side of making it too clean as we go back and forth between two conversations, but I think Joe Mantello and I will go back through and let it overlap some more. Even though two

Features 21

different groups can be having two different conversations, there’s a metaconversation that happens all together. That’s the community. A C : Does Joe’s success as a musical

director mean he has insight into how to deal with layers of sound? L D : It’s not just the music of the language, there’s a choreography to the visual world. I think part of why Joe was drawn to the play is that it has a big landscape. A C : You’ve been really busy since Detroit was here. Do you want to give us some highlights of the work you’ve been up to since then? L D : I’ve completed a couple of projects with my company, PearlD’Amour. One is How to Build a Forest, an eight-hour performance installation in which an audience gets to watch a forest being constructed from a completely bare stage. We’ve also been working on a project called Milton. We’ve been visiting five towns named Milton in the United States, interviewing different people about their lives and creating an experimental performance that we’re bringing back to each Milton. And my play, Cherokee—which was a Steppenwolf commission—premiered at the Wilma in January. A C : One of the things I admire about the way you generate art is that you work in big theatres and still continue to do


independent experimental work. Do you feel like they inform each other or are they two completely different worlds? L D : Both. I see common themes in both kinds of my work. If you look at Cherokee, Detroit and How to Build a Forest, there’s a sense of the relationship between the urban landscape and the wild that threads through all of them. And with Milton, there’s a sense of “Oh, here’s what I think a small town must be like,” but through the performance, you get to have those assumptions overturned, or at least get to experience the idiosyncratic details that make up a small town. And I see a little of that in Airline Highway. When I’m in the flow of things, it feels like one thought process creatively. It’s just two very different worlds to market myself in. A C : When the New York transfer was

Our 90th Anniversary Season features a thrilling lineup of daring new works, award-winning hits and iconic classics. Be pArt Of it! the 2014/2015 SeASOn in the AlBert

RaptuRe, BlisteR, BuRn

two tRains RunninG

the little foxes

By Gina GionfRiddo diRected By KimBeRly senioR

By auGust wilson diRected By chucK smith

By lillian hellman diRected By henRy wishcampeR

staRts JanuaRy 17, 2015

staRts maRch 7, 2015

staRts may 2, 2015

By chRistopheR duRanG diRected By steVe scott

staRts June 20, 2015

announced, did the fact that this will be a Broadway show have any particular resonance for you?

L D : It’s a little abstract to me, because it’s new to me. What really hit me was how significant it is that a woman writer will be featured on Broadway. When it was announced in The New York Times, the writer chose to focus on the fact that there haven’t been many women produced on Broadway recently. If there’s anything that really gets me excited, it’s that—just to be able to help break through that.

Vanya and sonia and masha and spiKe

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Francis, the vagabond poet of Airline Highway raises his voice in an impromptu ode to the authentic experience: Tourists don’t want a coyote ugly— chain—training wheel—strip joint, they don’t want a parade INSIDE the Convention Center sponsored by Coke. They want some dirty shit to happen, authentic top shelf shit. Tucked away under the counter, ya gotta ask for it—sit it in the back room with the owner and a one eyed banjo player named Biff… For my money, Francis is right. When I talk about my trip to New Orleans, I don’t talk about the French Quarter bars, or the beignets at the famous Café du Monde. Instead, I talk about the night I followed a fierce local playwright and a dear director friend down some railroad tracks, shimmied under some box cars and climbed a fence to break into a now-defunct riverfront park. We walked the manicured-yetabandoned paths in a dense fog, until a breeze that blew straight from the Gulf split the haze and laid the city bare before us. Best. Night. Ever. What is it we get out of these encounters with “authentic top shelf shit?” Fun, of course. A hint of danger. The promise of pleasure—sexual and otherwise—the flavor of which you have never known before. But there’s another reason we like to flirt with the wild side: we allow ourselves to conflate authenticity of experience with authenticity of self. Admittedly, I’m playing fast and loose here, fueled by the false confidence that comes from scanning Wikipedia. But take a walk with me and let’s see if we can end up drinking with a banjo

player named Biff. In aesthetics, the term “authenticity” refers to how well a work of art adheres to a particular artistic tradition. It’s this kind of authenticity that is tossed about in those dorm-room debates about what constitutes “real” rock-n-roll or “real” hip-hop. It’s the currency of the holier-than-thou-hipster. The seekers of aesthetic authenticity are looking for a work of art—or an experience—unsoiled by commercial considerations. There’s some paradox here because creating aesthetic authenticity has become big business. It is part of what Francis is acknowledging when he argues that he and his friends should get paid for making New Orleans interesting. In existentialist philosophy, the term “authenticity” refers to being true to oneself despite external pressures. Expectations set by family, the media, religion and the broader culture present obstacles to living authentically. Existentialist authenticity is potentially frightening. Sartre, for example, discusses the “vertiginous” experience of realizing that one has the absolute freedom to determine one’s own values and live in accordance with them. The fear of this freedom leads people to lead inauthentic lives. Now: to apply all that to us, the tourists that Francis tells us are seeking authentic dirty shit. We, with our mainstream ordered lives, are too afraid to live authentically. We shirk the responsibility of living in accordance with our own views, and substitute the safety of societal expectations. But, despite that fear, we desire more authentic lives. So we seek out aesthetic authenticity: experiences

By Director of New Play Development, Aaron Carter Features 25

supposedly unmediated by those same societal expectations we chafe against. And when we find ourselves drinking the under-the-counter liquor with the one-eyed banjo player named Biff, we imagine that we are surrounded by people who are living in a manner true to themselves. We can pretend that we are living authentically in the philosophical sense, without the messy existential terror. It’s an act of make-believe because it is safe: the moment it gets too real—too frightening—we can always run home. In support of my hypothesis, I ask you to think about how often you trot out a story from your more radical, bohemian youth in order to demonstrate that you are “real” and not the slave to convention you might appear to be. One of my cocktail party staples, for example, is a tale of my days on the slam poetry scene. An open mic in a neighborhood I’d never been in before leads to an after-party in some warehouse, which leads to ending up on the arm of a beautiful wreck of a rock singer, and the two of us end up in someone’s basement music studio while we spit lyrics and put down a few tracks. In the telling I make it sound like a weekly occurrence. It did happen… but just the once. Still, I prefer to wear that badge of authenticity to the far more accurate one: I am a married guy with two kids, a desk job and a condo. For most of us, substituting a couple of wild experiences for the far more difficult discipline of being true to one’s self is fairly harmless. We might be hiding from our true selves, but we’re doing so in comfortable homes and steady jobs.


But for many of the characters of Airline Highway, trying to negotiate the overlap between living on the edge and living authentically has done some damage. Tanya has given up children. Krista is on the verge of homelessness. Most of these characters did not have the escape hatch of privilege. But Miss Ruby, the matriarch of this community, minimizes the distinction. “Don’t you start telling me,” she says “about how some people get to have more fuck ups than others, because of the amount of money they have or the fancy last names they were born into. We’ve got no time for that.” Miss Ruby is much more interested in what we are going to do with our mistakes. Are we going to keep chasing the illusion of authenticity in the form of a great high, a destructive romance, a wild life? Or will we have the courage to face ourselves? Miss Ruby believes her friends have that courage. After lovingly describing them as “the most gorgeous group of fuck ups I have ever seen” she implores “Don’t run from your ragged self. Be WITH it. Be WITH each other. Be WITH this moment that is slipping through our fingers as I speak…” And in the end, I think that is what we are all navigating: identifying those moments when the search for an authentic experience has gotten in the way of leading an authentic life. Whether we are Francis’ tourists looking for a little walk on the wild side, or Bait Boy who left New Orleans for a cushy life in the Atlanta suburbs, or Sissy NaNa finding a place to escape violence, we are all trying to figure out if we’re running from our ragged self, or running towards it.

In Memoriam:

Sheldon Patinkin Co-founder of the School at Steppenwolf Artistic Consultant

1935 – 2014

Words for Sheldon from ensemble member Jeff Perry For me, Sheldon’s teaching and directing springs from a beautiful combination of insight and modesty. He reminds me of Chekhov, one of his favorites, because he possesses the mind and heart to capture the essence of a play or to impart an indelible lesson, all the while rendering his own footprints invisible. There is wisdom and craft and empathy abounding in his work, but no apparent ego. It is no coincidence that this ability to disappear into the work is also the realm of our best actors. It has led to a profound kinship Sheldon has had with performers, and they with him, his whole life. For Steppenwolf, Sheldon has been an invaluable director, a revered tribal elder, a master teacher who co-founded our school and a ridiculously generous friend who kept us from starving in the early days. The gifts and generosity those roles entail have been repeated by him in unique variations for literally dozens of theatres and thousands of artists and students throughout his career. I have to bear witness to one of the many hats Sheldon wears so well—from the time we met him in the Highland Park basement, we at Steppenwolf have trusted no one as we have trusted Sheldon to ‘please, I’m begging you, please come give notes.’ As most of you know and have benefited from, Sheldon is a world champion note giver. His process is gorgeous; like movements in a symphony or rules of comedy, it comes in ‘three’s’—first are

the Socratic questions that lead you to this pleasantly shocked re-understanding of your intent, then he continues with a great, blunt, non-judgmental articulation of what he saw compared to what you intended, and finally, as you launch into a spin cycle of anxiety and self justification about all the obstacles sabotaging your genius, he has the knack of being able to steer you, like a shrink, bartender and rabbi rolled into one, into the belief that the fixes are easy, they are absolutely in your reach, and there’s plenty of time to work them in—and God bless him, even if the work in question was doomed, it didn’t matter, he has always known how to calm you down so you can actually understand your task and resume your work. In our business, these attributes of mentorship and collaboration, practiced at Sheldon’s level, are downright precious and exceedingly rare. They go all the way back to his roots, attributes he shared with, and learned from, his crazily talented peers at the University of Chicago like Paul Sills and Mike Nichols. They are gifts often overshadowed by artists who are more ‘personality’ driven but all great directors and teachers who have a reputation for engendering great work among their fellow artists share them. They are values that, like Sheldon, are sublimely ‘Chicagoan’—fame and fortune are nice, but for him and for the theatre town he loves, it is the love of the work that keeps the home fires lit.

steppenwolf 27

T h e S t e pp e n w o l f En s e m bl e first began performing in the mid-1970s in the basement of a Highland Park church, the ambitious brainchild of three high school and college friends: Jeff Perry, Terry Kinney and Gary Sinise. Fast forward 39 years and the Steppenwolf Theatre Company has become the nation’s premier ensemble theater—redefining the landscape of acting and performance. The ensemble has grown to 44 members who represent a remarkable generation of actors, directors and playwrights. Thrilling, powerful, groundbreaking productions from Balm in Gilead and The Grapes of Wrath to August: Osage County—and accolades that include the National Medal of Arts and 12 Tony Awards—have made the theater legendary. Steppenwolf’s artistic force remains rooted in the original vision of its founders: an artist-driven theater, whose vitality is defined by its sharp appetite for groundbreaking, innovative work. That work is represented in production photos displayed throughout the theater.

