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Small Light of Comfort

No Compromise...

One girl’s testimony of how she over overcame every girl’s nightmare

HOT SUMMER TUNES To burn your ears

SHINE CHALLENGE The Price of A Summer Dress

GETTING SHORT! Keeping cool in the Sun

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You are the light of the world, a city on a hill which cannot be hidden

Hey Girls! Make sure you cover up in sunscreen and drink plenty of water for a surefire way to keep that healthy glow all through your summer holidays, so no matter what your plans are for your summer hols you can make the most out of your sunny days!! And don’t forget to take and enjoy your new copy of SHINE! In this bumper issue of SHINE, there is so much bursting to get out: we have a testimony from someone of how she dealt with the horror of experiencing every woman’s nightmare; we also have an article from Stop The Traffick about girls like you they work with. Plus we have tips on wearing shorts with integrity, hot new albums to listen to when you’re out and about in the sun, as well as a challenge for you chocolate lovers! So, grab a drink with tons of ice and enjoy a moment with us! With love

Your Big Sis Ed, Steph XxX

No compromise on... fashion

Exams are almost over and Summer is just actually here, so at SHINE we’re ready to make the most of the sun whenever it comes out!

PS: Congratulations to Sinead who just married Chris!!!

The right pair of shorts in summer can make you look and feel amazing without compromising your integrity! Learn how to SHINE with our guide to looking stylish in shorts:

If you dare to bare, don’t forget to moisturise your legs and feet.

Karen Hammond: “Wearing shorts isn’t a bad thing. The length depends on the setting: For instance if you’re playing sport, you’ll need quite short shorts otherwise they’d get in your way and if you’re on holiday, short shorts on the beach are expected!”

For individual style without showing off your legs, wear cotton or denim shorts with bright tights or leggings.

If you are embarrassed about pale legs - add a hint of colour with a selftanning lotion. Don’t be too heavy-handed with it though and practise before you go out!

Or team with a brightly oloured belt to show off the colour of your shorts.

No compromise on... lifestyle

De-Lites John 14: 27 “...for all the people of my town know you are a virtuous woman.”

means choosing the

you put into your work.

It can be irritating to know some people seem to always be watching you, but there are many you are not aware of who are also observing your lifestyle - what do the people in the town know about you? Is it representative of a “virtuous

When you are not sure of what is happening around

salm 32: 10 “Many sorrows shall be to the wicked; but he who trusts in the LORD, mercy shall surround him.”

Matthew 5:11

In our current financial climate here in the UK it is easy to get caught up in focussing on money and lack of it. But as children of the Most High God, we don’t need to worry! As you put your trust in Him, look at what you do have in His provision and kindness.

“... by smooth words and

1 Corinthians 9:7

Titus 2:3-4

Who is your role model? LookGiving of our time, our money, our help, our resources... offer, but we can all be ‘ungra-

does - giving giving of ourselves to one another from a heart of joyful love.

focus on Jesus and not on

and say all sorts of evil things against you because you are

Psalm 20: 4 “May He grant you according to your heart’s desire, and fulfil all your purpose.”

Have you ever had someone make fun of you just because

God has a purpose for you and it is our heart’s desire that you see Him fulfil all

people mock you and perse-

1 Peter 2: 1

experience. So maybe you can

godly should gently and humbly

another. Sometimes Christianity

Rejoice in it! God is at work in you, He’ll protect receive great

No compromise on... the Word

be hidden away.

cannot do it alone! But be aware


Do not hide your light but let it SHINE in front of all your mates


There are some great shorts currently being seen in your local high streets:

It is important you are comfortable with the length of your shorts. But how short should a SHINE girl of God go? Here are some tips to help you: Check your undies, or a builders cleavage, isn’t on display when sitting...

HighWaisted overall shorts


3-quarter lengths

... And make sure they don’t reveal too much to anyone behind you. Toyin Ajulo: “To be honest, I’ve never thought it was inappropriate to wear shorts. I think there’s a limit - bum cheeks on show is too much!!”

