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It’s 2010. In a cold, DARK hospital in San Francisco, California, a patient is seen laying in a bed. The 16 year old GIRL'S head is bandaged up but nothing can be seen underneath the covers. Doctors gather in the corner with clipboards in their hands while the MOTHER, middle-aged, and FATHER, old insurance salesman, hold the girl's hand as she slowly opens her eyes, groggy and AGITATED. THE GIRL-IVY What's going on? Where am I? MOTHER I don't know baby. I'm so sorry. (Grabbing Ivy's hand) FATHER Let's wait to hear what the doctor has to say. (Silence for a moment, whispering in the background from the doctor's) The Doctor, suave and in his mid-30's, walks over. DOCTOR MABBIT Hello Ivy. I'm Dr. Mabbit. feeling this morning?

How are you

IVY Not to hot. Can you please tell me what's going on! DOCTOR MABBIT Well, you were in a car accident Ivy and your body has suffered alot of trauma. We had to amputate your legs. (Ivy's eyes widen and looks in shock) DOCTOR MABBIT We tried to save your legs, but there was nothing we could do. We had to amputate your legs from the knee down. Also, you have a broken spine. So, we need to do surgery on that soon in order to guarantee that you'll be able to walk and live a normal life. IVY How is my life going to be normal if I don't have legs? How the hell am I suppose to run the marathon next year when I don't have fucking legs! (Ivy is screaming and crying) DOCTOR MABBIT We have a great prosthetic s doctor on


campus... FATHER How much is all of this going to cost? I feel like there is no way we can afford any of this. DOCTOR MABBIT There are a lot of things that was can do to help you and your family out, but our first priority should be getting your daughter back on her feet. IVY (mumbling) ...or on my fake feet. MOTHER Ivy, please, try to be more respectful. They are trying everything that they can to help you and to make you better. IVY Honestly Mom, I don't fucking care. All I know is that under these damn covers, I have no feet. DOCTOR MABBIT Alright Ivy, let's get back to talking about your spine. We need to start surgery on that hopefully today or tomorrow. We just need you to sign a release form and we will get her into surgery immediately. FATHER Where's the paper work? I'll sign it. DOCTOR MABBIT I'll be right back and grab it for you. (looking at Ivy) Do you need anything before I come back? IVY What would be great is for you to reattach my legs to my body so I can get out of here. Doctor Mabbit leaves the room while Ivy starts crying.



This is a story about a girl named Ivy, a runner, who got into a bad car accident and had to have both of her legs amputated.

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