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Henry S. Bienen

Keating Crown

William L. Atwell

Carole L. Brown

Beth Boosalis Davis

Larry D. Brady

Douglas R. Brown

Amy Eshleman

Douglas R. Brown

Michael Cahan

D. Cameron Findlay

Laurence Edwards

Elizabeth H. Connelly

Nene Foxhall

John N. Fox, Jr.

Rich Feitler

Lawrence M. Gill

Elliott Lyon

Matthew Gray

Aimee Graham

Gordon Murphy

Caryn Harris

Robert J. Greenebaum, Jr.

William H. Plummer

Lynn Lockwood Murphy

John H. Hart

Bruce Sagan

Kenneth J. Porrello

Dennis D. Howarter

Gloria Scoby

Deborah H. Quazzo

Terry Jenkins

Martha Wegener Audio Engineer

Donna Vos

Randall K. Rowe

George A. Joseph

Gregor Mortis Assistant Audio Engineer

Bruce Sagan

Donna La Pietra

Harry J. Seigle

Martha Lavey

Stephanie B. Smith

Mary Ludford

John R. Walter

Ronald J. Mallicoat, Jr.

Helen Zell

Janet Melk

Laurel Clayson Head Draper Kevin Peterson Shop Foreman Lynae Vandermeulen Staff Draper Daisy Lindas Project Coordinator J. R. Lederle Lighting Supervisor Ernesto Gomez Master Electrician Rick Haefele House Carpenter Dawn Przybylski Stage Carpenter

Cassie Calderone Suzanne Miller Malcolm Ewen Annual Fund Manager Christine D. Freeburg Lauren Louer, The Saints Laura D. Glenn Anna Brenner Volunteer Usher Coordination Michelle Medvin Development Coordinator Jonathan Nook Lauren Fisher Product ion Deb Styer Au d ien ce Ou treach Major Gift Coordinator Tom Pearl Stage Managers Tiffany Rae Wilson Jessica Gretch Production Manager Prof essional Individual Giving Coordinator Audience Outreach Manager Brianna Parry Max Lando Lea dership Sarah Tongren Assistant Production Daniel Rubens Program Special Events Associate Manager Audience Outreach Rebecca Adelsheim Eric Van Tassell Russell Poole Supervisors Kathleen Barrett Corporate and Technical Director Nora Caroll Jared Bellot Foundation Associate Mike Donohue Kyle Cornell Gabrielle Brubaker Assistant Technical Director Brittani Ferguson M a r k e tin g , Caitlin Dalton Charles Frydenberg Christopher Kristant Geneva Galloway C o m m un ic atio n s & Mark Ginski Shop Foreman Alex Goldberg A u d i e nce Se rvice s Marilyn Hillary Tiffany Goarcke Kyle Land Stephanie Katz John Zinn Julian Gonzalez Russell Scott Paula Lowry Director of Marketing Julia Grigg Jon Woelfer Jason Millsap and Communications Emily Hitmar Scenic Carpenters Victoria Morris Malia Hu Donovan Foote Audience Outreach Melissa Rutherfoord Hillary Luong Design Director Associates Charge Scenic Artist Brandon Reed Madeline Long Jacqueline Rosas Jenny Diluciano Op eratio n s Communications Director Zachary Schmitt Properties Master Jay Jussaume Erika Nelson Leela Singh Andria Smith Facilities Management Marketing Director Tyler Welden Assistant Properties Master Lauren Yarbrough Director Joel Moorman Charles Moser 2014/15 Apprentices Peter Van Kempen Digital Content Producer Master Properties Artisan and Fellows Operations Coordinator Jamie Alexander Emily Guthrie Adrian Castro Marketing Manager Properties Artisan Harold Jaffe Kevin Castillo Scott Stratton Digital Marketing Manager Facilities Staff

David E. Mendelsohn L. Heather Mitchell Christopher M. Murphy David C. Pisor Merle Reskin Michael R. Salem Robert Sanborn Manuel “Manny” Sanchez Anna D. Shapiro Matthew Shapiro Colette Cachey Smithburg

steppenwolf 31

The Weir, 2008

The Motherf**ker With the Hat, 2012

Steppenwolf is proud to recognize our leading contributors

STE P P E N WO L F FOR YOU N G A D U LTS Allstate Insurance Company Alphawood Foundation


Bob and Amy Greenebaum


John H. Hart and Carol Prins

multi-year commitment to Steppenwolf’s artistic development

George A. Joseph and Carolyn Bateman

J.B. and M.K. Pritzker Family Foundation

Grand Patrons Julie and Roger Baskes Joyce Chelberg The Davee Foundation The Harris Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. King Harris Kathy Harris Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Szokol Mr. and Mrs. William Friend Mr. and Mrs. John Harris Liz and Eric Lefkofsky Merle Reskin Helen Zell Distinguished Patrons Sarah Beardsley and Dr. Christopher Randolph

Robert and Louise Sanborn

Martha Lavey

Matthew Shapiro

Steven D. Loucks Jim and Kay Mabie

Colette Cachey Smithburg and Tom Smithburg

Lynn Lockwood and Barrett B. Murphy

Bill and Orli Staley

Kenneth J. Porrello and Sherry L. McFall Harry and Susan Seigle Toni Sandor Smith Karen Zelden and Ralph Senst

SE A SO N P RO D U C TIO N SU P P ORT Allstate Insurance Company Ameriprise Financial Douglas R. Brown

Clybourne Park, 2011

Paul M. Angell Foundation Helen Brach Foundation CNA Financial Corporation The Crown Family Michael and Jacky Ferro The Field Foundation of Illinois Lloyd A. Fry Foundation David Herro and Jay Franke J.P.Morgan

The Wheel, 2013


2015 GALA

American Express Joyce Foundation



BMO Harris Bank



James S. Kemper Foundation

Grainger Foundation Gary Sinise Foundation

Liz and Eric Lefkofsky

United Airlines


Northern Trust Charitable Trust Dr. Scholl Foundation


Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Nonprofit Finance Fund Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust Theatre Communications Group Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation Zell Family Foundation

Steppenwolf Auxiliary Council

Buchanen Family Foundation

The Sun-Times Foundation and The Chicago Community Trust

Julius Frankel Foundation


Illinois Art Council, a State Agency

Ogilvy & Mather, Inc.

Polk Bros. Foundation


John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Prince Charitable Trusts Rhoades Foundation

Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation

Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust

Henry and Leigh Bienen

Frank G. and Gertrude Dunlap Fund

The Shubert Foundation, Inc.

Betty Bradshaw

Edgerton Foundation

Smart Family Foundation

The Comer Foundation

Nancy Lauter McDougal

Nora Daley and Sean Conroy

Christopher and Eileen Murphy

Shawn M. Donnelley and Christopher M. Kelly

National Endowment for the Arts

Richard and Mary L. Gray

Northern Trust

32 Airline Highway



Michael Bender and Sheridan Prior

The Negaunee Foundation

BMO Harris Bank

Contact Sandy Karuschak, Director of Development, at 312-654-5621 or to learn more about unique ways to support the work on our stages.

steppenwolf 33

Steppenwolf gratefully recognizes the community of people who serve in leadership roles and provide invaluable support to the Theater. 2 0 1 4 Gala Steppenwolf’s Gala Co-Chairs plan the signature fundraising event led by the theater’s Board of Trustees. Lawrence M. Gill* and Christine Albright Kathleen and Terry* Jenkins

F i f t h A nn u al S t e pp e n w o l f Sal u t e s W o m e n i n t h e A r t s L u nc h e o n The Women in the Arts Luncheon Committee spearheads our annual fundraising event honoring leading women for their artistic contributions to theater, film and television, which supports Steppenwolf’s Professional Leadership Program. Sarah Beardsley* Elizabeth H. Connelly* Nora Daley* Mary A. Dempsey Amy Eshleman* Nene Foxhall* Caryn Harris* Mary Kathryn Hartigan Donna La Pietra* Liz Lefkofsky Janet Melk* Jane Mody Susan Oleari Deborah Quazzo* Colette Cachey Smithburg* Bobette Takiff Helen Zell*

N e w P la y D e v e l o p m e n t F u nd Committee The New Play Development Committee promotes and supports new play development for the theater, ensuring that Steppenwolf remains a leading voice in new American plays. Helen Zell*, Chair Julie Baskes Douglas R. Brown* Joyce Chelberg Robin Tennant Colburn* Jay Franke Caryn Harris* Liz Lefkofsky Jim Mabie Robert Sanborn* Matthew Shapiro* Colette Cachey Smithburg*

D i r e c t o r s C i r cl e Committee The Directors Circle Committee’s purpose is to steward and help grow the Directors Circle program comprised of generous donors who annually support Steppenwolf’s artistic initiatives. Toni Sandor Smith, Chair Beth Boosalis Davis* Kim Davis Greg Desmond Ritu Dhingra Julie Gustafson Mike Gustafson Sherri Kayser Michael Kennedy Michael LaTona Beth Loeb Cathy Nathan Steven Redfield Gail Steingold Frances E. Tuite Susan Warrington Steven N. Wayland

P u bl i c S q u a r e Committee

The Public Square Committee helps Steppenwolf foster public dialogue driven by the work on our stages and our relationships with community partners from the Chicago metropolitan area. Amy Eshleman*, Co-Chair Lynn Lockwood Murphy*, Co-Chair J. Robert Barr* Sarah Beardsley* Ebs Burnough* James Chesire Steve Collens Joel Cornfeld Beth Boosalis Davis* Paul Gaynor Geoffrey Goldberg Paul W. Goodrich* Sandra P. Guthman Lynn Hauser Ann Hickey Kenneth Hunter Justine Jentes Donna La Pietra* Sybil Madison-Boyd Janet Melk* Neil Ross Ruth Schmidt Nancy Schumacher Annie Tully Jen Wesley Nina Winston Sarah Wolff Roberta B. Zabel

Ed u cat i o n C o m m i t t e e

A u x i l i a r y C o u nc i l

Y o u n g A d u lt C o u nc i l

The Education Committee promotes the voices of Chicago youth and advocates for the programming of Steppenwolf for Young Adults to the Chicago Public Schools and larger citywide community.