Ruth Ama: “What matters is the heart and intention behind wearing shorts. For example, if you feel the need to wear shorts as a way of gaining attention from guys or jealousy from other girls, then your heart is wrong. “Where your treasure is your heart will be”: I believe this verse stands for dignity and integrity too!!”

The Price of a Summer Dress How much did it cost you to buy your last summer dress or pair of shorts? How much do you think it would cost to buy the person making these items?

Victoria Kuhr, the Community Action and Resources Officer for STOP THE TRAFFIK, writes for SHINE, giving us something to think about over summer:

Ridiculous, isn’t it? Surely you can’t buy a person? But what may seem ridiculous is actually a sad reality: today, a person can be bought and they’re actually not that expensive. Buying and selling people – human trafficking – is the fastest growing global trade. Every year thousands (some say millions) of people are up for sale – available to the highest bidder. And like a summer dress, when it’s been worn out or their owner becomes bored, they are sold to someone else and a replacement is found. Human trafficking occurs when someone is taken, tricked or forced into leaving their home, then they are exploited and treated like a slave in places like a factory, someone’s house or the sex industry. Someone can be trafficked to another country or to another part of their own city. Every single day while you’re at school or college, 420 people will be trafficked internationally.

Roshni’s Story “I am from a small Indian village. My parents didn’t have enough money to pay for both me and my brother to go to school, so I stay home. Looking for a way to earn money, I asked an employment agency what a girl with little reading and writing skills could do. A wonderful man said he had the perfect job in the fashion industry! I was so excited! Now I work in a cramped, dusty, sewing factory in a little side street in a Mumbai slum. I work at least 9 – 12 hours a day, have little to eat and the ‘wonderful accommodation’ turned out to be a mattress on the factory floor with 15 others. The air is so thick with chemicals and dust I find it hard to breath. I had to borrow money to get here so have to keep working until it’s paid off, which could be forever.” (Taken from the book: STOP THE TRAFFIK. People Shouldn’t be Bought and Sold.)

Dealing with ....

Future Choices

Dear Shine

I’ve just finished my ‘A’ Level exams and am due to start uni, but I’m not sure I’ve chosen the right course and I don’t really want to go. My parents want me to go because they didn’t have the opportunity. But I’d rather go to Bible College than to university! Melinda, 18

Regarding your future education: Have you considered sitting down with your parents to discuss your plans with them? Have you worked out what you want to do when you finish your education? Perhaps if you discuss the various degree courses on offer to you at Bible College, how they compare to the University you had applied to, why you specifically want


to attend Bible College and where this could lead you in the future, your parents may be able to appreciate your preference. Plus they would be able to understand your desire to attend Bible College. The Bible College you have in mind may offer a Bachelors Degree course recognisable as a University Degree; this may help to settle your parents’ fears about you missing opportunities. If you are planning to work within a Church-

based vocation such as Youth Leadership or on the mission field, a degree from a recognised Bible College would be necessary; some countries accepting missionaries require them to have a clear career and not just a degree before they can enter the country. This is why it is important to gather as much information before you spend time talking through your options with your parents, as they will ultimately want the best for you. You can demonstrate your honour of them and their wishes, in the way you

Why women and girls? Statistics show women and girls as more likely to be affected by poverty, more likely to be left in conflict zones, more likely to be in refugee camps, more likely to be economically discriminated against, less likely to go to school and less likely to have absolute control over their own bodies, lives and futures. Women are objectified much more than men in pretty much every society. It’s in these conditions that traffickers select their victims and sow their lies of hope and a better life. In a culture where women and girls are seen as worthless objects and have limited workplace skills, a trafficker doesn’t have to promise the world – just something better with more options; like a job selling ice-cream in London (the 15 year old who took that job was sold in Heathrow airport and forced into prostitution). To learn more about issues connecting girls and trafficking, or to find out how your story can meet Roshni’s, join STOP THE TRAFFIK’s new campaign START FREEDOM at: startfreedom/ YOU have the power to make a difference, it’s time to use it. SHINE CHALLENGE:

Dear Melinda Congratulations on finishing your exams! I would imagine it’s a huge relief you survived them! Well done!

