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My name is Stephanie Anderson. You might be wondering WHO I am and why I made this book. A long time ago I decided a couple of things. Life statements I ( and anyone ) could live by

* Ultimately, I want to be actively resisting everything that destroys life. want to love people with the kind of love that is worth something. Love that is unconditional, and sacrificial. * IThe kind that allows people to truly understand what it feels like to be valued and cared for. The kind that * * * * *

expects nothing in return. I dont want to see people close to me ( or even those not so close ) waste away from drug/alchohol addiction, instead i want to work towards seeing someone set free. I actually want to know the faces of the people behind the issues I am concerned about I want to love the unloved. and meet Jesus in the most unsuspecting disguises. I want to learn more from seeing the tears of a homeless person, prostitute or a drug addict, rather than looking the other way. I want to learn to listen instead of wait for my turn to speak. I want to think less. and feel more I want to use photography to show Gods faithfulness and beauty. and to tell the amazing stories of people i meet and how their lives have been irreparably changed.

* But most of all, I want to love God with all of my being. This is why I made this book. Im tired of just saying things. My passion is to be active in showing hope and Gods love through my photography. I recently took a trip to Papua New Guinea on a missions trip with YWAM ( Youth With a Mission ). Being my first time to a developing nation, The living conditions, the health conditions, the lack of safety and comfort are way below what I was used to, But you still look around the villages, and they are filled with happy, joyful people, singing and playing carefree in the ocean. They live a simple life. and love it that way. These photos and stories are testimony of God’s goodness and grace as I eagerly strive to follow him.

Papua New Guinea


Land of the Unexpected

Papua New Guinea really is the Land of the Unexpected. From the most loving and welcoming people, to remote and untouched land, sunsets that leave you breathless, to its tremendous national resources, It is impossible to miss the deep and rich inheritance this nation has, and has yet to find for itself. And most of all. I never expected that after spending 3 weeks there, That I would fall in love with the people there. Going there to share God, I ended up finding Him among the people and discovered there is more to life then what we see. The opportunity to experience a culture so remote and unique has radically changed and impacted my life. and I am so glad I got to persue something I have always had a passion for, to use photojournalism to show Gods heart and the beauty of this nation

2 Corinthians 8 : 2-3

Out of the most severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity. For I testify that they gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability. Entirely on their own

We went to visit a couple hospitals while we were here and that was the biggest shock for me. They say that less than 10% of Papua New Guineans have access. or money for healthcare because 80% live in rural areas, so if they get sick. they stay in the village most of the time, and be sick instead of commuting for hours to get to the nearest clinic. not alot of food is provided in hospitals, so they rely on friends and family to come and feed them. We went to the biggest hospital in the Gulf Province ( which i could hardly believe when we went inside ), And this will help give you an idea of the conditions. This was one of the 3 wards they had here, When we walked in, I didnt smell the normal smell you would expect in a hospital, instead of anesthetic and cleaner it smelled like old sheets, metal and 2nd hand equipment. The dingy air and the atmosphere almost made me choke. We saw a man limping out as we came in, who clearly was not ready to be released. but the realities are that he could probably no longer afford to be there, or the doctors still dont know what is wrong so they have to release him. Its hard to believe that is people are fortunate enough to get healthcare, this is what it looks like. There has to be a change...

TEST: PNG photography book  


TEST: PNG photography book