The Auxiliary Council Executive Committee is the leadership team for Steppenwolf’s junior board comprised of more than 100 dynamic young professionals with a shared interest in supporting the theater’s education program for teens, Steppenwolf for Young Adults.

Steppenwolf’s Young Adult Council is a unique after-school program for high school students who see the entire Steppenwolf season and organize events for their peers around Steppenwolf productions.

Deborah Quazzo*, Chair Sarah Beardsley* Sheila Chapman Jeremy Dunn Amy Eshleman* Juliette Feld Jane Fleming Larry Grimm Caryn Harris* John H. Hart* Solveig Herzum Lynn Lockwood Murphy* Nicole Losurdo Sydney Sidwell

P lann e d G i v i n g Advi s o ry C o m m itte e The Planned Giving Advisory Committee, comprised of estate planning professionals, provides expertise and serves as a valuable resource in supporting Steppenwolf’s planned giving activities. Christine Albright, Chair Andrew R. Gelman Edward A. Gershman James H. Goodrich Julie Gustafson Leigh S. Harter Julie Hendricks Kathryn Kennedy Robert LoPrete Pamela L. Lucina Theresa Marx Colleen McElligott Susan A. Payne Judith M. Pieper Claudia B. Sangster Kathleen O’Hagan Scallan Richard B. Thies Frank Trocchio

Executive Officers Aimee Graham* President Kim Davis Immediate Past President and Directors Circle Liaison David Blowers, Jr. Vice President of Partnerships Jasmine Guy Vice President of Member Experience Tanya Stanfield Vice President of Development Jennifer Stuart Vice President of Communication & Outreach Executive Committee Vanessa Abron Kristopher Anderson Jonathan Blanc Isaac Colunga Bryce Cooper Conery Hoffman Jeff Koh Oren Lund Julia Luscombe Katherine Nardin Akin Owolabi Jim Polka Kat Rothstein

Amanda Bolton Senior, Lyons Township High School Ariana Cortez Sophomore, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School Yolanda Cruz Senior, Chicago Math and Science Academy Remy Dhingra Junior, Latin School of Chicago Gabriella DiGregorio Senior, York Community High School Meara Hammond Senior, Lindbom Math and Science Academy High School Charlotte Jackson Junior, Plainfield East High School Molly McGaan Senior, Francis W. Parker School Gabriel Oladipo Senior, Whitney M. Young Magnet High School Ashley Paul Senior, Taft High School Maria Privitera Junior, University of Chicago Laboratory School Donald Rapier Senior, Lindbom Math and Science Academy High School NaVada Reed Junior, Christ the King College Prep Nia Robinson Senior, Lane Tech College Prep Olivia Shine Junior, Senn Fine Arts Alfonzo Smith Senior, Whitney M. Young Magnet High School Deveon Treadway Junior, Urban Prep Charter Academy Joey Vargas Senior, Senn Fine Arts Christian Vazquez Senior, Lincoln Park High School Mariah Woods Senior, Lindbom Math and Science Academy High School Deja Wouldfolk Senior, Air Force Academy High School

To get involved or learn more, please contact Eric Evenskaas, Associate Director of Development, at 312-654-5615 or

34 Airline Highway

* Steppenwolf Trustee

* Steppenwolf Trustee

steppenwolf 35







1357 W Concord Place Chicago IL 60642 773 252 7300


Vesta_stepp_halfpage_4_fnl.indd 1

we make great theater.

11/14/13 3:13 PM

C r e at e yo u r ow n season experience

Get the totally f lexible 5-Play Pass.

As a not-for-profit organization, our work is only possible because of donors like you. If you are already a donor, thank you! If you are not, please consider joining our family of supporters.

Perfect as a gift or a treat for yourself, the Steppenwolf Pass lets you create your own season experience. Good for five tickets to use during Steppenwolf’s 2014/15 subscription season, the Steppenwolf Pass lets you mix and match plays so you see what you want, when you want.

Ways to give: Online at


Steppenwolf Theatre Company 1700 N Halsted St Chicago IL 60614

call Steppenwolf at 312-654-5617

visit the Box Office | 312-335-1650

2 0 1 4 / 1 5 S e a s o n Sp o n s o r s

Steppenwolf’s reputation derives from our willingness to take on challenging, ambitious projects. Our future relies upon the generous support of season sponsors who provide invaluable resources for the work of our actors, directors and playwrights. We thank you for your commitment to the vision of our ensemble. Steppenwolf Theatre Company’s 2014/15 season is generously sponsored by: Grand Benefactors


C o r p o r a t e , F o u nda t i o n and G o v e r n m e n t C o n t r i b u t o r s

Steppenwolf is honored to recognize Northern Trust as a 2014/15 Season Benefactor Sponsor and a Corporate Production Sponsor of Airline Highway. This year, as they celebrate 125 years of service, expertise and integrity, Northern Trust’s support for Steppenwolf demonstrates the belief that enabling opportunities for personal creativity, outlets for collaboration, access to other cultures, and celebration of diversity play a key role in the development of vibrant and healthy communities.

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation is a leading advocate for major arts organizations nationwide, including Steppenwolf. The Mellon Foundation’s generosity has been instrumental in our efforts to build one of the most effective commissioning and new play development programs in the country. With their support, we nurture vital relationships between promising playwrights and our ensemble that generate exciting new work and promote new voices for the American theater. Steppenwolf is honored by The Mellon Foundation’s investment in our theater and ensemble.

Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust Steppenwolf is grateful for its longstanding partnership with the Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust. The Steinberg’s leading investment over the years has allowed us to forge repeatable creative relationships with artists such as award winning playwright Lisa D’Amour. We are again honored to recognize the Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust as the foundation sponsor of the pioneering First Look Repertory of New Work, advancing some of the most compelling new voices in the American theater today.

The Davee Foundation Through its generous support of major Chicago cultural institutions, The Davee Foundation is a leading contributor to the vitality and livability of our community. The Foundation’s investment in Steppenwolf’s New Play Development Initiative has allowed us to support the creative ambitions of our ensemble with artistic collaborators such as Lisa D’Amour, a visionary in today’s American theater. We thank The Davee Foundation for helping us to produce new American plays, like Airline Highway, to our Chicago audiences.

Zell Family Foundation Steppenwolf is a leader in play commissioning and development thanks to the generous support of the Zell Family Foundation. With the Foundation’s advocacy, we have fostered strong, ongoing relationships between several playwrights and our ensemble. As a result, we are able to introduce Airline Highway, an exciting and innovative new play, to the national repertoire. We are thankful for the Foundation’s continued investment in our organization and our ensemble.

For more information on how you can support Steppenwolf’s artistic intiatives as a sponsor or corporate partner, please contact Megan A. Smith at 312-654-5697 or 38 Airline Highway

steppenwolf 39

C o r p o r a t e , F o u nda t i o n & G o v e r n m e n t C o n t r i b u t o r s

End o w m e n t Sp o n s o r s

G r and B e n e f ac t o r s

Sp o n s o r s

Hope Abelson Fund for New Play Development

( $2,5 00 – 4,9 9 9)

Artistic Endowment established through the Leading National Theatres Program, a joint initiative of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

($ 1 00 ,00 0 + ) Chicago Community Trust The Davee Foundation‡ Lefkofsky Family Foundation‡ John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation‡* Andrew W. Mellon Foundation‡ Ogilvy & Mather, Inc. Shubert Foundation, Inc. Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust‡ United Airlines Zell Family Foundation

B e n e f ac t o r s ($ 5 0 ,00 0 – 9 9 , 9 9 9 ) Allstate Insurance Company* Alphawood Foundation Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation ComEd The Crown Family‡ Doris Duke Charitable Foundation‡ Julius Frankel Foundation BMO Harris Bank* David Herro Charitable Foundation The Joyce Foundation‡ J.P.Morgan* The Negaunee Foundation Northern Trust* Polk Bros. Foundation* PwC Smart Chicago Collaborative Smart Family Foundation Theatre Communications Group, Inc.‡ Vinci

Producers ($ 2 5,0 00 – 4 9 , 9 9 9 ) Ameriprise Financial Paul M. Angell Foundation DLA Piper LLP (US) Grosvenor Capital Management The Harris Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. King Harris Kathy Harris Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Szokol Mr. and Mrs. William Friend Mr. and Mrs. John Harris

40 Airline Highway

Illinois Arts Council, a state agency National Endowment for the Arts PNC POP Prince Charitable Trusts Seigle Family Foundation Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust Sun-Times Foundation, A Fund of The Chicago Community Foundation Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation Vanguard Charitable

Pat r o n s ( $1 0 ,0 0 0 – 2 4 ,9 9 9 ) Anonymous (3) Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture American Express Barclays Capital Baxter International Inc.* Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois BNY Mellon Wealth Management BOKA Restaurant Group Helen Brach Foundation Buchanan Family Foundation Capri Capital Partners, LP CNA Financial Corporation* The Comer Foundation Henry Crown and Company Deloitte Frank G. and Gertrude Dunlap Fund Edgerton Foundation The Field Foundation of Illinois Lloyd A. Fry Foundation Grainger Foundation Graycor, Inc. Green Courte Partners, LLC The Hillshire Brands Company Illinois Tool Works Foundation Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP James S. Kemper Foundation McKinsey & Company, Inc. National Philanthropic Trust Norcon, Inc Rhoades Foundation Sage Foundation

Sanchez Daniels & Hoffman LLP Dr. Scholl Foundation Gary Sinise Foundation Smithburg Family Foundation Bill & Orli Staley Foundation Swett & Crawford Group TRUiST John & Carol Walter Family Foundation William Blair & Company, LLC

S u s ta i n e r s ($5 ,0 0 0 – 9,9 9 9) Aon Corporation Ariel Investments, LLC Robert and Isabelle Bass Foundation, Inc. The Boeing Company Chopper Trading, LLC Philip H. Corboy Foundation John R. Halligan Charitable Fund Hart Davis Hart Wine Co. Holland & Knight LLP Hub International Ice Miller LLP InterCall KlearSky Solutions, LLC Modestus Bauer Foundation Newcastle Limited Nordstrom Peacock Nine, LLC Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Foundation Siragusa Foundation The Skender Foundation Takiff Family Foundation

Amsted Industries Foundation Frost Lighting Co. of IL., Inc. Grover Hermann Foundation Hotel Lincoln The Morris Kaplan and Dolores Kohl Kaplan Fund of the Mayer and Morris Kaplan Family Foundation PUBLIC Chicago, An Ian Schrager Hotel Suite Home Chicago Westside Mechanical Group