Unfortunately, this story is not unusual. All over the world people are transported into lives they didn’t choose: From a girl trafficked onto a cocoa plantation in Cote D’Ivoire, to a girl forced into prostitution by an older boyfriend in Northampton; from a country far away to your own high street – it’s happening and 80% of victims are girls and women.

speak to them about your plans. If your parents still would want you to achieve a degree at a recognised university, you may have the opportunity to change the course you want to do and could go to Bible College

when you finish, so it’s not a complete waste of time speaking with them. I hope this has given you a small insight into what you are hoping to do. With every good wish for your future.

This summer, instead of wasting your days sitting in front of the TV eating chocolate, think about the people, your age, who were forced into making your chocolate. Raise awareness with your mates about the ‘STOP THE TRAFFIK: START FREEDOM’ campaign, or raise money to help girls like you start a life of freedom from being trafficked. We have a chance this summer to “help our neighbour”. Send in your ideas and/or photos to the STOP THE TRAFFIK website quoting: “I want to help others SHINE!”

No compromise on... the truth

Let the good things you do SHINE out for everyone to see, so they can see that God is real in you

Philippa Hannah T ste Ta

Regular SHINE readers will remeber our interview with hot new UK artist Philippa Hannah last issue. We’re back with news of Philippa’s new album:” Taste” due for released in June. Quirky, fresh and catchy, “Taste” will grab your attention from its opening. The mellow backdrop of “Where Do I Go?” is contrasted by the slamming guitar driven “Changing My Mind” . This uplifting album is thoroughly singable and will charm you, as the songs float around your head and soothe your soul.

Sarah Reeves

Krystal Meyers

Joy Whitlock

Sweet Sweet Sound

Make Some Noise

God And A Girl

A hugely impressive debut EP from 19 year old Alabama-based worship leader! The first track “Awaken” introduces you to a voice not unlike Leigh Nash (Sixpence None The Richer), driven by guitarbased rock and a heart which is God focused. “Come Save” is one of two ballads, pleading for God’s mercy to “Free us from these chains” This debut is the start of something very special, so watch out for more from Sarah!

She’s still only 19, but this is Krystal Meyers’ third album: a keyboard-led pop sound. Some tracks bear superficial resemblance to quality ‘80s synthpop, such as Eurythmics. Others are more upto-date, with a definite club/dance influence. Throughout there are great catchy tunes with the tracks packed with energy. Krystal’s lyrics are focussed on the concerns of teenage Christians which Shine readers will be able to identify with. Highly recommended summer listening!

Drawing comparisons with Jennifer Knapp, Kendall Payne and Sarah Mclachlan, this debut from an American singer/ songwriter fits nicely into the acoustic pop/rock territory. Joy passionately expresses herself in honest conversations with her God. Musical styles are varied with some laid back tracks alongside more up-tempo rockier ones, making this another great album to add to your i-pod!

Other News:

Rock worshippers Hillsong United: Anticipation is building for the new live album by Australian youth worship , Hillsong United ‘Across The Earth: Tear Down The Walls’. The album was recorded at Encounterfest ‘08 and will be released in the UK through Authentic Music soon.

Delirious? call it a day with sixdate UK tour “ROCK WORSHIP”. The History Makers Farewell Tour kicks off at Belfast Waterfront on 24th November followed by dates at: HMV Picture House, Edinburgh (25th); O2 Academy, Bristol (26th); O2 Academy, Birmingham (27th); O2 Academy, Leeds (28th); and HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London (29th).

