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i This CD has been quite the adventure, a work in progress and we are so glad to share it with everyone. We come together under unique circumstances, musicians from 4 different nations all desiring to use our music for something greater than ourselves. We are song writers, musicians, creative, quirky, intense and passionate. Our hope is that the music on this CD would invite you into the adventure that has swept us away. We hope you are encouraged and motivated to make a difference in your own world as we as musicians are striving to do. Here is our band



i Suzi Brown. american - electric & acoustic guitar Micah Engel. indian/american - guitar,bass Brandon Funk. american - electric guitar, vocals Phil Rentsch. australian - guitar,vocals,bass

Jason Beck. american - Drums, vocals, guitar Dara Hodge. canadian - vocals & synth


Elior CD cover  

The inside design of the School of Music and MIssions band called Elior