G u a r an t o r s ( $1,000 – 2,4 9 9) The Arts Federation Complete Mailing Service Inc. Crowe Horwath, LLP Daley Mohan Groble Gensler Hamilton Thies & Lorch LLP Hotel Lincoln Ligne Roset Lillian H. Florsheim Foundation Louis & Nellie Sieg Fund Luminaire Mesirow Financial New Horizon Foundation The Northridge Group, Inc. Plante Moran Sahara Enterprises, Inc. Sidley Austin LLP UBS

* Corporations and foundations that have made employee matching gifts

Douglas R. Brown Playwright/Director Endowment Fund Ford Foundation Artistic and General Operating Endowment Funds Richard and Mary L. Gray Production Endowment Fund John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Fund for the Development of New Work The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Daniel E. McLean National and International Production Fund Avy and Marcie Stein Sustaining Fund for the Ensemble Steppenwolf Board Designated Endowment Fund Steppenwolf Theatre Company Endowment Fund created with Searle Funds at the Chicago Community Trust Nancy L. Wald Production Endowment Fund John and Carol Walter Production Endowment Fund

Ind i v i d u al C o n t r i b u t o r s V i s i o na r y C i r cl e We are honored to recognize the following individuals who have included Steppenwolf in their will or estate plans. The esteemed members of the Visionary Circle help ensure the vitality of Steppenwolf for future generations. Contact Sandy Karuschak at 312-654-5621 or to learn more about the giving options to consider in your estate planning. Anonymous

Michael Goldberger

Valerie and Joseph Abel

Michael Hansen and Nancy Randa

Kenneth J. Porrello and Sherry L. McFall

Robert C. Anderson

John H. Hart

Sylvia J. Pozarnsky

Dr. Marvin and Joyce Berman

Lynn Hauser and Neil Ross

Dr. Edward O. Riley

Norma Borcherding

Stephen Johnson

T. Marshall Rousseau

Douglas R. Brown

Jared Kaplan and Maridee Quanbeck

Patrick J. Schauer

Janice and Rob Esser

Melanie G. Larch

Harry Seigle

Robert H. Glaze

Dr. Paul Lisnek

Rose L. Shure Judy Sugarman

We remember the following members of the Steppenwolf family who have made a bequest to the theater. Their legacy will help to ensure that Steppenwolf continues to flourish. Hope A. Abelson Alba Biagini Jo Hopkins Deutsch Marjorie Douglas Andrea Romain and Cleo V. Orthel Nancy L. Wald

‡ Multi-year pledge

steppenwolf 41

Ind i v i d u al C o n t r i b u t o r s D i r e c t o r s C i r cl e

…cont’d Directors Circle

The generosity of Steppenwolf’s Directors Circle members annually provides vital support for Steppenwolf’s many streams of artistic and community programming. In recognition of their contributions, members receive complimentary subscriptions with VIP ticketing services and are invited to private events with the artists of Steppenwolf. Donors with ‡ have made a generous multi-year pledge. To join this distinguished group, call Jessica Gretch at 312-654-5672 or e-mail P REMIER P A TRO N S


($ 5 0,0 00 + )

( $2 5 ,0 0 0 – 4 9 ,9 9 9 +)

Anonymous Julie and Roger Baskes‡ Sarah Beardsley and Dr. Christopher Randolph‡ Michael Bender and Sheridan Prior‡ Leigh and Henry Bienen‡ Douglas R. Brown Joyce Chelberg‡ Elizabeth H. Connelly Nora Daley and Sean Conroy‡ Rich and Margery Feitler Nene Foxhall Christine Albright and Lawrence Gill Valerie and Paul Goodrich Bob and Amy Greenebaum‡ King and Caryn Harris‡ John H. Hart and Carol Prins‡ David Herro and Jay Franke Pam and Dennis D. Howarter Kathleen and Terry Jenkins George A. Joseph and Carolyn Bateman‡ Liz and Eric Lefkofsky‡ Lynn Lockwood Murphy and Barrett B. Murphy‡ Mary and Bill Ludford Ronald J. Mallicoat Jr. Kenneth J. Porrello and Sherry L. McFall‡ Merle Reskin Bruce Sagan and Bette Cerf Hill Manny Sanchez and Pat Pulido Sanchez Harry and Susan Seigle‡ Colette Cachey Smithburg and Tom Smithburg Helen Zell‡

Betty Bradshaw‡ Marlene Breslow-Blitstein and Berle Blitstein Carole L. Brown Terri L. Cable Shawn M. Donnelley and Christopher M. Kelly‡ Amy Eshleman and Lori Lightfoot Michael and Jacky Ferro Leslie and Matthew Gray Richard and Mary L. Gray‡ Nancy Lauter McDougal Martha Lavey‡ Steven D. Loucks‡ Jim and Kay Mabie‡ Janet Melk Mr. and Ms. David E. Mendelsohn Christopher and Eileen Murphy M.K. and J.B. Pritzker Randy and Susi Rowe Michael R. Salem Robert and Louise Sanborn Matthew Shapiro Toni Sandor Smith‡ John and Carol Walter

42 Airline Highway

D ISTI N GUISHE D P A TRO N S ( $1 0 ,0 0 0 – 2 4 ,9 9 9 ) Anonymous (3) Leslie Bluhm and David Helfand Meredith Bluhm-Wolf and Bill Wolf Ebs Burnough Mr. and Mrs. Keating Crown Richard M. Daley and Family Beth Boosalis Davis and Maxwell S. Davis Kim Davis and Brian Eble J. Scott Etzler Amy and Cameron Findlay Mrs. John M. Hartigan David R. Hawkanson

Paul and Mariana Ingersoll L. Heather Mitchell and Kenny Mitchell James F. Oates David and Hilary Pisor Deborah and Stephen Quazzo Robin and Mark Seigle Stephanie B. Smith and Gerald Smith Bill and Orli Staley Frances E. Tuite Terry and Mary Winkler Karen Zelden and Ralph Senst

P A TRO N S ($5 ,0 0 0 – 9,9 9 9) Anonymous (2) Loren Almaguer William and Sharon Baker Mr. Gerry Barad Dr. and Mrs. Marvin H. Berman Larry and Debbie Brady Michael and Merle Cahan Phil and Mary Beth Canfield Ann and Richard Carr Carol and Douglas Cohen Mr. and Ms. Isaac Colunga Mr. Fred J. Costello and Ms. Ann G. Nobis Mary A. Dempsey John and Katherine Fox Gary L. Gephart Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon Greenberg‡ M. Julie and Michael Gustafson Mr. Stuart Handler Mrs. Louise Hart Jon Michael Hill David Hiller Marian, Fruman and Lisa Jacobson Stephen Johnson David and Susan Kalt Dr. Mary Dochios Kamberos Pamela Kendall-Rijos and John Rijos

Robert M. and Diane VS. Levy Amos and Anat Madanes Tarell Alvin McCraney Lyn McKeaney Geoff Nyheim Ashley and Noah Pettit Anne and Don Phillips Sarah and Cody Phipps Diana and Bruce Rauner Burton X. and Sheli Rosenberg Neil Ross MD and Lynn Hauser MD Rose L. Shure Jeffrey Singer and Patricia Carman Bonnie and James Spurlock Marcie and Avy Stein Gail and Eugene Steingold Edward A. Studzinski Jacqueline Tilton Richard and Elaine Tinberg Michael and January Ward Robert and Susan Warrington Steven Wayland and Jennifer Wesley Nina B. Winston Robert and Leslie Zimmerman

SUSTA I N ERS ( $2,5 00 – 4,9 9 9) Anonymous (3) Jack J. Adrian Kristopher J. Anderson Andy and Sue Arnold Paula Ausick John and Caroline Ballantine Zoe and Ken Barley Solomon Barnett Bob and Trish Barr Dennis and Joan Berger Susan O. Berghoef Laura and Philip Bierman Mike Bolton Cindy and Michael Bonds Doug Bradbury Lois Browning David Callahan and Terri Abruzzo Joseph and Cory Cancila‡ Nicole and Billy Cheeseman Drs. Rex Chisholm and Kathleen Green Michael and Edie Cohen Steven Collens Jerry and Josephine Conlon Bryce Cooper Kate Cornelius-Schecter Dennis R. Cowhey Patricia Cox, Katie and Will Hunckler Judy and Tapas K. Das Gupta Diane Dawson Greg Desmond and Michael Segobiano Philip and Marsha Dowd Bernard J. Dowling Drs. Thomas E. Durica and Susan Jacob Dr. Steven B. Edelstein Donald and Anne Edwards Laura and Scott Eisen Mary M. Emerson George Engeln Tom and Pat Erickson Marc Falleroni Roxanne Hori and Robert Felsenthal Paul and Christine Fisher‡ Stacy and Ian Fleming Steven Florsheim and Jennifer Friedes Mr. and Mrs. Sherwin Friedman Leonard Gail and Robin Steans Scott and Rita George Ethel and Bill Gofen Bob and Carol Goldberg

Aimee Graham and Nigel Caine Sue and Melvin Gray The Green Family William and Nanci Greene James and Brenda Grusecki Jack and Sandra Guthman Michael Hansen and Nancy Randa Marcy and Harry Harczak Pam and David Harrington Jeffrey W. and Julie Conboy Hesse David Kistenbroker and Cynthia Heusing Judy and Jay Heyman Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Hill Dr. and Mrs. David Ingall Timothy B. Johnson and Valerie B. Wiley Jared Kaplan and Maridee Quanbeck Reis and Sherri Kayser Jen and Brad Keck Dr. and Mrs. Jane Fleming Kathryn G. and Michael J. Kennedy Brad and Kim Keywell Jonathan Klein and Susan Cohn Stephanie and Peter Klein Mr. and Mrs. Sanfred Koltun Dr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Korbet Raminder and Vinay Kumar Christine and Michael LaTona Steven and Jody LaVoie Eileen and Paul LeFort Susan Lichtenstein and John Rokacz Robert Bud Lifton and Carol Rosofsky Timothy and Christine Loyer Mr. Brian Lukanic Cynthia Luse-McKeen and Douglas McKeen Mark and Frances Mann Becky and Bob McLennan Amy Laiken and Tim Michel Howard and Sandy Nagelberg Jean and Jordan Nerenberg Bob and Joyce O’Malley Elizabeth Orelup and Lawrence Sonntag Simon and Kim Perutz Dale and Loretta Pierson Mrs. Sherri Pincus Jennifer and Perry Pinto Mary Beth and Terry Porter