SMALL LIGHT OF COMFORT Daniel said he had to drop off one of the guys, then he and I would go out; I agreed that would be cool. Anyway, we got to this guy’s house when Daniel then said we just had to go in for a minute to pick something up, so I said “Yeah, cool, no problem” and followed the three guys into the house. At 17, whilst working on her A Level exams, Yasmin encountered what would be described as every woman’s nightmare I received a random phone call one night in January, just after my 17th birthday, from a withheld number. It turned out to be a guy called “Daniel” who claimed to have met me in a club the night before – but I had not gone out the night before! He claimed I had given him my number and said he was interested in getting to know me. I was quite chuffed because he was 5 years older than me. He asked if I wanted to go out for a film; I wasn’t sure about him at first, so I checked with a mutual friend; it later transpired she had given him my number and encouraged me to go out with him. So I went out with him a few times, but there was nothing really in it on my part. Another friend of mine - Harriet - starting seeing one of his mates, at the same time she was seeing Shane, an ex-boyfriend. One Sunday, Shane had booked a hotel and asked Harriet to meet him for a night out in London, then stay overnight so didn’t have to catch a bus home. I said I would go with them so she wouldn’t be alone with him in the clubs, but I didn’t stay at the hotel.

We were all chilling in the front room at first; suddenly Daniel’s three mates walked out, leaving me and Daniel alone. We were watching a film, so he turned the lights off. One thing led to another till we were just lying on the sofa together.

Daniel said to me, “As a favour, I’ll drop you to the Station”. So me, him and one of the others got in the car. I was really quiet and he asked me what was wrong, I told him “nothing”. He dropped me off at Stratford Station but I had just missed the train and had to wait half an hour for the next train – completely alone.

Suddenly the emotion of being gang-raped hit me, I ran to the ladies and broke down right there. Finally, my train came in. I can still see myself sitting on the train staring out of the window, because it was dark, all I could see was the reflection of myself in the blackness of the window.

contain it any more, I fell down the wall and collapsed in a heap on the floor, in tears.

They knew instantly I had been raped and took me straight to the Police Station. I had to call my mum and explain to her that I’d lied about where I had been the night before; and that I had been raped, I needed her with me at the Police Station. The Police urged me to take it further, but the Officer dealing with my case warned that as I had been seeing Daniel and he’d been to my house before the incident, the guys involved may try to argue it was part of the relationship if it ever went

Before I knew it, his friends had come back into the room and one of them started to put his hands in places he shouldn’t have. Clinging onto Daniel, I said “Err... what’s going on?” He responded “It’s alright babes, we’re all friends here.” But I wasn’t comfortable with what was happening. That was the beginning of what would become the most tormented moment of my life. For the next hour, one after another, Daniel and his friends gang-raped me. The room was in complete darkness whilst I was being raped, except for the light of my mobile. I kept switching on because I found small comfort in the light. At one point I managed to send a text to Harriet saying “Help I’m being raped!” but didn’t hear from her. After all the guys had finished doing what they were doing, I put my clothes back on; it didn’t really sink in what had just happened to me.

knew how to deal with the rape, so we brushed it under the carpet. I became a Christian in February 2007, when my now-fiancé started going back to Church and asked me to go with him. I agreed because I had come to a place where I needed to find out if God was real. The first sermon I ever heard was on forgiveness and how if we don’t forgive someone who has wronged us, we are bound to them forever, which makes it difficult for us to move and fulfil the destiny God has for us. I knew God was speaking to me as I sat sobbing in the service and gave my life to Jesus. With God’s help, I’ve been able to whole-heartedly forgive the guys involved with raping me. When I look back now, I praise God that I survived my ordeal: some girls are killed, while others fall into deep depression. But I wasn’t prepared to let it beat me – even before knowing Christ. I wanted to turn it around to support others through similar experiences. I believe God will use my testimony to empower others, to understand how precious we are as women, and how precious sex is in the right context.

