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Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Over the duration of the project I have learnt new skills. Such as, how to develop my ideas, how to research and analyze magazines. By making a music magazine I have been able to use software which I hadn’t used before therefore I was able to expand my knowledge on how the software works. At the beginning of the coursework I had to learn the conventions of a Music Magazine. I then had to identify the conventions. This is just one example of what I have learnt in the progression of my product.

At the beginning of my Foundation Portfolio, I had never used Photoshop before. Our first task was to make a Sixth Form magazine. We had to individually make a front cover and contents page. Aimed a 16-18 year olds. Which I made both in the space of 2 hours. This allowed me to practice a layout of my magazine, what kind of images I should used and also what conventions should be included.

Images for the appropriate audience. (Same age)

Master head

Date and issue number


Buzz words

Catchy name of Magazine “Sixth Sense� aimed at A Sixth Form.

My Sixth Form magazine was very basic and had very little information on even though I still had to think about the continuous house-style. When looking at my final magazine you can clearly see the difference in quality. I wouldn’t of been able to make such a high quality magazine without researching, analyzing magazine, planning and developing my ideas. I believe that these stages in the process helped me the most during the progression of my product?

Sixth Form Magazine

First attempt at making my product

Final attempt

I had originally made a music magazine, however as soon as I had finished it I then went back and changed the whole magazine. From the images I had used, the house style and the layout. I did not think that my magazine looked as professional as it could have been.

I then had to reschedule my photo-shoots, change my interview to make the language and the theme more suitable for my target audience.

After analyzing magazines such as NME, Kerrang!, Q and Mojo I began to notice the common conventions which helped me to construct a high quality media product which appeal to my target audience. I then put that knowledge into making plan of my magazine. I heavily based the layouts of the front cover, contents and double page spreads on past magazines who have the same target audience.

I made several designs which allowed me to see which layouts worked well for the style of my magazines.

During the planning stages I had then given out a questionnaire to my target audience, this had given me first hand answers. By doing this I could also expand my ideas further to what fitted my audience, I believe that by making this product I have been able to achieve good/ positive audience feedback and research.

When I had made my Sixth form Magazine I had only taken 2 images which would be included. However for Momentum Magazine I had to plan a whole photo-shoot. For all 5 different artists which were included in my magazine. I also progressed with the use of lighting which then made my magazine look higher standard and professional

You can clearly see the development in my images. I had thought more about the misen-scene, the lighting , the positions which my artist is in and which ones work well with the style of magazine.

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it  
Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it