Bradley and Patricia Reid Lynne Remington and Geoff Goldberg Margaret Robson Sandra and Earl Rusnak, Jr. David and Susan Schmid Matthew Steinmetz Kristin and Stan Stevens Sue and Timothy Sullivan Nick Trakas and Marc Cerone Dr. David Wasserman Dr. Carey Weiss and Dr. Karen Pierce Lorrayne and Steve Weiss Jane and Greg Wintroub Ronald and Geri Yonover Elizabeth Ziegler

B E N EF A C TORS ($ 1, 5 00 – 2, 4 9 9) Anonymous (7) Ellen Stone Belic Mr. and Mrs. John Aalbregtse Karen and Scott Alexander Brian and Jennifer Alves Nicholas and Kathleen Amatangelo Kimball Anderson and Karen Gatsis Anderson Robert C. Anderson Carolyn H. Andress Stephanie and Dana Arnett Jeffrey S. Arnold and Ellen J. Neely Edgar Bachrach Richard and Janice Bail Yuri and Elena Balasanov Doug and Mary Jo Basler Martha and Al Belmonte Bruce and Debbie Bentcover Shirley and Tom Berchou‡ Susen H. Berg and James C. Berg Ron and Colleen Bess Nicholas Biederman Shaun and Andy Block Patricia C. Bobb Stephen and Lynn Bolanowski‡ Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Boychuck Dr. Michael Branch M.D. Mr. Stephen Braun Mr. and Mrs. Robert Briscoe Mr. and Mrs. Norman Brooks George and Joyce Brown‡ Dawn and Harmon Brown Kevin and Linda Buggy

John D. and Leslie Henner Burns Timothy Burroughs and Barbara Smith Stephen Byrne and Kerry Shannon Sheila J. Chapman and David D. Soo Dr. Rosalyn Chrenka Michael and Stephanie Chu Pam and Howard Conant Liam and Francesca Connell Merle R. Cooper Mr. and Ms. Brian Cornell Joel Cornfeld Robert Crawford Alicia Cressey Carl and Cynthia Curry Stephen F. Danziger Emilie De Angelis and Bert Davenport Nancy Dehmlow Mr. and Mrs. Menahem Deitcher Mr. and Mrs. David Deno Donald Deutsch Gautam and Ritu Dhingra Roberta S. Dillon Anne M. Donahoe Patricia and Richard Doonan Jennifer and John Doran Erin and Ian Drury Stephen and Dorne Eastwood Sidney and Sondra Berman Epstein Juliet and Marc Fallah David and Mary Farkas Randall Fearnow and Beth Compton Harris J. Feldman, M.D. Carol and Steven Felsenthal David And Shanan Fennema Raj Fernando Marilyn and Larry Fields Lisa and John Folkers Jim and Sandy Freeburg Kate and Michael Fridholm Kate Friedlob David and Noreen Ann Gallagher Denise Michelle Gamble Patti Eylar and Charlie Gardner Paul and Audrey Gaynor Terri and Stephen Geifman Dr. Michael Gelbort Beverly Wyckoff and Charles Ginsberg Mr. and Mrs. James J. Glasser

steppenwolf 43

…cont’d Directors Circle

Elizabeth Glassman Charlie and Mary Gofen Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Goldman Sheila and Tom Gorey Thomas and Kristine Gorman Peter and Joellen Granson Mary and Jim Greene Charles R. Grode Juliette Feld and Andrew Grossman Michael and Jean Guyader Suzanne Gylfe Ginger and Del Hall Joan Hall Mary Elizabeth Hamlin Shannon Peter and Karla Harmon Stacie R. Hartman Mark and Joelle Hayes Sandra L. Helton and Norman M. Edelson Marlene and Sonny Hersh Richard and Elaine Heuberger Ann S. Hoenig and Jonathan L. Hoenig Kathleen and Jack Horn Katie and Nehl Horton Arnold and Judith Horwich‡ Michael Hsu Brian W. Huebner Holly E. Humphreys Nicole and Pedro Irazoqui Mary Ittelson John Ittner Ms. Ann Jacobson Patricia Jeffers Craig and Heidi Johnson Jeffrey Malina and Rebecca Johnston Jeffrey and Lisa Jozwiak David Kathman‡ Dr. Claudia Anne Katz Mark and Mary Ann Kaufman Gerould and Jewell Kern Mr. and Mrs. Shobi Khan Maureen and Kim Klatt Jim and Sue Klein Jean Ann Klingenstein Rachel Kraft Stephen Kriegel Suzy Krueckeberg Mr. Matthew Kutcher and Ms. Rebecca Richards

44 Airline Highway

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Sandra and Michael Perlow Raymond Perry Patricia Pippert and Steven Redfield Milton and Lois Podolsky Avi and Joan Porat Andrew and Judy L. Porte Sylvia J. Pozarnsky and Tom Riley Elliott Quigley Sherry and Bob Reum Nina Riccardi Lauri Riggen Susan and Edwin Ritts John C. Roberts and Lynn D. Fleisher Dr. Abbie Roth and Sandra Gladstone Roth Ms. Holly Rothschild and Mr. Ken Buchanan Janet and Philip Rotner Robert Routzahn Mr. Mitchell Sabshon Francis C. Sadac Richard and Susan Sanders Pamela and Fred Sasser Paul Scavone and Donna Pawlus Susan Schaalman Youdovin and Charlie Shulkin Michelle Maton and Mike Schaeffer Howard and Gail Schaffner Matthew and Tina Schubert John Schuchert and Alan Kozlowski Diana and Richard Senior David and Judith Sensibar Mark and Kimberly Shadle Surendra and Dorothie Shah Smita N. Shah Michael Shapiro and Deb Gohr Shapiro Nancia Shawver and Larry Weiner Hope and Jeffrey Sheffield Scott and Tommy Sheridan Judy and Jeffrey Silverman Ms. Julia Simpson Robert and Nancy Singleton James and Mary Jo Slykas Heather and Adam Smedstad‡ Charles Smith

Neil Smith Family Ron and Leslie Smith Ms. Tanya Stanfield Ms. Nicole Stavish Gail and John Straus Mary Stowell and Jim Streicker Lauren and Steve Strelsin Judy Sugarman William and Julie Szematowicz James E. Thompson Carrie Thoms The Tipton Family Ms. Melissa Toledo and Mr. Todd Hoyer John and Maribeth Totten Annie Trooien and Christian Dill Reed and Rosemary Tupper Hollis and Alvan Turner Scott Turow Brady I. Twiggs Tali and Liat Tzur Marilee Unruh Bill Updegraff Shawn VanDerziel and Jay Clarke Donna and Dirk Vos The Wakes Tom and Blaine Wells Jack and Keli Wildermuth Donna Wilkinson Mr. Robert Williford Eugene H. Winkler Jessica and Jeff Wisniewski‡ Richard and Mary Woods Bobbi Zabel Peter A. Zadeik

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Pilar Ossorio Grayce Papp Patricia Parchem and Candace Zimmerman† Jana R. O’Brien and Wayne T. Parman John and Roberta Paskvalich Thomas Pawlik and Ava Cohn Susan A. Payne William and Suzan Pinsof Harvey and Beth Plotnick Dr. Susan Burland and George Plumb Frank C. Pond† V. Pristera, Jr.† Jonathon Pyburn Richard and Joan Ralph Jeff and Susan Rashid William and Tracy Reeder P. Kevin Reidy† Fred and Karen Rhynders Mr. Jeffrey Richards Laura Riddle Richard and Susan Rieser Bill and Deborah Roberts Stephen and Caryn Robin Steve Rodichok and Renee Gattone† Mr. Bruce Rodman David G. Rosenbaum Honey and Howard Rosenfeld Hilary Rosenthal Mr. and Ms. Richard Rosenthal Lisa and Doug Rosskamm Mrs. Donald S. Roth Kimberly and Ari Rubenfeld Ms. Carol S. Sadow Ms. Krista Sahakian Bettylu and Paul Saltzman Henry J. Sampson Julia Nowicki and Timothy A. Sanborn MD Stephen and Leatrice Sandler Chris and Barb Sanford† Brett Saternus Bill Savage Mr. George Savvas Marie-Claude Schauer Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Schewe Mr. and Mrs. Darryl G. Schimeck Carla Scott† Mr. and Mrs. Todd Segall Richard and Betty Seid Jeff and Sonia Semenchuk†

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Tim and Jane Evans Joan and John Fadden Maurice Fantus and Judith Aiello Demitri and Pamela Fardelos Stephen Fedo Deb Feldman Toni and Joel Fenchel Mr. William Field Mr. Robert G. Fisch Liz Fisher† Jeremiah Fisher Marilyn E. Fites Adrienne Flowers Jim and Yvonne Fogerty† Mr. Richard Landgraff and Ms. Bernadette Foley Mike Folk Paul Fong Mr. Larry Goffney and Ms. Betty Forman John and Adrian Foster Sean Foster Timothy and Janet Fox Reverend Mark A. Fracaro† Dr. and Mrs. James Franklin Annika and Patrik Frid Susan and Sy Frolichstein Phillip D. Funkenbusch Mr. Vince Gaffney Stephanie Gaines Mr. and Ms. Robert Galligan Joseph and Christina Galvin† Heather Gardner Hank and Sandy Gentry Thomas and Patricia Germino† Dawn and Eddie Gershman Ms. Fritzi Getz Marina and Sander Gilman† Clark and Nancy Gilpin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Glaser Sue Golan Jaye and John Golanty Marvin and Phyllis Goldblatt Karen Goldstein† Marsha and Michael Goldstein Paul Goldstein and Nasrin Mahani Sue-Gray Goller Mr. David Gomel Sam Goodman Leo and Linda Gordon Darla Goudeau Ms. Ashley Grant Ms. Paula T. Grasso Mr. Sherwin Green Michael and Lisa Greenfield The Greffin Family

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Robin and Harry Hunter Patricia Hurley William E. Ibe Jim and Joyce Ibers Mr. and Mrs. Troy Ihlanfeldt Matthew Ingenito† Beartriz Iorgulescu Jim and Peg Isherwood Joan Istrate Peter Ivanovich Mr. and Mrs. Marc Jacobson Shirlie James John David Jawor† Douglas and Margaret Jayes† Craig “CJ” Jensen and Craig Dannenbrink Ed Jeske and John Hern Todd and Jennifer Jones Ms. Angela Kabbes Tom and Esta Kallen Gregory and Marissa Kalman Olwyn J. Kane Norma and Nolan Kaplan Aviva Katzman and Morris Mauer† Polly Kawalek Adam and Renee Keats Dr. Susan A. Kecskes† Harry Kenny Ms. Lucy Kereta-Bloch Jeffrey Kerr Seema Khan Linda Belan and Vincent Kinehan† Mike and Leslie King Drs. Tom and Linda Kirch Dr. and Mrs. M. Barry Kirschenbaum Matt and Karen Klickman Ms. Monica Kline Dawn Klingensmith and Jeff Pinkerton† Anne Chipman and Joe Knecht John Kobza Mr. Michael Kochman Mr. Jeff Koh Amy Kohn Annette Baldwin and Paul Kolansinski Mr. and Mrs. Richard Komarek Electra D. Kontalonis Cheryl and Robert Kopecky Mary Ann Korenic Mr. and Mrs. Mike Korompilas Jeff and Katie Kowalsky