ADVICE I had earier lied to my mum, about where I was going, so when I arrived home at 2am, I went straight to my room and lay on my bed. I didn’t even have a shower or anything because I didn’t want to wake anyone up. I lay there thinking over and over “Oh my God, what just happened?” The next morning, I was quiet getting ready for school. When I got into class and met up with my group of friends, we were discussing what we’d been up to over the weekend; but I couldn’t

to court. I didn’t want to put my family through that, so I just went home without pressing charges. When I got home I just sat in a bath of anti-bacterial disinfectant and even though I was 17, sobbed whilst my mum washed me like I was three years old again. Then I eventually fell asleep. At one point I remember waking up with my younger sister stroking my forehead and wiping the tears from my face. But neither my mum nor I really

WORD: The Hand of The Father

Reveiws and News (apart from Philippa Hanna review) supplied by Cross Rhythms, the UK’s leading Christian music voice. Visit

At the end of the night, I arranged for Daniel to come and pick me up. When he arrived, he had three guys in the car with him – one was the guy Harriet had been with, the others I didn’t know.


If you have been a victim of rape, it is important you speak to someone and report it if you haven’t already. Then to allow God to bring you to a place where you can forgive and let go of what was done to you – whoever the person responsible was. Although it his hard, when you can, the release is massive. Also find a support group of women or a Spiritual Mother, who understand you and what you went through. They’ll support you, talk with you, help you work through your feelings and emotions as God does His healing work in you.

One sunny a�ernoon, a young girl walked along the top of a tall wall, as high as a man’s shoulder, of whose hand the girl held as she walked up high. And when she came across a gap in the wall where there once had been a gate, the man li�ed her and carried her to the other side. A girl feels as though she can do anything when she holds the hand of her father, as she goes through life. But what about the girl for whom there is no hand to hold or to help her tackle those heights? What of the girl for whom there is no father to li� her down when she comes to the end of her wall, or to carry her to the other side? A girl without the hand of her father feels as though she has to struggle to climb the wall if she’s even to begin the walk; she must steady herself without that hand to steady her and jump down, without causing herself an injury. Life indeed is somewhat harder for the girl who grows up without a father. Challenges are faced in a different way. Independence is acquired at an early age, for the girl who doesn’t have those strong arms to help and support her... The hand to hold that will take away the fear. She has no �me to be afraid; she is too busy learning to balance herself on top of the wall. She has no need to believe anyone will be there for her, she understands people are people and will always let you down. She has no understanding of love... It is something to be earned, not freely given. But this is not a feature on the girl who grows up without the hand of a father! This is about a Father who has an empty hand, because His daughter is not there to take it. A Father walks along the perimeter of the wall surrounding His garden, wishing His daughter was there to walk with Him. He extends His hand in the hope she might take it, but she isn’t with Him and so doesn’t see it. He comes across a gap in the wall, where life’s wind has beaten against it, over �me stones have gone missing. He imagines His daughter needing His help to get across it and moves in closer to the wall to carry her, but the wall is as empty as the gap within it and He con�nues on His journey alone. At the end of the wall He knows it is too high for His daughter to jump without hur�ng herself and desires to stand in her way to catch her, when she takes a leap of faith into His arms... But she isn’t there to trust Him or to know He would never let her fall.

A l l c o n t e n t a n d c o n c e p t s a r e c o p y r i g h t o w n e d b y S H I N E M a g a z i n e. Ac k n o w l e d g m e n t s : e d i t o r - s t e p h ; c r e a t i ve d i r e c t o r - s i n e a d ; c r e a t i v e a d v i s o r - a n n a b e l l e ; m u s i c c o n t r i b u t i o n - Fu r i o u s R e c o r d s ; a d v i c e - re g i s t e r e d c o u n s e l l o r : a u n t y l i l l i a n

Music News & Reviews Summer listening to make your i-pod SHINE!

The hand of the Father Is empty Not because He’s not with you Or because He doesn’t care No... The hand of the Father Is empty Because you refuse to accept it Or even acknowledge He’s there. You are the daughter, God is your Father!


Shine June Issue  

Teenage Girls Magazine published FREE in the Methodist Recorder... summer 09 issue

Shine June Issue  

Teenage Girls Magazine published FREE in the Methodist Recorder... summer 09 issue