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We are wildlife defenders that envisions to educate people about the dangers of human activity not only in killing snakes but also in wildlife in general. We should be wary when killing any wild being for it may affect the food chain ultimately affecting us, humans. We are operating because of a wide coverage. We don't just operate in one place, we operate simultaneously around the globe because that's the effort required to avoid a specie to go extinct in modern times. Due to the ignorance of many people, they use animal's skin to decorate their homes or show off their wealth.

Educate people about the dangers of venomous snakes. But also remind them that not all snakes are lethal. ELEMENT X LABORATORIES

All native wildlife is protected, meaning killing an intruding snake may land you in breach of the Territory Parks and Conservation Act. That means snake killers theoretically put themselves up for heavy penalisation; in the Northern Territory the maximum penalty is up to five years behind bars or a $77,000 fine.

"A snake will never go out of its way to try and attack a person without a reason." -Mr Parkin

We'd like to educate as many people as possible in regards to how to save the lives of snakes that doesn't pose a threat and even the ones that poses a threat. Because we have alternatives into approaching them rather than killing them when seen.

occur throughout many regions of the world and are a threat to public health, especially in the rural tropics where they are most abundant. Out of more than

species of snakes in the world, some

The in the world. This is one of the most dangerous of all snakes in the world when it comes to humans and bites. The pain is unbearable and unlike anything you have experienced before. It is necessary to get medical treatment immediately because the venom will spread rapidly. A person can be extremely ill in an hour or two after the bite occurs.

The Green Tree Python doesn't have venom. However, it is still important to be able to get medical attention after such a bite to prevent an infection. Researches suggests they aren’t strong enough or large enough to but they have been known to try to do so.

are venomous.

What can make the Rattlesnake so dangerous is that it has a striking distance up to . Humans often get too close to them in order to observe and then they end up being bitten. The power of the venom will vary based on the species of the Rattlesnake. There are 30 species though and many subspecies so what they will offer depends on what you come across.

To date it is known that species, or of all snake species are poisonous. While not all of these poisonous snakes can be lumped together in to a single family, there are a number of individual species within each family that prove to be venomous.

We encourage you to visit our booth in World Trade Center Manila. Address: 2/F WTCMM Building, 1300, Pasay Extension corner, Sen. Gil J. Puyat Ave, Pasay, Metro Manila We are open from 8AM - 5PM on August 31,2018 We are located at Hall A Science Convention.

In order to provide our maximum efforts in preserving wildlife we are accepting funding or donations through paypal. You may contact us through email

All your donations will immediately be used for funding our operations. This is a nonprofit organization.

Not only is adopting cheaper but you will also give light to animals that were abandoned by their owners/parents.


A Informative magazine that enlightens the readers about the importance of the Wildlife ecosystem. This version specifically provides inform...


A Informative magazine that enlightens the readers about the importance of the Wildlife ecosystem. This version specifically provides inform...