Mr. Kenneth Krimstein and Ms. Alex Sinclair Mary Kupferberg Pamela K. Ladd Chuck and Diane Laff Mr. Kurt Lagerloef† Thomas Lariviere† Teresa Larkin Robert Larrimore† Robert and Lynn Larry Peter and Shirley Dugdale Laundy Catherine and Peter Lawler Bart Lazar Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lebolt† Peter and Judith Lederer Bill Lee and Malinda Hamann† Peggy and Greg Legan† Ms. Leslie Lehman R.W. Lekan Laurie Leli Neil Lenhoff Mr. Jeffrey Lennard David and Sandy Lentz Steven Leon Dr. and Mrs. Harvey J. Levin Grant and Michelle Ley† Robert and Martha Lichter Jean Linsner Lynn Liston Peter Littlewood† Margit “Maggie” Livingston† Mr. and Mrs. Gershon Locker Mr. Michael Loquercio Katherine M. Lorenz Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lovaas Jeff and Nancy Lowenthal† Judy and George Lowman Ms. Christine Luskin Jim Maclennan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Manak Samantha and David Mann Joseph and Gloria Marcus Randi Ragins and Bob Markowski Jennifer Marling Steve and Melissa Marovich Ed and Linnea Martin† Erica and Frank Matagrano† David and Karen Mattenson Mr. and Mrs. R. David Matthews Dawn Mattozzi and Amy Phinney Joan and Jerry Matson Mariann Mayberry Mr. Michael McCahey

John McCambridge Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McColgan Drs. Linda Skitka and William McCready Terrance and Jane McElroy Pam McEnroe Sharon McGee Paul and Lana McHenry Elisabeth and Michael McHugh Kathy and Alan McLaughlin† Nuncia and Rafael Medina Sheila and Harvey Medvin John and Lisa Merlock Allyson Metcalf and Brian Tennison† David and Linda Metschke† Tom Mikrut James Polka Mia and Jonathan Miller† Kerry Miller and Nina Kavin Ron and Pat Miller Mr. Michael Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Steve Monieson Corinne S. Morrissey Dr. and Mrs. Martin Mozes Charles G. Mueller Ellen Muench Gerald and Maia Mullin Patrick Mulvey Ms. Jennifer Myers Tom Myers† William Myers Ms. Lois Mysliwy Mike and Nance Nalepa† Randy Nease Lynne Considene Nieman Mary Nolen Susan and Nicholas Noyes Ann and Dan O’Brien Maureen OBrien Paul and Karin O’Connor John and Megan O’Connor† Dennis J. O’Keefe and Mary Jo Barrett Barbara and Franklin A. O’Leary Larry and Barbara Olin Bruce Oltman Nancy and Myles O’Reilly† Jamie and Rachel Orlikoff† Frances and William Paden Ronna Page† Deborah Page Jane Panther Anthony Papini Steve and Elise Paquette Catherine and Robert Parks

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Barry Carlson Stephen C. Carlson Mr. Michael Carnow and Mrs. Abby Reiss Sharon Carr John and Joyce Cassel Amanda Durik and David J. Castro Beverly and Dennis Cavanaugh Esther J Cepeda Helen and Paul Chang Stephen and Jane Chernof Ms. Debbie Chipman Rajeev Chopra Antonia Ianniello and George Chuzi Drs. William and Elizabeth Clark Dr. and Mrs. Robert Clark Kimberly Clawson† Mr. Dru Cochran Marvin R. Cohen Mr. James Cohn Ms. Monika Collins Mr. Allan Connolly and Ms. Jennifer Williamson Peter and Judith Connolly† Mary L Conway Marcia Mary Cook Kara J. Coyle Norma I. Crane Angela Cribben Colin and Teri Cross Terry Crozier Catherine Cudahy Beverly and Anthony D’Agostino Ms. Susan Daly Kathleen Daniels Phyllis Deerinck Michelle and Christopher DeMent Ms. Marilyn DeRight Mr. Derrik Dickinson Louise E. Dieterle Lauri Dietz The DiGregorio’s Mr. and Mrs. Lorraine Dimun Robert and Karen Dirmish Michele and Robert Disselhorst Evan Djikas and Jennifer Djikas Joseph Dellaratta Drapeau Watts Family Justin and Lauren Drogos Judy and Jerry Drommerhausen Patrick and Julie Duffy

David and Suzanna Dulin John and Pat Dyble Wendy Eager Nancy Felton-Elkins and Larry Elkins Eugene and Jean Emeson Ms. Lilly Eng Jamie and Sam Evins Caryl Ewing Tom and Terry Fallon Mr. Charles Fanning Linda and Ed J. Farkas Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Fegan Drs. Richard and Roberta Feldman Mr. Kyle Fennell Shilan Fine and John Doeringer Nancy and Rick Firfer Sara Stern and Ted Fishman† Mary Krigbaum and Patrick Fitzgerald Ms. Cynthia Fitzharris Sean Taylor and Sheila Flaherty John and Patti Flanagan Thomas and Lois Flanders Sam Fleischacker and Amy Reichert† Heather and Jeff Fleitz Sandy Fliegelman Charlotte and Robert D. Flinn Jeanne Flosi William and Elizabeth Foreman Marilyn and Eric Fors† Mr. Joseph Fosco Mr. Jon Fosgitt Ms. Rhona Frazin Donna Fredricksen Richard and Lois Fuhrer Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Galinsky Raymond and Patricia Gass Mark and Bonnie Gehrman Barbara J. Geist Nancy Gidwitz Hugh and Doris Gilbert Van H. and Sandra V. Gilbert Mr. Richard E. Ginsberg and Ms. Natalie Tessler Patricia and James Gladden Anneliese Glick Martin and Cathy Glickman Deena and Larry Goldman Dr. Deirdre Dupre and Dr. Robert Golub

†Step-by-Step We salute the individual donors who have committed to a recurring monthly or quarterly gift to 50 Airline Highway Steppenwolf. Their ongoing support helps fuel Steppenwolf’s mission of superior acting and risk-taking work.

…cont’d annual fund

Brian Gonner Jessica L. Gonzalez Mr. and Mrs. John Goodman† Sandra and James Goodman Julian Gordon Sophie and Bob Gordon Patricia Graham Bobby Grant† Kenneth E Grant III William and Diane Grant Judy Grasmick Allen Greenberger Gabriel Greene Sarah Greene Mr. Brian Greenlees Mr. and Mrs. Larry Greenstein Mr. Mark Greer Mr. Craig A. Griffith James and Lynn Grogan† Merle and Barry Gross Jeffrey Gross Robert and Patricia Hahn Ms. Mary Hall Elizbeth Hamilton and Christopher Deutsch Ms. Tina Han Dr. Raymond and Arlene Handler Ednalyn and Barbara Hansen Dr. Bruce Harmon and Ms. Bonnie Harmon Thomas and Joie Harris Carol Harrison Edward and Louise Hartigan Dr. Marsie Hass and Dr. Scott Hite Patrick and Carol Haverty Diana J Healy Richard and Bridget Heathfield Albert and Amy Heber Alison Heiser Mattsen Heller Ms. Sandra L. Helton Mr. Ross Hemphill Ms. Lynne Hensel Eileen Herber Dennis Hjelm Stephen Hnatow Vivian and Dave Hock Michelle and Glenn Holland Donald and Karen Holmberg Carol B Holmes David and Suzanne Holmes

Ms. Susan K. Horn Jacqueline D Howard Amy Hutchinson Richard Hutner and Lena Motev Qasim Jami Mr. Lukas Janulis Patricia A. Jiganti Ray and Julia Joehl David Joel and Susan Holtzman Rob and Mary Johannigman Craig and Heidi Johnson Ruth Johnston Bill and Jo Joy Libby Joyce Fran and Harvey Kaluzna Ms. Jena Karcazes Jerry Karlin Rich and Heidi Katz Laurence and Barbara Kaufman Sandra Blau Martin and Barbara Keeley Mr. and Mrs. Francis Kelch Matthew J. Keller Ms. Portia Kennel Bonnie Kepplinger Rita Kerns Ms. Lisa Keys Mr. Wayne Kik Candace Killian Joseph and Catherine King Janet Kohrman Betty H. Kolb Therese Komar Ken and Janet Kubis Matt and Jen Kueker Bob Kunio and Libby Roth† Walter and Elaine Kurczewski Tina Kuska and Mark Killian Steve Kymes Dennis and Nikki Lacewell Marvin Lader Edward and Laverne Larsen Leah Laurie Linda Legner Deidre and Mark Lemire Wallace and Carol Lennox Susan Levitt Gregory Lewis and Mary Strek† Valerie and Michael Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Steve Jacobson Royal Lichter Arlene Lieb Peter Lipton Lora Jane Lisle

Mr. and Mrs. Burton Litwin Velda Lloyd Bruce Lockwitz Ingrid LoGiudice Mary Catherine Long Thomas and Susan Long Beryl and Sue Lovitz Elliott and Miriam Lyon Hedges MacDonald Jr. Mardie MacKimm Madeline MacMillan Alice R. Macy Del and Tammy Madsen Claude Maechling and Carrie McNally† Ray Maffet Alberto Magallanez

Stacey and Patrick McCusker Anne McDevitt Anastasia McGuire Mary and Dan Mcguire Joseph and Agnes McHugh Cathy McKee Ann and Christopher McKee† Robert and Lorel McMillan Steve and Mary Mecker Michael and Nancy Merel Chuck and Sylvia Meyers† Geraldine McCabe-Miele Mr. Jason Miele Dean A. Miller and Martha H. Swift

The 2014/15 Season Kick-Off Mr. and Ms. John V. Malkovich Erik Malone Mr. and Ms. Michael P. Malone Tom and Lori Manning Wendy Manto Melissa and Richard March Marge Marcus David Marker and Georgann Joseph Nancy and Kenneth Marks Larry and Shelia Marshall Tom and Robin Martin Anthony and Laura Massaro The Masterson Family Henry and Peggy Matson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maurice Larry Mayer Lisa Mayntz and Bill Blidy Patricia McBride Thomas and Barbara McCaffrey Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Mccormick

