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With Reef to Outback’s vision to reach 100,000 young people in Australia, see a ship tour in 2010; and see many young people released into missions, we have a great need for enthusiastic, mission-hearted people join us in ministry. If you have a heart to continue to grow in your faith, be part of a dynamic community and have an opportunity to engage in ministry then the SLI just might be what you are looking for!

What is the Staff Leadership Internship? The SLI is an introduction to the ministry of Reef to Outback and a time for you to qualify your call into missions. You will have an opportunity to work in a range of different ministry areas being part of the operational side of a YWAM base.

Why do the SLI? The SLI is a pre-requisite for full-time staff involvement with Reef to Outback. The SLI lays the platform of the foundations of the ministry, imparts values, gives you a working understanding of the ministry and trains you in the basics of ministry life

When is the SLI run?

The SLI runs each quarter and the start date coincides with the start dates of the Discipleship Training Schools : January, April, July, October

“The SLI is a great way to get settle into the family here at Reef to Outback. I have learned so much information about the ministry and how things operate! I’ve not only learned what the ministry does but why we do it—the heart behind it, which helps me have a better understanding of why I do what I do! Everyone is so supportive and I have received so much beneficial training which I will be able to take with me the rest of my life!” -- Keevy Harris, USA

What would you do in an internship?? The first 6 months: • 2 weeks in class orientation and induction into ministry • Personal fundraising and support raising assistance • Be full time Reef to Outback staff participating in all areas of base life • Participate in Youth Street • Serve in an area of greatest need in one of our 4 ministry areas (Base Operations, Communications, Community Engagement, Training) • Have opportunity to engage in evangelism through some of our Community Engagement programs • Utilise your gifts and skills in missions – e.g. worship, administration skills, etc If you are not sure what your gifts and skills are yet , the SLI provides you with an opportunity to discover more of your strengths. • Opportunities to work in a community of dedicated YWAMers who are passionate about helping young people

The staff internship opened my eyes! Its not just about sitting at a desk! On my internship I spent 3 months in the states working towards seeing young people reached locally and internationally and got plugged into working in the kitchen! It really laid a great foundation for what I do these days! It was an incredible year

After the first 6 months: ALL of the above PLUS

• Be eligible for staff on a training school (with a minimum commitment of staffing 2 schools) • Gain further leadership training • Have an opportunity to develop some of your personal passions in ministry

Please note: You are unable to undertake a second level training school as part of the internship due to visa restrictions. If you’re interested in doing further training with us outside of the Staff Leadership Internship, please chat to us so we can help map out a plan for you. For further information and an application form talk to one of our registrar staff and come and join in the fun!!!

-- Fiona Saxby, Australia

Postal Address PO Box 6221 Townsville QLD 4810, Australia

Phone + 61 7 4771 2123 Fax + 61 7 4772 4414 or visit

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