Mr. Greg Miller Sandy and Scott Miller† Stephen and Kimberley Miller Alison Millerick Nathan Fleming and Abby Mohaupt† Barbara and Ron Moline Drs. Terri Monk and B. Craig Weldon Chris and Kathe Monley† Marcia and Jonathan Montgomery Brian Weatherford and Steven Montgomery Carol S. Morris Lydia Morris Ms. Mary Louise H. Morrison David and Linda Moscow Ms. Colleen Mueller Patrick Mulville Mary Ellen Murphy Jenny Nagaoka and Bart Longacre Kurt Nakaoka and Nancy Morris Vincent and Amy Narea

steppenwolf 51

Elke Aippersbach and Piers Nash Mr. Patrick Nash Erika Nelson and David Wagener Dani Nichols Mark and Maggie Nichter† Matthew Niemet Vivian Nunziato Hon. Sheila O’Brien Maria and Ev Ocasio Mr. Nick Odendahl The Odom Family John M. O’Donnell and Bonnie L. Humphrey Ronan and Jill O’Donovan† Shelia and Julian Oettinger Robert O’Farrell Mary E. O’Leary Kirsten Olson Clifford Opatken Peter and Alanne Ori Susan Orlowski and Dr. Katherine Boho County Clerk David Orr Marjorie Orr Jerome and Kathryn Osen† Hilda and Jose Padilla Jim and Sue Pajakowski Brian and Megann Panek Debra Parker Mark and Mary Partridge John and Diane Patience Audrey and John Paton Ms. Deb Patterson Douglas and Linda Paul Dr. Steven and Mimi Binette Charles and Melanie Payne Elyse Pearlman and Brad Teckenbrock Caroline Pearson Melissa Peralta Ms. Allison Peters Sheldon and Marcia Pevsner Pamela Pifer Chrystin and Lonnie Pleasants† Ms. Katherine Pollock Posner Family Trust Carrie and Michael Powers† Dr. Jean E. Prebis Elaine and Ronald Prebish Peter Preston Lynn and Clayton Pruitt Felicia Pugh and Robert Collins Mr. R. Scott Purdy Ms. Marcia Purze

Dave and Darby Putman Kevin Quirk and Marsha Lee Jan Radcliff Mr. Andre Raiford Sr. Heidi Ralli Dean Rapp Bridget and Louis Ray Mr. Chuck Rebesco Ms. Cynthia Rice Ed and Suzette Rickert Sandi Riggs Ferlillia Roberson Barbara Robinson Richard Rochelle Mr. and Mrs. Russ Rockenbach Susan W. Rogaliner Deborah Rogers Lorraine Rosenberg Mr. Howard A. Rosenblum Robert and Sue Ross† Ann M. Rothschild T. Marshall Rousseau Manfred Ruddat Mr. Joseph Ruggirello Adrienne and Miles Russ Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Michael Ryan Dan Sackett Jeffrey and Ellen Sadur Mr. Donald Sager Dirk Denison and David Salkin Van and Sue Salmans Mr. James Sampson Albert and Marcelle Saporta Mr. Gabriel Sayer Mr. and Mrs. John Scala Allison and Charles Scherer Alice and Don Schindel Rose Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Joe Schmit Frank and Karen Schneider Dale and Mary Schriemer Mrs. Margaret Schuring Ralph and Donna Schuler Ms. Michele Schuller Robert I. Schwartz Russell Scott Barbara Jo and Thomas D. Scott Thomas and Mary Ellen Scott† Mr. Scott Seifert Elizabeth G. Selmier Mr. John Sevcik Mary Lou Shadle Mr. Marty Shandles Sugar Shankman Kay Shannon

Mr. Daniel Shapiro Elizabeth and Michael Shapiro Neil Shapiro† Jeffrey S. Sharp and Elizabeth D. Sharp Ms. Terri Shepard Cheryl and Philip Sheridan† Mr. and Mrs. William Shorey Ellen and Richared Shubart Brent Siegel Jodi Silberman Judy Silverman Susan and Paul Silverman† George and Lynne Simon Jane and Jim Perkins† Steve Slojkowski Joan K. Slotnick Rae and David Smerling Chuck Smith Ms. Janet Smith Lois Smith Drs. Carol Payne and Robert L. Smith Ronald C. Smith Ben Sosewitz Tracy Spadola Gary Spangler and Julie B. Aimen-Spangler Janine L. Spears Bill Spears Lisa Spector Malcolm Spector and Nancy Ludmerer Jo and George Spindler Melanie Splain Shantha Sreekanth Patricia Staab Andrew and Andrea Stambuk Ms. Jessica Statz Donald F. Steiner Wallace Stenhouse Charles and Janet Stern Carol S. Stern Richard Stevens Johannah and Laurie Stokes Ms. Leanne Storch Robert and Mary Rose Strezewski† Mr. Larry Stuckey II Mark and Irene Sudac Kathryn Sullivan and Christopher Bing Mimi Takami Cheryl Thaxton Judy Thome Floyd Thompson Mrs. Mary Ann Tolli

Rachel Tomasek and Ron Anderson Barbara Trice Susan D. Tuteur Ms. Mary Tyrrell Virginia Vale Suzanne Venecek John Viars Butch and Debbie Viccellio Mr. Jaime Viteri Sue Vondran Chuck and Sue Wagener Eugene and Sandra Wagner Lillian and Steven Walanka Marsie Wallach Mr. Matthew Walsh June and Patrick Walsh William Walton Crawford and Barbara Ward The Watson Family Linda Watson Mr. Philip Watson Mr. Mike Wawszczak Elissa B. Weaver James Weidner Alan and Boni Weinstein Hava and Ariel Weissberg Barbara A. Weithaus Marcia and Richard Welcome Kal Wenig Donna Werner Mr. and Mrs. Doug West Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Whitaker Mr. Sanford White Dot and Dan Whittenberger Deborah B. Williams, Ph.D. Freddie Wilson Mr. David Wise Ms. Elizabeth Wohlleb Coleman Wolf and Ellen Chapelle† Stephanie Wolf Joyce Woods John Woodyard and Patricia Taylor-Woodyard Dr. Robin Wucherer Mary Wylie Dick Yankow Scott Yoder and Kelly Robertson-Yoder David and Nikki Zarefsky Lorraine Kisselburgh and Howard Zelaznik David and Teresa Zembower Kathy Willhoite and Rodd Zolkos

†Step-by-Step We salute the individual donors who have committed to a recurring monthly or quarterly gift to 52 Airline Highway Steppenwolf. Their ongoing support helps fuel Steppenwolf’s mission of superior acting and risk-taking work.

Reading of Zenith, by Kirsten Greenidge. Photo by John Moore.

…cont’d annual fund



TRIESCHMANN 4 NEW PLAY READINGS | 2 WORLD PREMIERE PRODUCTIONS 1 UNFORGETTABLE WEEKEND | FEB 20 – 21, 2015 Seek out new work and new connections with professionals and artists in the theatrical heart of the Rocky Mountains. Networking lunches, Seawell Grand Ballroom dinner, open bar Wrap Party and more. 2015 BONUS EVENTS! Paula Vogel Playwriting Boot Camp | Scriptopia software tutorial & info session

SAVE 20%! PURCHASE BY DEC 15 FOR $205 | 303.893.6030 Full price is $255 starting Dec 16, 2014 Sponsored by Steinberg Charitable Trust and Women’s Voices Fund Producing Partners: Joy S. Burns, Leo & Susan Kiely, Robert & Carole Slosky, Daniel L. Ritchie



Ind i v i d u al C o n t r i b u t o r s A u x i l i a r y C o u nc i l

Ind i v i d u al C o n t r i b u t o r s H o n o r and M e m o r i al G i f t s

Comprised of more than 100 Young Professionals, Steppenwolf’s Auxiliary Council works each season to raise funds for the Steppenwolf for Young Adults Programs. We salute the governing members for giving generously of their time and resources. Contact Megan Smith at 312-654-5697 or to become an Auxiliary Council member today.

By making an honorary or memorial gift to Steppenwolf Theatre Company over the past year, the following individuals celebrated a special occasion or paid tribute to a loved one. Make an honorary gift by contacting Suzanne Miller at 312-654-5617 or

Executive Officers



Aimee Graham* President

Vanessa Abron Kristopher Anderson Sirisha Bendapudi Jonathan Blanc David Blowers Jr. Nicole Bonk Julie Brown Alexandra Carlson Isaac Colunga Viki Conner Bryce Cooper Joel Cornfeld Kim Davis‡ Heather Erickson Juliette Feld Aimee Graham Jasmine E. Guy Stacie Hartman‡ Conery Hoffman Adam Keats Andrew Keyt Jeff Koh Oren Lund‡ Julia Luscombe Sergey Mavrody Ashley Mintz Marcus Mintz Katherine Nardin Akin Owolabi Vishal Patel Brad Perkins Ashley Pettit Brett Plyler Jim Polka Kat Rothstein Shilpa Rupani Francis Sadac‡ Tanya Stanfield Michael Stashwick Jennifer Stuart Frank Trocchio Jeff Tsai Jeffrey Webb Lauren Zadina

Jennifer Alexander Nataly Arber Lagin Avery Marjorie Baltazar Andrew Banas Marisol Barrera Christina Batorski Austin Bell Derek Blin Blake Bryson Nigel Caine Nicholas Casto Bobby Caton Charlie Caton Julie Corvo Kara Coyle Rena Dascal Gia Digiacobbe Derrik Dickinson Christine Dowdle Jeff Dowdle Sean Finn Michael Patrick Fletcher Rebecca Fons Jodi Frank Myriam Fullard Fritzi Getz Tara Gillespie Ivan Golden Mark Greer Reginald Guy Katie Hart Katerina Herder Matthew Herek Sarah Hermanowski Gail Hoffman Amanda Hope Danielle Holtz Daniel Jackson Erica Jaffe Kelli Johnson Katie Kowalsky Nathan Kush

Kim Davis Immediate Past President and Directors Circle Liaison David Blowers, Jr. Vice President of Partnerships Jasmine Guy Vice President of Member Experience Tanya Stanfield Vice President of Development Jennifer Stuart Vice President of Communication & Outreach Founding Officers Marisa Bryce Nora Daley*‡ Executive Committee Vanessa Abron Kristopher Anderson Jonathan Blanc Isaac Colunga Bryce Cooper Conery Hoffman Jeff Koh Oren Lund‡ Julia Luscombe Katherine Nardin Akin Owolabi Jim Polka Kat Rothstein

Katie Lanigan Katia Lemke Marc Levy Joanna Liff Gary Light Rachel Loftspring Joshua Mallamud Pearl Manieri Deborah Mendez Nick Merker Mary Kate Miller Carolyn Montford Ashleigh Morpeau Megan Muskovin Catherine Napier Kathryn Nichols Michael Parlett Melissa Peralta David Pruitt Rissa Reddan Joseph Richiusa Alexander Roman Marie Roth Michelle Schlack Shannon Seipel Tara Shannon Pier Smith Henry So Ryan Stafford Lisa Stevak Jennifer Strojin Michael Stroming Jennifer Strople Lauren Suppes Elizabeth Thomas Elizabeth Treacy Greg Veza Shana Vitek Bill Walsh Sam Waterbury Mike Wawszczak Harriet White

Please note that gifts listed above reflect contributions made as of 10/30/14. Every effort is made to ensure that the information included in our program is accurate. If you have a question about your recognition or wish to alter your listing, please call the Individual Giving Department at 312-654-5617.

54 Airline Highway

* Steppenwolf Trustee

‡ Directors Circle Member

In Honor of Sarah Beardsley Susan and Harry Seigle In Honor of Marlene BreslowBlitstein and Berle Blitstein Judy and Jim Klutznick Madeline Grynstein and Tom Shapiro In Honor of Carole L. Brown Bridget O’Keefe

In Honor of Steve Loucks and Doug Lyon Wayne Box and Max Goonan, Esther Gross, David Germaine and Rob LoPrete, The Testa Family, Sean Rudolph and Brad Blume In Honor of Molly McGaan Betsy and David Brint

In Honor of Doug Brown and Rachel Kraft Judith and Jerry Kaufman

In Honor of Jan Melk Richard and Katie Gottfred

In Honor of Michael Cahan Walter Nathan

In Honor of David Mendelsohn Garry and Sharon Weiss

In Honor of Erin Cook Tom Irwin

In Honor of Bruce Sagan and Bette Cerf Hill Anita and Jamie Orlikoff

In Honor of Nora Daley Shawn M. Donnelley J.B. and M.K. Pritzker Family Foundation

In Honor of Annie Trooien Christian Dill

In Memory of John J. Bransfield, Jr. Myriam L. Bransfield In Memory of George S. Brengel Janyce D. Brengel In Memory of Jerry Horton Katie and Nehl Horton In Memory of Abby S. MagdovitzWasserman Dr. David Wasserman In Memory of Jack B. Stanford Dr. Lisa D. Stanford In Memory of Kari Timm Jill O’Donovan In Memory of Nancy Wald Albert Wald In Memory of Esther Zadeik Mr. Peter A. Zadeik

In Honor of Karen Zelden and Ralph Senst Linda A. Ellis

In Honor of Martha Lavey John and Katherine Fox Rhona and Julian Frazin Neil Ross and Lynn Hauser In Honor of the Lefkofskys and Kalts Laura and Scott Eisen

In Memory of Dr. Morton Arnsdorf Rosemary Crowley

Ind i v i d u al C o n t r i b u t o r s In - K i nd C o n t r i b u t o r s Steppenwolf salutes the following individuals and organizations who donated significant goods and/or services. Joan Allen Apex3 Security Jordan Balderas Balena Leonard Becker, Attorney at Law Beyond Events Catering Kevin Boehm The BOKA Group Café Be-Ba-Reeba Cakestand CH Distillery Chellino Crane The Chicago Cubs The Chicago White Sox City Winery ClientFirst Consulting Group Michael Davis, Hart Davis Hart Wine Co. Guillermo Diaz Edge Audio Services Event Creative Evolution Interiors James Franco Jay Franke Greg Foster Fotio

Freestyle Frost Lighting Co. of IL, Inc. Jeff Garlin Geja’s Café Girl and the Goat Goose Island Beer Company Graycor, Inc. Halls Rental Service John Hart, Hart Davis Hart Wine Co. HMS Media Hotel Lincoln IMAX Chef Stephanie Izard Neringa Kardelyte Rob Katz Paul Konerko Chef Michael Kornick Donna La Pietra Tina Landau Liz and Eric Lefkofsky Ligne Roset Limelight Catering Katie Lowes Lowitz & Sons Linda Lowy Luminaire

Chef Jeff Mahin Mark Campbell Creative MDM Entertainment Microsoft Corporation Sandro Miller MK Restaurant NBC’s Chicago Fire and Chicago PD NBC’s Parks and Recreation Nellcôte Chris O’Dowd Nick Offerman Ogilvy & Mather, Inc. Partytime-HDO Productions, inc. Peak6 Investments Peacock 9 Jeff Perry POP The Public Hotel RA Sushi Renaissance Chicago Downtown Jeffrey Richards Associates Riviera RPM Scott Rudin

Schiff Hardin LLP Second City Theatre Anna D. Shapiro Shure Incorporated Gary Sinise Sono Wood-Fired Darby Stanchfield Stella Barra Pizzeria Summer House Santa Monica Sun-Times D. B. Sweeney Taco Joint Tasty Catering Terry’s Toffee Theatre Development Fund Steve Traxler United Airlines Venue One Vinci V.I.P. Valet Services, Inc. The Weinstein Company Whole Foods

steppenwolf 55

Steppenwolf Donor Events These one-of-a-kind events celebrate the work seen on our stages with our acclaimed ensemble of artists.

Accessibility at Steppenwolf Committed to providing services and programming that enhance the experience of guests with disabilities, Steppenwolf is proud to feature: • Audio-described performances, artistic conversations and touch tours of the stage for guests who are blind or visually-impaired. • Guides dedicated to assisting patrons during audio-described performances.

Auxiliary Council Theater Night: Airline Highway F r i day, Ja n ua r y 16 , 2 0 15 Join Steppenwolf’s young professionals group, The Auxiliary Council, for an evening at the theater! Enjoy a special pre-show happy hour, Airline Highway performance, and an exclusive post-show conversation with actors from the play, for Auxiliary Council members and friends only! You must be a Council Member to receive discounted tickets to the play. Interested in learning more? Contact Megan Smith at 312-654-5697 or

• Complimentary playbills in Braille, large-print and audio formats. • Sign language-interpreted and open-captioned performances for guests who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. • Volunteers who use sign language to greet the audience at sign-interpreted performances. • Assistive listening devices in our Downstairs and Upstairs theaters. • Wheelchair accessible seats and restrooms in all of our theaters. Would you like to utilize or learn more about these services? Audience Services 312-335-1650 TTY 312-335-3830 E-mail

Annual Fund Performance of Steppenwolf for Young Adults’ production of This is Modern Art Sat u r day, F e b r ua r y 2 8 , 2 0 15 Annual Fund Donors at the Players Level and above are invited to a performance of the Steppenwolf for Young Adults production, This is Modern Art. Join us for this exciting world premiere and stay for a reception with the cast, including a conversation lead by members of our Young Adults Council. See first-hand how Steppenwolf for Young Adults programming serves the Chicago community, all made possible thanks to the generosity of our donors. This event is for Annual Fund donors only. For more information on becoming a donor, please contact Suzanne Miller, Annual Fund Manager, at 312-654-5617 or

Behind the Scenes: Costume Design for Marie Antoinette M o n day, Ma r ch 2 , 2 0 15 Directors Circle members are invited to a special artistic presentation and demonstration highlighting the design and construction of the costumes for this Chicago premiere production of David Adjmi’s celebrated play. Enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres while getting this unique insight to the artistic process. This event is for Directors Circle donors only. For more information on the Directors Circle, please contact Jessica Gretch, Individual Giving Coordinator, at 312-654-5672 or

Steppenwolf Customer Service Tips Driving to the theater? Rather than arriving to discover that our garage has reached capacity (which can happen during busy performances), please enter the Steppenwolf Parking Hotline (312-335-1774) into your cell phone and call us when you’re a few minutes away from the theater—we’ll tell you if there’s still space available in our facility, or suggest the most convenient alternative. Spending your intermission in line at the bar? Enjoy the entire break by ordering and paying for your intermission refreshments before the show. When you exit the theater at the end of the first act, your drinks will be waiting for you. Need restaurant information or the score of the ballgame? Please visit our book shop and information desk at the south end of the main floor lobby. Hailing a cab after the play? This is typically an easy affair—Halsted is a busy street and sees a fair amount of taxi traffic. If you’d like assistance hailing a cab or calling a company, though, just ask a member of the house staff; we’re happy to help.

Lost or Found? On-site? Please check in with a member of the house staff. Already left? Call the Front of House office at 312-932-2445. Want to provide feedback? Your input is always valuable to us. Have an opinion about the play or artistic content? Stick around for the post-show discussion featured after every performance, fill out the 60-Second Survey inserted in this program or join the conversation at Have a comment about your overall experience at the theater ? Please ask us for a customer service form to fill out, or e-mail us at Need to contact a patron during a performance? If you need to contact a patron during a performance in our Downstairs or Upstairs Theaters, please call our Concierge Desk at 312-932-2476. Hours: one hour prior to curtain until 15 minutes after curtain call.

The Red or White Ball F r i day, A p r i l 10 , 2 0 15 One of Chicago’s most exciting spring events is hosted by Steppenwolf’s Young Professionals Board, the Auxiliary Council. The Red or White Ball draws more than 500 of Chicago’s energetic leaders for a celebration in support of Steppenwolf’s education programs. The evening begins with a VIP Reception, Steppenwolf artists, and food created by Chicago’s leading chefs. After the reception, the party kicks into high gear with more food, open bars, exciting auction and raffle packages and a D.J. spinning late into the night. This event is open to the public. For more information or to purchase tickets, please contact Megan Smith at 312-654-5697 or

56 Airline Highway

Latecomers will be seated at the discretion of the House Manager. The theater reserves the right to limit admission of children younger than the age of six. The taking of photographs and the use of any type of recording device is not allowed in the theater during performances and is a violation of state and federal copyright laws. Digital media will be deleted, and tape or film will be confiscated. Photo/Video Disclaimer: During your visit, you or members of your family may be filmed, videotaped, and/ or photographed by a Steppenwolf employee, contract photographer or the media. Your attendance at Steppenwolf events serves as permission for the use of your image, or the image of your family members, by Steppenwolf.

Content Disclaimer: Steppenwolf offers an advisory about any stage effect of potential concern to patrons’ health. We will post this information as soon as it’s available. We don’t offer advisories about subject matter, as sensitivities vary from person to person. If you have any concerns about content, please contact audience services.

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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois knows our communities perform at their best through the act of togetherness. By supporting the arts and education, and implementing outreach wellness programs, we’re proud to help our neighbors shine on any stage.

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Airline Highway Program  
Airline Highway Program